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    Re: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    Right-now I had not find anything special about Windows 10. I am having a gaming pc and I had yet not upgraded to Windows 8. Windows 7 is the best OS till yet. It is fast and it is compatible with...
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    Re: Artic Silver 5 for overclocking Core i5

    Just adding a thermal paste is not the most safest thing in overclocking. You have to verify and test that your system would be able to stand overclocking pressure or not. It happens quiet commonly...
  3. Re: How to find a maximum overclocking limit of a cpu

    Overclocking is always a risky process if you don't follow steps for the same properly. And to find a max limit of the cpu you have to use benchmarking tools which are available on the web....
  4. Re: Intel Core i5 cpu heating up after passing overclocking stability test

    Intel Burn Test is a tiny utility and it is not really recommended for overclocking stress test. The best tool among all is OverClock Checking Tool (OCCT) 4.4.0. Just download and install this on...
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    Re: Oveclocking voltage of Intel Core i7 3770k

    Don't go with the manual settings unless and until you are completely sure for overclocking. Because there can be extreme risk in that. You can stick with some automated utilities that can give you...
  6. Re: Safe overclocking for Sandy and Ivy bridge processor owners running everyday

    What is your cpu actual model. Sandy Bridge cpu's are having issue of heating. While Ivy bridge can be overclocked to certain limits only. The best thing to try is performing overclocking via bios....
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    Re: Want help to overclock AMD FX-6300 CPU

    AMD FX-6300 is a Core i3 level processor. It is capable of giving you good processing power. Why you want to overclock it. The processor is great enough to give you better gaming output. But if you...
  8. Re: What is the idle temperature of Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7

    There is one more tool that can help you to fix the problem you are facing. It is called as OCCT. I am using this from long time. The tool is similar to Prime95 that helps you to tell you that your...
  9. Re: Good laptop with extreme overclocking features

    There are no laptops for that. Because that can be a bit riskier. Overclocking is designed for desktop system which can offer a bit of liquid cooling support. Overclocking consist of great risk of...
  10. Re: Which Liquid Cooling kit can handle extreme overclocking

    If you need extreme liquid cooler then you will need to build that manually. You have to assemble each part one by one. A liquid cooler consist of waterblocks, radiator, pump, reservoir and pipes....
  11. Re: Which one is better for overclocking i5 Sandy, i5 Ivy, i7 Sandy or i7 Ivy

    Yes Ivy Bridge runs hotter than sandy and it’s likely while overclocking them. In case you are having discrete graphic card than there won’t be any advantage of ivy's built in graphics. Even I...
  12. Re: Best shops in lamington road for buying computer components

    I have build up a new system recently and I have bought most of the system components from “Dynamic Computer”. They sell all components at cheap rates as compared to the other nearby stores....
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    Re: Best gamepad for FIFA 13

    I have a better choice for you, just get “Sony Playstation PS2 Joystick Game Pad Analog Wired Controller Dualshock Remote” and get “PS2 to PS3 Playstation Controller Adapter USB Converter”
  14. Re: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition @ 3.2 ghz performance degraded after overclocking

    Are you quite sure that you had done a stable overclocking?? I haven’t heard of a case like yours. I have found some people who had overclocked their system neglecting its stability and have ran in...
  15. Re: With ASRock Z77 extreme6 overclocking Intel i5-3570K

    You can use offset voltage if you want to get better results in low voltage value. But see to it that Intel i5-3570K is an Ivy Bridge processor and using offset voltage on it might lead to...
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    Re: Zotac Gtx 560ti safe overclocking value

    In my case I am having the same card and I have safely overclocked it to 1000 mhz, that’s the max I have achieved as a stable overclocking. If you have good cooling then I think that you will be...
  17. Re: Is there any option to overclock tablet’s CPU?

    Yes, it is possible to overclock the CPU of the tablet PCs for better performance. At present there are very few apps that need power CPU to operate. But many high definition games are available that...
  18. Re: How to Remove Adobe Reader 10 from OS X Lion

    I suggest you to use the Appcleaner application for doing the same. It allows you to uninstall applications from Mac systems easy. You can uninstall all the unwanted applications which you don’t...
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    Re: When do we need Water-Cooling

    It is not compulsory to buy water cooling system in overclocking. You can also use some good quality CPU cooler because it is not much costly as compare to water cooling system. But if you are using...
  20. Re: Should I keep my HTC One X or buy the new Samsung Galaxy S III

    The HTC One X smartphone is standard fully integrated with the popular program Dropbox. This way you can actually files that are too large to send as an attachment to share anyway. You simply mail...
  21. Re: Need help overclocking AMD FX-8120 on ASRock 990FX Extreme3 AM3 motherboard

    This is the story so far that I got my 8120 as high as 4.5 @1.45v, and did not have any problems except below constant load - i cannot run constant any faster than the 4.0 and 1.35V....
  22. Re: Battlefield 3 Massive framerate drops on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 SLI

    have you guys tried flying jets? which means you fly up and switch facing the middle of map.. I atleast get some quite stuttering or slowing down... juast vsync has helped me on that... still doesnt...
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    Re: How to Overclock AMD Processor to 3Ghz

    Try AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition processor. This is a right processor for overclocking. Till yet I had seen many reach 3Ghz without error. This is a good frequency to go for. What you need is ...
  24. Re: Higher GPU Overclocking with RacerX via Registry modification

    In my recommendation use a system which supports overclocking. The best is doing from the bios. Asus board comes with Turbo boost utility which increases the cpu/gpu core speed to an extent. It does...
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    Re: Raider is awesome in Tribes: Ascend

    The fact that the jammer pack on the raider is most likely is one of the important pack on the game . not just the it conceal the raider from opponent turrets but as well show up a few...
  26. Re: Trouble behind using Water cooling in your System

    What I do not like in Liquid cooling is that it overweight the cpu case. It makes it more bulky and it does not looks clean. Air cooler is more decent and calm what I seen after using a liquid cooler.
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    Re: Overclocking GeForce GTX 570 SLI

    I suggest that you hook the graphic card to the base clock. It will be good if you even hook the RAM to the base clock. This won’t be needed, but comes in use to match the timings of clock of both...
  28. Re: What are the causes of melting of Watercooling

    Try this out. Remove the water blocks and then rubber seals which are located on the edges to tightly hold the tubes and coolant. Check on the fittings whether the plastic is melted or not. What I...
  29. Re: PC is unstable, No Overclocking on Core i3 and Patriot 'Sector 5' RAM

    In my case same thing was happening. When I go for to read memory timings, there it seems to be read correctly. I was getting 9-9-9-24 which is same as described in the memory specs. Along with this...
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    Re: Kitting Koolance water cooler system

    I prefer using T-Line instead of reservoir as the T-Line is easy to maintain. The reservoir is attached internally. It is one such part that requires cleaning regularly. So, when time comes for...
  31. Re: Is it even worth to overclock GeForce GTX 570?

    You are able to in addition tinker with distinctive BIOS’; adapting the voltage is an additional choice for a more stable timekeeper. You might as well be capable ticker it higher however, I've...
  32. Re: Radiator Fans intake versus Exhaust in Cooler Master CM 690 II

    The radiator works in similar fashion as that of heat sink. The only difference is that the radiator provides larger surface area than heatsink to contact the hot air and cool it. The radiator cools...
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    Re: How to overclock AMD HD4200 IGP (785G)?

    As far as I know IGP is not designed for the purpose of overclock. There are no application available in the market which are not having support for the same. they are not having capacity to handle...
  34. Re: Advise for changing from Dual Core processor to Quad Core processor

    Flashing of BIOS one of the toughest part that comes during the change of processors. According to my experience, when I first tried to flash the BIOS, I failed around 5 times before successfully...
  35. Re: Stable overclocking performance on Intel cpu @ 4.5Ghz and 5Ghz

    I do not think that you can reach to clock ratio. You will have to check properly. Higher voltage can kill your system.
  36. Re: Unable to overclock Intel Core i7-3930K on MSI X79A-GD65(8d)

    I am suspecting that there is bug issue which cannot be resolved on the public forum.
    cpu multiplier oc bug which supposed to occur if you have changed the cpu ratio to the default. It mostly get...
  37. Re: Overlcocking Intel Core i5-2500K on MSI P67A-C43

    You should set 1.3v in BIOS with Vdroop Control which is set to high vdroop. It should show 1.272v idle. From Windows when you are supposed to running Prime the Vcore would be lower than that of...
  38. Re: Is it worth using modded bios on Asus P5Q series board

    It will surely help to gain better ram frequency. I had seen some of the user given positive feedback on mbios update.
  39. Re: Overclocking stability on AMD Thuban with Corsair kit

    SiSoftware Sandra is the tool that can help you to work with advance option in overclocking. Corsair offer a good range of memory stick that gives you better frequency on minor modifications....
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    re: How to overclock AMD FX 8120 till 4.25 GHz

    According to the temperature details that you have provided, I think that they are bit high for VCore. You can try using a different thermal compound while mounting the heatsink or maybe you are not...
  41. Re: Need some advice for stability while overclocking AMD Phenom II X4 960T

    Hi before I could comment anything about it run a cpu-z test and come back with the screenshots that will give a better idea for me about the necessary settings that you have made in the system, so...
  42. Re: AMD X4 940 Black Edition Overclocking Remarks

    Anyhow going for a new architecture is always a positive thing whenever you want to overclock your system. I had also noticed that the voltage tolerance is limited for thubans while deneb are better....
  43. Re: Overclocking advice from Asus Z68 V PRO 4.5GHZ Bios

    You do not need to worry about the heating stuff if you have a liquid cooling. The reason is, when the cpu temperature rises the liquid cooling provides it is instant support which blocks the...
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    Re: Need cooler for i7-2600k (4.5Ghz+)

    As far as the closed loop water is concerned I think that you can check out the below ones:

    Corsair h80
    Corsair h100
    Noctua NH-D14

    Other than this you can also check out the Cooler Master...
  45. Re: CPU Cooler for replacing i7 2600 Intel factory cooler

    In that case you can try out a shorter one which is “COOLER MASTER GeminII S524 120mm” I have checked out the review and it is quite impressive as well, I think that this one will definitely fit...
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    Re: AMD FX 6100 Overclocking

    Right now I am running my AMD FX8120@4.5GHz 1.30V and it is stable while playing games but it didn’t pass the Prime95 test on these settings but I don’t care about it as long as the system runs...
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    Re: Blue Screen on Pre overclocked CPU system

    There are can be number of issues behind this. First of hardware thing to check. How many ram sticks do you have. Are they all common or of different standards. Try to use the most common standards...
  48. Re: First time Overclocking Sandy Bridge E Processor

    I think it can lie down on 4.5 for sometime. The important thing that should be controlled is cooling. If there is no proper cooling in the system then your cpu can burn out and you will face major...
  49. re: which is the best cooler for overclocking intel core i7 3960X/3930K

    Corsair H100 liquid cooling system is an entry level and very affordable. These coolers are good but the performance is battling a small radiator with its thin tubing and lacks coolant because they...
  50. Re: Does 1.522 Core enough for Intel Core i5 Processor Overclocking

    I tried to run my Intel Core i5 at 1.7v. It worked nicely. The only difference here is that it was just for some hours and for the next time I did not attempted to go for. If we talk about the most...
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