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  1. Re: getting rid of Trovi search from Internet Explorer 11

    I would suggest you to download AdwCleaner software which is available for free from the internet. After that close all open programs and internet browsers and then double click on AdwCleaner file....
  2. Re: fix for Dailymotion thumbnails blacked out in firefox

    Have you actually turned on the Windows Settings for Family Safety which might be causing this problem. If Parental Controls are enabled on your Windows then it might be the problem. You can try to...
  3. Re: Paypal page badly formatted in Firefox browser

    Have you tried to clear the firefox cache? This cache temporarily stores all the images, scripts and other parts of the websites when you visit it in order to speed up your browsing experience. So to...
  4. Re: netscape is not supported in internet explorer 11 error message

    The problem seems to only happen in the latest Internet Explorer 11 browser and to solve it you will have to uninstall any add-ons from your browser related to netscape. Another way to solve this...
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    Re: pop3 settings

    Well, first of all you will need to convert your free yahoo mail to Yahoo Mail Plus Account and after that set it up in Also, it was mentioned that if you have any spam or other...
  6. Re: Where can I get Chrome Browser 64 Bit for Mac OS X

    I have heard that the team is working to release a 64bit edition of the Chrome browser for Mac OS X. There are many bugs and errors relating to the delay of this browser. Until a stable version of...
  7. Re: Youtube error "There was a problem while playing. Touch to retry" on my android phone

    Did you try to download and install a new web browser like Google Chrome in your mobile phone and after that can you try to stream the youtube video. Check if your internet mobile data is not over....
  8. Re: Java plugins not working with Internet Explorer 11

    Even I had the same problem but later on I solved it. Go to this location on your drive - C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe and then right click on iexplore.exe and choose to run it as...
  9. Re: stop Microsoft Office Upload Center 2013 from running

    Are you using Skydrive desktop application on your computer? If yes then it might have become integrated with your upload center. So, to disable Skydrive for use with Office 2013 you need to right...
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    Re: Question with "Redeem SkyDrive Code"

    If you are getting "Redeem SkyDrive Code" then you can use is to use some of the premium features. This code comes with some of the different features that is designed by Microsoft for special things...
  11. Re: tracking Google Adsense cheque in india

    There is also a Secured Express Delivery that can be used to receive the payments quickly within 5-10 days. But the only problem is that you will have to bear some fees for it. Other than that Blue...
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    Re: How to convert a blog into a website

    It is very simple to convert your blog into a website. You just have to register the same domain name of your blog web address domain name and then accept the Google apps and then they will show you...
  13. Re: compatibility mode missing in Internet Explorer 11 preview

    When you open a website in Internet Explorer 11 preview and cannot see the compatibility mode then try to press the Alt key on the home page of the website. You will get a Menu bar after that which...
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    Re: computer freezes due to Google Chrome

    This problem was discussed earlier and it was told that there could be a conflict between the Realtek audio driver that is installed in your computer. So, to solve this problem, you will have to...
  15. Re: unable to login to xbox live, error code 8015D002

    You can try to clear the system cache in your xbox console and see if that solves the issue. To do that, press the guide button on your controller and then choose Settings > System Settings. After...
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    Re: Uploading on Skydrive takes long time?

    Are you sure that you have the latest updated version of Skydrive, because recently the long uploading time bug was resolved in it. However, if still you are facing problems, then right click on the...
  17. Re: Lost email on after I renamed my account

    If you cannot see the emails in your account, then it could be possible that your emails were over 270 days old and hence you lost them because of inactivity of the account before you renamed your...
  18. Re: cant find product key for Norton Internet Security on my pc

    You should first check whether the previous Norton product key is valid or not till yet and if not, then proceed by purchasing the suite. So, to find out the key check at the top of your Norton suite...
  19. Re: Google Chrome error "The server's security certificate is revoked"

    Well, incase you are getting the error when you visit different websites then you might have been infected by some kind of malware I think. This virus might be trying to intercept the secure...
  20. Re: uninstall bing toolbar in firefox and dont let it search anything when typing into url box

    Can you check if the same issue occures in Safe Mode as well? If not then it might be happening due to some extension or toolbar that is installed in your computer. To get into safe mode of firefox,...
  21. Re: Opera 12.14 consuming high memory usage on Windows 64bit

    It might be that Opera caches the last pages that you might have opened. This cache part is stored on the hard disk, and some part of it will be in your Ram. And actually the size of the cache is not...
  22. Re: audio disappears and then video stops playing in Firefox with Flash Player 11.7.700.169

    It could be that the Flash Player installer might be having some trouble working in some firewall proxy server environments. So, to workaround this issue, what you can do is download the Adobe Flash...
  23. Re: The procedure entry point _resetstkoflw could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll VISTA

    Hello Frank, most probably the above mentioned error message appears when somehow the Msvcrt.dll file is replaced by any third-party version which do not have _resetstkoflw (recovery from stack...
  24. Re: youtube videos completely black on Opera 11.61

    You need to also ensure that the JavaScript is enabled in the browser. Also, check for any extensions that you have is causing trouble, and then disable all those. There was an extension called NoAds...
  25. How to create a Media Server on My Net N900 Central

    Here I will let you know how to create a media server on My Net N900 Central.

    First I'll like to inform you all that My Net N900 Central comes with 1TB Storage which is more than enough for...
  26. Re: i cant able to create a profile in batman arkham asylum pc game?

    Before i suggest you anything, i want to know if you have legit copy of batman arkham asylum ? or you have a cracked version.
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    Re: List of top Institute for CCNA in Pune

    Top 5 CCNA Institutes in Pune: -
    Nirmal Datacom Pvt.Ltd.
    CNC Webworld
    Expert Websoft
    Focus Tech
    SEED Infotech
  28. Re: Microsoft Office 2010 docx missing word icon in windows 8

    While looking after similar topic over web, I came across one who was facing exactly the same issue. However after trying out couple of things he reverted back and said that creating a new profile...
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    Re: Motherboard + Processor under 8000 Rs

    You can get below ones as well:
    Athlon II x4 645- Rs 5000
    GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2P v3.1- Rs 2550
    Their price might differ a bit but then they should not cross your budget.
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    Re: How to Boot into Windows 8 Safe Mode

    Yes it’s quite difficult to boot in to Windows 8 Safe Mode by mashing F8 key, as Windows 8 startup process is too fast. Anyways you can hold down Shift and start pressing F8 at the same time. You...
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    Re: Best budget 240GB SSD

    If you are looking for cheaper one then I guess Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SATA III 2.5" 6 0GB/s Solid State Drive SH103S3/240Gis cheapest of them all. It will cost you around 15.5 k. It has 555MB/sec...
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    Re: Best Windows OS migrating software

    Ill suggest you to go with Paragon Migrate OS to SSD 3.0, it will cost you around $19.95 per license. If you are planning to Migrate OS to SSD then Paragon Migrate OS software will allow you to...
  33. re: Light free video game recording software for windows 8

    Use D3DGear, its fast video game recording software. It can carry it s video recording task without slowing down your game. It supports video games that use DirectX8, DirectX9, DirectX9Ex, DirectX10,...
  34. Re: Your Browser’s Cookie functionality is turned off, Turn It on

    Have you tried deleting browsing history and restarting your Internet explorer?? If you haven’t then give that a try and see if that makes any difference. In case if that doesn’t help then you...
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    Re: Best DNS for BSNL Dataone Broadband

    These are top 10 Public DNS Servers you can check them out and stick to the one you find the best.
  36. Re: Ebook for learning Python programming language

    For learning Python programming language below ebooks will be sufficient.

    Porting to Python 3: An in-depth guide
    Introduction to Python for Econometrics, Statistics and Numerical Analysis
  37. Re: HP Pavilion G6-2103TU Laptop display not working

    Normal laptop’s backlights are cheap and you can get it within $10. However, while checking out for HP Pavilion G6-2103TU Laptop, I came to know it’s backlight is integrated in the display...
  38. Re: HP Pavilion G6-2103TU Laptop display not working

    See I am not sure if there might be something wrong with the cable. If you have an external monitor then you can connect your laptop to the same and cross check if you get display there. If your...
  39. Re: HP Pavilion G6-2103TU Laptop display not working

    Since you were able to see get the display once. I think there might be something wrong with the cable that passes from the board through the hinge to the display. Probably a loose connection, I want...
  40. Re: Is Microsoft Security Essentials compatible with Windows 8?

    Yes it won’t work. Microsoft Security Essentials is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP only. If you still have a doubt then you can try installing it and find out on your own.
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    Re: Social Apps for Windows 8

    You can check out below ones as well, they are the best social apps for Windows 8.

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    Re: Best video card for 3d gaming

    I will suggest you to get “eVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB” it will cost you around 16 k and It can run a 2560x1600 resolution display at ultra high detail levels for almost all the latest games in the...
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    Re: Samsung Star (GT-S5233S) Themes

    It seems as if Samsung Star (GT-S5233S) doesn’t support third party themes and on the other hand Samsung has come up with limited preloaded themes only. I have checked out many sites, there are...
  44. Re: Need for Speed Most Wanted gets stuck on loading screen

    Well have you both tried running the game in compatibility mode??? If not than trying that would be a good idea. For running it in compatibility mode, simply right click on game exe, select...
  45. Re: Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 is not getting installed

    I want to know if you are running Origin in compatibility mode, if yes then right click on Origin icon on your desktop, click on Properties, click on Compatibility tab and make sure that...
  46. Re: Converting WebEx .wrf to .avi, .mov or any other video format

    Check out a software called WebEx Recording Editor, it will help you out in converting WebEx .wrf to .avi, .mov or any other video format. You can download it WebEx Recording Editor version 3.0 form...
  47. Re: Screen tearing in games - XFX Radeon HD 7870

    I don’t think there might be an issue with your card but it’s either due to software of game setting. Since you have mentioned that you have tried installing latest graphic card driver already I...
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    Re: Dota 2 black Screen

    Appears like a driver issue to me, I want to know if you have installed latest driver for your graphic card?? If not than install it now and if yes than make a clean installation of it. You can use...
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    Re: Top engineering colleges in Hyderabad

    These are the ones I am aware of:

    Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad (JNTU)
    International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-H)
    JNTU College of Engineering
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    Re: Digital Camera around 5K

    You can check out these ones as well:
    Nikon Coolpix L23 Point & Shoot - Price Rs 4360
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS5 - Price Rs 4800
    Samsung ES30 Point & Shoot - Price Rs 4700
    Canon PowerShot A 1200...
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