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  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now available for pre-order in India

    There are many users around the country including me who are waiting for the next high end premium Phablet from Samsung, Galaxy Note 3. Finally here is a good news. The device is no up for Pre-order...
  2. Re: keyboard not working with WIndows 8.1 preview

    Did you ran the windows updates after upgrading to 8.1. If not, do it. Hopefully you may get the drivers for your peripherals. As you have got the start button back to the system, right click the...
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    Re: Getting stable bsnl broadband speed

    Well there are also some tips and tricks using which you can increase your surfing or download speed more than the actual speed provided by your ISP. To know how to do the same with BSNL, you can go...
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    Re: How to get Virtual Drive on Ubuntu

    Thanks for that terminal solution. I tried that on a game iso file and it worked. I can copy paste the entire files out of it. It is better. But you did not showed up method to ummount that. It is...
  5. Re: Windows Server shared drive unaccessible on Linux Mint

    The issue lies with the password. You have to reset your existing password and then check the same back. Try to reset the password through active directory and then try to re-login. You have to...
  6. Re: Cannot connect to remote desktop from outside of network

    The best remote support software according to me is UltraVNC. I am using this for years. There is no need to disable your antivirus or install additional service. You can use this on lan or on...
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    Re: What for Banjo app is used on Android

    I am using TweetDeck. This app provides me easy access to my Twitter account. But on the same hand this also support Facebook. I thought this is a good app and worth mentioned here. It does not...
  8. Re: Samsung Omnia M released just for Rs.18000

    Go on Samsung mobile site. The phone is listed on it and there you can find completely details of software and hardware specs. This is a windows phone not android.
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    Re: How to use Facebook Wordpress Tool

    Thanks for providing the attachment. I was not able to locate that on Wordpress. There are many facebook tools already available which makes it complicated to find. Manual installation method is much...
  10. Re: When Mozilla Firefox Mobile OS is releasing

    I think this will be on low range phones. I am sure higher range smartphones will either on Android or iOS. Because they are more demanding. A OS includes many things which begins from user interface...
  11. Re: Opera browser download for Windows Phone 7.5 mobile phone

    It looks really strange that how opera have been unofficially ported to Windows phone since it is not a open source browser. If it was it could be previously managed to get into Windows phone 7. A...
  12. Re: Overclock Intel i5-2500k on ASRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3

    Whenever you go for overclocking the i5 processor, check what the Loadline Calibration is set to. If you have set to 1.28V manually, the motherboard will not be able to give enough voltage under load...
  13. Re: A Wireless Technology 1000 Times Faster than 4G available in near Future

    The technology will be used immediately to plan changes to the equipment but could take up to two years to reach consumers as phones, tablets and other artifacts due to time delay the production...
  14. Re: Asrock 770 Extreme3 incompatible for some Memory modules

    If the memory is not in the list, this has not been tested. The worst that can happen is that the memory is not running or the system becomes unstable. The correct recognition might be DDR3 1333 as...
  15. Re: Inaccurate aiming due to Logitech G700 in Battlefield 3

    I would configure the mouse via SetPoint. The program is clearly designed and easy to use. So you can use macros, for example, or the buttons on the mouse which assign the keyboard. For example, G6...
  16. Re: Items stuck inside inventory in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    I have seen this inventory and quest thing in most of the game and the usability is somewhat same in all the game. If you are previously played some games likewise the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning,...
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    Re: Gentoo Linux not working in PowerBook G4

    I don’t think that it is a hardware error. By default, the installation will choose a 64-bit kernel, when you press a return key. When the system shows the boot: prompt, you need to press the Tab...
  18. Re: ASUS Rampage III Extreme won't start, stable red CPU light

    The main problem you may encounter is that your CPU is unstable due to the value of uncore to 4000, unfortunately you cannot lower it on your CPU unless you lower the frequency of the ram, the only...
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    Re: How to Flash Acer Aspire 5535 BIOS

    Crisis Recovery only works from a floppy disk, so you will have to find a floppy drive on the target system. A bootable CD-ROM, USB storage device (pen drive, memory stick) or any other storage...
  20. Re: MobileNoter app to sync OneNote notebooks using iPhone

    MobileNoter is a free application available on the App Store which allows you to view and edit your OneNote notebooks once you synced them with the program for-pay MobileNoter Desktop for Windows....
  21. Re: No SLI option for Gigabyte 560TI on NVIDIA v290.53 driver

    Since the launch of the new microprocessors Intel Sandy Bridge-E , released mid last month with motherboards based on Intel X79 chipset, some users discovered an incompatibility between the chipset...
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    Re: HTC wildfire keep using GPRS

    To disable the data connection, perform these steps.

    Open the phone
    Call * # * # 4636 # * # * to open the test mode
    Press Information Phone
    Press the Menu button
    Press Other
  23. Re: Experiencing Vibration on Cooler Master HAF 932

    When it comes to vibrate it is pretty cool and you have a fully functioning computer case. How fast are your fans to turn? Perhaps throttling them down will change the vibration and keep your...
  24. Re: Will Factory unlocked iphone 4S work in India

    The phone can be activated by connecting the phone to a PC via a USB cable and open iTunes and help us keep the music and other programs very easily with simple process. A message appears on the...
  25. Re: Macbook Pro 13" compatible with SATA II HDDs

    SATA 2 is 100% backwards compatible with SATA. Meanwhile, almost always get to no more SATA stuff, or not, the money saved would pay real in my opinion. Samsung builds quietly and relatively...
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    Re: DSP Plugins for Windows 7 Media Center

    Above plug-ins are very much useful for you, if you are looking for to stream TV directly from the internet. I would like to use browser Internet in Media Center. So I have downloaded the MCEBrowser....
  27. Re: Skype calling Charges from Verizon on Blackberry

    Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the wireless voice and more reliable 3G data and easier and cheaper way to stay connected with friends and family. So I think it is not very...
  28. Re: Encrypt storage option disappeared from Samsung Epic 4G Touch

    Is it really about you all files or only as additions to information, account numbers, passwords or something?

    For sensitive information is already described as very like "KeePass" taken. Are...
  29. Re: Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Battery drains quickly

    I tend to think like you to SE, their batteries have always been at the top, even on their non-mobile smartphones. After, you have to consume a great smartphone. A lot of really kind, whether the...
  30. Re: Overclocking Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 at 5GHz

    I got so far to 3.6 GHz with FSB only, without touching anything else. just the C1E and speed strap or something similar that I have disabled the bios.
  31. Re: Architecture of AMD’s new Bulldozer processors

    These CPUs introduce a new platform, as indicated by the code name of Scorpius, in conjunction with socket AM3 +, the latter can also use socket AM3 processors already on the market for some time,...
  32. Re: Nokia Lumia 800 does not recognize WiFi-N networks

    A wireless router to send a ssid from other wireless devices to let them know it is there and to allow themselves to sign. You can use the computer with wireless network card questions to show the...
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    Re: AMD Opteron Optimization result

    The Opteron 2384 2.7 GHz - whose existence is also confirmed that - it reached 860 points and is on par with the Xeon E5462 2.8 GHz from the 5400 series with 80 watts. For the test, but AMD had the...
  34. Re: Does Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus contain Smart Remote app to work with Apple TV

    Samsung has just informed us that their TV Remote application is now available on Android Market for all Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab devices . (Do not try to find it on your Samsung phone...
  35. Re: Asus-wmi linux driver for Asus G73 Notebook

    So I have the solution.

    You have to flash BIOS and VBIOS. Then uninstall the old driver and then the new on it.

    At least yesterday, everything went without problems, long time, but...
  36. Re: Screen flickering and fan failure in Radeon 4870 X2

    Although I am new to this forum, but maybe I can help you anyway. I had the same problem with my 4870 X2. When playing Crysis always some trees and shrubs have flared. The problem is apparently...
  37. Re: XFX Radeon HD 4850 overheating and showing grey squares

    Well this is already done and the drivers are the last ones have left and the fans are working fine but the chassis fan is set for hot air out of the computer no problem and James step and you change...
  38. Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Bar or Ping stripes

    That said, to be sure to toner lag, no matter the connection tengais either 50,20,10 or 6 Mb, only open IP ports on your PS3 so that your NAT or pass strictest Moderate to Open. Indeed tmb Make sure...
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    Re: Lenovo IdeaCentre B510 won't Boot

    I think the problem is of ram is not connected that said, from a distance of "no boot" is that it is the bios reset itself, and then it may not know which drive to boot. It is perhaps the ram is...
  40. Re: MSI GT683R-242US Notebook is good for gaming?

    MSI GT683R comes with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 500M series; modified graphics engine Fermi mobile expertise. This offers an important visual upgrading, the opening of latest features within...
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    Re: Hathway temporary broadband disconnection

    No there will not be temporary disconnection procedure from Hathway. I have never heard about such. i know that BSNL, Airtel are offering such temp connection but i dont know for what period of...
  42. Re: New Mail UI support in Opera 11.60 build 1139 Beta

    The latest Featherweight UI HAS had gotten a number of additional tweaks, the address bar particularly. Opera 11.60 as well makes it Easier to administer bookmarks in accept a somewhat average...
  43. Re: Plug-in install prompt won't disappear in Google Chrome

    It happens too often accidentally close the browser, with the return of history is more cumbersome than simply locking the confirmation notice. A lack of stress
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    Re: Crash Fix for No More Room in Hell

    As far as I know that the game is still in beta version and so it is not the complete game with all the bug fixes. The beta version of game usually contains some issues, bugs and glitches. Just check...
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    Re: Performance of Hydrophobia: Prophecy

    Graphics card drivers are up to date, yes. AMD has since Catalyst driver can control so that the video card and processors at the same time ... Motherboard drivers I did not know what the point would...
  46. Re: Waiting for Two-Finger Swipe Integration With Lion in Opera

    Opera has this idea of putting technological objects (e.g core updates) before user familiarity.

    Would whichever user be familiar with if you updated the core otherwise not? However everybody will...
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    Re: Alexa Rankings are important or not

    So I personally look after me very little about Alexa numbers. Sure, you have to stay up to date as the numbers are drawn and such. But yes I think Alexa is the value for bloggers, with 900...
  48. Re: Windows 7 Much Stronger than Windows XP in defending Rootkit Virus

    Microsoft Security Essentials provides your computer otherwise your small business, full security in real time, particularly alongside viruses, spyware and other malicious software.
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    Re: How to buy Nokia Lumia 800 in the US

    The Windows Phone from Nokia should be available in Europe in November, initially following their announcement on Wednesday. The United States should meanwhile wait until next year. For once,...
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    Re: Cannot Stream Youtube in Nokia c1-01

    Mobile hardware allows enough access to YouTube. I am not a technical expert, but today I have recently learned, for example, that we are in some interesting words from the Application is not...
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