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  1. Re: Microsoft Office 2007 trial version activation

    That is because there will be issue with activation server. You can try communicating back. Before that just ensure that your system internet line is working fine and it is not breaking in between....
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    Re: bypassing cyberoam client

    You can use Free Port Scanner Software for carrying out that task. There are quite a few guides over the web with detailed steps for by passing cyberoam client. Just Google out "How to bypass...
  3. Re: Kindle Paperwhite freezes while reading book

    I have tried resetting my kindle Paperwhite but I don’t see any improvement. I can reproduce the same issue easily. I have chatted about this with some of my friends and they have simply suggested...
  4. Re: Kindle Paperwhite freezes while reading book

    It does the same thing for all books I read, freezing issue is not specific to any ebook. My Kindle Paperwhite doesn’t get overheated, its temperature stays normal. It works fine for the very first...
  5. Kindle Paperwhite freezes while reading book

    I have bought a kindle Paperwhite recently, it has just been a week and it has started freezing while reading book. It worked well for a week, don’t know what went wrong with it suddenly. Now a day...
  6. Thread: KB970158

    by M.Scarlet


    There is a folder named 'a3dc416c0d89388d46c1d20d' in C: drive root. I don't know where it came from, i want to know if it is a windows file or i can delete it. I don't have any idea about that...
  7. Why Does Malwarebytes Block Good Web Sites?

    I have installed Malwarebytes and i dont know why is it blocking Good Web Sites as well, just for e.g. MyWayNews. I have used antiviruses like avg ans avast before and they never blocked it. Is there...
  8. Re: Rear Speakers Not Working But Work in Audio Manager???

    I have been through this problem in past with my Realtek High Definition Audio. Tried several things but nothing were ale to help. Finally i updated my Audio driver by drilling down through Sound >...
  9. Windows Server 2003 Auditing for account or group creation priveleges

    I need some help to find option for auditing user or group access privileges. I cannot find proper resources for the same. I and I want to do that on Windows Server 2003 AD. I had enabled auditing in...
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    FLAC and Windows Media Player 12

    I got a huge playlist those are in FLAC format and every important. I tried playing them in Windows Media Player 12 but it wont play.

    Is there any way we can run FLAC files in WMP12? I really...
  11. Installing HP LaserJet 1015 on Windows 7 64bit

    We share a common printer on the network. It is HP LaserJet 1015. This device is accessible to all on the network. Basically the network is based on Windows 2000 OS. There are around 4 workstations...
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    cannot login due to error 0xC00000BB

    I am not able to log in to Windows XP SP2 on domain. I get an error message saying "The server authenticating you reported an error (0xC00000BB)." I have tried unplugging network cable and have tried...
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    The issue that you are facing is due to screwed...

    The issue that you are facing is due to screwed up partitions. I do not think there is a possibility by which you can restore it. There are tools that can guide you to restore the partitions but...
  14. Why don't you try a clean installation. Instead...

    Why don't you try a clean installation. Instead of getting messed with the existing connection you must always create a test workstations. That is one of the best way to find out errors. I got the...
  15. .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86

    There are two updates in my system which are waiting for approval. The updates are associated with dot net. None of my client network has .net installed then how does this update appears. The...
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    No i don't want to upgrade to vista, i have come...

    No i don't want to upgrade to vista, i have come across many people having issue with 64 bit vista. I have asked about the upgrading thing to my friends who have used vista and they have suggested me...
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    Upgrade Windows XP 32 Bit to XP Pro 64 Bit?

    I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition Ver 2002 SP-3 from a long time and i am willing to install Windows XP Pro. I want to know which will be the best option? Full Version? Upgrade Version?...
  18. Re: How to lock an Active Directory account without disabling it

    To me it sounds bit surprising because if you lock the AD Account, it will not allow any user to signing, right? I dont know what kind of application is demanding you to do so. I mean what is the use...
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    Hey techman that's what i was looking for. Glad...

    Hey techman that's what i was looking for. Glad to get it at the very first reply.
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    Auto Logoff Policy

    Dear all,

    I have Windows SBS 2003 server and i have to access the same remotely sometime but for some unknown reason i am logged out automatically after 2 hours. I want to know how can i change...
  21. Re: Keyboard and Mouse not working after using System Configuration

    What keyboard/mouse are you using? I mean are they USB or PS/2? You should try connecting vice versa, like if the one stopped working is PS2 then try any USB keyboard and see if it is working or not....
  22. Does sometime this kind of issues are generated...

    Does sometime this kind of issues are generated due to antivirus. I am bit doubtful on the same. I thought first that my system started facing this issue suddenly. But later on I found the problem...
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    Re: Network icon says not connected but I am

    Just for testing purpose there is one thing you can do. You can turn of your firewall and other security applications like antivirus and then check whether your connection is breaking in between or...
  24. Antivirus Master removal using Malwarebytes

    My colleague's laptop is infected with Antivirus Master. It has made the system too slow and now it looks complicated to get rid of the same. I started with running scan with Spyware Terminator. I...
  25. Are you using Vista. If yes the you must have not...

    Are you using Vista. If yes the you must have not performed upgrades. Installing that from scratch is recommended. Try to get the download once gain and the run the setup. Ensure that there is no...
  26. It is better to reinstall RWW before going for...

    It is better to reinstall RWW before going for any other stuff. Because that is the fastest thing you can do on the software level. And it has resolve a number of problem on my system. When I faced...
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    Re: Windows cannot change the password

    Hello kUnDaNlAaL, i had exactly the same problem with my brand new laptop couple of months ago but i fortunately managed to fix it my own. Here is what i did.

    I went to user accounts, created a...
  28. re: Windows Vista Connection Status Unknown error

    Try to run factory settings. If you have a laptop then restore your laptop to the time when it was bought. It will put back all the old software and applications which are needed. It is not...
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    C:\PROGRA-1\MYWEBS-1 error

    I am having a MSI laptop running with Windows Vista (32bit) OS. It was working great since last 6 months but from yesterday night whenever I start my computer, it comes up with the following error...
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    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Now a days am too frustrated with my Vista based system. Every time I restart the PC, It is sure to get 2 errors. First is when I start the PC, I get greeted with the following:

    And second...
  31. Not enough server storage is available to process this command

    Something is going wrong with my system running Windows Server 2003 x64 bit edition with Service Pack 2. Whenever i am trying to copy large files over 100MB in size than copying process gets failed...
  32. Playing Blu-ray discs in x64 Corel WinDVD 10 does *not* work

    I have a Windows 64bit operating system installed in my system. Now I have some blu ray disc with high definition video. I found that Corel WinDVD has a new edition that supports Blu-Ray playback. I...
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    There are some settings that can help you. For...

    There are some settings that can help you. For that click on the Office Button on top left and then there click on Word Option. In that click on Proofing and click on Custom Dictionary. You have to...
  34. As far as i am aware, sound cards that work with...

    As far as i am aware, sound cards that work with windows xp should work in windows 2003. In case if it doesn't then you can check out the actual windows 2003 HCL. If at all, even that doesn't work...
  35. Running 32 bit .NET programs on 64 bit Vista

    I am using a 64bit Vista system. It has around 8GB ram and it is working fine. Now if I install any 32bit software on that, I had seen that it does not use more than 3GB of RAM. I had seen in some...
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    There must be some kind of update verifier...

    There must be some kind of update verifier software that can allow us to fix the corrupt updates. Or a tool that can verify the updates are proper or not and then only we must move ahead. Or else it...
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    Copy and Paste does not work

    Facing some problem while copying data from Excel to Project. I was actually trying to copy a cell from Excel and while pasting the same in Project, it puts the data in multiple cells when there is a...
  38. WSUS Server can't sync with Microsoft Update Server

    I don't know why WSUS Server is not able to sync with Microsoft Update Server any more, i have gone through WindowsUpdate.log and i see a lot of warning saying failing with 80072ee2. As far as recent...
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    Re: Manually updating AVG Free

    Actually i dont mind letting my system install updates automatically but i just want to update the database without any changes in application. Is there anyone who has got success in updating Free...
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    Manually updating AVG Free

    I have been trying to update Free AVG anti-virus manually, i have downloaded all required updates but whenever i am pointing the program to downloaded updates than it give me an error message saying...
  41. How to enable Remote Desktop connection in Windows 2000

    How to use Remote Desktop in Windows 2000. I am having two XP workstations and all of them are having a separate application to enable Remote Desktop. I want to access the 2000 system with Remote...
  42. RE: print job stuck in que for printer hp psc 1410 all in one prin

    The problem you are facing here is because the documents are stucked in printer queue. Restarting printer spooler service must fix the job. Because that is the quickest way. But still if this does...
  43. It looks there is some problem with Windows boot....

    It looks there is some problem with Windows boot. The virus has infected some internal system files which are moved to vault by the antivirus. I found some links that can put more highlight on your...
  44. Multiple displays and nVidia - cloning and different resolutions

    My pc runs on windows Vista 64-bit and i am using Asus nVidia GeForce EN7600 GS Silent with DVI and VGA connections with nVidia (Vista 64-bit) 163.75 drivers. I have two 12.1" LCD 1280x800 native...
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    Discover System Updater

    What is this Discover System Updater ?? today i had come across it in bottom bar. It went away after rebooting the system, can it be an virus? Has anyone else come across it or has any idea about...
  46. Thread: 0x80191002

    by M.Scarlet


    Having a very short query and need some working solution for the same. Am using Windows Vista mail, it was working but started problem while sending emails since last 4 days. Whenever I send the...
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    Did you tried the manual process. Does that works...

    Did you tried the manual process. Does that works well. I do not think you might require any script for the same. Just map the drive in My Computer and create a shortcut on the desktop. That's all....
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    Re: Corrupt frmcache.dat file

    He even me and my users are facing the same problem and we are using RightFax Fax client. I checked all settings and everything seems to be correct. One thing I would like to say is the problem...
  49. NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT driver cutting off edges on 70" HDTV

    I am using a widescreen 70" TV at my home. I had connected the same to my computer. There is a display on the screen but the resolution is not proper. A part of image is cut on the edges. I am...
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    RE: Vista won't shut down

    Thanks a lot for the help and completely new info for me. I was just not aware of such settings. Yes, I have connected my USB external Hard drive with the system. I’ll need to check its properties...
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