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    Re: Need Windows XP drivers for Macbook Pro

    You can have the drivers for the system to work under Windows Xp from using the Leopard DVD utility disc. This disc has the drivers which is needed and hence you can make it install using the same....
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    Re: Download problem in iPhone 3GS

    To solve the download problem just follow the few steps :-

    Just try a “Reset all setting” OR “Factory setting”. While doing this please do not use “erase all setting and content”, this will erase...
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    Re: How to connect iPod Touch To Nokia 5230?

    The Nokia 5230 Nuron has Ovi maps preloaded and also one of the smart phones that has preinstalled online store application Ovi Store. And the Nuron is used for the satellite connection that can be...
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    Re: Dell Vostro laptop BIOS password problem

    In order to get the things to be corrected you have to call Dell technical support. You can contact them by calling them on 800-624-9896. You have to provide system Id or service tag which would be...
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    Re: Rooting of Motorola DROID Phones

    You can also check out various Android devices roots that are installed in the Android Spin database, the Cyanogen mod, and this dedicated Android hacking that is done in various other sites. All the...
  6. Re: Facebook not accessible due to Untangle Web Filter

    Try using a proxy site and then look out whether you are able to work with the required aspect as needed. It will be helpful. basically Proxy site enable us to bypass our internet provider which is...
  7. Re: ATI Radeon 4350 video card leads to system crash

    This is basically caused due to some old files been not removed properly or the driver has caused some bug. So it will be better that you use a tool called CCleaner tool which will remove the left...
  8. Re: iPhone Gprs settings for Vodafone Live in India

    You can call up the customer care and then make the change to be worked. They will provide you the desired setting. Other than that the support team will be very much helpful and hence you can make...
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    Re: HTC legend wifi problem

    It could be that the wi-fi settings is not been assigned properly and hence you are getting this kind of issue. In order to make the things or changes to be performed well it is necessary and...
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    Re: Logging of Unwanted Users In The Laptop

    I got the process of keeping unwanted users, but what is the DVLDR32.exe file and where I will get this file for my laptop. I have heard lot about this but don't have any idea where the actual...
  11. Re: Can Apple apps be used in iMac if Microsoft office is installed

    It is not that installing Windows would replace Mac OS X. You can make the installation of both that is using bootcamp. Once you have installed Windows using bootcamp you may the be able to choose or...
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    Re: Disabling Parallels VM on Macbook Pro

    I do not think the issue should be with Parallels much as Parallels run or execute as an application which do not have any components in the memory unless it is functioning. Other than that it will...
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    Re: Suggest laptop with Core ix support

    Look out for Acer aspire 4820T laptop. This is a better option also. This system has the feature or specification as Intel core i5-460M processor (2.53 ghz). Also it possess 1 Gb dedicated graphic...
  14. Re: Windows XP Sp3 won't allow to install ATI drivers

    The problem seems to be with the compatibility and hence this is the reason you are not able to install the driver well with the system. So in order to function out or process with the change it will...
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    Re: BootManager problem in HP mini

    Use F5 key for AM (American Megatrends) to enter Safe mode. This will let you to get to the conclusion which you need. Also you can enter the safe mode using F8 key all you have to do is that when...
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    Re: WLAN Connection In Nokia C3

    And if all the above solutions are not working for you at all then follow the below procedure which I am Just writing it down:

    At the beginning go to the OVI store and download the latest version...
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    Re: Nokia N8 problem with FM Transmitter

    The firmware may have been corrupt and in order to function out well for sorting the thing you have to get the upgraded pack and then install the same. You have to remove the application that is the...
  18. Re: Nokia N8 receives "Unknown Error" with Web feeds

    Upgrade the firmware for your phone. You have to flash the phone that is remove the software that is been installed and upgrade it with the new pack or version which is available. I would suggest you...
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    Re: Nokia X2 cannot play Youtube videos

    For your information youtube videos over web will only be supported or play on web browser. Also as since the S40 and even S60 do not support direct FLV playback. So I guess the web browser that you...
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    Re: Nokia X2 problem with caller display image

    You can crop the image and then assign it to the desired contact. All you have to do is to make the image to be resized by cropping it a bit from top to bottom. This is because it will then help you...
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    Re: Problem With Nokia C7 Not Storing Sent E-mail

    There is another option if the storing of the sent mails are still not being done. Try sending the mails through the web interface this will save a copy of the mails that are being send and the...
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    Re: Nokia 5800 Starting problems

    You can also try by upgrading the firmware that is present in the phone to the version number of 30.0.011. By upgrading the software to the above given version the phone will start its normal...
  23. Re: Airplay Launched for the connection with the Apple ipod touch and Apple TV

    In the question you were asking whether the xbox can replace the Apple Airplay, this cannot be done. Because the xbox is used only for the steaming of the games, but it cannot be used for the...
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    Re: Ideas for Apple iConsole

    When apple started the company it was a mere computer making company which has grown very high, and through this period from computer making has been turned into the ipod. Through this the company...
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    Re: Nlite addon maker problem

    The issue is due to the application been used or getting executed in the background. You have to close or the shutdown the process that is been getting executed which is causing the application not...
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    Re: 7Customizer problem while processing

    What unexpected error do you basically receive while selecting or choosing other file. I suppose you may be receiving "Unexpected Error: The process cannot access the file...
  27. Re: nVidia GeForce 8400M GS graphic problem on VAIO VGN-SZ680n

    The issue is basically with the Display card that is your video card. It needs to be troubleshooted. You have to remove the driver and make the changes to be processed well. All you need to do is to...
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    Re: Intel G33 chipset issue with PowerDVD 9

    Make use of the updated pack of the application that is needed. You can get it worked that is use PowerDVD 10 application. The new version of the application will be helpful and hence this will let...
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    Re: Intel DX58SO boot problem

    Contact Intel for help. If you are trying to flash the board and match up well with the system it will be better that you service the same with Intel instead. I hope you may then be able to get the...
  30. Re: Download Page Broken for Windows Phone 7 Series SDK

    Contact Microsoft for the same. You may then be able to get the appropriate solution for the same. It will be better and needed as they will let you know what exactly the issue is and how to get rid...
  31. Re: Emulator problem while installing with Windows Phone 7

    For your information there are certain parameters which needs to be taken into consideration which will be helpful and you may then need to process out well. The emulator requires DX10, at least to...
  32. Re: Cannot migrate from Macbook Air to Macbook Pro!

    You can connect both the laptops on the same Wireless network and try to connect both the laptops. This allow both the laptops to find the respective addresses and try to maintain a connection...
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    Re: Disable pop/imap on hotmail

    The above mentioned solution will be helpful for you. You can make the changes to be worked or get it worked. This will be helpful for you. Admodify tool will be better also the parameters that is...
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    Re: Need Hotmail Imap account on iPhone

    I would suggest you a better way through which you can make the things or process well for the same. All you need to do is to perform by following the aspects that is Create a AOL account (if you...
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    Re: Cs 1.6 error issue with protocol 48

    The server that is working the game of counter strike 1.6 always work for the protocol 48 and cannot be made to run to any another protocol. The process to make the protocol from the current given...
  36. Re: iPhone 3G problem while sending picture message

    The problem that is been facing is with the firmware of the device. In order to function out well or process well with the thing I would suggest you to get the latest firmware for the phone and make...
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    Re: iPhone 3GS freezes in recovery mode

    Another alternative method can be used for implementing the thing. You can function out well by following certain procedure that is connect the phone to USB mode and then listen to the sound when it...
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    Re: Fallout New Vegas flashy dots issue

    This basically depends on what type of drivers is been installed to the video card that you use. As the same is been performed you may then be able to get to the exact problem. I hope the driver...
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    Re: Samsung Mobile Phones Price List in India

    The internet or wap settings can be found on Loopmobile website. Check out by assigning the correct parameters for the phone that you are using. Click on the link and get redirected to the page. Now...
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    Re: Hellfire is blocked under Medal of Honor game

    The developer must solve the issue. You need to contact the same and look out for the patch that may be released. As this is been done you may then perform accordingly well with the thing that will...
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    Re: Favourite World of Sims 3?

    The game basically has loads of process and can make the changes to be done. There are many phases but one of my best aspect is Chestnut Cove. I love this part. There are other than this many parts...
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    Re: Lost Planet 2 or Aliens vs Predator

    I am looking forward to go for Alien vs Predator. This game is getting me excited more to play. the movie that I saw was awesome and looking for ware to play the game for the same as well. It will be...
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    Re: Unlock wesker in lost planet 2

    As for the above information given you may get to know that the game can be used out well for the required aspect. All you need to do is to check out for the same that is by processing have a save...
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    Re: PowerBOSS Blackberry Applications

    No this application is meant for Blackberry phones and is not supported to your phone that Nokia. You need to check out for the application compatibility device in which it will function well. Click...
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    Re: Not able to remove Network Drive in Windows XP

    Another aspect that is making a drive to be connected from My Computer or Windows Explorer. Follow out the procedure well which will be beneficial and you may then get to a better conclusion well for...
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    Re: Disabling Pendrive from System

    In order to make or process out well for the desired change which will surely help you out well for making the thing to be implemented for the change as needed. All you need to do is to perform a...
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    Re: Gfive U888 modem driver issue

    You may have look to the thread that is mentioned Check out for the same and get the drivers that is been attached to be downloaded to the...
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    Re: Need Themes for Samsung sgh e251

    Basically Samsung phone do not support themes and the issue can be sorted out well by checking out for the thing that is essential. You can contact Samsung support for the change which will surely...
  49. Re: Error 25004 with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 trial

    For the compatibility there is a step that you need to work well. You need to right click on the installer.exe file and then make the installation well under the desired mode. You need to check for...
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    Re: Music Skips on iPhone 4

    Firmware issue is the thing that is needed to process well. All you need to get that is get the fresh copy of the firmware which will be better for you. This is necessary for you to make installation...
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