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    Re: Is Windows 10 stable for Overclocking

    Windows 10 looks promising but you have to wait for stable version. The current edition is in beta and this is not stable. So many are facing issue. But in future when a final version is out you can...
  2. Re: Artic Silver 5 for overclocking Core i5

    Overclocking is good if you keep things under limited usage. Like using the minimum rate to overclock and having the best cooling option in our pc. Arctic Silver 5 is an great product and it works...
  3. Re: How to find a maximum overclocking limit of a cpu

    Yes there are software that you can use like OCCT and Prime95. This are easy to use software which are clear enough to tell you the maximum capacity of your system. Here for overclocking one of the...
  4. Re: Anyone using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

    I had used Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. It is nice for basic overclocking. If you are doing this for the first time then it is good to use some tool that can set auto settings. That means a kind of...
  5. Re: Cpu heating on overclocking, but passed OCCT Test

    For overclocking liquid cooling is really effective. It works fine when your system temperature goes really high. Instead of spending money on some other cpu cooler go for a liquid cooler. You can...
  6. Re: Oveclocking voltage of Intel Core i7 3770k

    I can list you some good boards here. Voltage setup is not easy to define. Because it depends on the cpu and at the amount of clock rate in which you are planning to overclock. Ample of time it is...
  7. Re: Safe overclocking for Sandy and Ivy bridge processor owners running everyday

    If you keep your processor at reasonable rate then nothing will happen. It is essential that you must not cross your limit while overclocking. Or else your cpu can be dead forever and it does not...
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    Re: Want help to overclock AMD FX-6300 CPU

    You can do that by some overclocking utility like RivaTuner. But it is necessary that your system must be ready for that. Like your motherboard, ram, etc. Also there must be good cooling support on...
  9. Re: Which Liquid Cooling kit can handle extreme overclocking

    It is correct. There is a risk in overclocking. Liquid cooling can help you here. There is no valid information available on web that can tell us about different liquid cooling kits. The one that I...
  10. Poll: Re: What is your favorite OS virtualization program?

    I am a game developer and I develop the browser based games. Now when I have to check if the game that I have developed works on majority of web browsers on various operating systems, I prefer using...
  11. Re: How to apply aftermarket TIMs on Intel processors?

    When you are applying the thermal paste on the peripherals of the computer, you need to see that there is no dust around you. The dust might get stuck on the paste leading to more problems. Also see...
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    Re: How to activate God Mode of Windows 8?

    Thanks, this is a great piece of information you have provided. I tried it and I too now I have the God Mode folder. The problem is that I don’t have any deep knowledge about computer and...
  13. Poll: Re: LG Optimus 4X HD vs. Samsung Galaxy Note

    Both LG Optimus 4X HD and Samsung Galaxy Note have good browsers. With battery fully charged, you can keep on browsing for a good amount of time. You can browse up to 15 hours without having to...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Battery Life

    After having the Samsung Galaxy S2 I was not going to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. My friend purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and he told me that the it is very good and nice tablet. He told...
  15. Re: Need help overclocking AMD FX-8120 on ASRock 990FX Extreme3 AM3 motherboard

    if I keep at 4.0 (200x20) and commonplace voltage it is not too dangerous, perhaps a only 1 each jiffy, the upper you go the more serious it gets. I've modified each setting within the bios I will...
  16. Re: Battlefield 3 Massive framerate drops on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 SLI

    Well see if this is help you when it stutters, restart the pc and issue solves. no a lot of stuttering till next boot up which suggests if I need to play bf3, i would like have to up my...
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    Re: Is Prototype 2 better than Skyrim?

    The new character named James Heller back to a mission in the Middle East and is looking forward to a reunion with his wife and daughter. This unfortunately is nothing, for Heller's family was taken...
  18. Re: What is the difference between factory overclocked and non overclocked graphic card?

    There are more and more manufacturers who are providing warranties for overclocking. Well I am aware of the thing that my video card is having overclocking. Now a days overclocking software is also...
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    Re: How to Overclock AMD Processor to 3Ghz

    You can go for overclocking with any latest processor. All it matter is what motherboard you choose. Boards like Asus Sabertooth comes with better capacitor support which can work in harsh...
  20. Re: Higher GPU Overclocking with RacerX via Registry modification

    RacerX generates a registry file for overclocking the gpu. It increases the gpu performance from core level. But yet there are no conformation that this tools are stable. There can be risk of failure.
  21. Re: Trouble behind using Water cooling in your System

    There are more things which are yet pending to mention. In my case I had facing a trouble of getting cooler cpu than I expected. I had fixed up the cooler which came with the case itself and I had...
  22. Re: Unable to overclock Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 on ASUS G31 P5KPL AM

    I don’t think so you are having any issue with motherboard itself. It is having support for 1333 so I could not get why you are not able to get 106. Do you have installed the latest version of...
  23. Re: Benching of AMD Phenom X4 955BE versus AMD FX 6100

    If you are using a game for benchmarking your processor and getting the values f the framerates then see to it that you run another application that runs at real time speed to see if your processor...
  24. Re: What are the causes of melting of Watercooling

    What kit are you using. If it is a custom made then there can be ample of flaws. It is necessary that you must have proper documents to fit all the stuff together properly. I had seen some most basic...
  25. Re: PC is unstable, No Overclocking on Core i3 and Patriot 'Sector 5' RAM

    For system Crash, the Bad RAM is obviously a reason than a CPU.

    Do you have any good RAM to test?

    Can you check the temps of the CPU?

    Did you find your RAM is the compatibility list of the...
  26. Re: Reference design of watercooling block for MSI GeForce GTX 560

    In this particular situation I would recommend that you should go for arctic cooling accelero your GPU until and unless you are having liquid loop.
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    Re: Suggestion for Ventilation of PC

    Ventilation of the computer is very important for us and there are a lot of ways to d that. Here are some of the issues caused by the faulty ventilation
    Problems caused by defective ventilation

  28. Re: Overclocking Intel Core i5-2500k using Multi LLC, VCore and Wattage.

    Load the VCore at 4.7 GHz with DVID offset assigned. You should observe the behavior of RAM in this situation. Is the RAM stable, is the temperature to high for the RAM or is the RAM responding well...
  29. Re: Is it even worth to overclock GeForce GTX 570?

    I think that your GPU will not work when it goes above those temperatures and it will become too hot. If it is failing then I do not know anything that I know of to do beside raise voltage. If it is...
  30. Re: Is it even worth to overclock GeForce GTX 570?

    Just wanted to know what is your constant limit for your stock cooler? Even do tell me that, are you controlling fan speed for GPU? I do believe that you might be doing it, so due to which I have to...
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    Re: Make a LCD display to monitor PC fan RPM

    I don’t think that these things can be done manually unless you have a good knowledge over this and having experience in PC modding. There is some or another way, you can bring the BIOS output or...
  32. Re: Stable overclocking performance on Intel cpu @ 4.5Ghz and 5Ghz

    Overclocking consist of many items. Only the cpu cannot do all the task. The 5Ghz frequency is much higher thatn expected. I had seen some of the user posted screenshot of Overclocked processor under...
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    Re: Overclocking AMD FX-8150 processor

    Hi this is the guide that you should read out where in you will get all the necessary details about the AMD FX overclocking. A must read guide for beginners like you. I hope this does helps.
  34. Re: Overclocking stability on AMD Thuban with Corsair kit

    There are certain ram models which comes with dedicated overclocking support. You are using corsair. RAM are overclocked by modifying the voltage. You need a good tool for that. First in my views use...
  35. Re: Overclocking advice from Asus Z68 V PRO 4.5GHZ Bios

    It is right that if you can find some good guides and then go for the process. Because in guides you can find the exact reaction of voltage changes you will need to do. Sometime to keep the system...
  36. Re: AMD Phenom II x4 970 BE is not getting cooled properly

    I will like to add that if you are willing to get Cooler Master Hyper 212 then there should be least 8" wide from side panel so as to install any tower having 120mm fan, so just make sure that you...
  37. Re: AMD Phenom II x4 970 BE is not getting cooled properly

    Before I suggest you something about the same can I know complete specification of your system, so I can have a better idea of the issue that you are facing. Other than this I just wanted to share...
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    Re: Virtualization of Core i5 vs Core i7

    There are a number of virtualization technologies that must work together to fetch you the best performance from the VMs.

    With Intel VT-c, d-VT, VT-d 2, VT-x.

    Depending on what you really...
  39. Re: Blue Screen on Pre overclocked CPU system

    Test your system with Prime 95. This tool will check your system stability. If the test fails then your system is not capable of overclocking. It can be due to hardware limitation. Mention your...
  40. Re: First time Overclocking Sandy Bridge E Processor

    One more important thing that you should consider is the power requirement. Do not ignore this. The higher frequency you will try to play the more better and stable power is needed. Because low power...
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    Re: How to Overclock AMD Radeon HD 6520g

    I have made the use of the program known as the K10stat to overclock the GPU of AMD Radeon HD 6520g. This program helps to overclock the APU though the APU is considered as the CPU and the GP that...
  42. Re: Safari 4.1.3 keeps on crashing with Mac OX S 10.4.11

    Is there a exacting web site that reason the crashing or a action that's going on while it occur? What I suggest is you , erase Safari from your drive, download a new copy and reinstall it Or delete...
  43. Re: Stable results After overclocking AMD FX-8120P

    However, for a daily, usually tends not to exceed the threshold of 4.2/4.5GHz: this is a little good 'for all CPU (the ones that come to us at those frequencies) as well as the threshold, the...
  44. re: which is the best cooler for overclocking intel core i7 3960X/3930K

    Corsair H100 liquid cooling system will cost you around $103.74 and Prolimatech’s Rev C Megahalems will cost u approx. $ is a smart choice to buy Prolimatech’s Rev C Megahalems because it...
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    Re: Fan noise in 24" cinema display

    I hear the sound coming from what seems to be the breakdown: the intersection between the keyboard and the screen. I must press my ear to the wrist rest for the operating noise inside the mac sounds...
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    Re: Steel case vs. Aluminum case

    I am using Aluminum case as this is light and keeps my system cool. So my recommendation to you is to go for the Aluminum case.
  47. Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ultra's textures

    Right at the begin of the recreation (before you've even other side the "excercise cell"), I spotted the aforementioned rabbits hanging up. These are the most dreadful textures I might spot.
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    Re: Build quality is horrible in LG Thrill 4G

    Well, even if i am in the minority here, the phone can not use and I am in my replacement. I paid good money for this contract for this thing, and not only I'm not completely happy, I'm 100%...
  49. Re: Overclocking Corsair CM2X1024 - 8500C5D (X 2)

    And if you have four modules that MB may have to run DDR667 memory, especially if you are over clocking the CPU.
  50. Re: MSI Big Bang Xpower not running with DDR 3 2000 mzh

    If you still not able to fix your problem then you need some perfect guidance. Manual of MSI Big Bang Xpower will be provide such kind of guidence. Hence you need to check this manual as well as you...
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