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  1. Re: Install office 2003, have key, no disc drive

    Thank you very much for the help guys. I'll try out both your suggestions and see which one works. Hope anyhow i get the office suite on my netbook.

    Thanks again.
  2. Install office 2003, have key, no disc drive

    Hello. I’m using an Acer Netbook. Yesterday I bought a new copy of Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 CD and want to install it in my Netbook but there is no CD drive. Also I searched...
  3. Re: Unable to make changes to parental controls

    Thanks for the help Wooody. I followed your suggestions and tried to enable the built-in Administrator but yet un successful. It ends up with an error message saying "system error 5 has occurred....
  4. I need some help to configure a vpn connection. I...

    I need some help to configure a vpn connection. I am not able to get do that. I am getting a error related to that. There is a error number 800. What is it actually. I had contacted my friend who...
  5. Word 2007 - Save as PDF - This file is in use by another application

    I am using Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows Vista. I had downloaded a plugin to save the files directly to pdf through Office 2007. But when I do that I am getting a error on the screen. When I try...
  6. Appointments not displaying in calendar view

    I am having a Windows XP SP3 system which is connected to SBS 2003 R2. I am using Outlook 2007 SP1. It looks everything is working nice but somehow there is a problem. A user installed iTunes. He...
  7. how do I import my old user settings in the new user account setup when I reinstalled windows?

    Something went wrong with my Windows XP system and resulted into continues restart as soon as it reaches the desktop. I tried out several things to fix the problem but no success. Finally I had to...
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    Adding a windows 2003 domain controller

    I am having a Windows 2003 server forest. There are different servers on the same network. Now here I am trying to simply add a new domain controller. But it fails to work. I cannot add the same...
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    how to remove email headers from word doc?

    I am using Office 2003 on XP SP2 Pro. I got some file attached in the email. The file have email headers. I want to remove them. Also I found that when I send files through emails the header is still...
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    installer (msiexec.exe) will not stop

    The problem is getting annoying day by day. This is Windows XP desktop. Its been now more than 2 weeks, whenever i try to install or uninstall anything, i use to get this error every time:
  11. Missiong Error in Microsoft Office

    I am facing a problem with missing file in Microsoft Office 2003. The file that is missing is My setup simply crashes when I try to run it. My office is working fine but it is freezing...
  12. Office Communicator 2007 installation error

    I need some help to install Office Communicator. I am not able to install the same properly. Each time when I am trying to run the setup I am getting a installation error on the screen. The error...
  13. Unable to make changes to parental controls

    I recently installed Windows Vista on one of my Desktop. Installation went fine and i used the system so far without any problem. The system has only one account and that is Admin account. Due to...
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    Export/Import Outlook 2003 to 2007

    I am going to try the new version of Microsoft Office. I am having Office 2003. And all emails are configured in outlook. Now I want some way to import all the data from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007....
  15. Missing "Previous Versions" Tab from Home Folder

    I was trying to restore something from Home Folder. I am trying to do the same from volume snapshot. But somehow it looks like not working. Inside My Document I cannot find Previous Version tab. It...
  16. Installing Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

    Yesterday I received the CD of Office Home and Student 2007 which I ordered last week. When I was trying to install the same on my new laptop setup went upto 13% and gave me the following error...
  17. Microsoft Office Picture Manager will not allow me to edit photos?

    I need some help to edit photos in Microsoft Picture Manager. I am not able to do the same. It looks the images that I got in the email are protected. But in Picture Manager I cannot find any...
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    Error 720 connecting to server via VPN

    I need some help with the SBS 2003 R2 Server. It is connected to my workstation on lan. There are two nic in the server. There are set of different windows xp system that looks to be working good. It...
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    Sync Active Directory with openldap

    I need some help here to sync Active Directory with Open LDAP. I tried to do that on a friends instructions but it did not worked. I am looking for a proper guide that can really tell me how to use...
  20. The installation source for this product is unavailable on Office 2003

    I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2003 Pro on my laptop. At first when I installed it the setup was done. But when I open Microsoft Excel I am getting error. I tried to run a repair...
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    Mouse freezes intermittently

    I recently installed Windows Vista on my desktop which worked fine so far, for a month now. But since a week it has started giving me some problems. No matter which program I am using, let it be web...
  22. Update for Windows Media Format 11 SDK (KB929399) install continously

    I need some help with a Windows Update install. There is a pending update which keeps on installing on its own. First when the update was found the setup began. But upon every restart I can find the...
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    64 bit ODBC driver for MS Access

    I had gone through tons of website to find out a proper solution for 64bit ODBC driver for Microsoft Access. I am unable to find a working solution for the same. I am testing the same on a 64bit...
  24. Microsoft Office Not Installed for Current User !!!!!!!!

    There is a bit problem while using Microsoft Office. I am using Office 2003 at my office. There are more than 150 computer which has Windows XP installed on the same. Now the problem lies with user...
  25. Location of Windows Registry File not RegEdit or other programs

    I am trying to remove some programs but not able to do the same. When restart the pc it gives me some problem. After selecting restart in last known configuration things went back to as it was...
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    Problem with troubleshooting Key Ports

    I need some help here to configure the key ports used by Windows Live Messenger. I am not able to work on the same. I am here trying to repair the key ports but the same also does not looks to be...
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    LDAP over SSL on Windows Server

    What are the possible options available to enable LDAP over SSL. I am trying to do the same on a test domain, but somehow it is not working well. There is a problem of certification here. I had...
  28. Re: How do I open a .wdb file if I only have Office 2003?

    Thank you very much for the help Oldmans but I already tried opening them in excel and it dint opened. Also none of my colleagues have MS Works in their systems. So your second suggestion also cannot...
  29. How do I open a .wdb file if I only have Office 2003?


    I have a very short query and is urgent. I have Office 2003 Pro installed on my System. But received some files in mail with .wdb extension which I guess is MS Works file, right? I don’t...
  30. error for certain user: "You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator. "

    I am quiet annoyed with SBS 2003 error on the screen. There is some problem with the permission and I am sure this appear because of Windows Update. While the same was working fine before. There was...
  31. Is there a template for printing pre-printed 1099-MISC forms?

    I hope people would be able to understand what I am trying to say. I want some help to print out 1099-MISC. I cannot find any related to template in Word. But as this is a popular form so there are...
  32. DSQUERY to find user not logged in for 120 days

    I need some help to find out a syntax for dsquery that can show me the number of users how are not logged in for some 120 ways. Then I want to export the output on a Excel sheet. I am having multiple...
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