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    Re: Good graphics card for gaming on Windows 8

    Ill suggest you to get “MSI N550GTX-Ti-M2D1GD5/OC GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card ". It will cost you around $110.
    Key specs:...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Tipo screen flickering

    What is your phones current software version?
    You can check that by going in to Settings > about phone > Build number / version.
    Cross check and see if it is the latest one.
    Latest available...
  3. Re: MS word 2010 freezes and crashes upon saving

    Follow the second one. Sometimes even after uninstalling Office 2010 from control panel its instances remain in our system and you will have to delete its remains manually. So in that case using the...
  4. Re: MS word 2010 freezes and crashes upon saving

    Do one thing. Follow the below article for uninstalling Microsoft Office 2010 completely from your system.
    How to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 suites
  5. Re: MS word 2010 freezes and crashes upon saving

    Did you made clean installation of Microsoft office 2010? Or you have installed it without uninstalling the older version?? In case you have installed it without uninstalling older version then you...
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    Re: Max overclock for AMD Radeon HD 7750

    As far as I am aware you can get the card running at 880MHz on the core and 1250MHz on the memory. Just make sure that you are checking out the stability of your system side by side to make a stable...
  7. Re: recover a corrupted pen drive through Dos prompt command

    I don't think its possible to recover data from a corrupted pen drive through Dos prompt command. However, you can format your pen drive through Dos prompt command.
  8. Re: Is Antec SP1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker available In India?

    You should have checked out antec online store, anyways they are selling it for for $99.99.
    I guess if you will get the same product shipped form amazon than it will cost you more. I am not so sure...
  9. Re: Dell inspiron n5010 has stopped recognizing its AC adapter

    Quick searches lead me to ebay and its Original charger is available for $35 there. I haven’t found much detail regarding the error you have posted above. There are some people who had faced the...
  10. Re: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H Motherboard - Microphone sound is very low

    Which version of audio driver you are using? Have you tried updating audio driver if your system?? In case if you haven’t than visit gigabyte official site and download and install the latest audio...
  11. re: Dell inspiron n5010 has stopped recognizing its AC adapter

    Have you tried inspecting your AC adapter, I mean its central pin and all. If you haven’t than check those things out first and make sure that there is no hardware fault with it. I also want to...
  12. Re: Need for Speed Most Wanted Error Code: 800d0000

    Guys try out below workarounds and let me know if you are able to connect to the EA servers after that.
    Check your firewall for Need for Speed Most Wanted and make sure that it is not getting...
  13. re: Dell inspiron n5010 has stopped recognizing its AC adapter

    I think there is something wrong with your AC adapter rather than your laptop. Anyways mention the complete error message that you are getting so that I can have better idea of the issue you are...
  14. Re: Best Intel motherboard for Intel Core i5-3450 processor

    ASRock Z77 Extreme4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard will be a better choice over the ones mentioned above. You just have to pay $110 for it. I haven’t used it by...
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    Re: Veency won’t work with iOS 6

    Guys Veency has not yet been updated for iOS 6, I don’t think there might be any tweak that you both will be able to try out to get it working with iOS 6 for now. I have checked out for its...
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    Poll: Re: iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100

    Specification wise Apple iPad Mini is leading the race but I tell you, Apple device cannot dominate other manufacturer in Indian market. I know apple iPad Mini price starts from $330 but if one...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Asus Padfone 2

    I will suggest you to get Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not because it is cheaper but because of the following reasons.
    It can be used a WiFi hot spot
    It has NFC
    It has DLNA
    It has a dual microphone
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    Re: OCZ Vertex 4 128GB or OCZ Agility 3 120GB

    OCZ VERTEX 4 SATA III 2.5" 128GB SSD is better as compared to OCZ AGILITY 3 SATA III 120GB SSD, so as the price. If you don’t have any issue with than then I will suggest you to go with OCZ Vertex...
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    Re: File unblock property

    Since it is developed by a developer i don't think that any one out here might be able to help you out unless you mention the name of the software.

    Usually there is no unblock button in properties...
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    Re: 3G data plan - "Sim Data Refreshing"

    I guess there’s something wrong with your sim card. Since you are not having any other sim with 3G data plan activated I will suggest you to better contact Vodafone customer care, address them your...
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    Re: Dishonored has stopped working

    Did any one of you tried running the game in compatibility mode??? I am not sure if that might help or not but you both can surely give it a shot. In order to run the game in compatibility mode you...
  22. Re: External hard drive appears in device manager but not in my computer

    Rather than using program like ultimatebootcd, why don’t you simply delete its whole partition? Once you delete it, you might get allowed for naming it and creating a new partition. I have come...
  23. BSNL Broadband: Beetel 220Bx ADSL2 + Modem FIRMWARE UPGRADE

    I am having Beetel 220Bx ADSL2 + Modem and using BSNL Broadband 750 unlimited plan. I had recently updated my firmware and installed 3.0 firmware because some one told that it is stable. But now the...
  24. Thread: WSS 3.0

    by Tanvir

    You can try out below steps: Go to Start >...

    You can try out below steps:

    Go to Start > Run, type cmd and click on OK

    Locate "Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web server extensions\12\BIN" folder.

    Once you get it enter below...
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    Re: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL at start-up

    Hello Jesso.

    Probably it could be the Drivers problem. In case you have memory dumps then they can be interpreted in order to find the exact driver. hence what you need to is find out which...
  26. Re: Same problem from yesterday Unable to send my aol mail via windows

    Just go to settings, go to your accounts properties and make sure that "My server requires authorization" is enabled. Once you do this, don’t close the window, right there you will find generable...
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    Windows 7 64 Bit can run Emulators

    Day before yesterday I installed the latest version of Operating system on my laptop Windows 7 Ultimate. I usually like to play games alot. I was hoping that if it is possible to run emulators for...
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    Re: Win7 svchost.exe using a lot of Memory

    Can you just let me know your system specification so that i can have better idea of the issue you are facing. I have gone through some threads where similar issue has been mentioned but most of them...
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    Re: AD domain name change/migration

    As far as create new 2008 domain and migrate users ect with Migration tool is concerned, Microsoft has several very important Knowledge Base articles which you should go through to understand...
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    The error 25004 most probably occurs when you...

    The error 25004 most probably occurs when you have any earlier office version installed on your pc or If you have though uninstalled the same, some of its files might be hiding on your system that is...
  31. Re: Can't install office 2007 professional on windows 7

    Most probably such problems occur if you haven’t removed the pre-installed Trail version or any office suit that came pre-installed with your new system. Whenever you try to install any new Office...
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    I think this is a virus bug. You cannot do much...

    I think this is a virus bug. You cannot do much in that. You will need to simply format your pc if the crashing is frequent and if the system is connected on the lan it will spread among other pc...
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    Canon MP530 Ink cartridge problem

    I have bought a Canon MP530 multifunction printer and I am having alot of Ink cartridge issues with it. If I use the color ink cartridges to print anything then it runs out very quickly and thus it...
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    Re: mitsumi fx4831t drivers

    I have tried the above driver but those doesnt work so can anyone tell me where i can get the CD ROM driver for the CD rom, the Mitsumi FX4831T!
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    ways to get gamerscore easily

    I was wondering how do people achieve high gamescore points in any games they play? It seems to be very ridiculous when one achieves so much point than anyone else in the gaming league? Even if I...
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    Re: Mustek 1200 UB Vista Driver

    Sounds compatibility problem. Just do one thing, right click the downloaded exe file, click properties, go to the compatibility tab. And Select "run program in compatibility mode for" and in the...
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    Re: 0x000007B xp setup

    The error that you are mentioned lies with the boot device. It looks the system is not able to access the system partition. You just need to ensure that the hard drive is detected well or not. Go in...
  38. Re: " Interactive logon process initialization has failed. Please consult the event log for more details. "

    It seems like you don’t have a single restore point and in such cases, none of the above steps will work. Now the only way left is to repair your system. If you have window Vista installation disk,...
  39. Re: " Interactive logon process initialization has failed. Please consult the event log for more details. "

    Well the system was asking for Windows Vista Recovery Disc because your system needs to be repaired. Its not gonna fix by System Restore. If you want, you can download one from here. Remember this is...
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    Re: boot.ini missing after bootcfg /rebuild

    I had also gone through the same issue recently where the boot.ini file was deleted accidentally and caused the failure. I tried a number of things here but nothing worked. At the end the only option...
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    Re: Black Screen With Blinking Cursor.

    You should try scanning your system completely with updated malwarebytes. I suspect some malware could be the reason for the same.

    For more help on similar problem, you can check the following...
  42. Re: backup SBS 2008 on remote share / network share

    SBS Backup needs to have complete control over the drive and you cannot store any data in the same. Anyways you can check out wbadmin.exe console command. I am not sure but you can create a schedule...
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    piranhapad pc controller driver needed

    Where can I get the piranhapad pc controller driver. I have searched on many sites but couldnt get any proper drivers for PiranhaPad PC by InterAct. can anyone post here a link or so for the driver....
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    Re: SBS 2008 routing and remote access problem

    I think the mistake was, as you said, you installed RRAS. You must know hat RRAS is not compatible with SBS 2008 because you only can have one NIC. By the way how many NICs have you installed on the...
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    How to configure a DHCP server on a router

    Please let me have a clear procedure on configuring a DHCP server on a router. Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Windows 2008 and SYSVOL

    I checked the results carefully. It indicates that there was something wrong within your environment. It shows that Dcdiag is complaining about mising roles (PDC). So I’ll suggest you to try...
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    Re: Windows 2008 and SYSVOL

    There is nothing changed regarding this in Windows 2008. So SYSVOL should still show up as share. But as you said it is not showing up, just try doing a "net share" via command line .

    Apart from...
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    I will recommend you to keep your system in sleep...

    I will recommend you to keep your system in sleep mode as much as you can. Hibernation can create problem in future. In sleep mode the system is turned off except the ram. The arm has all the pending...
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    Re: i cannot open xps file

    I think there is built-in XPS viewer in Windows 7 and Vista. It should be right there, check properly. For your information, on Windows XP you need to download this to open XPS file:...
  50. Re: Error code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found

    Which antivirus do you have on your systems? Whichever it is just make sure you have disabled their firewalls. No third party firewalls should be running on any of these systems because they create...
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