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  1. Re: Which is best between Canon G12 and Fuji X10

    The thing that I have seen in Canon G12 is that, this is the best camera award winner with the G-series trusted by professional photographers. There is the best-in-class flexibility and also it shows...
  2. Re: GPS fix is need to be there in Samsung Captivate Glide

    According to my information this GPS is working perfectly fine in Samsung Captivate Glide, I am the long time user of this Mobile phone and still I have not seen this issue with my Mobile phone. So...
  3. Re: How to get the gore removed in Orcs Must Die?

    You will be getting the option of turning it off from the menu only, so that is what you should be doing and nothing else. Hope you have got the necessary answer on the same. that’s it from my side...
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    Re: Is there 4G in iPhone 4s?

    It all depends on the location as well. In a country like India where 3G technology is new 4G would be a definite thing to watch out for future, that’s what I want to say here. so hope that was...
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    Re: Which is pre-loaded iOS in iPhone 4s?

    iOS 5 is the default operating system in the iPhone 4s. it is the latest operating system that will be seeing in the iPhone 4S. so we should have a check about the same, on October 14 we will be...
  6. Re: Is there a longer power cord available for iPhone 4S?

    We can say anything about it since the iPhone 4S available yet in the market. so possible we will have to wait for sometime so that the phone does comes available in the market that’s why I think....
  7. Re: Will there be a siri security flaw in iPhone 4S?

    Yes nice that you got started with thread, even I had to make a notice on the same but glad that you did the beginning and that was really nice of you on the same, so now what I am saying is that...
  8. Re: Motorola Media Link for Mac not working with Motorola Triumph

    I make use of File Expert so that I would be able to make use of wifi access with the other computers. Yes it a good application. it is a third party application. I did not find in android market but...
  9. Re: Internet experience not good in Acer Iconia A501

    Go and check the if you can go and check it out from there as well. Just install the firmware in your phone, extract it and then try rooting it. that’s...
  10. Re: Unable to root Acer Iconia A501 with factory shipped Android 3.2

    The reason why 3.2 is not downgradable is because they are using which does not allow any kind of rooting to take place, so that’s the reason why 3.2 is such a difficult os to deal with.
  11. Re: Multilanguage Honeycomb 3.2(HoneyVillain 1.2) pack for Acer Iconia A501

    So, not necessary you can get it directly, c’mon dude this is just flashing the ROM process and nothing else. So you don’t think much about it just go and download the rom from there, that’s...
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    Re: Covers for Kindle fire?

    Well you can get variety of options with the Timbuk2 Covers. So let me reveal out some of the collections from the Timbuk2 Covers
    - Envelop Sleeve available for, $24.99
    - Cush Sleeve available for,...
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    Re: 8 hours Battery life in Kindle Fire

    I am a Kindle Fire user and let me tell you all that the battery runs out within 7 hours. That’s what I know. So expecting it to run more than that is a simple waste of time. Now with all the...
  14. Re: Error 1004 while downloading from App Store in iPhone 4 using iOS 4.3.3

    I am sending you the link make sure you have a check about the same and make the necessary changes so that’s what you should be doing here.
  15. Re: What are the good and bad features of Rugby Challenge Game

    Even i don't agree for what he has said about the rucks.I think that what you are expecting regarding the realism and the complexity is terrible because it is a video game and i think as long as the...
  16. Re: BlackBerry Torch 9800 is unable to log on to exchange server

    I search for a answer most of today, and this worked perfectly!
    1. The difficult I do right away.
    2. The not possible takes rather longer.
    3. The easy go beyond my ability.
  17. Re: After updating Desktop Manager to v6 it cannot configure sync with BlackBerry Storm2 9550 (Verizon)

    RIM huge update, nothing but trouble. Nice idler. spent 30 minutes directly from the system of MS-6, download an DM and reinstate version 5 installation. 5 DM has always worked fine for me and...
  18. Re: Tethering MyWi on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is not working

    Using Explorer root and inside the folder / system / bin, tap the "Monte R / W" at the top of the screen.

    Finally acquire this working on my tab Galaxy i800 After following all the instructions,...
  19. Re: How to download eBooks on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    initial download to your pc and following that in the Pc, please search for epub , you will be clever to discover these files which requirements to be paste in galaxy tab - eBooks - bring in folder....
  20. Re: Unable to watch video which downloaded via iPlayer later on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    Play the beginning following first download, it will obtain the license, then stop it. You be supposed to then be capable to go back and analysis offline as the license once obtain will be good for...
  21. Re: Is it possible to Removing Stock Launcher in Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    LauncherPro let you allot an achievement to an up or down pilfer signal in surplus of several of the shortcuts in the dock. For example , you be capable to tell LauncherPro to take you stanchly to...
  22. Re: Which is the Most Common and Most Rare Skins Online for Gears of war?

    As far as my knowledge i think that the fire Hammerburst or the Gold Gnasher will be the rarest of them all as they are the most common at least for the newbies in the first week and yes i agree to...
  23. Re: Housing for The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    Yes even i am not finding worth to pay for the limited usage from now and even i will be giving it up in a week because i have lost the patience of hoping that they will remove the hook in the coming...
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    Re: How to launch A game of Thrones: Genesis?

    I think i have a solution for it.What all you have to do is just go to My documents and then will find a folder "Agot"
    and now in that folder just edit the "config.xml" file using the notepad and...
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    Re: Battery life of kindle fire

    I think amazon people should really work on the battery life bcoz people don’t liked to be interrupted due to low battery life
  26. Re: Is there any ways to turning off battery charging while running on AC power on MacBook Pro

    Lots of PC laptop has this third party software feature name battery management. You can decide to begin and end charging at your wish battery % battery threshold to considerably expand the battery...
  27. Re: Is it possible to connect Sky digital box up to my iMac using eyetv

    In case of you are using a Sky HD box, get yourself a S-Video cable and make use of that.It won't provide you an HD signal though, it is far better to the Composite cable.
  28. Re: How to Maximize the performance of Nokia E7

    I set my Nokia email retrieval to "soonest". Isn't receiving email ASAP the entire reason of a Smartphone for office use? I believe this is one object where it's worth paying the price of shorter...
  29. Re: Nokia N8 Symbian Anna don’t have the Split Screen

    I have again checked the online source and found in most recent update, Nokia Malaysia validate split-screen functionality only in prospect software update, which means unlikely to be soon.

  30. Re: Will Windows phone 7 do the sync with Outlook 2010 via WMDC?

    I do not need to say but you might got the perfect and also correct method from the above users, so I would also suggest to do follow the above user method and get it done for you.
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    Re: Incorrect time stamp on windows phone 7

    I would suggest you to take the advice of the above users as they have seen and also have worked on the problem and also they have solved the problem which you are getting it on the phone. This type...
  32. Re: Where can i get office communicator client for my Windwos Phone 7

    - I don’t think there is any such application available that you can have for your phone but still as I am not sure thus would suggest you to make sure about this from the microsoft’s official...
  33. re: My Xbox Live account got hacked while in gear of wars 3

    I am really sorry with this and I don’t know what is the problem there has been number of threads which I have found in which they have been saying that the account has been hacked. But there were...
  34. Re: Unable to send/receive MMS through another carrier in Windows Phone 7

    Hello friend I think that windows phone 7 device itself configures the MMS setting with the sim card that has been used initially. And if in any case you would have changed the sim card then you can...
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    Re: Acer aspire 4937G shutting down frequently

    If this problem is related to the CPU FAN then you need to use an ePower Management Utility to control the fan speed. This process helps to you for managing your CPU fan speed. Then try this and make...
  36. Re: Facing error code 801812C1 while updating windows phone 7

    Well the error message that you have mentioned in the query indicates that the issue is related with the driver and needs to be installed when a device is in connect to PC mode. Make sure that the...
  37. Re: Is Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 coming with honeycomb?

    I also think the same as the above users are saying, if you keep on waiting for the Tab with the Honeycomb OS then it will be too late to buy, as that time any new Tab will be have come in the market...
  38. Re: Memory Card Issues for the Windows Phone 7

    I am using the Samsung mobile which has the 16GB internal memory and can be expandable up to 32GB. So if you can simply insert a 32GB micro SD card on this device. However there is some restriction...
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    Re: How to update NoDo on Windows Phone 7

    I have also facing the same problems of updating for the NoDo but finally I get the solution for this, so I have found the solution for this. So To Update To NoDo Using Zune: you have to install the...
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    Re: Vista Home Premium Blank Screen on login

    Hello according to your query i tried to find about this on internet and i found the same queries present on this site. so just follow this link and see if its helpful for you. in between i am trying...
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    Re: Will Kensington MouseWorks with OS X Lion?

    For that reason I have contacted with the Kensington, and they told that there is no need to update for the software. Here I can that you would like to program the buttons on the mouse model 72127....
  42. Re: Need help with javaloader.exe in BlackBerry Desktop Software

    I would advise you to check with the JL_Cmder utility that’s the application that you need to check with for sure, so that’s what I want to say here. also make note that it runs only in ...
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    Re: I lost my iPod touch

    Because of the tracker nor present on it we can’t detect this device. If you want to use the specific software that can be help to provide the musical facility. I believe that every owner of an...
  44. Re: Which is the Most Common and Most Rare Skins Online for Gears of war?

    According to a forum it has been voted like this:

    Crimson Omen-5.48%
    Infected Omen-12.33%
    Team Insignia-21.92%
  45. Re: Getting error "Music services failed to load" using desktop manager 6 in T-Mobile Curve 8520

    i think you should install the operating system back again in the phone. there could be some problems with the file. i am sure that after reinstalling the operating system, your problem will get...
  46. Re: Facing error message”App error 523 reset” in blackberry curve 8520

    • Firstly I would say that make sure you have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed.
    • Then on your PC, try to go to Start > Run, then copy and paste the following line exactly, "c:\program...
  47. Re: Payment authorization failed for The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    I am a lifetime member but i am still frustrated because i have not yet found any no or say any kind of help in order to solve the coming up problem and i don't know how they deal with this kind of...
  48. Re: Is BlackBerry Desktop Manager is compatible with Apple OS X Lion?

    I am using Desktop Manager with my Lion on my MacBook from the last few months and up till now this is working so fine. So here I would like to say that yes it is compatible with Apple OS X Lion.
  49. Re: synchronize BlackBerry Bold 900 with Apple Mac OS X 10.4.6.

    I want to suggest you some important information about this. And that is BlackBerry Desktop software is an executable that will need universal 10.5.5, the latest operating system to...
  50. Re: How to use blackberry phone as a USB device

    I will also suggest which the above user have suggest you to do and also I would suggest that you should follow the same method which the above user have told you to do and also you will be able to...
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