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  1. Re: How to Overclock basic E and Q processors in Gigabyte motherboard?

    Reset your board to factory defaults and continue in a systematic method that is guaranteed to take you to the non-forefront of your board performance. The manual is that small book that was in the...
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    Re: Overclocking Intel E6550

    His team is considered stable if you can run and do what you normally do without it falling more. You can run all the tests, etc. as the first burn as long as you feel you need, but the true test of...
  3. Re: Building Gaming Chair by modding Gigabyte 8N SLI (1.1)

    Well, obviously if you can afford an SSD is the way forward for storage. Will take any amount of rolling around and emits no heat or it would be an advantage considering the venue.

    Any well known...
  4. Re: Need help in overclocking Gigabyte P41T-D3P (rev 1.3)

    I discovered that my V6 Easy Tune adjust the tension was incorrectly unless action at startup is removed, and tension ran very well.

    Bad news: Well, the tension rise, but at least what was...
  5. Re: Getting boot failure after changing ec firmware to hybrid phenom II x2 560

    Tried loading os on clean drive nevertheless no fortune "windows failed to start" then BSOD showing bios errors. I've done a bit more investigate and it appear AMD stopped give manufacturers the...
  6. Re: Overclocking Gigabyte Z68XP-UD7 2600k at 4.8 GHZ

    At this moment I have the system running at 5 GHz without freezes. I have to do some Flight simulator benchmark tests first. However, I want to ask you guys what you think about the values from 5 GHz...
  7. Re: New Asus Pc fails in Overclocking, not Reaching 1600Mhz

    Here I want to tell you that I am having the triple channel kit which is corsair cmp6gx3m3a1600c8. And in the setting I can see the XMP profile only temporarily hold with three modules. For that...
  8. Re: Using HyperTransport and DDR 3 makes CPU Overclocking

    You can use the DDR 2 RAM and use it and also you can be able to get solve the problem and also you might also not get the Overclocking of the CPU, so you should try that and see the Overclocking is...
  9. Re: Not getting 4Ghz on Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 on Gigabyte EP45-UD3P

    Upgrade your cpu cooler and then see. Keep the vCore on default settings and then check the cpu temperature. Do not force cpu to work more by using overclocking software. And if the crash is regular...
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    Re: G-Five U808 always in headphone mode

    You will have t oget the same IC as there is from the old phone. I do change this part from my old PCB from iPhone. I can’t tell you exact schematic of PCB, you can just search for it on the...
  11. Re: Need information on my 32GB RAM ESXi whitebox build.

    I have been looking for those and from my experience3 I can say that at some of those 1155 boards and AFAICT You could only be using the DIMMs in existing there. Registered 8GB DIMMs are notably the...
  12. Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Civ 5 games crashing after playing for 20 minutes and requires hard reset

    I think the issue is of the OCZ 700W ModXStream Pro power supply. I have heard many a times about the problems faced by the people who are using OCZ 700W ModXStream Pro psu. This psu is actually a...
  13. Re: Any input on this Micro ATX build would be greatly appreciated

    I quite don't think heat is determined to be a situation. I hold the Define Mini, and its really not that small. There's as a matter of fact great wind stream in the case, and a considerable spot of...
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    Re: customizing PC for gaming

    P67 and Z68 Both of them will be allowing you to overclock and have SATA 3 ports, so that Biostar In my opinion will be working fine. Even then you may have Cyberpower construct it, you just want to...
  15. Re: My First custom build can its runs Skyrim, Witcher 2, and Battlefield 3

    No one is Hostile I was just more frustrate and tired of it will my computer run thread if you brose the thread you will fine about first 2 pages will be all about this so I suggest you just take the...
  16. Re: My First custom build can its runs Skyrim, Witcher 2, and Battlefield 3

    There are plenty of thread available in this forum that will shows you all the specs required for the game all you have to do is just do some research instead of showing off how much money that you...
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    Re: Overclocking of AMD Bulldozer to 4.63 GHz

    Even Sandy Bridge was producing some rather poor results in early leaks. Even if the leaks are real, they are a static snapshot of a dynamic and changing script. Look no further, GPU and maturity of...
  18. re: Overclocking of Intel core i7 2600k on Gigabyte z68x-udh3-b

    If you really faced this kind of problem then you can also the other choice and that is replace the processor of this system. Then for this process first select the best compatible processor for this...
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    Re: Performance of Gigabyte G-Power 2 Pro Cooler

    I will show you this cooler features and compatibility.

    Convex bends broaden breeze go for both CPU and MOSFET cooling.
    12cm elevated breeze data transfer capacity quiet fan for high...
  20. Re: Overclocking of Intel Core i5 2500K on GIGABYTE h67a-ud3h-b3

    If you are not using the "Auto" settings in the BIOS for the RAM, then you need to use this for the performance improvement. This is the best that will be help to improve the performance of the...
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    Re: Best CPU cooler for mini itx sg-06 case

    Almost with the same configuration I have zalman CNPS8700 NT cooler and it is also compatible with your motherboard. But still you can check the compatibility thing on the internet. But yes the...
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    re: How to Overclock Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4

    There are numerous boundaries applies on this overclocking process. In the procedure of systematically overclocking a system, the specific limitations of various components will be established. That...
  23. Re: Prime 95 passes 8 hours after Overclocking at priority 10 but fails 1min of LinX

    On the main board, we see only two points where leads are soldered below 12V. 12V1 and 12V2 tag another tag. For fun, I put a load of 30 A in 8-pin EPS +12 V. This should have activated the PSU. No,...
  24. Re: Which Overclocking options available in Intel DZ68DB

    I have Intel DP67DE. In this board the maximum non turbo ratio is 33x which we can adjust. To overclock you need to change the multiplier to higher level. I am keeping it to 44x. it will overclock...
  25. Re: Intel i5 2500 shows 62-68 C idle temperature is it ok?

    Hey it must be some dust problem just clean them up and the temp would go bit more low or just look out for the connections they are lose this would surely solve the problem because it has been found...
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    Re: Overclocking i7 2600k on aurora r3

    This is not the amount of CPU usage you have, but the amount of use you have in each nucleus. It is because it is the first game to actually use all the features of DX11. For a game called DX11 only...
  27. Re: How to overclock nvidia video bios on dell notebook?

    In reality no more than the concerns of heat. Heat is the biggest problem. Then there is the concern of EMI and power. Then the actual components (resistance, caps, etc.) that are affected by...
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    Re: Overclocking settings for MSI P67A-GD67

    Most of us Overclock for the performance gain, and usually that means I want a stable system that can maintain the condition of overclock within the safe confines of the CPU. If the game is what...
  29. Re: Can BIOS XPOWER 1.6 lead to random Windows BSOD?

    I have got the following BIOS Green Power and it says:

    ICORE 11.61A
    I12V .625A
    VCORE 1.392 V
    V12V 12.190 V
    Pout 16.131 W
    Efficiency 211.579%

    After that I verified the CR is 3...
  30. Re: MSI Big Bang Xpower not running with DDR 3 2000 mzh

    Set the stats that I have edited for you. The QPI 1.24v 's, 143X7X14, CPU Multi 32x. Everest or AIDA64, the heading "Mother" - "SPD" Extreme Memory Profile @ 1000 MHz 8-8-8-24 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) /...
  31. Re: How to overclock Acer laptop having SLG8SP556V clock generator.

    I think 6-5-5-15 is just ok but the important timing for overclocking is for CAS which you should set it at 6 which would going to be same as the 400MHZ timing so you should not try to overclcok it...
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    Re: Kindle’s mock trial concerns

    Some book publishers, first of all, who see the end of their business is fast with the dematerialization of their productions. While it is true that no technology does not replace completely another,...
  33. Re: Phenom II 955 x4 at 3.2GHz over clocking gives a boot problems

    Thank for the help. I had downloaded 1.57 and after doing that the voltage is reading correctly which is about 1.392v. Well I use to consider the cm212 first. I was much concern with the size of the...
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    Re: How to clock a ddr3 ram to 1600mhz

    Most probably the mother board default setting is always lower and which have to be change manually according to the requirement. If the memory test gives an error at 1066 for ram it doesn’t mean...
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    Re: Which one is the best Kindle 1 or Kindle 3

    Personal things, of course, only mp3 and documents. Txt: Your Kindle2 will read or your or your PDF. Doc if you transfer them to your PC via the supplied USB cable to recharge the battery as well....
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    Re: What is FileASSASSIN in Malwarebyte?

    Malwarebytes has coexisted well with Avast 6.0.1125 and Outpost 2009 Free. One way to get around possible conflicts is to add Malwarebytes to the exclusion list in Avast. This is MalwareBytesPro that...
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    Re: Intel I7 930 unable to reach at 4.2 GHZ

    Well I had never used the CM V-10 but I had used the TEC cooler. And then check your ram and if it is set as per the manufacture then you should only worry about the VCORE and you may need the VCORE...
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    Re: HOW TO overclock Intel E5800 Processor

    if you keep on increasing the voltage then I think it won’t boot up so I would had never increase the voltage and the ratio of 1:1 is not achieved every time. If you’re having 1600 MHz then do...
  39. Re: According to you which points are best for Mobile Gaming?

    There are thus two aspects, games java extending a little more catalog titles and games on smart phones to try new ways to play, driven by the functionality of terminals, touch screens,...
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    Re: Overclock on Intel i7 870

    You can do this task using the Intel overclocking process using the front side bus or the system bus. This is to be totally depending on the system you have to be operate. The CPU frequency, as well...
  41. Re: Bios help:-overclock Intel i7 970 at 4.3 GHZ on GA-X58A-UD7 MOBO

    if you know about your maximum BCLK then you can easily overclock your cpu. To do this you have lots of option to do so. For this you must return to the load line calibration which will going to help...
  42. Re: How to overclock AMD FX-60 and Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe

    Well I’m much sure that the volts are 2.8v and I think it’s a default setting in the corsair xms 3200. This is my htpc. I’m doing this as just now I had reinstall the windows in it and I’m...
  43. Re: Want information on temps, CCC/Trixx GPU over clocks, etc.?

    The best way that I find and that I have been using to overclock these card easily is with Sapphire TriXX. I use it. You can clock the cards beyond AMD OVERDRIVEs specs. You can easily manage...
  44. Re: Can I overclock Phenom II X4 980 at 3.7 GHz on K9A2 Platinum V1 motherboard

    I had this before, but I went with my Gigabyte and not just because of my budget (which was poor at that time). However, the board is believed to be one of the 790FX boards while overclocking, so I...
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    Re: How to back up sms on my Motorola Droid 2

    In my opinion even more comfortable with than the standard Motorola program with the tool sms backup and restore you can save it as xml files on the sd card edit and watch them theoretically on pc....
  46. Re: How to reset memory for Overclocking in Dell Alienware Area-51 ALX

    I'm running 3-Way SLI and 2-way SLI with a card slot x1 sound card and TV. When I'm not a game that requires more power than I pull the middle card and install my sound card and TV there. So far the...
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    Re: Setting FSB on overclock gpu for gaming

    To stay on the safer side I will recommend you to use Systool. Run the tool and there you can see an option of CPU Overclocking. Click on the read button to get an rating on the cpu frequency. If...
  48. Re: Motorola droid 2 has become buggy after 2.2 froyo update

    I also have the impression that when turned on automatic brightness control of the display the results now will be lower than 2.1. New seems to be that the lighting of the soft keys is now activated...
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    Re: Overclocking in AMD E-350

    Not all the AMD motherboards have to be necessary to do the overclock. Some of the mobo will also work great and there is no need to do this complicated over clocking task. Then use this task and ti...
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    Re: Download 64 bit installer for iTunes

    I Prefer you to download and install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from Microsoft official site.You can use the utility to remove installation information for programs that were installed by...
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