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    Re: Good SEO book for year 2015

    I will recommend you to read Google Semantic Search: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques That Get Your Company More Traffic, Increase Brand Impact, and Amplify Your Online Presence (Que...
  2. Re: Trade Post, Guilds, etc issues in Guild Wars 2

    The in-game mail feature in Guild Wars 2 is facing a lot of problem and I think that it would be best if the developers could sort out the problem as soon as possible. The in-game mail system has...
  3. Re: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    The same feature is also available in Vodafone too but I am not sure whether the service is available for all the users. The name given to this service is Network Monitoring Alerts. As far as I know...
  4. Re: Dialer won’t give choice to use Skype on HTC Desire

    I too was having a problem with my HTC Wildfire S and skype, but little strange. When I installed Skype and tried to call any of my contacts, it won’t give any pop-up or something it directly...
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    Airtel Broadband Unlimited Plans

  6. Re: How to use WLan in Bridge mode with AR800v v3.0 modem?

    If there is any kind of orange yellow exclamation mark in utorrent then definitely I thing that your utorrent stable is out. Anyways just give it a try:

    Log in to the modem
    Browse through...
  7. Re: Need to make calls through dialer software, which would be better?

    I think you can use “My Sales Dialer”, this is one of the most powerful dialer which is specially designed android phones. And I also believe that it could however fulfill all your requirements....
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    Re: Cost for built-in 3G Internet connection

    If you are having Amazon account then there will be no monthly charges for you. In some of the countries they have added surcharge of $2.00, as they are not having any contracts with a provider and...
  9. Re: BSNL 2G sim card users getting fluctuated 3G signals

    I do agree with what the above user is saying since even I am a bsnl user and I am not facing any drop in the connection at all. I am getting a good download speed of 175kbps. So I am pretty happy...
  10. Re: Youtube videos are slow with 750 UL BSNL plan

    Try out the following trick, it would most probably work:

    Turn off the modem
    Restart the system
    Close all the applications that use internet connection
    Turn on your modem now
    Just open...
  11. Re: How to Configure Binatone Airtel modem for BSNL?

    I think there would be the problem of maximum transmission unit. I would suggest you that please lower the MTU value to 1492 1484 or 1476 etc. and then try local area network. I hope this will help...
  12. Re: How to set up BSNL wimax with Belkin F5D7634 modem router?

    I am not sure but I guess this belkin model can possibly not work with wimax. Can you let me know who exactly recommend you this modem router for wimax. As according to me I guess Belkin F5D7634 need...
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    Re: How to shutdown computer using cell phone.

    I have heard that one student already have done the practical he posted thread also, I am aware of that. I can tell you how to shutdown our pc with help of cell phone. You should have GPRS enable and...
  14. Re: Can we suspend BSNL Broadband for certain period of time

    Yeah my friend very much possible to do so, you can undoubted suspend you broadband account for any period of time. You need to put the landline and broadband in BSNL custody. After doing so you will...
  15. Re: Best wireless internet connection in New Delhi

    I have been using Airtel boradband for the last 3 years and I am very satisfied with it. In between, I had thought of changing my service provider, but couldn't find a plan that matches with mine at...
  16. Re: How to use reliance usb stick on wi-fi router

    Let me tell you that reliance does not like to use on multiple systems, where it is been preferred by BSNL, MTNL, Airtel. I think that it might be having Connect Broadband option available, it will...
  17. Re: How to configure Beetel 450bxi wireless router with Tata Wimax connection

    I am using the Intel WiMAX Adapters, so I have got the configuration of the router from there. I think that both of the router will be the same and wish that you will be able to work for you, so...
  18. Re: Sometime WIFI is not visible with utstarcom wa3002g4

    You have to first visit modem configuration page from your computer and then you have to go to management menu and after going in to the management menu you have to click on save and after that you...
  19. Re: Complaint against Airtel prepaid regarding the SMS alert of service end

    Even I had the same issue am using the postpaid plan where I get 100 national sms free in a month but when I checked in the bill, I saw that they had charged for the sms which was free. So had...
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    Re: How is Nokia Champagne Tango?

    This is a new model of Windows Phone known as the Nokia Champagne and this has been discovered through the application " i'm a wp7". Lumia The Nokia 710 and 800 were officially presented to the Nokia...
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    Re: NFS Local ok, but no remote connections

    I would like to tell you that the Error 53 comes if the same resolutions fails for some particular computer name. Other than this the Error 53 ca n also happen if there is some issue for...
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    Re: First look of new Dune HD Pro

    Below is the features that you will get with the Dune HD Pro:

    VXP Video Processor
    Burr Brown Audio DACS
    Hi End Power supply
    Solid Mass cabinet
    Dimmer button
  23. Re: Does anyone experience increase in speed in BSNL Combo850 plan

    I am also using the similar Bsnl combo 850 plan and it seems to be like I am getting double speed I am getting 512kbps instead of getting 256kbps I have also check my usage it shows 8GB and after...
  24. Re: How to setup D-Link DSL 2730U WiFi Modem with Reliance Broadband

    You can try the method which is been used for the BSNL, it is also having the same router, so if you search for it then you will be able to get it and also you will be able to do it, even there is...
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    Re: Best Dj / mixing software?

    Zulu virtual DJ software is the complete DJ and mixing software for amateur and professional DJs. It contains powerful features with an easy to use interface makes mixing of your favorite tracks very...
  26. Re: Sony Ericsson Xperia active should work with gloves on

    It is made in this way to that it can avoid the accidental clicks on it. If that not not locked then there is possibility that with some accidental clicks can run some application and this is the...
  27. re: How to access Motorola Canopy from Windows 7

    For this, you will have to set the IP address manually. You have to change the IP to some other which is a bit less than the original like 192.168.x.x address. This must be less than the router...
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    Re: How to Unlock Idea E1732 modem

    According to my information if you want to unlock the Idea E1732 then you have to follow these Steps:

    The first thing you have to do is to download the ‘Sola GSM Calc’ software from the...
  29. re: Idea netsetter E1732 is not showing the dial up Wireless Broadband Connection

    Try to download the mobile partner and this will help you to work your modem with the dial up Wireless Broadband Connection automatically...I have done this too and there is no need to re-install...
  30. Re: New unlimited plans from MTNL mumbai w.e.f 1st november

    There are many plans which the MTNL has added and it has best plan with good internet speed, I have taken the DSL_Unlimited_395, which is the basic and also best plan to use, as i get the speed of...
  31. Re: What are the tariff rates of cable broadband in Kolkata

    I would like to suggest you the tariff plan which I am using. I am using the BSNL broadband connection to access my internet. The BSNL broadband connection runs smoothly and the tariff plans are also...
  32. Re: tint on top of the screen of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Please post a photo of your galaxy nexus screen, if possible.Take your mobile phone to your nearest service center. And ask for the replacement of screen.If your mobile phone is in under warranty...
  33. Re: Vodafone 3G stick ZTE K3570-Z I want to unlock it but how?

    I will suggest you to use DC Unlocker software. From this software you can unlock your Vodafone 3G stick ZTE K3570-Z. Give me feedback if you get succeed in unlock the Vodafone 3G stick ZTE K3570-Z,...
  34. Re: Sify is the worst broadband service provider

    According to me sify is the worst broadband connection provider.
    I used Sify broadband connection for 3-4 month. The customer service is also not good according to me.
    The more than 50% of time...
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    Re: Sify Broadband in Pune and Delhi

    Sify is one of the best internet providers in India. If you ask me, I think Sify is the good option to select Internet provider. The performance of the sify is very good, The downloading as well as...
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    Re: How To check Vodafone Data Usage

    To check the Vodafone Data Usage you need to go through the below steps:

    If your using 98 Recharge pack then type: *139*98#
    If your using the 14RS Recharge then dial: *131*14#.
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    Re: MTNL Unlimited Plan 749 is not worth.

    Sometime, because of bad weather and environment, it happens. And sometime the long distance also does matter. If the road or the area from where your cable is roaming is under construction, then too...
  38. Re: Which is the best new plan for TRUMP 3G in Delhi Circle

    Well if you are having the SIM card of the Delhi then you might be able to get the best tariff and also you select the tariff as per the need of yours, so you better check over there and also you...
  39. Re: Nokia Lumia 800 Bricked due to defective battery and wifi

    Customers can download the update from today evening on the Microsoft Zune software download. The update will be made gradually over the next two weeks for all users of Nokia Lumia 800. As the number...
  40. Re: What are the Unique and Unseen setbacks we come across with BSNL Broadband?

    First of all I would like to give you deatils about my BSNL Broadband plan. I am on a UL plan 750 BSNL plan. The day when I have chossen the plan since then for 3 months it worked fine without any...
  41. Re: Cannot check data usage due do changes made by BSNL Broadband

    Default Well, as the unique username is upgraded even now by the framework mechanically, the remaining delails will moreover work toward getting updated soon by the framework itself and they don't...
  42. Re: Is it necessary to have a modem as well as router for the new BSNL connection?

    You can visit a official DLink page or Linksys and check out the adsl modems from there. So that’s what you should be doing. I hope you did understand what I am saying ehre. That’s it from my...
  43. Re: Cannot connect Internet on Ethernet on Windows Vista Home Premium

    We all know that the latest versions of windows are not short of drivers, with a late re-commission of XP on an old machine could not do any networking until the drivers were acquired and instated....
  44. Re: BSNL Broadband speed drop suddenly in UL750 plan

    I would be glad to let you know that you are not the only person who is facing the similar kind of criteria. Even I am on this UL750 plan and I am getting Maximum speed upto 70 Kbps. I have also...
  45. Re: look like few sites are been blocked by Tata Photon plus

    i use BSNL and i have no proble on browsing these site what so ever

    Did you used https edition of those sites ?

    or you can shift to the BSNL if nothing working
  46. Re: National Telecom Policy 2011on Indian broadband

    What I meant, when you take a package of 4 GB for rs.98 GPRS does not apply to other circles except for his family circle. Data is loaded as 10P/10Kb other circles (Vodafone). To my knowledge BSNL...
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    Re: Strange Latency in BSNL Broadband

    I was also facing exactly same trouble. The problem of latency slowly creeps in again after a period of time completely random usually between 15 minutes to 45 minutes and latencies are again .All...
  48. Re: Is it possible to share BSNL Broadband connection legally?

    I imagine there is no method probable to establish, even if the machine is used for the connection in your home or in premises adjacent to it.
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    Re: New Broadband Plans

    They also seem to be of Guwahati. BSNL is the only option and there are plans in the leg. BSNL has plans for the worst among the major ISPs BB FUP limits are shitty as hell for the price. I keep...
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    Re: Review MTNL Broadband Plans in your City

    City: Mumbai
    Plan: 512 kbps unlimited

    Positive Point: Best ISP in India to far. You obtain a minimum of 90% of the subscribed speed. Free Support phone. Even although we cannot wait to get your...
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