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  1. Re: Tips to instantly share anything on Social Networking through Chrome

    Now search for Cortex and click on Add to Chrome from the top right side.


    After this a tiny red circle icon will appear on the browser. When click on that it will take you on a setup...
  2. Tips to instantly share anything on Social Networking through Chrome

    Google Chrome offers you various add-ons through which you can increase your productivity. There are many users who are still using Google Chrome with different add-ons. The Chrome Web store provides...
  3. Looking for a cheapest LGA 1150 socket motherboard

    My cousin has a problem with his system. The board is not working. I checked and found that it has a LGA 1150 socket. I am looking for a cheapest motherboard that can perform quiet well and can be a...
  4. Online Radio not working on Internet Explorer

    I am trying to stream some online radio on Internet Explorer which does not looks to be working. I had tried opening different sites but there is nothing on the screen. I want to know what can be the...
  5. Beware of Fake Products sold by leading newspapers in India !

    If you had seen a ad of a Smartphone like below that was published on 21st, February 2015 on Yeshobhumi, about a Galaxy Note II Smartphone, then beware. This are fake products who are sold by leading...
  6. Getting dns error after every 10 minutes on mtnl

    I am using MTNL broadband connection. It was working well, but suddenly it started giving me DNS error. The net gets disconnected all the time and I am not able to figure out why this thing is...
  7. sync passphrase forgotten in Google Chrome

    I have created a passphrase on google chrome browser which allows us to encrypt all of our synced data using a sync passphrase and it is not the same like out Google password. Since I was not using...
  8. WhatsApp Web keeps on disconnecting in Google Chrome

    Whatsapp web is an annoying feature I think. I am using this from last few days and I had seen a number of time it keeps on getting disconnected. My mobile and pc are both on the same internet...
  9. How to hide a security camera from network

    It looks like that someone is able to access all the security camera of my IP. And this is done by scanning the IP address through a different software. So I want to know that does there is any way...
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    Looking for some basic Android homescreen

    I want a basic homescreen for a lenovo device which is quiet a basic phone. It has a android ICS OS and no longer it is going to get any update. The phone hangs a lot when I try to use it. Like when...
  11. Microsoft Excel 2010 crash when I trying to save it in pdf

    I am not able to safe any file in PDF through Microsoft Office 2010. This thing keeps on crashing whenever I try to do the same. I am actually using a virtual pd printer here. When I press Ctrl + P...
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    Far Cry 4 not loading on Windows 7 64bit

    After installing Far Cry 4 on my system I am facing a few problem after launch. First the game did not start and gave me some kind of crash error. I updated the latest Nvidia drivers. I am using...
  13. Nokia Bluetooth Authentication error on Windows 7 64bit

    I am trying to sends 11mb audio file to Nokia phone. I am having a very old model which is used by my dad. The mp3 files is based on some old chants. The phone has a Bluetooth and memory card...
  14. Is there any gaming laptop that comes with dual gpu

    Are there any gaming laptop models in the market that comes with dual gpu. That means on Nvidia Sli or with Crossfire. I had not seen any. Many of them are having a single one and this does not makes...
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    3G/4G not working on iPhone 6 iOS 8.0.2

    Is there anyone having problem with using mobile internet data on iPhone 6. I had updated the device to iOS 8.0.2 where it looks to be working great but there is some problem with using mobile...
  16. Does Moto X+1 can affect the sales of iPhone 6 in India

    Moto X+1 is the new generation of Moto series by Google. Before that the older one was quiet a hit in the market. It is a high end phone with budget price and the new one is loaded with some features...
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    What to do if computer does not turn on

    What should I do if my computer does not turn on. I am looking for some help here. I shifted my pc to my shop. And here I am trying to turn it on. But it does not looks to be working well. I want...
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    What is Google One Android smartphone

    I just found the news that there is a new Google One smartphone out in the market. What is it actually. It is a new model or some kind of other stuff. Under this Google is trying to sell low cost...
  19. Excel Sheet page margin issue while saving to pdf

    I am using a third party software that help me to convert my Excel workbook to an pdf file. I just have to load the file in that and it covert them to pdf. But when I open them I am getting a A4 size...
  20. Is Moto G second generation good for gaming

    Google finally launched the next generation of Moto G android phone series. This one brings a lot new things with great features and upgraded hardware. I want to know that is this phone good enough...
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    What to do with old log files in Mac pc

    I just found that a large amount of hard drive space is occupied by some old log files. What should I do with them. I do not really understand how this thing is created. I want to know what is the...
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    Will Remote Desktop work on Kindle Fire

    I want know that does Remote Desktop works on Kindle Fire. I am trying to find out some way of using the same. I cannot see anything option in kindle itself. I want to enable this so that I can share...
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    How to reduce size of Windows Image file

    I am using the default backup and recovery software of Windows 8. After when I had done with installation of all programs and updates in my system the size of my C drive is around 15GB. And I had...
  24. My entire windows 7 desktop filled up with popup ads

    I am unable to figure what really is happening on my system. What I can see that my entire desktop is filled up with popup ads. And this slow down my system. I am using MSE which is not helping me at...
  25. Looking for a reliable voice control software for mac

    I want some help to configure voice control on mac system. I had seen a few tools on windows that work well but it is hard to find anything for Mac pc. I want some good tool that can understand what...
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    Fixing vertical lines on MAC LCD

    My friend has bought a used mac pc. It is working well. We had installed a lots of application on the same and few games also. The system worked well for around 2 months. Now I can see vertical lines...
  27. What new features Android L is going to bring

    Android L is the amazing new UI for upcoming android version. I want to know what all cool features it is going to bring. The UI will be simply new here. I think the old one is lot more better. You...
  28. Want help to backup all Facebook albums to Google Drive

    What are the possible options available through which we can simply backup all my Facebook albums to my Google Drive. I had tried doing this manually but it is going to take a really long time. I...
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    3DMark showing up incorrect results

    There is some issue with my system. I am using 3DMark to get some results of how well my pc can perform. But the results that I got is much lower. I have a high end 290x series gpu. I was expecting a...
  30. Jumping from one sentence to another instantly on Microsoft Word

    I am having some Microsoft Word files. This files are having more than 90 pages in them.This are testimonials, results, reports, etc. The only way to read them is keep on scrolling. There are...
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    Windows 8 displaying wrong printer port

    I am not able to figure out why Windows 8 is displaying wrong printer port. I am having a hp deskjet printer. And when I try to use the same there is a bit connectivity problem. I had installed the...
  32. How to fix Ubuntu 14.0 software update error

    There is a bit issue with software update on Ubuntu 14.0. It always goes on its own. But this time it is giving me a error. I am not able to figure out why. Whenever I run the update I am getting a...
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    Video streaming issues on Xbox 360

    I am unable to figure what is the actual issue behind video streaming on Xbox 360. First of all I was unable to play videos through a pen drive. I download videos directly from web through idm and...
  34. Is is safe to use fan less power supply for overclocking

    I had seen a few fan less power supply models in the market. I want to know that does it is safe to use them. Many psu have a big size fan at the bottom and this one spin really fast when you are...
  35. Using plugins in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

    Just want to know that can I use any plugin to enhance slideshows in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007. We can easily find templates that are editable. But there might be some additional plugins through...
  36. AMD FX 8320 getting too hot and pc turns off

    I am unable to find what is the issue with AMD FX 8320. It just gets too hot and turns off on its own. This is bit annoying. It happens usually when I play games. The pc is own by my friend. We are...
  37. Re: Watch_Dogs crashes after few minutes of playing

    Even I am facing the same crashing problem with this game. After playing it for couple of minutes Watch Dogs will crash and I have no option but to hard restart my pc by pressing the reset button to...
  38. Netbanking website fade out while downloading statement

    I am trying to download a yearly statement from HDFC yearly statement from the netbanking website. After login when I click to download a yearly statement the site fade out. I am using Internet...
  39. What help to install HP LaserJet 1536dnf MFP on Windows 8

    I had sold HP LaserJet 1536dnf MFP to my neighbor. She is going to use it on a Windows 8 pc. I had connected the printer to the system through usb port. I am using the hp installation disc. In...
  40. Does there is anyone using Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus

    I found Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus in a nearby shop. I was looking for a budget phone under Rs.8000 and the salesman recommended me this. I want to know whether it is a good phone to buy. I need a...
  41. What is the cost of MSI's new all in one gaming pc

    I just saw in news that MSI has released a new all in one gaming pc. I don't know the model of that particular system. All in one are usually for day to day usage. Does they are good for gaming also....
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    Cannot shrink wallpaper size on iPhone 5S

    I cannot find option to shrink my picture and set on the home screen. This feature is avoid in android. But after having a iPhone 5S the feature is missing. When I add a wallpaper the pictures is...
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    Motorola G fast battery drain

    Motorola G has as serious battery issue. I am not sure whether I am the only one who is facing this issue. The battery drain really fast. I keep my wifi, gps and Bluetooth always on. All this things...
  44. Video files corrupt after moving them to sd card in Galaxy S5

    My friend has a issue with his new Samsung Galaxy S5. We bought a new 16GB memory card. There were around 2GB of videos in it. I moved them to the internal storage through default file manager. The...
  45. Recommendation for a budget touchscreen laptop

    I am need of a good budget touchscreen laptop. I have to give a gift suggestion to my cousin. The laptop will be used for education work. Touchscreen will help to use for projector work. Like...
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    method to change icon of PDF file

    I am running Windows 7 in my computer and I want to know a way on how to change the icon of PDf file to a custom one? I have checked in the OS and there is no folder options tab to do this? I was...
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    Budget 8GB ram for mid range gaming pc

    Where to find a good budget 8GB ram stick. I am having 2GB which does not look enough. I was first thinking about 4GB, but I think it will be good to stick with more higher. That will be good for...
  48. retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

    Last month I have purchased a new Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB solid state drive and have installed Windows 7 on it. This SSD was working fine but yesterday all of a sudden the operating system has...
  49. Re: Blue screen after shifting pc from home to office

    I had installed printer and pci card that connect my pc to a local storage. It is not having a usb hub. It works through some firewire port and I am not having that in my pc. So the I got a pci card...
  50. Blue screen after shifting pc from home to office

    I am having a bit issue when I moved my pc from home to office. I am having a assembled system that has Windows 7 on it. It has 2 GB ram and Core 2 Duo system. I had transferred the system to my work...
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