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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life?

    The website GSMArena did some tests recently on the Galaxy S4's Battery. After going some test like web browsing, playing videos and phone calling, they came to some results, which was, Galaxy S4 was...
  2. Re: How to play mkv and m4v file in windows media player 10

    Another player that can play the mkv and m4v file is Media Player Classic. Formats supported by Media Player Classic are WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, SND, AU, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, MIDI, MPEG, MPG, MP2, VOB, AC3,...
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    Re: Skype is not working in MOTOROLA TRIUMPH

    if you want to reset the MOTOROLA TRIUMPH then you have to do following steps.

    Open the application tray. (Up arrow in the center at the bottom of the screen)
    Select the Settings
  4. Re: Toshiba Satellite p750 goes to startup repair automatically

    I think that the system files in your computer are corrupted and for that reason it is showing you startup repair all the times you start the system. If you wish to recover that then put your...
  5. Re: Alienware Area-51 m7700 (Clevo D900T) turns off automatically

    The fan runs on the PC? You should know that the fan is activated automatically whenever the internal temperature reaches a certain threshold. Make sure you hear it running even noticing the...
  6. Re: Slow response from Dell Vostro 1000 while accessing any program.

    There might be many reasons for this problems and some of them that I [found, listing here. Please check for any possibility:

    Your memory is short is that you have no unnecessary programs running...
  7. Re: Help, Blackberry security password is locked due to overriding by Desktop Manager.

    I think that this is the common issue because so many of the users forget their passwords, it will might happens in your case also but you are saying that you are sure about the password. But still...
  8. Re: Blackberry desktop manager Error Code: 0x8004fd2b

    If you cant find the Intellisync folder, then I will suggest you to make a search on the my computer for finding the Intellisync folder. It might happens that it located in anywhere else in the...
  9. Re: How to sync Mac Address book with multiple mobile number in BlackBerry

    I think that you have done some mistaks while sync your Blackberry, so try to sync as follows:

    First you need to open PocketMac Sync Manager by itself, no other applications open.
    And in doing...
  10. Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7: How can I off Text To Speech feature?

    Here I am having some of the steps for changing the setting for the Text-to-speech. Try with then and I hope that they will really work in your case. The steps are as:

    Always use my settings:...
  11. Re: Apple MacBook Pro: running slow after sleep mode

    I think that there are lots of things which are cause this. Please tell me that how many application you open at a time and also tell me how many of the application is currently open in your apple...
  12. Re: Apple iMac is having Mini DVI or Mini DisplayPort?

    in this case I will suggest you that check the graphics first, because if you are having the nVidia integrated graphics then in this case you will have mini Display Port. And if your graphics is...
  13. Re: Chat application lost after formatting Nokia E71

    I am aware of this problem and first thing I would like to tell you that IM application no longer available in the OVi store. if you want to use chat application from your mobile phone then I will...
  14. Re: Nokia 5800 prompt "Select Connection" frequently

    According to me you have to first you have to check the setting. I think you are facing this problem because of the wrong settings. go to the locations option and after that you have to select the...
  15. Re: Getting Error code 300 while installing application through Nokia OVI suite in Nokia E66

    if with other mobile also you are getting the same problem then you have to first uninstall the Nokia OVI suite and after that you have to go to the control panel in your computer and after that you...
  16. Re: Communities, push mail and yahoo not working in Nokia X2-01

    yes may be problem occurring because of the wrong username and password. try to start the yahoo with different user ID and password and after that check whether you are getting the same problem or...
  17. Re: How to delete unnecessary application from the Nokia C2-03

    yes I also agree with the above post when you go to the gallery and open the folder and press and hold the file at that time you will get the option such as delete, copy. move and others from there...
  18. Re: Hard drive Data disappeared from Nokia N95 8Gb

    if after doing restore factory setting same problem occurs then I think something wrong with the mobile phone only and you need to do software update and after doing the software update problem get...
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    Re: getting secondary camera error in Nokia C7

    Well I have referred your problem and after going through that I will suggest you to try to solve this issue by doing software update in your Nokia C7 mobile phone and after doing the software update...
  20. Re: How to unlock BLACKBERRY MFI MULTILOADER 4.11?

    for your case I think that 4.11 would just totally error out with a message from BB Auth Manager that was saying connection declined and then could not make contact with host or something along...
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    Re: Windows phone 7: list of needed fixes.

    I think that in my case the fixes should be in the following case that is:

    It should have the Ability to connect to hidden wifi
    and also it should include the Shuffle, Repeat, Repeat Once...
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    Re: Samsung focus (i917): need NoDo ROM.

    Hey I really think that this operating system is not a stepping stone. For enjoying this thing I was thinking to hack the phone but now they have done this thing so I don’t think that there is any...
  23. Re: Unable to turn on/off the WIFI in Toshiba Satellite L675-11Z

    If you have installed the Flash Card Support Utility in your laptop and after that also you are facing this problem then you have to also check that whether you have to installed Toshiba hotkey...
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    re: Toshiba camileo x100 stays in focus

    Why don’t you report this issue to the Toshiba and get the solution from them. They are the people who know that what are the possible issues with this and how that can be resolved. I have seen...
  25. Re: Low Audio recording with Toshiba Camileo s20

    If the recording volume is extremely low then just verify that the correct recording volume to maximum. Go to settings -> options -> Channels tab -> properties -> open mixer control and adjust the...
  26. re: Failed to copy media files on to Toshiba STOR.E TV+ with LAN

    There might be some problem with the file that you transferring and just to ensure that, try to send some other movie file of approx same size and see if that is getting transferred or not. Please...
  27. Re: Getting error with Wireless Manager V6 in Toshiba Portege R600-U10

    Similar thing happen with my laptop also and after that I have searched the solution for this on the internet and I come to know that I have to do windows update and after doing the windows update I...
  28. Re: Toshiba StorE Art 3.5 is not detected by notebook

    Changing the connector is a god idea and it must be given a try to see whether it helps to you to solve the problem. Other than this if it is not working then you can simply contact to the...
  29. Re: Unable to connect internet using windows Vista in Toshiba Satellite P300

    yes I am also agree with the above solution and I will first suggest you to check whether you have installed the drivers or not. if you have to not installed the drivers then you have t o insert the...
  30. Re: Suggest a good cooler for Toshiba Qosmio X505

    If you search on internet then you can get a wide range of such cooling pad. So it will be better for you that you search online for this and get the one for you that is fulfilling your requirement...
  31. Re: Toshiba Satellite Pro A110 crashes during large data transfer through LAN

    turn off the Antivirus and firewall from your Toshiba Satellite Pro A110 laptop and after that you have try to transfer that large data again and then see what is the situation if after that all...
  32. Re: Toshiba PX1267E-1G32 external HDD cannot be detected

    Are you having the external FP on the same port all the times? Other than this, you can also try to uninstall the FP from the device manager and restart the system to see if that works for you or not?
  33. Re: Virtual CD device for Toshiba Stor.e Alu 2S external HDD

    There is one program as the UltraISO program. I have not used that personally but it was mentioned that it can help you to remove the virtual drive.
  34. Re: After updating the BIOS internet connection lost in Toshiba Satellite C660

    Well according to me you should try to solve this issue by troubleshooting the network problems. After doing the trouble shoot network problems you will be able to solve this issue.
  35. Re: Toshiba Satellite A30: modem not working

    You can try to change the modem com port to some other number and see if you are getting the same problem or not. Other than this, just check for all the connections and make sure that they are...
  36. re: Modem dropping connection with Toshiba Satellite L650

    This could be the connection problem. So what you can do is, just disconnect all the things from that and after that connect that over again. Make sure that all the connections are tight. Other than...
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    Re: How to format a Recovery Partition Drive?

    I can only say that if you have backed up all the necessary files then there will be no problem to format the partition. You can also try to split the partition in two or three.
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    Re: Missing "My Computer" icon

    Here is one more workaround for this problem. Click anywhere in a blank area of the desktop to the right -> Properties. In the properties you choose the "Desktop" and click on the button below...
  39. Re: Cannot send messages from Sony ericsson Xperia neo

    Somehow message center number is deleted from your mobile phone and at that is why you are facing this problem. if you want to solve this issue then you have to enter the message center number in...
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    Re: Nokia C7 Split Screen

    If you want to split screen then you will have to uninstall the conversation server and conversation app from your phone. To do that, just go to menu > settings > applications > app manager > see for...
  41. Re: How to sort videos in Sony ericsson Xperia neo gallery

    there is no need to do factory reset in your mobile phone but instead of the factory reset you have to install the astro file manger in your mobile phone and after installing the astro file manger...
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    Re: Question for Symbian Anna Update/Apps

    I am not sure that if you have tried with the Ovi Maps 3.08 through weather. As you know that people pay Crazy money for Data costs and having to download through Internet will charge an arm and a...
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    Re: Nokia N8 Anna browser

    I think that the upgrade that you have done is not proper and for that reason you are getting this problem. So if you also think the same then what you can do is, do the upgrade once again and see if...
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    Re: How to restore Nokia X6 mass storage

    A very important detail and often not taken into account are the backup. You must have a copy of our data stored on the phone, it is essential and that is why from Nimbuzz we would like to speak...
  45. Re: Sony ericsson Xperia neo doesnt vibrate in silent mode

    I will also suggest you the same in Sony ericsson Xperia neo mobile phone there is a option for the vibrate setting and you have to set select the vibration setting when sound is off and after doing...
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    re: Is Nokia X2-01 push email really works?

    As far as know that Nokia Ovi Mail application for the Nokia X2-01 will only function if you keep open the App itself. I mean to say that you will just have to keep open the app and do not perform...
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    Re: Nokia X6 Calendar is one day behind

    There might be some setting problem and if you are not able to get the solution for this then you can simply do the soft reset to your phone. For doing this, Just go to the settings section of your...
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    Re: SIM memory full message in Nokia 5530

    Yes this problem usually occurs when our SIM card memory gets full because of the messages and to solve this issue you have to follow these steps. First you have to go to the menu and after that you...
  49. Re: Nokia X6 disconnects randomly after connecting in mass storage mode

    Well I have read your issue and after referring your problem I will first tell you to connect your mobile phone with different laptop or computer and after that you have to check whether you are...
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    Re: SKYPE does not work in Nokia E7

    Same thing happen to me also and after that I have tried to solve this issue by resetting the mobile phone and after resetting the mobile phone when I have tried to use the Skype at that time I...
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