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  1. Re: MSI PM8PM-V motherboard not working after upgrading RAM

    Your board has 2GB Maximum RAM support with DDRII slot of 400-533 MHz FSB. So, Your RAM section as per motherboard specification is correct. So, it is not compatibility issue. I think your ram is not...
  2. Re: Unable to find Video controller compatible for VGA on Intel d101 ggc

    Well after going through the post of yours I wanted to tell you over that there is Standard Video Controller and you will get the Windows operating system. But you should be aware of thing that...
  3. Re: Gigabyte X58a-ud3r -Unable to write in usb 3

    X58A-UD3R I have one with the same trouble. Firs time was detect by overclockers .adequate instance to discover an answer. I updated the BIOS to f7, Renesas USB 3.0 chips and firmware USB 3.0 drivers...
  4. Re: Unable to enter Bios setup in Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3

    For the plate E / S trouble attempt replacing the motherboard and see if you can get better fit if it is just a short distance out. Clearly if it is drastically wrong then made with the distributor...
  5. Re: Memory Slot fully used in Gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3

    I will attempt it in few hours and will let you Know .The most likely going to be fine, but I just wanted to let you know the potential trouble.
  6. Re: Need help to find fault in MSI 760GM-E51?

    Would the Command Rate to 2t and set the memory voltage to 1.7 volts and see if that solves the problem.
  7. Re: How to check actual Model of corsair VS8GSDSKIT800D2 is CL6 or CL5?

    You should not mix and match memory types. There are many differences present between this two memory module. They are as clock cycle, faster speed and execution cycle. CL5 and CL6 are CAS...
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    Re: Need information on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7

    Gigabytes implementation of UEFI BIOS is a modest dissimilar to that seen on other maker's motherboards and is kind of a cross flanked by the advantages of UEFI with the dependability if the BIOS as...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H Rev.2.0 not working

    This updating chipset driver has also been the best way that works for solving your problem. GIGABYTE's AMD motherboards are ready to support new generation of chipset driver. Accessible in this...
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    Re: Transcend 2GB DDR3 RAM difficulty

    Have you ran all memory test if its ok that it means you have done all with it and the memory is running fine and if still the problem persist try installing 2GB in 2 slots and then see your system...
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    Re: Unlocking Sempron 140 on ASRock N68-GS

    CPU locking is the process of permanently setting a CPU's clock multiplier. The AMD Sempron 140 is a low-cost, single-core AMD CPU. I'm really getting the feeling that AMD is doing this on purpose. I...
  12. Re: HDTV as an Extended Display not working with Windows 7

    The sending and receiving devices constantly exchange information. You need to use this technique to fix such type of problem. There doesn't appear to be any VGA or DVI connections. I've read that...
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    Re: Acer aspire m6141 Dead

    If the laptop is dead then it could be possible that the RAM of the laptop is to be dead and hence you need to replace this RAM with the new RAM. Try to insert new RAM onto it. If the problem is in...
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    Re: HP pavilion dv4 CPU not functioning

    You can also use an upgrade the driver of the CPU. This process has to be work to change the support files of the CPU. In that you need to use a proper way to update this driver. Online up gradation...
  15. Re: Advice about updating CPU on HP Pavilion 061

    Upgrading CPU can be works if you properly insert the CPU onto this slot. Then the other problem behind that after finishing this installation process, you need to use an upgrade the BIOS version of...
  16. Re: Overclocking my Intel DP55KG Extreme Series

    The purpose of the CPU overclock is to increase the performance of a processor. The advantage is obvious: It saves money, because otherwise you would have to buy a more expensive processor. ...
  17. Re: Phenom IIx4 955be is sounding as a race engine

    I am suspecting that one of the wires might be hitting the CPU fan and that’s why system of yours will make noise. So check the same and let me know about.
  18. Re: Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 stopped working

    I think you should try to test your RAM with Memtest and see what happens as from the test result you can figure out the exact problem with your machine.
  19. Re: Is TX650 V2 PSU compatible with Intel DP67BG motherboard?

    if you want to see the compatibility among motherboard and PSU then according to me you should try to visit your motherboard’s website.

    As you’ll get the compatibility hardware list with this...
  20. Re: How much ram do I need to run Sims 3 type of PC game? ‎

    Well increasing the RAM in your desktop will increase the computer’s performance. If you are familiar with Sims games or similar to this type of high configuration based games then yes your system...
  21. Re: Will my computer going to be most faster if i Add 1 GB of Ram?

    When you upgrade RAM from 500MB to 1GB then the difference of loading is almost double. RAM should only be increased if u r using the system as high end server. This RAM increasing also helps to...
  22. Re: eMachine ET1850 - Which Power Supply need to use on Motherboard

    At £300, eMachine's ET1850 is definitely a budget system. But sometimes the internal components of this desktop pc is not been work well. In that case, you need to change the specific component. The...
  23. Re: Unable to bootup Packard Bell Imedia 1529 Desktop

    I was facing similar kind of problem last year. I had upgraded my system and had a good specification. Everything was working fine for few days. Then one day suddenly my computer started showing...
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    Re: Hyper TX3 cooler for Athlon II X4

    I would say that you are about to do a right thing. I would say that go for CM Hyper TX3. It is compatible with the following.
    All Intel Socket 775/1155/1156 CPU
    • Intel Core™ 2
    • Intel...
  25. Re: Difference between AMD Triple Core processor and AMD Quad Core processor

    If you want to save 30 dollars and you want your system for just basic operations then I think going for triple core is good. But I personally would have chosen quad core processor. I would suggest...
  26. Re: No boot after adding up 2x 4GB ram on my system

    Remove the ram sticks and for the time being use your old one. Get replacement for the same. There are many things you can tried but they are applicable only if you are having old rams. This are new...
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    Re: How to find out which motherboard I have

    Even I will also suggest for the same software which the above user have told you to try and also to work it out to get the motherboard details of your system. So get it and find out the motherboard...
  28. Re: Is 8GB RAM essential for modern gaming or 4GB RAM is enough?

    Yes if you are planning to go ahead with it then you should go ahead there is no proble at all with it. so that’s what I want to say here. before going on with the changing of the ram it is very...
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    Re: Cannot start emachine E4252

    I suspect that the there is no proper power supply to your pc. I think your system might have got overheated. I would suggest you try to enter the bios settings once. Check the temperature and cpu...
  30. Re: Components swapping on EVGA SR-2 motherboard for upgrade

    This is an kind of good product for overclockers. You can add more ram and more processors on the same to performance many resource intensive task.
  31. Re: What upgrade would you get in Athlon X2 3600 AM2?

    What a coincidence I have faced the similar kind of problem. then I decided to perform an special task on it. In that time I read several articles related to this and one of them gives me information...
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    Re: USB ports and Mobo USB ports on PC Case

    For solving this problem sometimes users need to clear the CMOS setting. This clear CMOS setting on the BIOS help to solve such installation problem. then use the BIOS reset task on your system. Then...
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    Re: Help in Choosing GPU vs CPU Gaming Computer

    AMD athlon ii is now the world's most affordable quad-core processor. If you think that to play the high configuration games, then this processor is best for you. The other important distinction is...
  34. Re: AMD C-50 processor vs. intel Atom N570 for notebook

    you should get Compaq CQ57-210US 15.6-Inch Notebook PC.

    Screen size: 15.6-inch diagonal High-Definition BrightView LED Display with 1366 x 768,

    CPU: AMD Dual-Core C-50 1Ghz, ...
  35. Re: Until the CMOS is cleared Asus P8Z68-V Pro keeps hanging

    Can you just do one thing that just remove all the connection and then re assemble your complete system and then you need too change your ram with your friends ram and then see if that is helping you...
  36. Re: Until the CMOS is cleared Asus P8Z68-V Pro keeps hanging

    Have you tried the recovery disk? Just try the recovery disk to get there proper windows I think that the OS has been crushed and you need to repair it and also just please tell me what configuration...
  37. Re: What is the Advantage of Touch Screen Monitors?

    Actually the Touch Screen Monitor are much faster than compare with the LED Monitor for doing the clicking of something with use of your finger or even with the stylus pen than the other way to move...
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    Re: Intel Xeon vs. Intel core i7

    there are too many processor with different series from the Xeon only, thus its quite difficult to suggest you thus, according to me you should try to go through the link I am mentioning below,...
  39. Re: Is WordPerfect X3 compatible with Windows 7

    If you cannot run it on Windows 7 you can try to install it on Windows XP. Just run the Windows XP mode on your Windows 7 under the software of virtualization. There you can boot and run Windows XP...
  40. Re: Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 System super slow when wake from sleep mode

    Better disable your sleep mode settings. It is not worth to use this feature if you are facing this issue. You can disable the same from Power Management settings. here are the steps that can help...
  41. Re: MS-7005 651M-L motherboard stuck at startup

    Yeah off course you can replace it, but while doing that as well make sure that there isn't any such physical damage to the hardware, because see there are to many terms and condition that you must...
  42. Re: After a few minutes of game play crisis game starts pausing after every few seconds

    It can somewhere be possible that your drive is affecting the performance of game because it is a green 5200rpm. And it is really slow in real gaming terms. You can test it, if you have any other...
  43. Re: After a few minutes of game play crisis game starts pausing after every few seconds

    I think, this all can also be because of some background tasks consuming more CPU resources. So, I will suggest you to try getting ‘game booster’. Another thing is that, your antivirus program...
  44. Re: Need to modify Overclocked fan speed of MSI Geforce GTX 580 Twin Frozr II

    Have you tried speedfan, if not then you should give a try for that application as well, it allows you to modify the changes manually. So that’s what I am saying here. give a try for the same. well...
  45. re: Will MSI GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Edition 3GB be too noisy?

    I think the memory speed that you are getting to see is quite correct as it is said in the above post if we calculate the speed of the memory cycle then it has to be 4x with what you are getting, so...
  46. Re: BIOS showing BCLK as 99.8MHz instead of 100MHz

    The above suggestion is a good one mentioned by the user. Well what I want to say is that have you checked the phase control? Just check if it is set to SVID or APS?
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    Re: New Bios for Asus p6x58d-e 502

    You can flash back to working bios for now and wait until the next version of BIOS
    My system Configuration:

    Gigabyte ex58-ud5 f12 bios
    Intel i7 920 d0 @ 4.2 GHz
    Seagate 320 gb
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    Re: Noise on MSI P67A-G43 board

    To find the noise where it is coming from so do one simple investigation such that roll a piece of A4 paper and listen to the sound from the system and you will be able to pin-point the location of...
  49. Re: memory and configuration problem with Asrock P67 Extremes6.

    Have you tried the individual sticks on the memory front? also Have you tried resetting the CMOS??
  50. Re: Latest Fix for MSI K7N2 Delta2 LSR/Platinum Users

    I am able to suggest you with the underneath settings in the beneath
    Towering Performance Mode: Manual
    Progressive Overclocking: Private (1%) or Sergeant (3%) (Gives programmedly help in percent to...
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