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  1. Re: Wired Ethernet is not working properly in Lenovo SL510

    In order to overcome this situation you just have to uninstall the drivers and separate RealTek installation which is there in the Installed Programs. Make the reinstallation of the drivers and...
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    Re: Error code 0x800f0902 on Internet Explorer 9

    IExplore.exe which is Internet Explorer or more commonly also called as "IE". Sometimes we choose another language version of the web browser. This has to be problematic on it. Hence the system...
  3. Re: Suggestion for Multiplayer levels in Driver San Francisco

    In the first instant Tanner apprehended that it is in a state of insensibility and almost kicked the bucket. Just sometime during the amusement it is in an ever widening margin clear that something...
  4. It is necessary to find where the problem is. Is...

    It is necessary to find where the problem is. Is it with the browser or with the internet connection. For that launch cmd first. Then type ping -t and hit enter. See whether you are...
  5. Re: Wired computer internet speed is slower as compared to Wireless computer internet speed

    Affirm, actually attempt to press in the network link the considerable distance in the PC and the switch/router It may be that it is not pressed in the considerable distance.
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    Re: troubles with firefox browser

    Well, almost they are similar to each other in every concern but still according to me you should get NIC(Norton internet security) for your system, I have used this and it is really superb. As...
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    Re: How to block Google plus in Google Ads

    It is not worth to disable the same. Anyhow you are not getting all the ads on the web. Only those which are recommended by many and surely that will be nice ad. So it is on you, if you want or...
  8. Re: How to extend network to two rooms with 2 wireless linksys routers

    Do you wish to replace the router or you want to make use of the two same time on the similar network. As for as I know, while the SSIDs are identical then the device will only connect as well as...
  9. Re: Opera had made silent update of Opera Mobile 11.1 for Symbian

    I used opera mobile 11.1 with Nokia E63 however as new version, some issues with joystick. If you have this phone, you know cursor control with joystick. But currently till page load after for a...
  10. re: Maximum Distance Range of NETGEAR Wireless-N 300 Router

    These types of router have several features for speed, security, performance, connectivity; the maximum supporting client for this router is 4. The Radio Frequency Channels for N300 Router is 2.4GHz....
  11. Re: Cannot download songs from Rhapsody with Sansa Clip

    Just contact the dealer for this issues and they are the only people who can help you in right direction to get you out of the issue. If this is under warranty then they will not charge you anything...
  12. Re: Unable to Synchronize bookmarks with latest version of Opera Mini

    It could be possible that the recent latest version of the opera mini not installed very well on this mobile phone. Hence the sychnoronization not work well. In that case, we need to make some...
  13. Re: No ads for next update of opera mini and mobile

    Normally the user of this web browser can be use this update process when they faced some kind of problem with this respective software. Then no ads for next update for this opera mini browser. It...
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    Re: IPad - Gmail mobile version on opera mini

    This has to be provide this facility to open the google in mobile format. Then you need to use the gmail option facility onto it. After using this you need to use this for the...
  15. Re: Opera mini cannot connect. review your network settings

    Apparently it’s something you have installed on the phone. I don't know what you did. If you install the unnecessary application on this mobile phone then yes this problem arrives onto it. In that...
  16. Re: How to Change the start page of your built-in Opera mini

    If you don’t want to do this task and directly want to open any web page as a home page then I suggest you following process. In that first go to the tools menu and then open the internet options....
  17. Re: Adobe flash plug-in crashes in bbc iplayer using firefox 6

    Once you have updated the Flash plug-in then try about:config and toggling dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll to false and after doing this try to restart the system. I hope this works. I think if...
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    Re: No more version numbers for Mozilla Firefox

    As per my opinion this strategy is good. There are so many troubleshooting cases of the web browser has to be the similar situation but because of the different version number and specific...
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    Re: RoboForm not work on updated Firefox 4

    Firefox 4 requires an update to Roboform 7. This is necessary when we perform any update task on this Mozilla Firefox browser. I also faced the same problem I use this way to fix this problem.
  20. Re: How to change default setting of Firefox back to no proxy

    In network proxy settings of this Mozilla Firefox there is a number of settings available. You need to disable/uninstall the corresponding extension. Then I think this will be also gives the no proxy...
  21. Re: How to change Google black navigation bar in Mozilla Firefox

    The best place to get the Solution is on the Google, as over there you will be able to get the solution of the problem or the setting you wanted for the navigation bar, so search over there.
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    Re: Might & Magic Heroes VI Beta Strategy question

    Except you require them to probably shield, have them go out and scout, accumulate things, direct troops to essential victor, and broaden their stats thru structures that assistance them. They can...
  23. Re: Bookmark Manager shortcut gone from Chrome 13

    I can understand your problem more clearly if you will say the exact version number of the chrome browser that you are using? And also other details which you can provide us.
  24. Re: Google Chrome v13 crashes on exit this visible on Events

    I don't appreciate this email notification of a reply, however currently there's no answers?

    All right I was using KIS 2012. That PC is empty now, but once I install Chrome and Kaspersky...
  25. Re: Need information about the unlimited broadband plan form BSNL with good FUP

    If we compare BBG ULD 3300 with BBG ULD 2150 then the BBG ULD 3300 is much better for the business users since the fup limit of 150GB and speed of 512 kbps after passing the limit. So go for BBG ULD...
  26. Re: Unable to recognize specified IPSW error in iPhone 4

    You cannot install the latest released IPSW for iPhone 4.3.5 it dosen’t do as expected and it was released to fill the security hole in the iPhone due to pdf support in the phone. So you will have...
  27. Re: Field of View fix for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    I think too that 16:9 aspect ratio and the current FOV is well enough to play. If you have problems having to play the game try changing the different aspect ratio. Also, try different resolution at...
  28. Re: How to Synchronize Facebook and Twitter Events with Google Calendar

    I really do not know any such software, but you can check it out on the internet and you will be able to get some of the software or any link which will be providing the solution.
  29. Re: Is it possible to setup Gmail as an exchange in

    An inactive IMAP account setup for gmail on the iphone will cause this issue! Hence there is necessary to perform an enabling the imap account on it. It helps to perform this task with an correct...
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    Re: Cannot read profile using chromium browser

    I think you need to delete webdata to resolve your issue. You will find the webdata in the default folder. Try to do this and restart your browser. I hope it works
  31. Re: How to Recover Deleted Safari History in Apple OS X Lion

    For recovering the history I will suggest you to do the following steps. :
    User name folder>library>caches>safari>history.
    These steps will work only in case if you cleared the history from safari...
  32. Re: Someone is using my home internet connection

    If you want then you can go to the wireless router site and I am quite sure that it must be within the setup manual. Anyway, if this is the halfway decent router then it must track the entire...
  33. Re: No servers appear even if Freelancer is connected

    Just try out reinstalling the freelancer and then just recreate the home network and then see if there is any solution for you because once when I got this same problem it was solved when I carried...
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    Re: Turning off Google Instant feature

    There is a particular solution which you can use Turning off Google Instant feature into the Google Chrome.

    To resolve the matter you have to use the Omnibox address bar and by suing the same...
  35. Re: How do you turned off Google's Instant feature

    In Firefox: If you are working on the "private browsing" mode (Tools> Start Private Browsing) will not be able to permanently disable Google's instant. The private browsing mode deletes the history...
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    Re: How can I disable instant search on Google

    Go to; click "Settings" at the top right corner. Then scroll down to "Google Instant" and click button that says "Do not use Google Instant." Then scroll to the bottom and click "Save...
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    Re: What Is Portable Blog Writing Software?

    I will be happy to impart more points related with it. Once you have logged into the server, you are able to join photographs, review your passage, or print your website passage. When you are...
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    Re: Opera add-on lastpass is often failing

    I did how you said using the Linux using my other hard drive and found one thing that if you are using the lastpass in the other browser then it won’t work correctly in another one I notice it in...
  39. re: Avast antivirus unable to remove no1techblog popup virus

    Hello I have faced the same issue on mine system as well and after that I have reset the Firefox and then I have solved mine issue and so therefore I would like to suggest you to make rest you’re...
  40. Re: Tablets at affordable price Based on Tegra processor

    You want high much-enhanced features with Nvidia Tegra 2 processor in just $500 then you can buy Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1. Its actual price is $ 699 but there is some offers from Lenovo if you buy...
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    Re: How to play against bot’s in Zynga Poker

    I also see a lot of players with a 100+ million chips but play like they are first timers. They just raise and raise and then suddenly fold it up. But sometimes they become tight players when some1...
  42. re: How to remove Buzqo homepage From Mozilla Firefox

    Uninstall old Adobe Reader versions and after that install the latest version of Adobe Reader on your system and after that make sure the issue.
  43. Re: Unable to copy from Google documents using opera 11.11

    If you are getting the problem often you should try to download those documents to your computer and then try to edit it, and it you want to share it then you can directly upload it again.
  44. Re: Getting error code 9C48 while installing internet explorer 9

    I have faced the same issue and after that I have followed the below steps and after that I have solved mine issue. do the below steps and after that you won’t face the any issue:

  45. Re: “An error has occurred in the script on this page” error while printing on IE 9

    Try to remove the all temporary Internet-related files and after that you’re able to print the pages. I have faced the issue and after that I have removed the all temporary files and after that I...
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    Re: How to Synchronize Extensions in Google Chrome

    I liked this feature which Google has implemented for synchronizing the files. I tried the feature of the dev channel build for the windows version which is available for the latest chrome build. I...
  47. re: Google Chrome, Need a keyboard shortcut to open the last closed page

    The above method is also right but there is a keyboard shortcut also and I use it always. You can just press ctrl+shift+t. it opens recently closed page in Google chrome. Hope you find this helpful.
  48. Re: What is World IPv6 day, and how it is related to Internet Explorer 9?

    See anything new is launched it is first tested whether it will be working well with the IPv6 or not. They need to do a lot os testing for the same. Since IPv6 is the new platform that has been...
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    Re: Cannot enable Java in Internet Explorer 9

    See unless and until you have downloaded the java software in the system till then you will not get any options of java in the toolbar. So go and get the java software downloaded from the official...
  50. Re: Wildcards not allowed in exception list of Opera for proxy server

    Proxy Automic Configuration helps to automatically acquire their proxy settings, without the necessity of having the manually configure their web browser. You need to use such PAC which is works on...
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