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  1. Re: Modern Combat 2 fails to work on Acer Iconia Tab A200

    According to my information about this Modern Combat 2 is that this application is compatible with Acer Iconia Tab A200 and not with A500. So it have to be worked on your Tab, maybe some file is went...
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    Re: Which is best between Canon G12 and Fuji X10

    I think that the Fuji X10 will be the best option, because it has the superb compact which is not there in Canon G12. There I have seen that with the of lens zoom ring the camera is turned on. The...
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    Re: Need Help for Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.18

    You have to make use of Sansa Firmware Updater for updating this latest firmware in your Sansa Clip Zip, so if you don’t have this Firmware Updater then you have to get this from the official site....
  4. Thread: Help Sms Tv Chat

    by Erie

    Re: Help Sms Tv Chat

    sms tv chat is a new feature that has come up in the market these days. So right now i don't think so there will be many software who will be hosting software for it.

    Right now i can give you...
  5. Re: Is it true that if we spend the coins then we get higher score in Orcs Must Die?

    Now let me come to the basics that I would like to tell you over here, see what I am saying is that if you loose any kind of rift points or so then the skull points definitely goes down and that is...
  6. Re: How to get the gore removed in Orcs Must Die?

    I don’t know you might have downloaded the different version of the game and hence that’s the reason why you are getting such kind of problems. so that’s what I am saying here. Hope you did...
  7. Re: How to identify the score rate of skulls in Orcs Must Die?

    The game is not rated by score at all that’s what I know about the same and hence that’s what I want to say here. now what I want to say is that if you all are talking about the stats then it...
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    Poll: Re: Aakash vs. Beetel Magiq vs. Reliance 3G Tab

    If we compare the 3 tablets that have been listed down then aakash is the cheapest of them. priced at Rs. 2999. Plus the price will be further reduced to Rs. 1,730 for the students. So that is almost...
  9. Re: Motorola Media Link for Mac not working with Motorola Triumph

    So for that I think you should have a chat with the Motorola people about the same they will be having a better knowledge on how to get started with the deployment and all for the link. Since you are...
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    Re: iPhone 4S price in India

    it is approximately I.N.R 35K. so that is the price in which you will be getting the iPhone 4S in the market that’s what I am saying here. so did you get the necessary information on the same....
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    Re: Constant internet connection required for SIRI?

    I have heard that text-to-speech process was server based so in case if that turns out to be true then to be honest you will be requiring a internet connection for sure, that’s what I know about it.
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    Re: When will Sprint release the iPhone 4S?

    Soonly they should since it is said that sprint will activate 8 million iPhones a year. That’s what I know about it. for me I think they should make it available. Since they have taken such a big...
  13. Re: Motorola Media Link for Mac not working with Motorola Triumph

    I have been using SwiFTP in my phone and yes it is available in android market buy from there. You can use that application. similarly I am using FileZilla on my PC as well. Even that is working well...
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    Re: Updates for Motorola Triumph?

    I have been hearing that ice cream sandwich will be released later this year, so that’s what I have been hearing from a very long time. See we are not here to predict the exact release date for...
  15. Re: Is there a Remote Wipe functionality available in MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY?

    I don’t know if this feature is actually there or not in the game. so that’s why I am saying that it will be better if anyone who is having this phone will be having a upper edge of answering...
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    Re: Role of acceleration in NBA 2k12

    Yes I am very much happy that you have get started with the topic. So I am very much happy about it. now what I am saying is that I have seen a lot of times In the game where a player has a lot of...
  17. Re: Unable to root Acer Iconia A501 with factory shipped Android 3.2

    See root is available for stock 3.2 I know about that, that’s what the information I have got till now. So you can check out do some research on the same and you will get the necessary information...
  18. Re: Falcon Acer A501 version 4.015.01 & 4.031.24[CWM and Rooting]

    No, dude it did not work well with my A501. So that’s why I dumped it. After wasting so much time getting the downloadable file for the same. I did not find anything interesting on the same. so...
  19. Re: Multilanguage Honeycomb 3.2(HoneyVillain 1.2) pack for Acer Iconia A501

    It seems that it is giving some problems with the plugged drive. Just5 mount them using the drive mount. So that’s what you should be doing I hope you are understand what I am saying here. don’t...
  20. Re: Is it possible to use virgin sim card in Acer Iconia A501?

    Dude you forgot to mention about the setting up of the new access point definition. I am saying that you should be doing the same, so that you will be able to make use of it. that’s what my point...
  21. Re: Do eReader apps in Amazon Store get installed in Kindle fire?

    Well that’s a great thing that you have said here, appreciate the work that you have made here, mantano was my favorite application and I would love to see them in my work as well. So that’s what...
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    Re: Some questions regarding Kindle Fire charger

    I think so we have to check the Amazon website to get all the information about the same. so that’s what I am saying here. We will be getting all the information there only, that’s what I think...
  23. Re: cancel registration in National Do Not Call Registry

    See to cancel the Do Not Disturb Service all you have to do is send an sms to 1909. So go to your inbox and type 'STOP0' (without colons) and send it to 1909.

    You can even call your service...
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    Re: 8 hours Battery life in Kindle Fire

    It is a tablet with LCD screen, so its normal behavior of the devices with the LCD screen. So nothing new about it. That’s what I am saying here. no phones these days lasts upto 8 hours. So I...
  25. Re: Error 1004 while downloading from App Store in iPhone 4 using iOS 4.3.3

    Are you connected via. Wifi. If yes then have a check with the packets. That’s what you should be checking out. Does the same thing happen with the 3G as well? Do let me know about it that’s very...
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    Re: What is the keylock icon in iPhone 4?

    Might be some kind of screen lock I suppose. Well even I am getting to hear about it for the first time and hence that’s the reason why I am a bit confused on that, anyways what I want to say is...
  27. Re: What are the good and bad features of Rugby Challenge Game

    They need to totally overhaul the rucking system because the current rucking system is just based on the speed of support play and the rucks don't even look like scrums.I think that they need to make...
  28. Re: BlackBerry Bold 9780: Kaspersky Mobile Security is not recovered after firmware upgrade.

    In this case I will suggest you that, whi9le installation for such type of the application you will need to check that while in loop your BlackBerry will ask you for do something, I mean that while...
  29. Re: Improvement suggestions for Wasteland Angel Game

    Yes even i have noticed that when we control the car at the edges of the screen it gets easily turned in such situation because of which it is very difficult to get out of that area but except this...
  30. Re: KES8 can not be activated as it fails to synchronize with admin kit

    In order to Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.0 via Kaspersky Administration Kit you just have to follow a deployment task where you have to install the special utility KMS 7.0 EE Installer on any...
  31. Re: How to set lock screen wall paper on Windows Phone 7 using Bing Daily image

    Bing2Wall is one of the popular application that capable to do this task in best manner. There are two best features present with this application and they are Landscape pictures, Twitter sharing....
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    Re: HTC Vigor - Dimensions

    Htc can't make high quality buttons: power, volume. I think the battery life will be shorter.
  33. Re: Downloaded Street Fighter 4 demo and it was just a benchmark

    That's not at all a problem with me. I have also downloaded a demo and i have got a pure demo and it is really very nice i dont know what you are talking about? This is really something strange for...
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    Re: Kindle Fire vs. iPad

    I have a cell phone that takes pictures, is terrible. Even with better resolution, 2MP small devices like "iPad" products are not part of an image. Yes, cool fast breaks and easy to take pictures to...
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    Re: Does Windows Phone 7 support VOIP / SIP client

    It bothers me how you propose in response to the question posted here. I see more people (even some MS employees) offer their own answers, as-the answer. Often, the information did not make sense. Is...
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    Re: How to back up data on Windows Phone 7

    There is the feature for the Windows Phone 7 to store the data on the cloud, so by using that feature one can get the information whatever he have store on the clouds by just login to its personal...
  37. Re: Simple and Safe Unlocking methods for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    You will be able to find some of the unlocking software on the internet and also you will be able to unlock the tablet of yours and also you will be able to use it anywhere in any country, but for...
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    Re: Need Drivers for HTC HD Window 7 phone

    I have mentioned a link below so you better check it out and get it done. It includes a link to errors in the Device Manager where more information about the code 10. I recommend removing the driver...
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    Re: How to update NoDo on Windows Phone 7

    With the help of the VPN dial up it is easy to update the NoDo software:
    • download the USAIP.pbk
    • connect to the EUROIP PPTP Hungary
    • connect your phone to the PC
    • disable the Wi-Fi...
  40. Re: How to access your POP/IMAP email in Windows Phone 7 - AT&T

    You might don’t have something from the list; you have to check whether you have the exchange SBS2003 R2, or you have the SSL certificate from Startcom. Or this can happened if you have done the...
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    Re: Release date of Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9 LTE

    No dude no such information has been revealed yet and hence if you have some doubt about it I would advise you to have a check about the same with the official website of the Samsung you might get...
  42. Re: Unable to migrate BlackBerry Desktop manager to a new mac system

    May be you are not running the latest version of the desktop manager the version that you have mentioned here is quite old and needs to be upgraded as soon as possible I feel. so do upgrade it with...
  43. Re: Crashing of BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1.0 B34

    I have got a solution for you all and the solution should be ebst described in the steps that I am listing down here so here goes the solutiuon for you
    1) Go to the start button and in the run type...
  44. Re: Alienware Area-51 m7700 (Clevo D900T) turns off automatically

    Make sure your power supply is not the reason for the voltage sags. The power of the PC and the same internal components are very sensitive to these variations. The computer is connected to a power...
  45. Re: Is Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 coming with honeycomb?

    I do not think the tablet would be coming with the honeycomb OS, as you will be able to get the update of the honeycomb through the OTA, so can get tab and update it to honeycomb.
  46. Re: Unintended Consequences in The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    I don't think that could really happen but yes i wish the same i have already seen a lot of people making this argument but i don think they hardly care about it the had talked about the change that...
  47. Re: Housing for The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    Yes its really not about the promise but they should really remove the hook out and i have also found that they have been very careful with their statements regarding this that they just say "we...
  48. re: Error message computer must be connected to the Internet while trying to install blackberry Desktop Manager 4.6

    I think you will be able to get the answer of the problem you are getting and also you will be able to get the proper and also the perfect solution to solve the problem also. So you can go on the...
  49. Re: Is it possible to make calls in Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9?

    Yes it is possible to do that I did have a check about this in a particular website and they had tested that phone with making calls in it and it was very much possible to make calls on that so I...
  50. Re: How to make video calls using Skype on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7?

    Yes, you can only make voice calls and do texts chat using Skype on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, but you cannot make video calls. Because, any Android Tablet doesn’t supports Skype video calls. But,...
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