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    Re: How to reboot Blackberry

    I don’t know much about reboot but as you state about removing the battery than I must say that removing the battery is called hard reset. There are no programmatic analog for that operation.
  2. Re: Need help for Windows phone 7 Storage and Options

    For those looking to replace the internal memory card with a larger one, just remember that not all devices have this card WP7. A few are, but are below void the warranty stickers, and some soldiers...
  3. Re: Can’t find Call Block List in Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7

    I have also the phone of Windows 7, I would like to see the lock function, too. I had call blocker in black berry and wish I had my new phone. The function is called Mr. Block Number. It permitted me...
  4. re: Windows Live account not linked with Xbox live account for Windows phone 7

    I added to my account on my HTC Trophy success but disappeared. When I go to get it back, I asked for my email address another time. I place it on and shaped an account on the default generic long. I...
  5. Re: Can’t download ringtones on Samsung Focus Windows phone

    The iPhone does so easily, how long it will take to implement custom ringtones? This is first venturing Microsoft's phones. I do not know I like the way it works, is clean and stable operating system...
  6. Re: How to change Windows Live ID that is signed already in Windows Phone 7

    Windows Live ID lets you change the alias email address associated with Live ID account, and does so using a unique numerical identifier as a permanent identification of the account. Whatever the...
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    Re: VPN support for Windows phone 7

    It takes time to develop. Honestly, if we had to wait for Member States to develop these features before WP7 comes out, would possibly be "the holidays" of 2012, before it is comes out. Come to think...
  8. Re: Need help for Windows phone 7 Storage and Options

    If a hard drive was started while the system is running. The only two upsides of RAID 0 on computers is that it provides more storage capacity and reads from / writes data across multiple disks...
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    re: Need Antivirus program for Windows Phone 7

    It will become a trouble in the future. Mainly as the OS assembles more market share. There are people out there that just make it their lifework to scythe, and Microsoft should be arranged to...
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    re: Need Antivirus program for Windows Phone 7

    Phone Windows 7 cannot multitask third party applications, so if a virus is executed, the virus cannot, and vice versa. Applications on the market are inspected by this, so it is unlikely that a...
  11. re: Blackberry Bold 9930 Verizon Release Date and features

    BlackBerry Touch Bold 9930 is going to release by August 21, 2011.yes it consist of latest features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, digital compass BlackBerry Touch Bold 9930 comes with 5MP camera...
  12. Re: Edof cameras are good enough to capture good images

    EDoF (Extended Depth of Field) , instead of having a heavy and costly auto-focus mechanism, the concept is that a cheaper fixed focus camera can be improved by modifying lens which has been...
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    Re: Is Bluetooth available in Dell Inspiron 1440?

    There it seems you don’t have much knowledge about computers. Don’t worry I am here to help you. So, you want to know if Bluetooth is there in your device. You can check that from Dell’s...
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    Re: iPod touch 4g, Is it saif to jailbreak?

    Your do not need to worry about jailbreaking. If you have even little idea about how to do it I will suggest you to go for it. It’s totally safe and does nothing harm to performance of your device....
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    Re: Sony Vaio, M series car charger

    If you want a car charger for your Sony Vaio M series netbook, then I think I can provide you with some help here. There are many netbook car adapters are available in market. You can buy one for...
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    Re: Need HTC Sync version for MyTouch 4G

    I called customer service and they said they were updating the site today. I could not tell if the timing would be obtainable shortly or not, nor do I contacted someone I knew. This is a deal breaker...
  17. Re: Lenovo R400 while typing pointer goes some chars back automatically

    I understood your problem, as you said your problem is, when you try to type something pointer goes somewhere in between the words that you have typed. So I think you should go in mouse properties...
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    Re: No firmware update for Nokia C5-00

    I as well use Screen Snap for screenshots, I know I used to work with shift key, that is not obtainable in C-5, but there is no other way to take screenshots with it, that is, first set the delay...
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    Re: Can’t get SMS Smileys in Nokia E52

    When smiling is just displayed as characters, may be that the carriage return is only among the emoticons. That's tougher to recognize. People like the display. We're utilized to a round face. All...
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    Re: Nokia E5 won't start after multitasking

    Here I just wish to add something in this case. I have an identical problem with my E5. I sent the first round by the similar trouble. One time the phone is locked if I try and turn back on vibrates,...
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    Re: Does the HP Touchpad have GPS

    HP joins the world of tablets with a new device that aims to conquer much of this market. His name is HP Touchpad webOS and as you can see from the pictures, it is aesthetically very similar tablet...
  22. Re: Sony tells Microsoft for buying their PS3 product exclusivity

    As for a few of its ports, it makes me speculate whether the PS3 is tougher to develop for or is it someway reached its max out right next to Xbox 360. Moreover way, if a company pays for an...
  23. Re: Does Kindles can have more sentimental reading value than paper book

    It's generally because my partner got me my Kindle as a pooled mother's day/birthday gift last year, but my Kindle does have extra sloppy value to me than paper books. Even the paper books he has...
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    Re: Why E-Books Aren't There in Kindle

    They were never part of my interior design anyway. I only had a handful of my favorite books too and not exactly to the screen in all its glory - they were usually only on top of a nightstand or...
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    Re: Why to join Amazon Kindle bandwagon

    I scoffed early and often in e-readers. Why does a digital device that is intended only as a good old fashioned book? He had accumulated too many hours to have a paperback in your pocket. Now I'm...
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    Re: Amazon Kindle covers/sleeves

    I really like the cover-M edge. I feel as if they were much more robust than others I've encountered. I had forgotten the Nook covers. They adapt very well and are a 70% discount. Visit your local...
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    Re: Does Sony VITA has ended up Sony PSP Go

    I'm pretty sure most players want amazing graphics and a portable, not things. Maybe they realized that no one wants to carry a bucket of peripherals to support older formats, video output and a pile...
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    Re: Planning to buy Motorola Droid Bionic

    I read few articles the other day that made me stop thinking. When you got the OG droid you got so I would have something that was positive in 2 years and has endured and has almost as much as most...
  29. Re: What was the maximum number of book you kept in Kindle

    I do not know exactly how many I have on my Kindle, but the answer is "all of them because I can!" I have organized in collections. 4 pages worth. I hate when I can download new things and goes 4pgs...
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    Re: The Darn DRM in Kindle

    Not all the books Amazon have DRM. The writers and editors who publish through the Amazon Kindle is the opportunity to direct the publication to enable or disable the DRM. I do not think that the DRM...
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    Re: Signature page on their Kindle

    I think it would clean technology if the firm could be somehow related to that particular copy of an electronic book. The point of an autograph is that it captures a moment in time that the author...
  32. Re: How to get worldwide Web access for Kindle users

    I think we have covered almost all bases, however, my experience attempting to purchase U.S. books Kindle store in the UK is that it is sufficient to utilize a gift card and adjust the country to the...
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    Re: Would you like a Touchscreen on kindle

    I love my iPad touch screen, but I do not want a Kindle. The fingerprints would drive me crazy and have used both I prefer reading the page turn buttons on the interception / slide of a touch screen....
  34. Re: Is Reading Amazon Kindle is like a computer screen

    That's what I thought too. It seems that never needs charging, it looks like a page of a book, you can store thousands of books. I wonder however if I sacrifice a chicken on a black candle...
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    Re: Kindle Stuck on USB Drive mode

    First tell me, have you disconnected from the PC? This will remove the USB drive mode. Ideally, remove or turn off the PC first, but if you've done this try disconnecting anyway. If you get...
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    Re: Why did you purchase Amazon Kindle

    DH acquired my first Kindle for me to identify I am a readaholic and give me steady access to new materials. We utilized to make a trip once a month at the "big city" to purchase dozens of books that...
  37. Re: Get rid of Bookcase because of Kindle dependency

    I feel like I should be moving in that direction, but I cannot bring myself to do it! I'm sure there will be plenty of books that never get rid of, but I'm sure you could "thin the herd" a bit if I...
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    Re: Joe V Book Style Cover for Kindle

    It's a catch 22, I think. If they offer covers DX, DX owners do not buy their stuff, but you cannot sell if you do not see a market for it. Nice design, I'm assuming that the tree is a reference to...
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    Re: Kindle: Which Oberon design is prettiest

    It may be useful for those attempting to select a color, if the message a photo to put some color in the image known to assist people know or guess the real color. Something like crayons or something...
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    Re: How to read any fake books in Kindle

    People around me were very nice on my Kindle even though they had been skeptical before. My mom saw him and took his hands and loves is bad is that there are very few books in Dutch buy and most of...
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    Re: How useful Kindle is

    I love my Kindle too! And Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, feels the same way. A few weeks ago Amazon said that even if a device is introduced iPhone style, the line wills still Amazon Kindle. People want a...
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    Re: Kindle Demographics

    While I first saw it, was priced at $ 399. I loved him, but ran out before he could buy. Finally jumped on board when the price dropped to $ 359 and got the discount Oprah. I was able to sell out...
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    Re: Does Amazon Kindle save you money

    If a person buys a Kindle in the event that will help them save money in general, may be disappointed. It is true that, ultimately, a book could be cheaper than an electronic book he acquired in...
  44. Re: Kindle rates lower than the Nook as per the Consumer Reports

    Personally, with the qualifications of physical devices so close, I would recommend making your purchase on the basis that the company prefers to order the books that the company feels more...
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    Re: Amazon Kindles for children

    My sisters ages 17 and 12 are not contented with theirs. They favor "real books" with page numbers. Even though a few books latest books now have page numbers. I have attempted to induce them the...
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    Re: Can we put pdf files on Amazon Kindle

    I just have completed both:

    Converted to .mobi with Calibre. It generally twists out well sufficient for narrative, but not all the time ideal. It is a dreadful alternative if its non-fiction...
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    Re: Can I travel with the Kindle on Airport

    I would definitely make sure that the battery out at least some charge before passing through airport security. Inspectors are definitely well within their rights to ask to turn on any electronic...
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    Re: ADs on the Amazon Kindle 3

    K3 Ads is a free, simple and easy to use classified website that brings together gambling opportunities. Ads K3 is a place where people can post their offers and requirements and navigate through the...
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    Re: Nook Simple Touch vs Kindle 3

    Wi-Fi was just on my K3, since we do not use the 3G on my K1 and K2 much out of the house. Even has a smart phone yet. I spend most of my time at home or office and have wireless Internet access both...
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    Re: When the Amazon kindle 4 come out

    Here I wish to add something in this case. As how much I have idea or how much I know about this, the trouble you are having is one I face each time I wish to purchase a new computer, laptop, phone,...
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