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    Re: Nokia Lumia 920 reboots randomly

    Yes there might be something wrong with your phone. Sudden restart has been reported in Samsung and HTC phones only. There was some bug in their Windows Phone 8 operating system. It has been fixed in...
  2. Re: Kingston 1TB HyperX Predator flash drive price in India

    Guys I am not sure but just while trying to get more information regarding the Kingston 1TB HyperX Predator flash drive. I read an article on legitreviews, according to them the price of DTHXP30/1T...
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    Re: MSI CX480 windows 8 driver

    I have just checked out MSI site and have found your MSI CX480 to be listed as Non-Upgradeable. So I guess you won’t be able to get any windows 8 driver from MSI site. These all models are...
  4. Re: Best Ebooks for learning android development

    Just download “Head First Android Development (Early Release) By Jonathan Simon” It will be more than enough for you to get your first application up and running. Just Google out the above title...
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    Re: Inicio.exe system error

    No you should not install Net protected before getting rid of Inicio.exe virus, there are possibilities that it might interfere with Net protected as well. I will like to inform you that Inicio.exe...
  6. Re: How to get rid of iAd while playing games in ipad

    iAdKiller is the best for doing that job , I am using the same and I have Block iAd advertisements from my iPhone and iPad.
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    Re: Best LCD/LED monitor within 10k

    Why don’t you spend 2k more and get a good 23 inch LED monitor. Samsung has some good range within 11.8 k
    Samsung S23B370H - Rs. 11300
    Samsung S23A300 - Rs. 11772
    Samsung S23A350H - Rs. 11772
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    Re: Best motherboard for Intel Core i3-3220

    I have some more options for you:

    ASRock B75M-GL LGA 1155 Intel B75 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - $59.99
    MSI B75MA-E33 LGA 1155 Intel B75 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX...
  9. Re: How to apply for NATA to get admission in architectural colleges

    You can refer below books for preparation of NATA:

    Architecture Entrance Book by P.K. Mishra
    Arihant Book’s A Complete Self Study Guide for B. Arch Entrance Examinations
    B Arch Exam Guide...
  10. Re: How to convert Kindle file, so that it can be read on Kobo ereader

    Yes it is quite easy to convert Mobi to EPUB, there are a no of software’s available for carrying out this task like “Mobi to EPUB Converter” you can probably use any one which you can get for...
  11. Re: Sample question paper of IAS Mains Exam download

    You can refer to the below books for IAS Examination:

    IAS preliminary (General Studies) with CSAT Solved Question papers by Expert Compilation
    IAS preliminary Date Interpretation and Data...
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    Re: Question paper for WIPRO Placement Exam

    I have attached Previous Years WIPRO Placement Exam Question Papers below, I have zipped about 8 Question papers which are in pdf in a folder. You can simply download the attachment and extract all...
  13. Re: Gigabyte G1 Assassin 2 hangs resuming from sleep

    Seems you are running in to the same issue that I was running before, in my case I was having 2 x 2Tb western digital drive as well as 2 x 500Gb Samsung driver. I had contacted Gigabyte and they had...
  14. Poll: Re: Kids should be given mobile phone at what age?

    I think 10 – 15 is best according to the new generation, in my case I am having 2 kids and I had given them their first phone when they had cleared out their ssc. I don’t think there is any point...
  15. Re: Cannot send MMS via Sony Xperia ion, stucked in queue

    Have you all tried using the below apn setting?
    APN: wap.cingular
    Port: 80
    Username: <not set>
    Password: <not set>
    Server: <not set>
  16. Re: HP Photosmart Premium c309a cartridges last for very short time and very few pages of printing

    In that case I will like to inform you both that the set of ink cartridges that you get with HP printer are just startup ink cartridges. They are just sent for the testing purpose and don’t have...
  17. Re: Upgrading from HD 5850, which radeon card

    A better idea will be getting another HD 5850 and run it in sli, it will be the best option until you are not having any issue in running your video cards in sli. If you are having a psu that can...
  18. Re: Trendnet TEW-423PI won’t work in windows xp

    Testing out your card in other system will be a better idea, since you are not having another system around you completely I will suggest you to turn off your antivirus or security program and check...
  19. Re: How to increase memory capacity of Kindle 3

    I have come across some images of Kindle 3 disassembly and it appears as if only the battery is replaceable. I really don’t think one can expand or replace its storage, the risk of doing that will...
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    Re: Looking for a Good PHP Editor

    I have been using phpDesigner 8 and I think it will be a better for you as you might be new to it. It is quite easy and intuitive to understand, it supports almost all PHP framework and also supports...
  21. Re: Rank your ebook reader on the basis of points below 10

    I am having Sony Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1) and I will rate it with 8 out of 10. The reason I have rated 8 is because of its excellent contrast, slim design, Attractive font choices, ePub support and its...
  22. Re: All themes are gray in window 7 professional

    Before suggesting you anything regarding the same I just wanted to know if you have installed any software recently which you doubt can cause this issue. If that’s not the case then check in the...
  23. Re: License key of Dataplex is already in use?

    If the problem of license key not being accepted continues to be present in the dataplex version of yours, then it is better that you contact the vendor regarding it. You can send the picture of the...
  24. What is the cost of Sandisk 128GB 3.0 USB

    I found that sandisk just released a new 128GB USB 3.0 pen drive. What is the cost of the same. I tried to locate that on the official site of Sandisk but there was nothing mentioned about this new...
  25. System working very slow after installing Threatfire antivirus

    I am using Threatfire antivirus in my system. I switched to this antivirus because my old antivirus (Norton) makes my system very slow. I am using Windows xp. This is a old system with 1GB ram and a...
  26. Poll: Do you believe that Antivirus Software increase your PC budget

    I found a small survey on web that showed, Antivirus companies are spending more on selling security software instead of working properly on security aspect. That means they are more busy in...
  27. Re: What will be the Disciplines for DiRT Showdown have ?

    There are four types of race events in DiRT Showdown based on the discipline of traditional racing. You must be well known to these game modes and there is nothing much new to it. The basic event is...
  28. Re: Voice of the teaser voice-over will be featured in Warlock: Master of the Arcane

    The voice that you heard in the teaser was that of George LeDoux who has done voice over for Ardanian Royal Advisor in Warlock: Master of the Arcane. I don’t know how you found George LeDoux’s...
  29. Re: Strategy to defeat Ryu in Street Fighter X Tekken

    Kazuya and Juri is one of the best team that can be formed in Street Fighter X Tekken. I don’t know the way you play but Kazuya and Juri are good for defeating Ryu. You can use Raw launcher along...
  30. Re: Two players on offline mode in FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012

    EA Sports should really add this mode on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of the game. Konami which produces Pro Evolution Soccer actually has such a feature where one can play multiplayer game...
  31. Re: Fortitude and Vitality Gems in Street Fighter X Tekken overpowered

    I agree with the question, I think that Fortitude Gem is very powerful as compared to the other defensive Gems. The best part of the Fortitude Gem is that it absorbs 100% damage that is inflicted by...
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    Re: My ideas on use of Tendrils in Prototype 2

    I too have done this and I too think that this is an improvement brought in Prototype 2 as compared to Prototype. While playing once, I mistakenly did something which never happened again ever. I...
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    Re: Dual Blades in Prototype 2

    Blade is an offensive power acquired by both Alex Mercer and James Heller. It is a dual sided blade which seems to be attached to the outer forearm of Both Mercer and Heller. This power is useful...
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    Re: Domination points in Ridge racer Unbounded

    In Ridge Racer Unbounded, player is awarded with domination points for completing certain task or race. What I have noticed in Single player mode is that, completing the domination tutorial gives...
  35. Re: Voice over feature of iPad 3 only recognizing generic titles

    The voice over function recognizes the functions and songs and retrieves its details from internet. For example, if you are listening to some song and use Voice Over Function on it, then it will give...
  36. Re: Collected item doesn’t get stored in Shoot Many Robots and having trouble joining Co-op

    The problem with unavailability of items after collecting occurs when a low level player tries to collect item meant for higher level player. See to it that level of object that you are picking is...
  37. Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 Crossfire bottleneck @ 4.5Ghz

    I really don’t think you should be getting such lows FPS as I am having the below specs and I am getting average of abt 75-80fps on max setting I am using Ultra and I have enabled 4xMsaa, I have...
  38. re: New iPad 3 - 4G seems to be useless in Europe as per Frequencies 700mhz and 2100mhz

    I have checked out the same and have found Verizon is 700 mhz whereas at&t is 700 and 2100 mhz,anyways by now they have just announced 4g for USA and Canada. I am not that sure about the Europe.
  39. what kind of game we can play in Nokia mobile phone?

    Hi guys I recently purchased the Nokia mobile from the market. Here I don’t have idea about which cool game it supports? I know some games along with the title. Can anyone suggest me what kind of...
  40. system-start driver failed to load: i8042prt in windows vista.

    Hi all of you, actually I installed the windows vista in my Pc. Actually I have problem with the vista business whenever I start my computer and then every time I see that computer manadgement/event...
  41. Unable access the .Zip file because of windows security.

    Hi, guys recently I have moved to the to a NAS server on my home LAN. Actually I have problem with the windows security. When I right-click on the files, means file in the format of .Zip at that...
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    Unable to rip margin call.

    Hi, guys I am using AnyDVD beta version. I just wanted to rip the Margin call. I have tried so much but I could not do that. When I start to rip margin call it starts but after 40% it stops....
  43. How to find the WLAN for the HP Pavilion DV6-6c38TX?

    Guys, I recently purchased the HP Pavilion DV6-6c38TX. One day I decided to install the windows 7 ultimate in my laptop. After installing windows 7 ultimate off course I have to download the drivers...
  44. Atheros AR9485 wifi adaptor of my HP Pavilion G6 1165SA is not working properly.

    Guys, I am currently using HP Pavilion G6 1165SA. I have atheros AR9485 wifi adapter in my laptop.Actually you know it connects to my netgear Wireless-N 300 router (WNR2000v2) and it gives a very...
  45. How to set up a system for permanent visibility?

    Hi guys, I am running windows vista in my system and it is used for displaying running result of our bridge club on our web page.In my case my system is having two screen where one shows control page...
  46. Unable to install second copy of vista in windows 7.

    I recently purchased a computer that came with vista ultimate x64 pre-installed. I just wanted to say that I have upgraded for window 7 ultimate but you know I want to keep vista ultimate as well....
  47. Re: Does Bitdefender Slower's down the Pc? Is kaspersky better than it?

    Even I was going to speak out the same, I mean that even I have been using free version of avast from a long time and have not faced any issues, I have been trying out latest versions of it, anyways...
  48. How to save all open tabs in internet explorer 9.

    I am using Internet explorer 9 and I just wanted to save all tab instead of exit or quit. Can any help so that I can fix this issue?
  49. How to remove java plugin 2 ssv helper from internet explorer 9.

    I am using Internet explorer 9. One day I got message of ssv helper i.e. it is still enable. When I clicked on that I got message regarding dll. I have uninstalled the java and so can anyone tell...
  50. Unable to download the map even after paying money.

    I have TomTom XXL I.Q and one day I decided to download the map. Then I started the download on internet by paying money. I paid about $85.14 but I could not download properly because downloading...
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