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  1. Re: What is the maximum memory size of core i5 661

    I googled "core i5 maximum memory" because I would like to know the maximum memory that a core i5 based system can handle.

    I presume that this would depend upon the operating system and the...
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    re: How to restore classic menu of Office 2007

    The menus allowed us to find all the commands in one place. The ribbons do not have all the commands, just the simpler commands, by default at least, it seems to me. I spend my time searching aroudn...
  3. Re: How to disable Open File - Security Warning dialog box in Windows Vista?

    Thank you profess135 for the suggestion above but alas
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell \AttachmentExecute
    Does not exist on my system (Win 7 64 Ja)

    I tried the script...
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    Re: How to disable AVG without uninstall?

    Over at the AVG Free forums (here and here) an AVG staff member, Ondra Ploteny, and a Moderator rdsok, direct users to
    which gives the same advice as given...
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    Re: How to disable AVG without uninstall?

    I have the same problem.

    I would like to disable avg, turn off avg temporarily without uninstall but I can not.

    The suggestion by Chatwin only closes down the GUI and not the tasks that are...
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