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  1. It is possible to get messages or calls from 2 sim on Standby mode in Nokia 101

    I am planning to gift a Nokia 101 to my dad in some days for his birthday but before going on with the purchase I just had a query which I wanted to get sorted out. My dad is at the movement using...
  2. Does Intel Core i5 and 4GB will work better on Windows 7 32bit or 64bit

    I am using a Windows XP Service Pack 2 and I am planning to upgrade my system. I don’t want to install Windows Vista, so it was quiet clear for me to go for Windows 7. I had already made my mind...
  3. How to check the version of Mac operating system I am using

    I was previously using a Windows operating system and don’t have much Idea about the Mac OS. I have recently bought a new Apple Laptop, so trying to know about the laptop and the operating system...
  4. Toshiba Excite tablet has no microphone support?

    I was just going through the user guide of Excite and found out that voice input and Voice search app is present on the device but they don’t work actually. Even there is no Microphone none is...
  5. Re: Software to play .mov files from Sony HDR CX110e on Windows XP or Windows 7

    Hi, thanks a lot for your reply and I downloaded the Divx player but unfortunately it’s not working for me. First I felt might be there is some problems in installation so I reinstalled the Divx...
  6. Software to play .mov files from Sony HDR CX110e on Windows XP or Windows 7

    I have recently bought a new handycam and I am so damn happy with the purchase I was on a holiday and captured every movement and every enjoyment of my holiday on my Sony HDR CX110e. now when I am...
  7. Old Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories work for new Galaxy Tab 2.

    I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and now I am going to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 so I am wondering do I have to buy new set accessories or will it be ok if I use the same case and Keyboard folio....
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    How can I remove Windows Black Screen Virus

    I am working on my OMS Laptop and I am facing a big problem of Windows Black screen Virus. I am getting a black screen when booting up and it has started a couple of days ago. I have made no changes...
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    Re: Nokia Ovi Suite not upgrading to

    I have tried repairing and even tried the uninstallation process, but nothing seems to work for me. May be it has something to do with that signature or else some kind of authentication I am unable...
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    Nokia Ovi Suite not upgrading to

    I have installed Nokia Ovi suite on my desktop. Whenever I connect my cell phone to the PC it prompts me to update my Nokia Ovi suite to First I didn’t want to upgrade my Ovi...
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    Unable to open new Tabs in Firefox 12

    I am online for most of the time and like to keep my PC and my software up-to-date as much as I can. Just two nights back I updated my browser i.e. Firefox 11 to Firefox 12 and was happy to see all...
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