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  1. Re: Does Windows has any option to configure UPS

    There is a Critical alarm section in the same settings. This is good to turn on. When there is low battery left in the ups you will get the alarm on your screen. And this is quiet easy to use. Just...
  2. Re: How to locate drivers for unknown hardware in Windows 7 Home Basic

    If you can find the name of the hardware then it is possible to locate the driver for the same. For example in my old laptop when I formatted I was not able to find driver for the Bluetooth....
  3. Re: error "Windows 8.1 has found Critical Structure Corruption"

    Can you try to start the computer in Safe Mode with Networking and then check if the problem occurs. To do that you need to press Windows + C key on your keyboard. After that click on Settings and...
  4. Re: Windows 8 Blue-screen error with write read only message

    You can go online on There you can find a bit effective information about the error. It is right that the error is due to a damage driver. You have to find the right update for...
  5. Re: Missing "Previous Versions" Tab from Home Folder

    I go this problem when I applied a new theme on Windows 7. The previous version tab just disappeared. Also the entire icon was messed up. Later on I found that theme was having a virus. Malwarebyte...
  6. Re: Metro UI lags in between newly upgraded Windows 8 system

    I also think the problem lies with system configuration. You pc is not capable of running Windows 8. Or it can be a video driver issue also. After upgrade you have to update all the drivers. There...
  7. Re: User profile corrupts every time on new login

    You can do one more thing here. You can simply try to run a bootable antivirus scanner. There are some iso files available on the web. You can download the same and burn it on a dvd then you can scan...
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    Re: Can I run Windows 8 on HP Mini Note 2133?

    HP Mini Note 2133 is a good laptop and it came when Windows XP was running. This laptop is capable of running Windows Vista in it and also Windows 7. The requirements of Windows 7 are almost similar...
  9. Poll: Re: Favorite Start menu alternative in Windows 8

    I have used the native Start menu that can be enabled using the registry key editing process. I think that this type of start menu is best for purpose of getting the old type of menu. I have been...
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    Re: Windows 8 error code 0x80042316

    In Windows 8, when you try to take a screenshot, Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) starts which saves the virtual image of the screenshot. The problem with this Volume Shadow Copy Service is that you...
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    Re: Good and bad points of Windows 8

    The best part of Windows 8 is that it takes just 8 seconds for startup. After turning the PC on, you just have to wait for few seconds and the computer will be ready to use. I think that this part...
  12. Re: Dreamweaver CS5 not working on Mac OS X Lion

    You will be required to delete files in your home directory preferences. Mac OX Lion keeps all the files and products hidden in the library folder. Most of the Adobe files are stored in the Mac...
  13. Re: Ubuntu issues on Acer Aspire Timelinex 3820T.

    I guess the the 64bit version does not go well with the Acer Aspire so its better I would suggest you to use a 32bit system and it will not have any overheating issues. I have seen in most of the...
  14. Re: Error message "Attempt to kill INIT" on Debian

    Looking at the situation I am suspecting that there could be hard ware issue particularly with system memory. So I suggest you to run Memtest 86+ and let me know about the result. In case you did...
  15. Re: Right Click and desktop Icons won’t work in windows 7.

    I’ll recommend you to check your system for malware as most of the times malwares attack desktop icons or task manager. I was facing the same problem and my malware detected a destock hijack...
  16. Re: The Start Screen and launching programs are gone from Windows 8

    You need a significant search technique, alright. If you move the mouse to the lower right corner of the left side of the screen depending upon your Monitor placement, you would see a GUI that would...
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    Re: Create a system recovery disk in Windows 7

    I rely on Acronis for that. I found this tool very effective in backup and recovery thing. It restores everything. Only issue with recovery process is that it copies entire C drive which all current...
  18. Re: Getting System Preferences pop up on boot of Mac OS X Lion

    Looking at the situation I am suggesting following thing which will help you to resolve the matter of yours. in this particular work around you are supposed to delete service which supposed to...
  19. Re: Cannot understand how desktop users will work on Windows 8

    You will be able to close Metro style application by simply moving your mouse to top of application till icon is not getting change to hand. After that you have to click and drag that application...
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    Re: How do the ordinary People Use Windows 8

    Microsoft has been a reasonably dangerous performer over the previous couple of years when it involves innovation. But, i do not complain as a result of i do not mind. If you wish your flashy defunct...
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    Re: My Mac OSX 10.6.8 is very slow at start up

    Ok! The issue might or might not be related to the problems and the changes you mentioned. But I would ask you to try the following things first:

    - Start with clearing the Parameter Random Access...
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    Re: My Mac OSX 10.6.8 is very slow at start up

    Ok! As your wife said, this might be because of your carelessness…:P. Na… just kidding. Your carelessness has nothing to do with this. The problem might be something else. Your configuration and...
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    Re: How do you find Windows 8?

    A couple of netbooks that I own has Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed on it. Both of these sported Windows 7 initially and now they are working quite well with Windows 8 as its sole operating...
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    Re: How to lock dock icons in mac OS

    Yes you can lock dock icons. I also had problem using the dock icons. I used Tinker tool to lock the dock icons. Tinker tool gives you access to the additional settings. It also allows to activate...
  25. Re: Looking for a Good windows 7 Theme with TaskBar Customization

    Hello I have installed the Fences desktop customization tool and with this I am able to customize everything what I want. Fences is a unique program, allowing you to draw labeled shaded areas on...
  26. Re: ‘update-apt-xapi’ eating lots of system resources on Kubuntu

    Well I think you should go to synaptic and find out the package and lock version which cannot be upgraded. Also you should execute below mentioned command as well.

    sudo aptitude hold package_name...
  27. Re: I need to share a scanner on my network in Karmic Koala/Lucid Lynx

    At last you also require to connect to scanner server. You are also able to access the server by making use of its ip address following by /scan. In our case:
  28. Re: how to install vmware which is extension of bundle like "vmware.bundle" on ubuntu

    You need to run this command in order to solve your issue .

    sudo sh VMware-Player-2.5.1-126130.i386.bundle
  29. re: Getting “Unhandled Lockdown error” and “Unable to mount ipod” error in ubuntu 11.10.

    I have studied this problem earlier and all I can say that you need to install iFuse and then enter the following code.

    sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-utils
    idevicepair unpair &&...
  30. Re: Solution for using Md3200 on Windows Server 2008

    Try to find any guide on the same. There is a guide on vmware site which is listed as ESX Server SAN Configuration Guide. This guide provides you detail on the configuration settings of SAN on ESX...
  31. Re: How to use Citrix ICA client with Google Chrome in Linux?

    To get the requirement of yours I am suggesting below mentioned steps.
    First of all create MIME types for the Citrix ICA Client
    You should create a new file at ...
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    Re: VNC broken after upgrading with ubuntu 11.10

    If you have already install Gnome on your computer then you will need to change the default session to the Gnome classic by using following code.

    sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults -s...
  33. Re: Screen capture and Keylogger software for ubuntu

    I have some suggestions regarding your case and need to tell you that Linux KeyLogger is the one which you were inquiring about and to say something regarding the LKL, it is a userspace keylogger...
  34. Re: getting Missing file (nvrd32.sys), while reinstalling windows XP SP3

    I was also having same issues and to solve them you will need an external cd/dvd rom drive. And then turn on your netbook and you need to plug in the external cd/dvd rom drive. Afterwards make sure...
  35. Re: After installing windows 7 64 bit the AML Device Install window pops up every time at the startup

    Hey after i explained the issue to one of my fellow colleague he explained me that this “AML Device Install” is for the new video encoding and decoding feature in the driver, but even he is not...
  36. Re: windows 8 Consumer Preview receiving TV Tuner error messages

    I8 have come across this issue and in my terms , restarting the windows update will tend to help or if you have done that and the issue still occurs you should be having some drivers issues and...
  37. Re: Cannot install Graphics card driver in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Did you check in the Windows compatibility center? When I searched for your graphics card there, I have got that ATI Radeon X1300 PRO DDR2 256MB Graphics Card is completely compatible with Windows 8...
  38. Re: How to capture screenshot of desktop, apps, Metro UI in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    In order to take Metro and Desktop screenshots, simply push the Print Screen key. After that open photo editor or paint program if available and paste the screenshot using paste option or keyboard...
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    Re: Windows 8 Metro user interface freezes PC

    There is one temp workaround for this. So, if you are able to turn it off with the help of the charms bar and after that start that over again and this will do the quick boot and you will find that...
  40. re: Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Mail Metro App not working after update

    I had got the same issue due to internet connectivity. The problem appear straight after running mail update. I was not aware that there is a bit issue with the router. I had tried various things but...
  41. re: The wavy Windows logo might be retired by Microsoft.

    The next incarnation of logo which came in Windows XP had a great development. It was given texture like plastic. It had a shine that added to the plastic effect. It also had a background shadow that...
  42. re: How to install Windows 7 via native UEFI mode from pen drive

    When you are starting the installation then you should make sure to start your usb drive in UEFI mode. Like for instance, if you want to boot in Uefi mode using the dvd drive then you should select a...
  43. Re: GRUB is getting freeze after installing Knoppix on hard disk

    If you are having limited hardware resources then you should get antiX or Mepis. Puppy is supposed to be other option for the same.
  44. Re: How to handle lack of dependencies and dependency resolution in Slackware?

    If you have done the full installation of the Slackware then you will not require to worry about the dependencies. It makes the installation quite easy as dependency tracking is lacking in the...
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    Re: How to find Partition Editor in Debian Linux

    GParted (Gnome Partition Editor) is a free software with which you can partition the HDD. With GParted you can create, resize, move, copy, monitor and delete individual partitions. GParted is a...
  46. Re: Windows XP continually restarts at bootscreen due to Transformation Pack

    As far as I know that there are several third party Transformation Packs are available and free to download. These packs will customize the Windows Desktop environments and GUI with a different look...
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    Re: Keyboard doesn't work in Mint Linux

    Hey can you tell me what is your machine desktop or laptop? If a desktop and you make use of a USB keyboard as well as mouse, do you have PS/2 ports accessible for keyboard and mouse? a few have...
  48. Re: Cannot install windows 7 64 bit on SATA 3 UEFI drives

    Actually the steps are as follows:

    First of all make sure that you have Windows 7 64bit on any optical drive or USB drives and it is connected to the USB 2.0
    Boot or restart the computer and...
  49. Re: Unable to install java in Linux ubuntu 9.10

    I just don’t understand why are you going with such tactics that’s not advisable at all, go with the official repository of java from the official sun website. That’s what you need to do.
  50. Re: Internet Option and Screensaver settings won't change in Windows XP

    Hey the exact same issue in my case too. Even I can encounter the same settings problem in my PC and that too only with the internet option and Screensaver settings. I guess there is no need to...
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