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  1. Re: Multiple Firefox errors on Android ICS tablet

    The best browser according to me on Android is Maxthon. It is nicely made and comes with all features that you are usually looking for. It does not has any complicated items in it making tough to...
  2. Re: Asrock Extreme4 Gen3 often freezes and BSOD resuming from sleep

    When you wake up the system from the S3 sleep, some components will be able to wake up at an instant of time. It could be a Graphics Card, RAM, or PCIe peripherals or the processor. It happens when...
  3. Re: After updating to Flash, it wont work on Firefox with Linux

    I have seen the same issue while I start to play a Facebook game or Zynga game. Whenever I try to run or open a Facebook Game, the Firefox hangs for few seconds and then it completely crashes. I have...
  4. Re: Gigabyte Z68 chipsets getting locked with Ivy-bridge multiplier

    As far as I know that the apparently, the Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge processor works well on most of the compatible motherboard. This is intended to overclock to almost 6GHZ clock speed. Even you can...
  5. Re: Nokia browser stopped working on Nokia Asha 303

    I would like to ask you something if you dont mind:

    Did you try the soft reset method?
    Did you try the Hard reset or reflashing the firmware?
    Did you try the firmware update if one...
  6. Re: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ with AM2 89W Dual-Core Processor compatible with ASUS M2N-X

    AS far as I know that the ASUS M2N-X motherboard supports several AMD family processors and they are

    Athlon 64 X2,
    Athlon 64,
    Athlon 64 FX

    I have seen a list of all...
  7. Re: Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE bootloader can be unlocked easily

    AT&T had already locked down bootloaders on their HTC One X and the next round is all about the Sprint bringing same restrictions as AT&T did to HTC smartphones. But you don’t have to worry about...
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    Re: What is Google's Knowledge Graph

    Google outlines 3 major advantages to this advancement.

    Find the right thing
    Acquire the best summary
    Fetch deeper and broader

    Due to this new approach I think that now, Google will win...
  9. Re: Installed apps not working in Dell XPS 8300

    This problem seems to be very strange and I never heard about this before from anyone or from any OS. I don’t know how and why it is happening even after the complete re-installation of Windows. It...
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    Re: Facebook App Center, What it include?

    Every app should have a description page that will help you decide: do not install or reinstall? Help should also user reviews. Developers stand a tool available that can determine the ratings of...
  11. Re: Difference between Truecrypt and OpenBSD ENCRYPTION

    Who says that OpenBSD is encrypted by default?, That is incorrect, the issue is as encrypted disks to protect the information, but you cannot be confused with the OpenBSD crypto used for...
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    Re: Microsoft Exchange Server default permissions

    With Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft has significantly revised the authorization model. The following article deals with administrative roles and explains step by step how to deal with the role-based...
  13. Re: Firefox 12 does not start PDF downloads automatically

    When you go to Firefox>Tools>Options, there you will see several options for the downloads.

    Show the download window when downloading files
    Save files to
    Always ask me where to save

  14. How remove Windows XP completely without reinstall

    I am looking forward to dump my very old PC but before that I would like to completely remove the Windows XP without a reinstall. Is it any way to do it? I mean I don’t have any installation disk...
  15. Re: How to configure Logitech Alert system using Mac OS

    Logitech has long been pushing their cameras home security WiLife. Now, the company went a step further and introduced a new solution designed to ordinary consumers called Logitech Alert , a system...
  16. Re: Use AppleScript to Restore Multiple Partitions through Disk Utility

    Up to and including Mac OS X 10.4 operating system offered no way to partition a hard drive to change later without erasing all data. The only way was to copy all the data including the operating...
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    Re: LED Notification in HTC One S?

    As you know that HTC One S is running android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. I really don’t have any idea about how the LED notifications happen with this new operating system. I assume that due to power...
  18. Re: Cannot install and Activate Nvidia 3D Vision with Optimus Technology

    Nvidia 3D and Optimus do not work on a single system. This is due to the solution of Optimus that the signal actually comes from the Intel processor and the graphics card is only for computing...
  19. Re: Connect USB 3.0 front case panel header to motherboard w/o a header?

    In your case I don’t think that you have any solution other than purchasing a USB 3.0 PCI card so that you can connect additional ports. Convertible cables will not get you more with this and you...
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    How to Install Firefox on Mac

    Installing Firefox on Mac is easy for those who has been Apple user for years for those who just passed by Windows to Mac. It can be a bit 'difficult. Compared to Windows, the process of installing...
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    Re: Switch to 4G SIM to get AT&T 4G Service?

    It seems to me that you have done the same thing as I did here. I provisioned my account for 4G data. Then I go to Home>Settings>About Phone>Network>Mobile network type but the "HSDPA", not HSPA+....
  22. Re: Sony Acknowledged faulty 8XXX series Nvidia chips, offers extended warranty

    I have heard that this problem is not only with Sony but other major manufacturers are also hit by a same crisis. They have already began to launch free exchange programs, or at least with BIOS...
  23. Re: USB 3.0 adapter is not compatible with Sony VAIO Z1

    The USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter works only with ExpressCard/34 and ExpressCard/54 slots. Each port on this card is compatible with the bus-powered devices. Some USB 3.0 adapters or cards are...
  24. Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 Autolocks at random time

    Those who prefer to set up security options without or without a keypad lock password that can access the software "AutoLock" back. You can configure the automatic key lock in the menu. Under...
  25. Re: Connect WD Book Live Duo to 4TB My Book Studio Edition II via USB

    Yes, I think that you can do that. It is possible to connect the 4TB My Book Studio Edition II to MY Book Live Duo. The direct USB connection is the option with a compatible cable.
    However when...
  26. Re: Cannot access Linksys E1000 router control panel

    There is a tool called Router control which will help you to control the router. With router control check the online status and other characteristics of your router. The software also offers the...
  27. Re: 3TB Internal WD Hard Drive recognized as 746GB

    It may be that there are problems between DS - controller - are hard. Because usually, the DS has no internal problems with 3TB hard drives. Externally is to stop the problem with the USB controller...
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    Re: Cannot edit Razer Imperator Mouse profile

    You didn’t tell what version of Windows you are running and what version drivers you have installed here. To check it, I urge you to go to device manager and see if there is an error regarding...
  29. Re: How to configure crossfire on MSI 880GMA-E35 (FX)

    The manufacturer MSI has just introduced the first motherboard based on Intel P965 chipset supports CrossFire Technology. So far, only motherboards based on Intel 975X chipset could support two ATI...
  30. Re: No video signal on PC configured with MSI 760GM-P23

    I think rather that it is up to the BIOS version. In this regard, I would contact the dealer. If possible, bring the system into a computer store and see whether you have installed supported CPU....
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    Re: Logitech C920 Webcam recording only to MP4

    Yes it might be possible but only by the use of Logitech software which is installed on Windows 7. However if there is a special program other than Logitech software, then you can sue that see H264...
  32. Re: Blue Screen during Windows 8 Consumer Preview x86 installation and error code 0xc0000260

    Before installing make sure that processor supports PAE, then only you can install Windows 8 Consumer Preview. By the use of Upgrade Assistant you have to make sure that your system is capable of...
  33. Re: 150W TDP in Intel 8-Core Sandy Bridge-EP server processors

    The processors have a speed of 3.0 GHz core, 20 MB of Level 3 cache, and each could process up to 16 threads simultaneously, thanks to Intel's HyperThreading technology. Unfortunately, the high...
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    Re: Upgrading old Dell inspiron 2200 Notebook

    I don’t think that you can upgrade CPU in this notebook but if you have an extra slot for RAM, you can install some more GB of RAM but I don’t know how much RAM your motherboard could hold. You...
  35. Re: Xperia ray latest firmware 4.0.2.A.0.62 disables auto-sync

    It seems to me that the new update has added some power saving features on your Xperia Ray. So due to this, auto sync features getting turned off when the battery level decreases. I think so. But you...
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    Re: VPN setup from Android to NETGEAR FVS338

    You can access local network with Android via VPN and for that you will need the open source router from Netgear with original firmware.

    On VPN server (router)

    Dynamic Domain Name System...
  37. Re: Windows Media Player 12 won't add/show music files in Windows 7

    It is not a big issue. If you are using Windows 7 which has Windows Media Player 12 then this problem can be solved easily. First of all open the Media player and go to Tools > Advanced > Restore...
  38. Re: DISK BOOT FAILURE error after installing Linux Mint 12

    It looks like that MBR acting strange and it does not show disk as bootable. In order to check your HDD, You can remove it from your computer and connect it to the computer as slave drive. To...
  39. Re: Zune freezes between songs in HTC Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft already announced that they are aware about the issue and still investigating the reports. They customer support team is working on the individuals reporting. They are doing everything to...
  40. Re: Slackware StartX does not work on Dell Precision M6600 and AMD Radeon HD 9600 series

    First of all check whether the mode being set at boot time? To see this run the following command in a terminal Window:

    cat /proc/cmdline
    if you notice any vga=XXX stuff, you have to replace it...
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    Re: Mac software to grab irregular region

    The Mac using is very well done: Finder / Help / Mac Help (directly or Cmd-?) And asks the question "Capture". The tool 'screenshot' will be shown as well as keyboard shortcuts to make screenshots. ...
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    Re: How to Flash Acer Aspire 5535 BIOS

    In order to flash the BIOS, you have to download the most up-to-date version of BIOS for your laptop. You can easily download it from the manufacturer's website. One more thing is, Crisis Recovery...
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    Re: Physical shredder to wipe out HDD

    As far as I know that there is only way to make the data will not be reconstructed from the HDD is to shred the drive into small pieces. There several physical HDD destroyers available on store which...
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    re: HPDM agent cannot update WES 7

    To solve the issue you need to get the new initrd file from here. Copy that file in C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP Device Manager\Server\Repository\Tools\Imaging\clientkit. You have to replace the...
  45. Re: Weird noise coming out from Dell OptiPlex GX270

    The noise you hear is the lack of an electromagnetic brake that stops the disc tray once it goes off.
    A hard disk with a retractable retractable head (of course). In practice the printhead, which...
  46. Re: Frequent DSL Connection Fail using Verizon router

    Providers should fit according to a DSL signal even though the DSL light on the modem does not light, the error must already exist between telephone line and modem are located (box, telephone cables,...
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    Re: Enable WebGL in Firefox 10

    Mozilla's Firefox, the number two browser on the market, waiting for the first time on the Web with support for graphics interface WebGL. In current Firefox nightly builds can be enabled, 3D...
  48. Re: How to install Windows 7 Pro without removing Express Cache functionality

    There is already a solution for it and that is you should not format the SSD partition. The Express Cache will not remove from your computer. After the completion of windows installation, download...
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    Re: Bugs in Samsung Focus S 4G after Mango update

    Apparently some problems with Samsung focus on some specific providers. I find this weird or something. Samsung models with firmware 1.4 instead of 1.3 are delayed. The update should be adjusted...
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    Re: Norton 360 Firewall Settings for Airprint

    Before telling the Firewall settings and about the issue, I would like to know what software you are using for Airprint software. As far as I can say that Airprint for Windows is not compatible with...
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