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    Kobo Arc 7 dead, ways to recover?

    I am having a Kobo Arc 7 ebook reader from couple of years now and I was not using it from last 4-5 months. Yesterday I recovered it from a cupboard and upon looking at it I just noticed that the USB...
  2. change default icons on system library folders in windows 8

    I have recently install Windows 8 in my computer and was looking to customize some things in it. I was just thinking of a way to change the default icon on the system library folders like music,...
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    Antec or Cooler Master PSU for Radeon R9 280

    I am having a very simple question to ask you guys. Right now I am using a GTX 650 graphics card and I am looking to upgrade to a Radeon R9 280, so for this I want to purchase a bigger power supply,...
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    how to remove Win32.downloader.gen

    My computer has recently being affected by a trojan named Win32.downloader.gen. I have installed Spybot and it comes up in the scanning but Spybot is not able to remove it. I have also installed...
  5. Google Play Store error "background data disable", how to enable it?

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and I am facing some problems while opening Google Play Store on my phone. After launching the Play Store, I am immediately getting an error message...
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    Kingston pendrive shows 0 mb?

    I am using a Kingston DataTraveller 101 G2 pendrive from quite some time. Recently it has started acting weird all of a sudden which I dont know. I was actually formatting this usb drive when it got...
  7. C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\\nengine.dll module cannot be found?

    Recently I started getting different ads on my pc so I tried to ran an antivirus scan in my system. There were many adwares found and all of those were deleted immediately. But there seems to be one...
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    best mobo for AMD FX-8350 processor

    I have heard that Amd processor are the best for gaming on any system. So, I am looking to go with the Amd FX-8350 processor which seems decent enough for gaming and benchmarking as well. But the...
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    MSI Z87-G41 audio problem

    I have just bought a new computer with MSI Z87-G41 motherboard, 4gb ram, HD 6870 graphics card and intel i5 core processor. After putting everything together the onboard sound on the motherboard is...
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    unable to install apps on Samsung Gear 2

    I recently bought a new Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch for myself. I was actually going to buy the Gear Fit but later on found out that the Gear 2 has many more features compared to the prior. Anyways, so...
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    games flickering with GTX 780

    I am using a GTX 780 video card and recently I started facing some issues. When I am playing any random games like Battlefield 3 then the textures in this game seems to be flickering. I have already...
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    AMD Radeon R7 260X Overclocking

    I am using a Amd FX-6300 processor and recently bought a new AMD Radeon R7 260X graphics card. I wanted to know if I will get good overclock for the video card as well as the CPU. I am also going to...
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    Gigabyte GTX 660 TI temperature too high

    I recently got a second hand Gigabyte GTX 660 TI graphics card and when I checked the card's temperature then it was running at 70C. But when I check it in my computer then it is running at 82C at...
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    How to side load ebooks on Kindle fire HDX

    I recently bought a new Kindle Fire HDX and am searching for a way to side load other ebooks onto this ereader. Can anyone tell me if all the books can be shifted on both cloud tab and also having...
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    Re: Formatting Nokia 5000d-2

    I am using a Nokia 5000d-2 mobile phone and all of a sudden it switched off today and the phone led was also not appearing. It is unable to turn on if I press the power button or any other key. This...
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    sound issues after installing HD 7850

    I am running Windows 7 on my computer and have recently bought a new Radeon HD 7850 graphics card. But after installing this card the sound in my computer has become very low. Infact every other...
  17. Nokia Asha 300 recent messages disappearing

    I am using Nokia Asha 300 mobile phone and I have noticed that when I am turning off this phone then all the recent messages are disappearing from the Inbox and Sent items. But if I sync the phone...
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    want to buy Sony PRS-T3 ebook reader

    If I am going to Sony ebook reader website and when I choose the Shop options then instead it is taking me to the Sony Store tablets where I am not able to find any ebook reader. I wonder if Sony is...
  19. Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 and Patriot RAM compatibility

    I am using a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 motherboard and have bought Patriot G Series DDR3 RAM and also using Intel i5 core processor. I have also updated the motherboard BIOS to the latest and all drivers...
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    low fps with 2 x hd 7970

    Last week I have bought 2 new hd 7970 graphics card and I put it in my computer in Crossfire setup. I am using a Amd processor and have all the latest graphics driver installed in my system. I have...
  21. Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    I have recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 Preview in my Windows 8.1 Preview operating system and since then no matter what I do, the browser keeps locking up every now and then. I have to...
  22. enable FOV option in Day One : Garry's Incident game

    So I was just looking at the new Steam game called Day One : Garry's Incident that just came out for pc. But after reading many reviews, I have found that the FOV of this game looks very terrible....
  23. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will not start

    I just purchased this game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs from Steam and after starting the game, it will run for 5 seconds and then will suddenly crash to the desktop. After that when I tried to launch...
  24. 2 monitors detected in Windows 7 but using only single

    I have a very old system on which I have installed Windows 7 on a single monitor with Radeon X1600 graphics card. If my computer goes into sleep and after that when it starts then it shows me an...
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    How to run iOS games on PC

    As you all know there are many apps and games for Apple iOS devices like ipad and iphone that is not released for either android or pc. Only after few years or so they get ported on other devices....
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