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    Re: LED Monitor with HDMI under Rs 10000

    I have AOC 23 inch LED - E2343F2K Monitor. I have bought it a couple of months ago and it works great. It comes with 2 HDMI Ports. I think that’s one of the important things you were looking for....
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    Loop mobile 3g Plans

    When will Loop mobile come up with 3g Plans? They were one of the best service providers when it was known as BPL. Don’t know what went wrong with them after they changed their name to loop. It...
  3. Re: Worst customer care support from Loop mobile Mumbai

    Guys you both are very right, I am just fed up of their poor customer service. I was thinking of starting a thread but now ill add my point here only.
    Yesterday night at 8 pm, I had recharged my...
  4. Re: Best Mechanical Engineering college in Tamil Nadu

    List of Top Mechanical Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu as per current situation:
    Aalim Mohammed Salegh College Of Engineering
    Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology
    Alpha College of...
  5. Re: Best Ebooks for learning android development

    I have found some more:

    Amazing Android Apps For Dummies-Mantesh
    Android Essentials
    Android in Action 2nd Edition 2011
    Android User Interface Development - Beginner's Guide
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    Re: Can i convert .exe file to .com file

    Even though both .com file and .exe file are executable they have different internal format. I don’t think there is any point in changing .exe file to .com file unless there is a specific reason...
  7. Re: 2 x ATI Radeon HD 5830 in crossfire freezes while playing games

    Are both cards getting recognized in CCC and CPU-Z? Is it possible for you to test them on some other system?? Did you tried roll back to old drivers?? Just make sure that you are installing same...
  8. Re: iphone 3g keeps rebooting after updating to ios6

    Please follow the below steps as mentioned.

    Switch off your phone, take out SIM Card
    Switch on your phone, go into Settings > General > Network and make sure that 3G and Cellular Data are on
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    Re: Guild Wars 2 is crashing continuously

    You seem to have tried out possible workaround for game crash, I don’t know why is it not making difference in your case. Anyways if you want then you can try playing the game in compatibility...
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    Re: Guild Wars 2 is crashing continuously

    Game crashes mostly when system is not up to date, I wanted to know if you have installed latest graphic drive for your graphic crad? If not then install it first and then try running the game and...
  11. Re: BSNL error "Authentication with PPP server is in progress"

    I have checked out regarding your error and have found it to occur in two situations.

    First - As already mentioned your account has not been activated
    Second - Your username and password is...
  12. Re: Motorola Photon Q fastboot problem after unlocking bootloader

    Try rebooting the phone using power-M and then it should boot normally, after that you can try reflashing any partition using below command:
    fastboot flash logo.bin logo.img

    If you get an error...
  13. Re: Spybot update gives warning "Please select some update files from the list first."

    Which version of Spybot Search and Destroy you are having installed? I have come across people facing this issue with 1.6.2 mostly. Some have mentioned that this issue has been fixed in 2.0. So if...
  14. Re: Hide all nfo files in Video folder on windows 7

    Yes the above solution is correct, I just wanted to add that if you select “Don’t show hidden files and folders” then this will be applied for your whole system and not just that folder, I mean...
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    Re: Nvidia GT 650M is getting overheated

    I wanted to know if you are facing this fps drop down issue just with Max Payne 3 or you are facing same with other games as well. If it is just max Payne 3 then there might be something wrong with...
  16. Re: Hp Officejet 4500 goes offline all of a sudden

    In that case I will like to inform you that DHCP range is the range of IP addresses which is assigned by the router automatically when a device is added to the network. For eg your DHCP default range...
  17. Re: Hp Officejet 4500 goes offline all of a sudden

    I have found a solution for you, not sure if this will work but you can definitely give it a try:

    From your printer go to menu> setup > network and then press ok. Once you enter the network menu...
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    Re: Sony Xperia ion randomly freezes

    Yes,if the issue persists after restoring your phone to factory defaults then there are possibilities of hardware fault. Even I am having a Sony Xperia ion and I haven’t faced anything like that, I...
  19. Re: Kindle touch error "device_info.xml not found, check device settings"

    I have checked regarding the same and have found that the error occurs when kindles bootmode var gets set to fastboot mode, anyways you will not have to set it to main and for that you will have to...
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    Re: Intel Haswell vs Ivy Bridge Cpu

    As far as I am aware Intel Haswell is said to be having 25 percent better performance as compared to Ivy Bridge Cpu. I just wanted to add that if you have not updated your system for long then go for...
  21. Re: Android app for blocking certain outgoing calls and text messages

    If you are looking for a free one then you can get “Stupid Phonecalls Blocker Free” from Google play itself. Since its free there are some limitations to the number of contacts that you can block but...
  22. Re: Different kind of Crossbows in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard

    Yes these are the Crossbows in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard, Normal steel crossbow has longer reload and it appears as if it can be used as Stealth when you are away from your target. If you are...
  23. Re: Babylon Toolbar comes back even after removing it via Spybot

    You can try out the below steps for uninstalling Babylon and Babylon toolbar:

    First click on Start button >Control Panel > Programs >Uninstall a program> check out for Babylon in the list and...
  24. Re: Which is a good ebook reader with cloud support

    A better idea will be to get an android tablet that supports cloud storage and use the below best Ebook reading applications:

    Google Books
    NOOK for Android by B&N
    Aldiko Book Reader...
  25. Re: How to fix low fps, resolution, etc in Quantum Conundrum

    Hey you can also try replacing your BaseEngine.ini with the below attached file. In this file some graphic options along with VSync has been disabled. You just have go to C:\Program...
  26. Re: wlan clients unable to ping lan clients with WAG320N

    If the above solutions are not working out for you then you can try out turning QoS feature off for your router. I have just come across one facing same issue with same router who was able to sort...
  27. Re: Sony Xperia Sola SD card not listed when connected on windows 7 computer

    I think I can help you out here, actually I have come across one who was facing the same issue but was able to fix it out later. Generally the Mass Storage driver gets installed when you connect your...
  28. Re: Toshiba Qosmio x505 error code 28 and unknown device doesn't have driver

    I have checked about the same and have found that this driver is related to BIOS. It is "Generic IO Memory" driver that belongs to Toshiba HW Setup program. If you want to download the driver for it...
  29. Re: wireless network card not recognized with Mandriva Linux

    I wanted to know if your Wireless card is supported by b43 driver, most of PCI/PCI-Express cards integrated in laptops work fine with b43 driver. If you are not aware of the same then go to Control...
  30. Re: Daemon tools installation hangs at "updating virtual drives" in windows 7

    I had come across one having similar issue but later he was able to solve it out by performing the below steps.

    First delete the gear driver and disabled all services along with the startup...
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    Re: How to unlock or debrand HTC Titan II

    As far as the advantage and disadvantage of unlocking such smartphones is concerned I don’t think that there is any disadvantage doing that until you are willing to switch to other carrier. Mostly...
  32. Re: BSOD and BCCode 116 with GTX 480 SC sli setup

    Since you have mentioned that the cards are not working fine in sli and they are working alone without any issues. I think it might be related to drivers, Power Supply or overheating. I don’t think...
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    Re: How to unlock or debrand HTC Titan II

    I think that I can help you out here as I have recently unlocked my HTC Titan II. If you are not aware of the unlocking things then I will like to inform you that you need a code for carrying out the...
  34. Re: Data connection doesn’t work even after having full reception in Htc TITAN II

    There are possibilities that there might be some issue with the phone but I doubt it to be your isp. Since you have mentioned that the issue is getting solved after restarting the phone I will...
  35. Re: Negative points of Kobo Touch and Kindle 4

    As far as the negative point of the Kindle 4 is concerned is that it has 3G connectivity and is not reliable for wireless network. The 3G connectivity is making it a poor choice on the other hand its...
  36. Re: Where can I find 7690M XT GPU DRIVERS for Pavilion DV7-6C02EM

    I think that you have not checked out well, I have searched for the same and I have found the graphic driver on the hp site itself. If you want then you can get it from here.

    Released: 2011-11-18...
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    Re: Best desk mount monitor arm for iMac 27"

    You can check out “SAA2415 MONITOR ARM” as well, you can get it for $336.87. This will be costing you around iLift but I think that this Heavy-Duty Arm with Wall Mount Kit D will be a better...
  38. Re: Ati 7950 3GB or Nvidia GTX 580 1.5GB graphics card

    I think that Nvidia GTX 580 1.5GB graphics card will be a better choice. Sources say that GTX580 is the fastest single GPU graphics card by now, it is a successor to the GTX 480 and it is now...
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    Re: Toshiba Excite tablet screen is freezing

    I was having the same issue with my new Toshiba Excite tablet and I was really surprised to face it so soon, I had tried out all the possible solution that are suggested here but then they were just...
  40. Re: Need help!! Dell 5100cn is not picking up envelopes from MFP tray

    This thread has really helped me out now, in my case my 5100cn was not printing envelopes when I was using and when I was clicking on the print button then it was stopping the printing after some...
  41. Re: Dead pixels and screen tearing with EVGA GeForce GTX 680

    I will suggest you to take a print screen of the artifact that you might be getting and upload the same here so that I can go through it and find out what exactly is causing that issue, I also wanted...
  42. Re: Dead pixels and screen tearing with EVGA GeForce GTX 680

    In that case I just wanted to know the below things:
    Have you tried out the latest driver for the EVGA GeForce GTX 680? Have you
    tried out the BETA drivers?
    Have you tried out changing DVI...
  43. Re: 2 way SLI EVGA GeForce GTX 690 vs 3 SLI EVGA GeForce GTX 680

    See as per the specification of your system I will like to inform you that the Gpu's are not appearing to be powerful enough and I really don’t think that the latest games will be coming up and use...
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    Re: Facing lags on AMD Radeon HD 6570

    Even I don’t think that there might be something wrong with the cpu in your case but then I have found some people complaining about the lag using AMD Radeon HD 6570 while playing GTA 4, I doubt it...
  45. Re: Blackberry Curve 9350 App stopped working for Logitech Security Camera

    Even I think that you should try out using BB BES to a local network, just try it out for testing purpose, I mean that your output will give us a better idea for understanding your situation and we...
  46. Re: Not able to see all my mail in my inbox after sync in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    In that case I will like to inform you that Mail app in Windows 8 Consumer Preview downloads all the messages of the last two week for all the account, so for now you won’t be able to change the...
  47. Re: Lenovo ThinkStation E30 is resuming from hibernation on its own

    Is there any expansion card or any such peripherals that is connected to your Lenovo ThinkStation E30?? Can you check out the size and quantity of memory modules that you might have installed and...
  48. Re: Lenovo ThinkStation E30 is resuming from hibernation on its own

    It seems that it is your network connection which might have been set to allow wake events, I am not very sure about the same but then it is guess it is. So here if you are not willing your network...
  49. re: Is there any chance of server meltdown on the release of Diablo III?

    I really don’t think so, as the beta has already gave them the idea of the mass user waiting for the game, I am quite sure that they will ne prepared with several servers so that they can handle us...
  50. Details about HUD and save system in PC version of Alan Wake.

    I played the XBOX 360 version of Alan Wake. When there was news about Alan Wake to be released for PC, I read in one of the articles that there will changes in HUD and save system of game. What...
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