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  1. Re: Sushi Driveinfo Gadget will not show in Windows 7

    After uninstalling did you tried installing it again from the same file you had earlier? If yes, download a new Sushi installer and try to install. It should work as i have seen many times the...
  2. Re: Getting airtel prepaid balance back for accidental recharge

    Hello Farahan. The plan you have listed above is for Mumbai region I guess, right? These use to differ state by state and region by region. There is no compulsion the OP is also from Mumbai and he...
  3. Re: Karbonn Smart Tab 1 tablet launched with Jelly Bean for Rs. 6,990

    That seems a good deal. We get a Jelly Bean tablet at just 7K. :shock: I just booked one for me on from their website. While doing the same I found something interesting. On the tab’s page they...
  4. Re: Difficulty Level in Ridge Racer Unbounded

    Developers of Ridge Racer Unbounded have done many changes as compared to the previous versions of Ridge Racer games. As compared to other games like Burnout Revenge, NFS Hot Pursuit, NFS Shift2 and...
  5. Re: Is Asus P8Z68-M motherboard good for gaming ?

    Game is dependent on processor and graphic cards, it’s all about processor and graphic card, Asus P8Z68-M is an motherboard which is good for gaming because this motherboard uses the Z68 chipset,...
  6. Re: Can we print notes in Project 2007 or Project 2010?

    Allow me to be a reason for you to be happy! Yes, what you want can definitely be done. Printing Task and resource notes is very much possible. All you got to do is perform the following steps:
  7. Re: Product Key not working in Windows 8 Consumer preview

    Check the Sha 1 Hash and confirm if it is the same with that on the CD you burnt.

    64-bit (x64) Download (3.3 GB)
    Sha 1 hash: 1288519C5035BCAC83CBFA23A33038CCF5522749

    32-bit (x86) Download...
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    re: Pentium 4 PC, Flash player does not work?

    I would suggest you that first of all you should uninstall the flash player which you had installed. If you are not able to uninstall you can uninstall by using following steps mentioned here.
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    Re: Sims 3 not working on Windows 7

    All of you people having trouble with this game should check the basic requirements for playing this game. I think game has listed the requirements for the game to run. But these are the least...
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    FarmVille: A Hybrid Mastery Completed

    A neighbour had completed the strapsberry mastery a few hours ago. I was amazed at the speed she had collected over 5,000 seeds to finish this crop. What if i want to do it pretty faster but i am not...
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    Eggs Getting Hard To Find in FarmVille

    I visit all my neighbors every day and for the past week I'm finding it harder and harder to find eggs. On a normal day I used to fine 8 to 10 now it's lucky if I find 5 today I think it was 4. I was...
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    What feature of FarmVille you don't like

    The pop-up when I first click on my gift box. You know, the one that tells me to send a mystery box to my friends. Could it load any slowly My goodness, get rid of it, Zynga! If I wanted to send a...
  13. Cydia packages or apps compatible for iPad

    Whenever a new IOS version is published, the apps have the structure of the operating system to be adjusted. The AppStore developers get for the Gold Master versions of Apple, while the Cydia...
  14. Re: How to deal with rude neighbors in FarmVille

    I say, if you don't personally know these people delete them, move on and get more neighbors. There is really no need to "fight" them about how they feel. There are plenty of people who are...
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    Do you still play CityVille on Facebook

    Just curious and hence i would like to know whether People still like playing the PetVille game since i have lost my interest in playing the said game as the game is not good enough and hence i...
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    Dell laptop BIOS password lost

    I just want to get my BIOS password resetted because I have a dell laptop Pentium 4 and it asks me the password for the BIOS I opened and I could not find the battery to remove it! and now I have...
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    How to be Good Neighbor at FarmVille

    How to become a very good neighbor in FarmVille Game on Facebook so that i can earn huge amount of coins and even some experience points. What are the stuffs that you do to please your neighbors....
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    What is cupid's castle in FarmVille

    Recently started playing FarmVille on Facebook. Read some where about a term "Cupid's Castle". What is the cupid's castle all about and even i would like to know how to go about it. If it is...
  19. Unable to Access My Webmail using Internet Explorer 9

    Why i am unable to access my webmail on my gateway laptop whenever i try to reach my webmail by typing the address on the address bar. i get the error message saying that There is certain security...
  20. How can adwords visitors increase Traffic in organic Result?

    I am a webmaster and like every webmaster i would also like to get more traffic on my website recently purchased the Google Adwords and now i would like to know whether it is possible to increase...
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    Blackberry Storm 3 vs Blackberry Torch

    Just heard that the Blackberry storm 3 will be releasing i would like to know which of the two devices will be a better option for me. Can anyone tell me whether Blackberry Storm 3 is a good choice...
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    Re: Cannot setup network on GA X58A UD5

    Hello I have a computer spirit 178 with xp and ubuntu after formatting my computer and reinstall it s my ubuntu says "network card not found" I fear that we should reinstall the driver for this last...
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    Dell ST2220L vs Samsung BX2250

    Need to purchase an LCD Monitor but am confused between the Dell ST2220L and Samsung BX2250. My older monitor is dead as of now so i will be purchasing a new LCD monitor by this weekend. Hopefully...
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    Aspire 3002LCI continually reboot

    I have a 1651 Acer laptop WDMI, Purchased a couple of years and suddenly when i start it appears to me that there is a problem with windows xp, and the screen to start in safe mode, normal, with the...
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    Google Nexus S vs apple iphone 4

    which of the two above mentioned gadget is a better buy since i am planning to buy a new device within a week or two i am looking forward to buy the Google Nexus Phone But my friends are suggesting...
  26. Why in the heck are apps twice as expensive on the iPad?

    This might appear an awkward question but this is really which bothers me since I do not know why the apps for the ipad are twice as expensive as the apple iPad when compared to the apple iPhone...
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    Re: iPhone 4 sound issues while calling

    Thank you for your reply, I tried but the problem persists. It's really bizare, because I also tested a call leaving the headphones plugged in when I listen to music. What happens is that the music...
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    iPhone 4 sound issues while calling

    I have a concern with the famous iPhone in sound.

    The speakers and hands-free work perfectly when I use the iPod, ie I have sound in both cases.
    When I receive or make a call, the phone rings...
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    Sound while over clocking Q6600

    I would appreciate your help to overclock my motherboard. I searched the net but nothing clear yet I usually assemble my PC myself and to overclock my graphics card but it seems more difficult for...
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    AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7

    I will be purchasing a new processor by the end of this week since I fried it last week. Please tell am which processor should I buy. I am confused between the AMD Phenom II x4 9850 or Intel i7. I...
  31. Re: Samsung Galaxy S is not recognized by my computer

    There is synchronization problem in your directory, and hence I can not help you because it is the same thing happened 3 times now because I made several tests and in the end I abdicated and I...
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    Dell Latitute Z600 battery not charging

    Dell Latitute Z600 Notebook battery is not getting charged. I tried to charging the battery 100%, the indicator also shows the full charge. Then the machine is up about 5 minutes and passed suddenly....
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    F1 2010 game Vs Real Life

    Which one of the two above mentioned game is better. I want to know that because i will be purchasing the same by next week. I will be more interested playing a game which is more realistic , i have...
  34. Acer aspire desktop x3300 display problem

    it's been a while since my pc did more icons on my desktop, explorer is running well, even via the Task Manager, or in safe mode, I tried to scan my pc Nothing, I used Ccleaner and removed software...
  35. Satellite L305 S5944 will not hold wifi signal

    I have purchased the latest one laptop . Since then it has been dropping the wifi connection and signals. Now that I am running with the better access to the internet and I have been reading the chat...
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    Qosmio X505-Q830 Fan Question

    I have just purchased the Qosmio X505-Q830 few days ago and its been functioning well as far as I can tell though I do have one concern. I would say that a day or two after I purchased this and I...
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    Re: Acer Aspire 5942G display problem

    Yesterday, I became a "happy" owner of the AS5942G-434G50Mi notebook. And I have suffered with the same issue also ! When CineBoost is turned as on, there are some sections of the images started...
  38. Re: Laptop Infected With Trojan Horse Droper Generic 2 Rsi

    Thanks for the suggestion and help .. I was just wondering for the solution and found one of the site where one of the user having the same problem. Other experts suggested that you need to go for...
  39. Laptop Infected With Trojan Horse Droper Generic 2 Rsi

    I opened-up my laptop and AVG recognized a virus Trojan Horse Dropper Generic 2 RSI .. I performed the scanning of my whole laptop then got that it was from a software with the name of...
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    Nero Vision 10 DVD render quality issue

    If I start the rendering of direct to DVD, it is omitting the alternate sections and running with the resolution . If I export with the mpeg2 DVD preset (with de-interlace enabled ) at initial stage...
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    Having Problems running PC games?

    The majority of game crashes are getting occurred by an unstable system. After all, I am sure what issue stating , "I can play or use app X with no problem why does game Y cause a problem?" Different...
  42. Re: HTC Incredible - Turned itself off and won't turn on again??

    So I receive my latest phone and was studying for the same about two or three hours. During this whole time, I would periodically have a pop up window stating a software update was ready. I will go...
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    Re: Video uploading issues

    I have not had any type of problems emailing them. I have checked the video emailed to my gmail account and while it does not have any audio within the Windows Media Player, it does the same in...
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    Re: HTC Aria Call volume too quiet

    I also have the same and it is doing some due diligence before plunking down ~400 No-Contract $ I have figured out that properly and there is some hard-to-hear problems going on with the phone. So I...
  45. Counting all files in a directory (and subdirectories)

    What I am going to perform is to just count entire mp3s that I have and then after output them within the IRC to display off the procedure of my mp3 stockade is. By the way, the only thing that I am...
  46. Re: DHCP Scope Option 135 Domain Suffix Search Order in Server 2008

    I have got a multidomain environment with two of the domains. The root domain of the forest is and then I am running with different series within the same office:
  47. Winmail Stops working after this update KB978542

    Hi guys ! I am working on windows 7 operating system and got some issuees after some changes .. Actually, i was using this for a long time and windows mail suddenly stopped functioning on the windows...
  48. "the version of Live Meeting client is not compatible with the Server" error when I try to join a Microsoft Meeting

    This has only recently happened and was going well until now. I received an invitation from a Microsoft Team for a meeting but when I clicked onto the link into my calendar, I received the error...
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    Re: Installation failed - Error Code 0x8007048f

    I continuously receiving the error code and the installation got failed in the middle ... I am still not sure about the message and what is is indicating after searching a lot , but it seems...
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    Bing maps not working in firefox

    I don't know whats wrong with my Firefox browser. Two days ago i upgraded my Firefox to 3.5.6 and since than Bing map is just bot working on my browser. Whenever i open any Bing Map, what am able to...
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