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    Re: LibreOffice Impress vs OpenOffice Impress

    Both are free. It is your choice what you want to for. There is no exact comparison chart available. As said by above people LibreOffice is new and better. I had tried to install Microsoft Office...
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    Cannot insert images in Nero Cover Designer

    I am using the CoverDesigner in my computer. I am not able to insert the any of the picture that is designed in the Photoshop software that you all must be aware of. Whenever I try to do that then it...
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    How many ebooks you keep on your kindle

    As the title says, how many eBooks do you hold on your device? I used to have all of my eBooks (over a thousand) on there but it became too cluttered with the way you have to organize on the kindle....
  4. Why windows XP does not resize to the size recommended?

    Hello, since yesterday practicing the "extinction" of my PC at night by hibernation I noticed this morning that an alert on XP MV insufficient and resizing automatic never been with my PC, only with...
  5. According to you which points are best for Mobile Gaming?

    I am looking out for the best of the mobile game and the thing here is that I want the best opinion on the same I mean what all the points that all taken into consideration while choosing a mobile...
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    My Motorola Defy is buggy

    Since I have updated my Defy, does my camera default app is no longer. When I start it, first comes a black screen and then it jumps back on the menu. I tried all ways of starting the app shortcut...
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    How to use GPS from Motorola droid 2

    Today I used the beautiful weather to record with a lap to Motorola droid 2 the bike since I had not now be achievable. Because there would be no problem if the battery had been made on the road...
  8. Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    I would like to set up a small list of the times very annoying when Froyo, are opposite Eclair 2.1.


    Keypad tones can be switched off any more
    Display brightness is determined 30%...
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    GTA’s Sunset valley in Sims 3

    So ok this might be the craziest idea I ever came to mind and probably no one there to expose. Are you tired to doing the usual things to your sim? A day spent in the first office and then in the bed...
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    How to change the city in Sims 3

    Hi I am playing this game from last few months now the thing here is that I want to change the city in which I am in the game. But I really don’t know how to do the same. I mean I am boar of...
  11. The elder scrolls: What is Ald-Ruhn Invasion?

    About the said invasion someone point me to a topic we had here long while back about it? or maybe someone can just fill me in on some details, maybe answer some question. Questions like, who, when...
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    Mankar Camoran in the elder scrolls

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, and I'm sure it probably has but anyways here goes was Mankar Camoran correct in his statements about Nirn being nothing but another plane of Oblivion? It...
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    Combat in Alice Madness returns

    If I can get through this horrible little section I was hoping for someone to give me some help. Cranking up the pressure towards the end of it and all, but I got through the play's plat to come to...
  14. Unable to access my Facebook account since I tried to change my Profile name

    This morning I log into Facebook and it became a form where you said I could change the name so remember and I changed my nick of adding 3 letters but cannot remember if next to the name or where it...
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    My Facebook account is suspended

    My problem was two weeks ago, when I try to log back on to face and I get the message "account suspended". I follow all the steps, but when I click the button associated to my email, I do not get the...
  16. The elder Scrolls: Why did Dagon attack Kvatch

    The first Oblivion gates open in Kvatch, where Martin lives. It's hard to believe it could be just a coincidence, and I assume the last of Uriel's heir was the target. But If the Daedra knew exactly...
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    Bandits in The elder scrolls

    Hey folks, I'm just pondering as to whether or not TES bandits actually organize themselves into large factions much in the same way that other fantasy based bandits do. I know that there are some...
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    The Elder Scrolls: Silt Strider Origins

    Greetings. I am curious to find if at all possible others' opinions on something that came up in discussion recently. While overlooking a Silt Strider, it came to my attention that I don't think I've...
  19. The Elder scrolls: how did the Empire conquered Morrowind?

    I was playing through Morrowind again, and was looking at it from a tactical point of view, and realized that the Empire would have had a hard time of conquering Morrowind except for the Ascadian...
  20. The elder scrolls: What happens when Daedra dies in Oblivion?

    Hey everyone, I was working on a mod involving exploring a small new section of the Deadlands, and it got me thinking, what happens to a Daedra when it dies while still in Oblivion? I know that...
  21. The Elder scrolls: I have a confusion regarding Azura

    When I played morrowind unaware of the lore it seemed like Azura was respected by the inhabitants, what with the Azura's coast region and all that. I recently read the Trial of Vivec where Vivec...
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    I am stucked in elder scroll daggerfall

    Alright, I just spent all day on my old P2 playing a single dungeon in Daggerfall and have completely cleared it and clicked on every wall, torch, skull, bag, box, and anything else in the dungeon I...
  23. Changes in magic system of The elder scrolls

    One of the things that has always bugged me about TES games is their end all be all magic system. it completely relegates cure disease and restore health potions to near useless makes lock picking a...
  24. The Elder scrolls: How can I play with the same character?

    I have had the same character since I bought Morrowind like 6 years ago or something, and she's come with me to Oblivion and will definitely also be visiting TES:V she's an elf, so no worries about...
  25. what are the minimum gift chips that can be sent in Zynga poker?

    Okay, so you have 20 or more buddies and you can send them $1000 in gift chips; great. So what could cause the melt down by Zynga to stop your buddies from sending you the chips? I share a computer...
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    Can't receive gifts in Zynga poker

    I get chip gifts and thank you for that and this is all I get constantly but I am not able to receive any kind of special gifts like Royal Flushes, these Mystery Gifts are few and far between. Keep...
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    What are mystery pet eggs in Zynga poker?

    Have you bought your Mystery Pet Egg yet? Have you seen our Pet Monkey at the poker tables? Give us your thoughts on our new Mystery Pets, and let us know what you'd like to see. Don't forget, the...
  28. How can I return on a Shootout table In Zynga Poker

    Hi everyone How many people have struggled to join back his Shootout table after being disconnected or game freeze and had to refresh his browser? I know the answer just a little because the problem...
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    Blank dialog box in Zynga Poker

    Cannot post anything with the profile wall! I tried the Super Chips luck gift box icon. Completed a collection and wanted to share library. Ditto for the point of collection "Application." Open the...
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    Folding pair of Aces in Zynga poker

    Hey friends, I folded the AA (pocket aces) for the first time when there was an easy flush for others. How many of u guys have folded pocket pair A's and how many times did u do that. I mean I lost...
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    MP game mode in brink

    I was looking over game modes and can't find a single comment on whether there are competitive game modes in Brink. So what's up with game modes like TDM, DM, CTF? Though hopefully they have some...
  32. Is there any indication who's winning the war in Brink?

    I am not 100 percent sure about all the information on this game that it has but will there be some kind of persistent feature where we can see online or in the game who's winning the war, the...
  33. Need updates for Nokia E7 and how to do the same?

    Hi Friends I have purchased a new nokia E7 from India last month. I just love this phone, I want my nokia E7 brand new forever, for this I need the updates of this phone. Can you please help me from...
  34. Keyboard or controller for Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

    I have recently decided to install this game on my system and the thing is that I am not sure that whether I will get the proper response if I am playing the game with keyboard. I mean if the game if...
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    Should I go with stealth in Brink?

    Well I have recently downloaded this game on my machine and the thing here is that I really want to know few things about the same. Now the best thing here is that I need to know that can I use...
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    When to pre-order DLC Pack for Brink?

    Will these packs become buyable after the release of brink? If yes will there be a pack that contains all of them and that cost less in retail stores? If it doesn’t become buyable, could it be...
  37. Unable to install Facebook app on BlackBerry Bold Torch 9930/9900

    Well I am using the BlackBerry Bold Torch 9930 mobile phone from last two days and it really doing well and serving me the best but the only thing that is worrying me here is that whenever I am...
  38. Re: Toshiba Satellite a665 SP600 wireless button not working properly

    I am also facing the similar kind of problem with the laptop that I am using. I am not able to get the wifi connection activated on the laptop that I m having. So please suggest me something that...
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    Re: Best Board Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

    The information that was provided to me is really helpful to me but I want to know whether I can play the angry bird game on the same phone. Please help me out of this confusion.
  40. Thread: Portal 2 on PS3

    by Beant

    Portal 2 on PS3

    I am using the Play station 3 gaming console and the thing here is that I have recently heard about the Portal 2 game on the system and really willing to play the same game on the Playstation 3. So...
  41. Re: Media Monkey error: “Audio Library Has Stopped Working"

    If you have Quicktime installed in your computer then try to uninstall it and see if that works for you or not. It was noted that there are some issues with Quicktime and Media Monkey installed...
  42. Downloads remain incomplete in Mozilla firefox 4

    Hey, maybe this is not the right thread, but I found elsewhere. It happened to me many times with Firefox that downloads stop when they are almost full, unfinished. It happens on different computers...
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    Re: How to create profile in opera 11

    Hello friends I am facing an unusual problem on the system of mine when I am trying to create the profile over opera. Actually the thing here is that I am using the Opera 9 web browser and working on...
  44. Windows mail asking to verify username and password

    I’ve configured few email accounts with Windows mail on Vista laptop. Though I have enter and saved the correct username and password, a pop up box keeps coming every minute for verifying username...
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    Windows Live Messenger no automatic sign in

    I have a Windows XP running on HP laptop. Recently I installed Windows Live Messenger Build 14.0.8064.206. It’s been about 15 days I installed the same and it was working great. It use to sign me...
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    RE: GPO to disable XP desktop background option

    Thank you very much for the help Woody. That really helped.
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    GPO to disable XP desktop background option

    We are running a server with Active Directory domain. There are several Window XP clients connected with this domain. Don’t know why all users suddenly received black background and also there...
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    I have a Windows Vista computer with Media Center...

    I have a Windows Vista computer with Media Center installed. Whenever I play any movie in media Center, no matter from local hard drive or from CD drive, video flickers/pulsates. One strange thing...
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    XP Home - Generic USB Hub 5.1.2600.0 driver

    Hey I have a very short query. I just wanted to know whether Windows XP allow adding of suffix or prefix for each device plugged in before going to laptop or Desktop computer? Many thanks for the...
  50. what is the max. size of a HDD partition under FAT32 file system?

    Hello guys, need some urgent help from you all. I’m having an 80GB Hard drive in my desktop and want to install Windows 98 on the same. Now the problem is somewhere I got to read that more than...
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