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    Re: Incapacitating enemies in Sniper Elite V2

    Either aim at their hands or at their legs I think that’s the two best positions to hit an enemy in order to make them injured. Apart from those two positions I don’t think so there is any other...
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    Re: Ordering HTC One X from HandTec

    I checked out Flipkart now and the estimated release date of that product given there is 2nd week of april. So you can give a pre order now. You will get it by that particular time. I think that...
  3. Re: Expected delivery date of HTC One X handsets from Dialaphone

    Well on phone they told me 7th April. However in the email it said 11th April. So I am ok with any of those dates mentioned.
  4. Re: Campaign map of Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of The Samurai suddenly turns into water

    Well the problems is traced only with the 32 bit users. For the solution I did try to do some research in the internet for the solutions and on doing some research I found out that we should have RAM...
  5. Re: Samsung E3213 mobile phone TV application download

    Yamgo tv app is a great app that I have come across. Well I don’t know if this app is supported in your phone or not. Since it is very much popular among the android users. So visit their official...
  6. Re: BlackArmor NAS backup licenses for laptops

    Dude you know what even I am having the Intel PRO/Wireless card in my laptop and guess what I am not able to change any mac address at all. That’s what I am saying here, so you cannot say that...
  7. Re: Constant internet connection required for SIRI?

    Ok thanks I was not knowing about it at all. so thanks a lot for making me know about that, answer is appreciated from my side. Now I am seriously waiting for the iPhone 4S to come up In the market...
  8. Re: Constant internet connection required for SIRI?

    Now it is a very6 sad news for the Verizon and also the sprint people who are going with the iPhone 4s. now since CDMA does not have the functionality of using the voice and data together. So they...
  9. Re: Samsung Droid Charge will get Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich?

    Is there anyone who has information about the exact release date of Gingerbread? I am too excited about it, and it is really too difficult to wait for it. And also what are the things that it will...
  10. Samsung Droid Charge will get Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich?

    I am using Samsung Droid Charge, it is really a nice phone, but I think it will become nicer after I will have either Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich. But, currently I don’t have any idea about,...
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    Language support in Ice Cream Sandwich

    I am really excited to get the Ice Cream Sandwich, but before that I would like to know what languages it will support for reading and writing. It will be really better if it has large number of...
  12. Re: How will disk swapping will work in L.A. Noire game?

    Is there anyone who knows how the disk swapping exactly behaves in L.A. Noire game? Will be able to avoid disk swapping if I will install all the 3 disks on my Xbox 360’s hard drive? Please, reply.
  13. Re: Is there any way to upgrade my “Nuclear Dawn" game from Digital to Retail?

    In my case, the reason for why I am going to buy retail version of “Nuclear Dawn Game” is, that I want to support a great dev. I will also like to know if I can get a retail version of this game....
  14. Re: How to turn off "Reopen windows when logging back in" in Mac OS X v10.7 Lion?

    Thanks for sharing this workaround. It is really very nice and better solution. But then also it would be better if we had to just set that option once and then we just have to forget it. Isn’t...
  15. Re: How to turn off "Reopen windows when logging back in" in Mac OS X v10.7 Lion?

    Yes, that trick is also nice trick. I tried doing that, but what I want is to have an option so that we can permanently uncheck it by default. Is there really not any of such an option? If not, then...
  16. Re: Unable to reinstall Skype on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    This is not only with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, but the same problem is with other phones also. I am using HTC Desire HD and I have the same error saying,” Insufficient storage available” when...
  17. Re: DLC suggestions for making week 1 hat for LittleBigPlanet 2

    Do anyone has information about the PSP Star Hat? If you all do have some idea about it then do let me know as soon as possible on the same, that’s what I am saying here.
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    Re: Windows Phone 7 marketplace in India?

    Do anyone has any answers on this then do please do revert back to me as soon as possible for the same, that will be a better thing for sure. Since it is not like that they have withdrawer the...
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    Re: Where are the wolves in The Pioneer Trail?

    I think so this is one more issue that zynga should fix it as soon as possible. Well I have literally tried out 160 actions and overall I just found 6 wolves can you believe this guys! Just 6! From...
  20. Re: Pirates of Black Cove, Boarding option of an enemy ship is gone

    How can I thank you! I went at buccaneer’s port and found catapult there at shipyard
  21. Re: ADSL Router, How to permit only specific MAC’s

    As far as I remember, in allowed mode all MAC will get access except those MAC’s with any of the specified rules. And I am not able to guess the intruder so how can fill his MAC address in the...
  22. Re: ADSL Router, How to permit only specific MAC’s

    As you said, I set MAC filtering to blocked mode, and I added only one PC’s MAC address to list but I am still able to get access to router with my another Laptop. It means any other can also...
  23. ADSL Router, How to permit only specific MAC’s

    I have a problem with my ADSL router and I want to discuss it with you. I am using a 4 port ADSL Router to get access to internet. My modem is configured in PPPoE mode and its user id and password is...
  24. Pirates of Black Cove, Boarding option of an enemy ship is gone

    When I started playing Pirates of Black Cove, then I was given a ship I sold it and captured a better ship then previous. On the new ship that I captured I installed the mortar from shipyard, but I...
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    Re: Wifi drop in Internet Explorer 9

    Well the said solution does looks so foolish. I don’t know what has been gone through to develop this solution. See the above user has clearly specified that it works well with the chrome and not...
  26. Re: Empires & Allies: Some part of screen is missing

    I also have the same problem. When I run Empires & Allies then I miss the whole bottom part of my screen. And because of this, I am not able to select any of my neighbors. And I also get trouble...
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    Re: Reduce size of many pictures simultaneously

    Here I have same problem. When I capture images sometimes they go up to 5mb. And when I try to upload them they take too much time and when I send 9-10 images they become too large to send over...
  28. Transferring soul points in Bleach: Soul Resurrection?

    I need to take a small opinion from you all about the same and hence that’s the reason why I made this thread, to just ask you all. so what I a saying is that can you all please tell me if this...
  29. How to go against the boss pair in Bleach: Soul Resurrection?

    Guys I am stuck in this level where I have to go against the boss pair. So can you tell me some tricks or the methods by which I will be able to go against them. Any ideas that you have for me then...
  30. re: iOS 5 adds Beta3 Airplay support for FaceTime video calling

    That’s really a great idea. But here I want to know that, will it also work on iPhone? Or its just for iPad. And the other thing I am confused about is that is it will affect the battery life? As...
  31. Serious Sam 3 not planned for retail launch yet

    I was juts going through the review of this game and in one section I saw that the game is not available for the retail release yet and I was laughing at that. Today a lot of games do come with the...
  32. Airtel Broadband not updating my current plan to 4Mbps plan

    Actually i am currently in 2 Mbps plan from 1 year, now want to switch to turbo150 GB 4 Mbps plan, which I call and request Airtel cc 4 of this plan, but next day the engineer said that this area...
  33. After leaving Airtel’s broadband connection, getting irritated with their unstoppable calls

    As I was not satisfying with the service provided by airtel broadband I switched to another broadband 3 weeks ago. And from that time I am getting calls from them almost daily. In some of the calls...
  34. The new Firestorm named as IceRain in Avalon Heroes

    Well have you all heard about the new firestorm named as IceRain in which AVALON ALMOST DIED. Well I am hoping that such kind of firestorm does not come again. I am really not happy with the...
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    How to get easy trophies in Limbo?

    Sorry I know it is a silly question but still I need an answer for this. Well guys you all are aware of different techniques to get some easy trophies for the game but I want to know how to get it...
  36. No video settings to change in demo version of Limbo game

    Guys you will not believe that the demo version of the game does not have the video settings in it to change. So that’s what I am saying here. Well what I want to say is that there has been a...
  37. Re: Fatal Wound and vicious Circle in E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy

    Nice to see that many of the opinions do match with me and hence thanks a lot for contributing to this thread. Appreciate the efforts that you have put in to solve the issue. so that’s what I want...
  38. Fatal Wound and vicious Circle in E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy

    Well I have started this thread to say something about the fatal wounds that are prevalent there in the game and hence that’s why I have made this thread to mention about the same. so that’s what...
  39. What is the use of cards and vouchers in Rusty Hearts?

    Friends do anyone here have any idea on what kind of thing is this? please do give me some explanation about the same. I have come across silver/bronze Cards, as well as the Hunter's Vouchers in the...
  40. Re: Sims 3: Town Life Stuff hairs and outfits pictures now available

    Thanks a lot for all the efforts that you have put in to solve the issue. I am very amazed with the responses received by everyone over here and ehnce thanks a ton for the same. Well i really was...
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    All pages open in small window in windows 7

    Here I want to share a problem which I experienced with internet explorer of Windows 7. Every time when I open a new page it opens in a small window. I tried to resize the page window and and I...
  42. Sims 3: Town Life Stuff hairs and outfits pictures now available

    I just came across this collection of the pictures of this outfits and also the hairstyling stuffs of this game in the website named as simsvip. So that’s what I want to say here. well what I am...
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    Re: Java PDF reader for Sony Ericsson phone

    Ok thanks for letting me know about the same. appreciate the ideas that you have given over here for me. so thanks a ton for the same. well what I am saying is that can you all provide me with the...
  44. Re: Did anyone notice recessed lighting in The Sims 3: town life stuff?

    So that means that this feature is there in the stuff pack of the game and I am so much excited about it. well I am surely going to get the stuff pack simply for the 3 important reasons. One of them...
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    Re: Java PDF reader for Sony Ericsson phone

    Actually I am using the Sony Ericsson k550, so does it is supported in that? Can you all pelase let me know about it. do let me know about the same?
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    Java PDF reader for Sony Ericsson phone

    Guys I am here to ask from you all if there is any java pdf viewer for the Sony ericsson phone, if there is then have you all tested it? I am not sure whether if it will work for the Sony Ericsson...
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    Re: Getting BSOD in Force Series 3 F120 SSD

    I simply agree with you on the same. actually corsair people must surely think of some solution as soon as possible over here, so that we can get a fis out of it. otherwise it will be a common harm...
  48. Did anyone notice recessed lighting in The Sims 3: town life stuff?

    I have made this thread to just inform you all about the same. so what I want to say is that did anyone notice about the same? if yes then do let me know about it as soon as possible. So do reply...
  49. Re: Need a mp3 rescue/recovery software for Creative Zen Xf2

    Thanks guys for the solutions. Even I will check the website for the particular link and see if I can get anything out from there. So most probably I must get all the information from there. So I am...
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    Getting BSOD in Force Series 3 F120 SSD

    Guys I have a strange problem with the new SSD that I have got. Well before getting the new SSD I never had a problem with the BSOD and all. so that’s what I am saying and as soon as this is got...
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