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    Re: Entry level Router with 4 USB ports

    Checkout iBall 300M MIMO Wireless-N Router - iB-WRB300N. This router is having 4 usb ports. It is not a very great model, but as you are looking for 4 usb ports then this one will fulfill your...
  2. Re: Settings up a wired camera as wireless on lan

    For making the usb camera to wireless you have to do many things. The most simplest way is to buy a big usb cable or hub. Connect the camera on that and then connect that to your pc. Install the...
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    Re: How to hide a security camera from network

    Well I do not think there will be some way to hide the IP of a system. It will be available whenever someone scan it through a third party software. That is one of the most common issue with Windows...
  4. Re: How to setup expiring password for Wifi on MTNL modem

    Well for that you need a very advance router. You cannot do that on the default one. Like a router that comes with dual band and has multiple SSID support. Here you can do one thing. You can limit...
  5. Re: McAfee deleted files from bootable Windows 7 usb

    There is no need to scan your usb. Once you are done with creating a bootable pen drive, you can use it for installation of Windows. It happens sometime the antivirus is unable to identify some files...
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    Re: Does malware affects Internet speed

    Yes it can cause the problem. Your browser will crash and you might get too many popups also. For that it is better to download a good antivirus in your pc. And then boost your pc in safe mode and...
  7. Re: How to allow a ftp server application through Windows 7 Firewall

    You dont really have to disable that. It is simple to add the application in the exception list in Windows 7. There are few simple settings you have to try out for the same. For that you have to...
  8. Re: What are the common network utilities in Windows 7

    I use tracert mostly. Because it help me to find out the information on the data packets. Like if you are opening up a website and it is very slow then you can run the tracert command to find out the...
  9. Re: How to block this floating ads in Internet Explorer

    There are few tools that can help you to fix the issue. You can try using ADWCleaner. You have to run this in safe mode. This kind of infection is very annoying. Once they enter it is very hard to...
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    Re: How to boost my wifi range?

    You have to use a repeater or a router for that. You cannot get the speed through a virtual router software. Because it is limited to your laptop wifi. The best thing you must do is buy a portable...
  11. Re: mbam.exe notification on screen after removing malwarebytes

    This is most probably a registry problem. The software is removed by the entries in registry still exist due to which you are getting those errors. You can use a registry cleaner only here. Just...
  12. Re: 4TB network storage solution for small office

    You can go with nas. If you go with a single hard drive and fit that in a pc then it will remain undetected which again will cause the problem.So the best thing you can do is go for a NAS Storage. It...
  13. Re: System got infected with Windows AntiVirus Master

    This kind of fake tools are big pain to get rid of. They do a lot of changes in your system. You cannot even remove the manually. You have to use a bootable antivirus scanner. There are ample of them...
  14. Re: Advice for Cyber Cafe to prevent Cyber Crime

    The best way to control things is through monitoring. There are various monitoring tools available on the web. This tool will scan your entire network and will give a log report at the end. If there...
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    Re: Which router will be good for large shop

    I had seen the performance of Asus RT-AC68U. It is a good router and it works really nice. The best part of using this is, it is very easy to setup. Insert the automated wizard disk and configure...
  16. Re: How to test and find a antivirus is reliable or not

    EICAR is the most famous test. I cannot post the entire code here. Just search that on web. All you have to do is copy certain code in a notepad file and save the same in the form of If the...
  17. Re: Asus DSL-N66U Wireless router DSL LED not working

    It is complicated to use the router once the dls led fails to work. There can two reason. One the hardware problem as mentioned above. Second you might having serious internet problem due to which...
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    Re: Windows Defender turn off on its own

    I am using a free edition of AVIRA. It is quiet good for day to day usage. The antivirus has is also no system resources. It is not heavy and has limited features. If you need more advance protection...
  19. Re: Uninstalling Malware from Windows 8 through third party Uninstaller

    You can try Revo uninstaller here. I use this software a number of time when the regular uninstall program does not work. But I am not really sure it will be able to remove that malware thing. You...
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    Re: Simple home internet monitoring software

    There is one tool that you can try and test. This tool is simple amazing. Download and install HomeGuard Activity Monitor in your system. This is ideal for single pc usage. It is a powerful...
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    Re: AD alternative for Windows Server

    There are some tools but they are not so effect as compared to Active Directory. Because it has a nice set of option through which you can configure various users easily and offer shared space also....
  22. Re: How to block facebook by using security policies?

    For that you have to do changes in the DNS service. Launch Admin tools and in that go inside DNS. Then select your server and go in Forward Lookup Zones. To block certain url you have to create a...
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    Re: Can't start Routing and Remote Access service

    Here a Microsoft link below which can fix the issue you are facing. It has a issue associated with your problem. It offer different ways through which you can configure Routing and Remote access. The...
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    Re: event subscription Access denied

    I had provided a link of two kb articles below. Both of articles has different steps to checkout. There can some issue with the configuration. You can try resetting the settings. Before that just...
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    Re: Change MTU size of W2k3

    You can try setting the MTU size manually. You can do that through simple settings. For that you will need to modify the system registry. To fix the same press Start + R from the keyboard. This will...
  26. Re: How to reset password on HUAWEI Quidway Eudemon 500 Firewall

    This can be done through command reference. I had done this for Cisco through PIX tool. Through command reference you can get the password. The second thing you can do is try to locate the reset...
  27. Re: Which 300mbs router is good for video streaming on a lan network

    If you need constant connectivity then you can go with Cisco Linksys X2000. It is costly but good enough to give you proper coverage. It comes around Rs.7500. It offer you fast transfer speed with...
  28. Re: Is it possible to protect a webcam video streaming

    Don't worry about the same. Videos are not leaked so easily. Try not to do anything weird on the webcam. Your friend can record and share it with other. Streamed videos are never saved on the system.
  29. Re: Which tool is good to access all lan pc through remote connection

    Teamviewer is slow. It relies on the internet connection. If you have a good speed then it will work fine, but if you are on a poor connection then it will not work. There is one more tool which you...
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    Re: Bitdefender Quarantined photoshop.exe file

    I am using AVG here. I never had this kind of issue. I am having some free tools on my pc which are downloaded from torrent and it works really fine. The best part of using this antivirus is that...
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    Re: What is Prelaunch.exe file doing in my usb

    It is very complicated to manually remove a virus. Because you are not really sure where it is going to hide in your system. The best thing you can do is use a good antivirus from start. Keep a good...
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    Re: Virus re-enter my pc after formatting

    Manually targeting the infection is complicated. You cannot get the exact file. But still if you want you try. That will give you a clear idea from where the virus is coming. There is a tool called...
  33. Re: Android security application that consume less battery

    I am also having Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus. It is really awesome. The security app comes with privacy report that gives you information on various applications in your device who are...
  34. Re: Lots of junk popup after downloading a video player

    I do not that is enough. First download malwarebytes in your system. Update it and run a full system scan. This will be more better. If there is any infection or malware in the system this...
  35. Re: Is it possible to share a partition only in a NAS setup

    For file sharing there are ample of different storage solution available. You can go with certain software that can help you to have a decent shared space. Now ample of time it happens when you stick...
  36. Re: What is the difference between ZFS and UFS File system on NAS

    ZFS offers you some additional benefit over your regular file system. It provide you protection from data corruption. In regular file system you cannot get any specific help if your data is damage....
  37. Re: Where to find good laptop theft tracking software

    GadgetTrak is also a good tracking tool. I am using this and it works fine. I will recommend you test this once. You will need to register a account on the officail site, and later on you can track...
  38. Re: File Transfer with screen sharing on Mac PC

    If you are on the same network then just create a shared folder. Drag the files in the folder and ask your friend to take it. That will be faster. But if you are guys are connected via internet then...
  39. Re: Why it take so long to unlock Winrar password

    Winrar uses a powerful encryption standard called as AES. It is not easy to crack. The tool which you are using uses brute force attack. This attack simply tries to find the text combination that...
  40. Re: Malwarebytes not working with norton internet security

    MSE is also a good antivirus. It does not offers complete protection but it is really good on malware. I am using this with AVG and this works fine. There is no issue at all with the output here.
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    Re: High CPU usage caused by Malwarebytes

    Malwarebyte is great for cleaning malware. It is not a complete antivirus I think. There are many threats that can enter your system through different ways.. Like via internet, removable storage,...
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    Re: Blue screen error on SBS Standard 2011

    There are some ways to quickly restore the system in case of major failure. The first one is startup repair. Boot your system with Windows Server Bootable disc. In that you can see the installation...
  43. Re: Is it possible for a antivirus to heal a infected file

    Try System Restore. It is a temporary solution but effective. It will not clean the virus but will allow you to get your old working settings back. You can just run this and test back. I think that...
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    Re: Looking for reasonable SMB backup solution

    I am using FTP at my office. This is one of the most basic option available for data backup. I am having a FTP server which is working on FreeNAS. The system has 2TB drive. The OS is very light...
  45. Re: Users on my network failed to log on local domain

    Configure user logon as service and I think that can give you a permanent fix. For that go in Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policy > Users Right Assignment and at the right...
  46. Re: Cloud Integration help on Windows Server 2012

    You can go with some set of different options to create your own personal free cloud. Windows Server is an ideal choice for the same. I had created a personal cloud at my home where I keep some...
  47. Re: Avira antivirus simply delete files from the email

    I am having Kaspersky. I had recently faced similar problem. But here I was atleast able to open the attachment and see. The antivirus ask me to remove or to ignore the threat. So if that option is...
  48. Re: How to fix common issues with Server Update services

    There must be some automated software that can work automatically to scan and fix the problem you are facing. There is a huge list of errors that commonly appear on windows server and you cannot do...
  49. Re: System extremely slow after installing Trend Micro

    In terms of light weight I found nothing better than AVG. It is really nice and less resource intensive. You must go for a antivirus depending on your needs. Just do not overload your pc with a heavy...
  50. Re: Want some help to find some ebooks based on SQL Security

    You can also reset to msdn. I am giving you a link below that has ample of information on dealing with SQL security. You can follow the link and start learning about security the sql server and...
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