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    Viruses corrupts anti-virus software

    My computer is running under Windows XP. I am trying to install the macfee antivirus on my system but there is on virus which corrupts it immediately after installation of that. I cannot scan the...
  2. Quicken 98 cannot be loaded on windows 7 laptop

    Friends, I have Quicken 98 and my problem is that it is not getting loaded on my laptop which is having Windows 7 installed on it. It is a very good program though it is old but I use that every day....
  3. How to restore iphone 3g custom ipsw once ipad baseband update

    I have upgraded my baseband to 6.15 on 4.2.1. After that I attempted to downgrade to 3.1.2. It worked as well as my baseband was 6.15 on version 3.1.2. I attempted make use of Cydia for installing...
  4. Re: Need a new OS for GATEWAY MT3707 Laptop

    Thank you very much all for your quick replies. I tried many things to solve this problem but it all of that were just waste of time. Finally I decided to reinstall the operating system as suggested....
  5. DVD Drive stopped working after Windows 7 installation

    I am having a laptop which was running fine under Windows XP. Recently I have switched to Windows 7 and from then I cannot see the DVD drive in my computer. Can you tell me that is it is the problem...
  6. Maxell 4GB flash drive 'public' disk isn't so public

    Friends, I am having Maxell 4gb retractable flash drive. It is working fine on the machine which is running Windows XP operating system on it. I was able to make out the ‘secure’ 1mb drive and...
  7. Full hard drive cannot allow login in ubuntu

    Hi all, I am using the Ubuntu Linux into my system. My problem is that the storage for my hard drive is full and so I am not able to login to the system as I usually login. Therefore, I want to know...
  8. How to create recovery disks for Vaio VGN-FZ21M

    Friends, I am using Sony Vaio VGN-FZ21M. I am facing many problems with it and I think that restoring the laptop to the original factory settings will solve the problems for me. My problem is that I...
  9. Need a new OS for GATEWAY MT3707 Laptop

    I was having some problem with my Gateway MT3707 laptop. So I get it repaired by GEEK Squad. But for that, I have to install the operating system again on my laptop. It is having Windows Vista 32bit....
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    Low audio quality with Intel Dg41rq

    I am using the Intel DG41RQ in my computer. This comes with the Realtek High Definition Audio which is the default audio device for it. It is working but the problem is that is giving very low output...
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    Atapi error 11 and computer freezes

    I have searched for the solution to this problem but not got any that can help me solve it. My problem is that, my computer gets freezes randomly and shows me the error message that says: “Atapi...
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    Error in browsing Internet Explorer 8

    Previously, I was using Internet Explorer 7 but yesterday I installed Internet Explorer 8 on my computer. I installed that because I heard that it provides faster access to the internet. Whenever I...
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    Game Deleted From Desktop

    Let me tell you one thing that I don’t have much knowledge about the computers. I noticed that my computer was taking more time then normally kit takes to load the operating system. I thought that...
  14. HP Deskjet leaking ink randomly on the paper

    Well, title itself is enough to explain the problem that I am facing. My printer is still printing the pages properly all the letters get printed on it but the problem is that, it leaks the ink...
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    How to get rid of Security Tool

    Last night, I came to know that there is Security Tool on my laptop. This always shows me pop up messages that the viruses or worms are there in my system and they are infecting my computer and I...
  16. Post install problem with MS office 2010 Upgrade

    From last many months, I was using the MS Office 2003 for my desktop computer. Now I decided to install the Office 2010. My computer is running the Windows Vista x64 business edition. I have...
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    Suggestion to buy a good processor

    Hello friends, I am going to purchase a new processor but I am confused that which one will be good for me. I am confused between core i3 550 or core i5 650. My budget to buy that is around Rs....
  18. Clock changes the time automatically in Windows 7

    I am running Windows 7 in my computer. I have checked the time on BIOS and it is correct. Time zone is also properly set. I don’t know what the problem with the clock is. It automatically adds or...
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    Display properties cannot be displayed

    Hi all,

    I am running Windows XP in my computer. All the other functions are working fine in it but I have problem with the display property box. Normally if we right click on the desktop and...
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    Dell 2330dn Printer Error message

    I have a Dell 2330dn printer. Many of the time, I am not able to print the pages and it shows me the error message that says : "replace missing or defective toner". I am using the genuine Dell toners...
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    Re: Step by step practice files Excel 2010

    Thank you very much for such a quick reply. I downloaded the practice file from the link that you have provided. It was so simple and I want to recommend all the people who are searching for the same...
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    Step by step practice files Excel 2010

    Friends, I want to obtain the practice files for Step by Step Excel 2010. I saw the book and it was instructed me to go to the site I tried to go on this page...
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    Alarm volume too loud for Nokia E5-00

    I found one bug in Nokia E5 and if we don’t consider that bug then it is a awesome phone. I have problem with the alarm volume. It sounds very loud so that it disturbs all the other members of my...
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    Slow processing on Nokia E55

    Friends, I have Nokia E55. Yesterday, my phone gives me a message that it is running under low on space on C: and to fix this I have to move the data. But I don’t have any data in my phone memory....
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    Can not use the Aspire One touchpad

    I am using the Acer Aspire One but there is one thing which is creating problem for me. The touchpad get detected in the game but it does not respond anything when I press any key on that. Can you...
  26. Sound goes up & down for Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q860

    Last month, I bought a new Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q860 laptop. It was working fine for the last month but now I am facing some problem with the sound system. My problem is that, the volume for the sound...
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    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Game freezes

    Guys, I have just bought this game as I thought that this will be really a nice game. I installed that game and when I tried to start that then it says unreadable disc. I have already updated my xbox...
  28. How to install operating system on sony vaio

    I am using a Sony Vaio laptop. My younger brother has deleted the partition where the Windows XP was installed. After that it is not working properly. Now I have to install another on that. I am...
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    Suggestion for a good Netbook

    Hello friends, I am planning to buy a new netbook. My budget for this is Rs. 18000 to 21000. I am thinking to buy the Dell Mini 10 which has 250 GB HDD and Hp Mini 1100. I am confused between these...
  30. Re: NFS Hot Pursuit not supporting many features

    I am also having the same problem as posted above. I don’t like to play any racing game that does not support the racing wheel. This is ridiculous for me. I know that there are many people that do...
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    Black Ops: Problem with headset?

    Hi friends, I have bought a headset from Waymart. I bring that to my place and connected that to my USB port. As I inserted that then I found that the blue light gets on. I went to multiplayer and...
  32. Best Windows Vista Optimization program

    Guys, I have installed the Windows Vista to my system and now I am looking for the optimization program for that. I am searching for this so that I will be able to clean the registry for improving...
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    How to reset base station password

    Hi Friends,

    I wanted to reset my password for the base station management tool. To do that, I did a reset on my base station. When I read the user manual for that then I found, it was written that...
  34. How to send large files to friends over the internet?

    Guys, I want to send a file which is of large size to one of my friends. He lives across the country So I cannot give him the file directly with any external medium. I am using a fast 30/5 cable...
  35. Re: "-bash: No such file or directory" (File exist)

    Thank you for your reply but I would like to tell you that I cannot actually show these commands unless I myself change all the particulars out which would be supposed to create the information...
  36. "-bash: No such file or directory" (File exist)

    Guys, I don’t know that what the problem with the bash is. Whenever, I try to access any file with it then is shows me that it gives me message "-bash: No such file or directory". Although the file...
  37. Re: Cannot detect a dead hard drive with Apple Hardware Test

    My computer is not getting started and every time when I attempt to install that then it shows me some error message regarding disk. I can not give the message here because I am not able to read...
  38. Cannot completely shutdown pc on Windows 7

    Hi guys,

    Recently I have installed the Windows 7 in my laptop. All the things on it are running fine for me but the only thing that I cannot do is to shut it down. Whenever I try to shut it down...
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    Blackberry Services on Aircel

    Aircel is becoming very popular in very short time. Aircel has also launched the Blackberry solutions in India. I heard that the Aircel will offer the Blackberry services where ever the mobile...
  40. Re: Dead MP3 player after unforeseen checkdisk

    Hi all, I am wondering so that anyone can help me to solve my problem. I am using a Sandisk 512MB MP3 Player. I bought it new last week and it was running without any issue till yesterday. But today...
  41. How to transfer files from a mac external hard drive to a windows hard drive

    I wanted to take some music files from my friend’s external hard drive. To do that, I connected the external hard drive that was having the music files to my computer. The hard drive was Mac...
  42. ATI 4850 drivers problem in Windows 7: iMac 27 (late 2009)

    I am using the iMac that is one month old. Windows 7 was running without any issue for about two weeks and after that I found that the desktop screen get froze and pixilated. It shows me a message in...
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    The econobox: New build issues

    I have some problem with my computer. I found that it is not able to load the Windows in first power up. When I tried to enter into BIOS settings then I found that it is not able to open the BIOS...
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    Can’t see songs on iTunes 10

    I have just downloaded the iTunes 10 and installed it. But I have one major problem with that. It is not able to display the song list. I am using the Snow Leopard which I got recently. Earlier, I...
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    SPAM from hotmail account

    I need your help guys. I found that my hotmail account which I am using from last 5 to 6 months is hacked. I noticed this when I was signing out of the account and it was not able to sign me out...
  46. Largest hard drive available for Mac Book Air

    Hi Friends, I want to know that is there anyone who have upgraded the first generation of the MacBook Air with 80GB or anything else which is bigger than this? I have the 80GB hard drive on my...
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    Medal of Honor dfa.dll error

    I have problem with the Medal of Honor game. I am not able to load the new Medal of Honor. Whenever I try to do that then it shows me some error code which is E:\binaries\dfa.dll verify that file...
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    Fallout: New Vegas HARDCORE MODE!

    Hi friends, I like to play play video games on my machine and I play Fallout New Vegas the most. The problem is that when I went Hardcore mode but now I want to back out of it but I dont know the way...
  49. Can you install OS X on another computer while in Target Disk Mode?

    I am using two macs in which one of them has broken optical drive. I want to know that if I can install the OS X in that by using the target disk mode. I was searching for this solution on internet...
  50. Is it possible to remap the volume function keys?

    Hi guys, I want to remap the function keys for volume for my old white apple keyboard because I want to equal the series order of the macbook's volume keys. But I don’t know the way to do that so I...
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