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    Re: What is RealSense and where it is used

    RealSense is Intels's new innovation for wireless connections. This allows users to connect laptop to a monitor or keyboard or any other wireless device. A chip will come integrated on laptop circuit...
  2. Re: How to allow a ftp server application through Windows 7 Firewall

    Yes. There is one thing you can do. You can try turning of Windows Firewall if you are already having Norton in your pc. Most of the antivirus comes with a Firewall in it. So you do not need multiple...
  3. Re: Which are the best encryption software other than TrueCrypt

    I think you can go for Symantec Drive Encryption. It is a reliable enterprise solution to encrypt your files and it is very hard for others to access your files. Symantec Drive Encryption is good for...
  4. Re: What are the different issues associated with virtualization

    Today hypervisor is a popular solution. But it is not having any modern IT infrastructure. It is implemented on the same old thing. There are requirements of new tools and process. Without that it is...
  5. Re: My entire windows 7 desktop filled up with popup ads

    You are having malware issue due to which you are facing the issue. You have to scan your pc with a good anti-malware that will help you in fixing the issue. You can download and install malwarebytes...
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    Re: Backup solution for Windows SMB

    The best one is from Symantec. It offer you a reasonable SMB backup solution as per your need. And you can buy it and customize it. There are many benefits of buying a Symantec Backup Exec Small...
  7. Re: AVAST is detecting C:\Windows\explorer.exe as virus

    You can try using bootable antivirus. It might start working. A few antivirus comes in the form of bootable cd format. You can burn them on the disc and scan your pc with that. This thing scan at the...
  8. Re: Norton Realtime scan is not accurate to catch malware

    The problem can be due to improper settings. You have to check the same once to resolve the issue. You can go in the setting and try finding out the problem. This will help you in dealing with the...
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    Re: Router wifi speed poor compared to lan speed

    This is a antenna issue. There are two things you have to do. Bring the mobile phone near to the router and check speed. If it is not proper then you have to replace the router antenna. You can find...
  10. Re: Lan scanner to monitor network activity in windows 7

    I will recommend you to use SoftPerfect Network Scanner. It is a free tool that is not limited to anything. Many network scanner which you will find online will have a restriction due to trial...
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    Re: Does mac systems are prone to keyloggers

    Mostly keyloggers are installed when you run keygen type of things in your system. In Windows this is very common but in Mac things are bit different. The same is applicable to Linux also. Windows is...
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    Re: Managing network printer on mac os x

    Once the printer is shared it is going to work. To turn that off you have to disable the sharing back again. It is quiet easy to do the same. For that you have to go in apple menu and then you have...
  13. Re: Malware slowed down IE and crashing constantly

    Your system is already infected with malware so system restore is not going to help. If you are on a lan network then the first thing you must do is disconnect your pc from the same. Because the...
  14. Re: How to block this floating ads in Internet Explorer

    It can be a malware. It is not recommended to install any of this updates when you get a notification on a browser. You must always visit the official site, download the software and then run the...
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    Re: How to strengthen wifi signal in dorms?

    You need a good router or repeater to get speed. My Wifi is a virtual router software which is not going to help much. A good router can help you to get constant and good speed. I have around 4...
  16. Re: mbam.exe notification on screen after removing malwarebytes

    There is a way to remove this problem. Just download malwarebytes once again and install it in your pc. Once done then go back in Control Panel > Uninstall program. Or you can use Revo uninstaller ....
  17. Re: 4TB network storage solution for small office

    For that you have to use teracopy. This is a file copy software. When you copy the entire folder through this it will ask you what to do with existing file. You can click on copy only modified file...
  18. Re: Virtual Wireless router vs physical for small home network

    Buy any cheap wifi router. Because that will make your independent. If you use the software it will restrict your connectivity and usage. A portable router will help you to connect to your device all...
  19. Re: Is it safe if I create a personal wifi hotspot with My WIFI Router?

    It will be safe if you use a good password. One with special characters instead of only numbers or text it. The benefit of using router is that you get a active internet connection all the time. But...
  20. Re: How to test and find a antivirus is reliable or not

    You can find ample of resources about them on web. That will help you to find and test whether this antivirus is good or not. I had did this for a college project work. You just have to paste certain...
  21. Re: Application to remove malware apps from Windows 7 pc

    I am using Avira RegistryCleaner. A very tiny and lightweight software that you can keep in your system. It happens number of time when you add a toolbar or any app that is security threat the...
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    Re: Is Bit-defender good for Windows 8 security

    It is right that compared to a free edition, license on is more powerful. It gives you more features and advance security options. While in free you only get pc level scanning. The best thing you can...
  23. Re: Antenna replacement for Netgear Wireless-N 150

    If you need extra Ethernet ports then don't go for TP-LINK TL-WR702N. It is ideal for wifi usage only. It has a single port that connects to the modem. There are cheaper routers available that has 2...
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    Re: Windows Defender turn off on its own

    Can be some issue with Defender. Try to run windows update and see what output you are getting. There are chances that after running proper update the issue will be resolved. If you are not satisfied...
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    Re: How to sync files of two different location

    I am using Synctoy. This tool is provided by Microsoft and it offer you two way syncing of folders. You can download this from the official website. Download this and install it in your pc. And then...
  26. Re: Uninstalling Malware from Windows 8 through third party Uninstaller

    I do not think so. It is a malware and you cannot get rid of that so easily. You have to format your pc for that. Start taking data backup. Then go ahead with any troubleshooting stuff. I had faced...
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    Poll: Re: Best Router Manufacturer

    You can get detailed information about doing that in the router manual. There is a similar router in my office. We have two modem connection. Those two modems are connected to the router through...
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    Re: How to password lock usb on Linux Mint

    I am using USB Secure. It is a tiny password protection software that can be used on Windows platform. I am not sure whether it will work on linux or not. But you can add a password to your pen drive...
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    Re: MSE gives bluescreen on Full Scan

    Your system is unstable due to which you are getting issue. There are few things you must try out. First boot your system in safe mode and then try to run a full antivirus scan. See what in it you...
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    Re: Adam Sync Issues - UserProxy

    You can go ahead with the below link that has more detailed information on your issue. This link has everything about ADAMSync. It first properly explain about the service and later on it gives more...
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    Re: Windows server 2008 HCL

    There is no tool available like that. In order to properly upgrade your entire network you have to discuss with some expert show is good in computer hardware stuff. Recently I had tried to upgrade my...
  32. Re: The license Service is not running on \\

    Did you tried resetting the same. This would fix the issue you are facing. Even restarting is enough to fix the problem. For that you will need to go in Control Panel. In that look for Administrative...
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    Re: Change MTU size of W2k3

    Just run MS05-019 security update. This would help you to get a proper output as per your need. This update will make required changes in the OS. Later on Windows will be able to validate ICP...
  34. Re: New to batch files i need a bat file to show free space remaining on HDDs on remote servers

    You can try using a nice tool for this purpose. It is called as Hard Disk Space Monitor Tool. This tool can give you full information about the disk space left in network pc. It give you the number...
  35. Re: SqlException: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.tbDep

    There is a hotfix available for the same. That you can run to resolve the issue. You can find that on the official site of Microsoft. There is no direct reason available why this issue appear. What...
  36. Re: How to reset password on HUAWEI Quidway Eudemon 500 Firewall

    I am providing you the link of manual from where you can get more details. I found this on web and you can also download and test out. This manual is a kind of command reference for HUAWEI Quidway...
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    Re: Event ID 100 MSFTPSVC

    The same error also occur if your ftp site has a really high load. You have to verify the same. Sometime there are many anonymous connection which are making it slow and causing the connectivity...
  38. Re: Share different folders on wifi without turning on file sharing

    Try LAN Bridger. This is a nice tiny tool through which you can with one click share files. It works on lan ip. You can configure the ip address on it and access the system. If you want to keep...
  39. Re: Which tool is good to access all lan pc through remote connection

    I am using Teamviewer. It works on internet and it is good if you have to access a remote computer. The tool is simple and lightweight. For lan I am not really sure whether it works or not.
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    Re: What does TPM protection on tablet means

    This thing offer you all security related stuff. The main aspect is to give you powerful encryption keys so that your data remained secured. There is a dedicated chip which is placed on the...
  41. Re: Does portable usb antivirus are effective against pc antivirus

    There are two tools which I can recommend you. You can test them and find out how effective they are. The first one is TrustPort Antivirus USB Edition. This is a portable scanner which is fast and...
  42. Re: Is it safe to use net banking on Android phone

    Android is vulnerable. Till yet I had not seen people using this device for making payments or banking stuff. It can be risky and cause issue if not handled properly. It is better to use the pc....
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    Re: Need a cheap low range wifi router

    A year ago I had done with netgear router which came for Rs.1200. The router offer decent output. It was for Rs.1200. I had yet not seen any budget model. It was having a good build quality with wifi...
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    Re: How to protect Mac OS X Lion from malware

    Mac itself maintains malware. It has ability to detect and wipe out files which are infected. When you download anything and open it, and if it has a infection mac will detect the same. All you have...
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    Re: What is Prelaunch.exe file doing in my usb

    Formatting only looks to be a useful solution that can help to remove virus from the system. I had lot my data just because of that. My friend gave me his pen drive which was having virus and that...
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    Re: Virus re-enter my pc after formatting

    It is always better to format everything. Do not leave any partition. Copy all your data and wipe out the systems files. So that if there is any serious infection in the pc you can avoid the same....
  47. Re: Lots of junk popup after downloading a video player

    You are infected with malware. You will require to remove all associated application and then only the problem will resolved. You can simply go in Control Panel > Uninstall Program. Remove the player...
  48. Re: Is it possible to share a partition only in a NAS setup

    I had also tried that long before. I think NAS operates on drive level. It does not work on partition level. You have to dedicate the entire disk for that or else it is not going to work fine.
  49. Re: Can I use my old Windows XP pc as a web server

    If you want to do that individually on each and every machine then you can go with Xampp.This is a nice tool that offers you a virtual web server platform where you can run ample of different things.
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    Re: File Transfer with screen sharing on Mac PC

    Mac system comes with a Screen Sharing option. The new edition here has a support for file sharing. There is no need to add any third party software. All you have to do is first enable screen sharing...
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