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    Re: Why Left Hinge Broken in Lenovo SL500

    You can order the set of Hinge from the official sites there you can also download pdf file which have the simple guidance for fixing and replacing the broken Hinge with the new one. So one have to...
  2. Re: Lenovo SL500 shutdown due to overheating of Video Card

    I think this is due to some of the dust over there on cooler section, so try to open the cooler section and clean that particular dust present on the cooler section and other parts of Laptop. Because...
  3. Re: Is it possible to add fastest internal Hard drive in Dell XPS 8300

    The fastest Hard drive that I know is SSD, and also any rotating disc drive will also provide the same feature. There on the XPS 8300 motherboard the first two ports are SATA III and the other last...
  4. Re: Audio and video Distortion in Dell XPS Laptop

    These issues for distortion of Videos and Audio ids normally had seen when your driver is outdated. So it is better to visit the official site and get the updated version Driver and install it in...
  5. Re: Corsair AX850W: need help while connecting pci-e and eatx 12v.

    Here I am having some information on this that may help in your case. According to me Each Power supply comes with the multiple EPS 12v 8/4 pin connectors. And also in the AX1200, they all comes with...
  6. Re: Image stretchy appears stretchy on ViewSonic PJD6531w 3D Projector with 1280x800 resolution

    I think you must have installed different firmware to your machine and that is why you are having all this problem to your device.

    And will you please let us know from where you have gotten such...
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    Re: corsair Force GT Drive stuck and freezes

    According to me you should try to make a firmware update to your driver as the version 1.3 firmware is available for the drive you have.
  8. Re: Do firmware update for Force Series 3 and Force GT is available?

    I am posting the .PDF file for the same, so you have to just download the file.

    And Please read it CAREFULLY and compensate close attention to the Images mentioned in the procedure because there...
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    Re: Corsair HX1050W vs. Corsair AX650W PSU's

    if this would be pole then I would mark Corsair HX1050W because of its Unprecedented Efficiency.

    With 90% efficiency at 50% consumption, the Corsair Pro Series Gold power supply is working...
  10. Re: Wants to upgrade my rig containing dead video card NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT for gaming

    One thing I like to ADD is that would be investment you back would be your CPU, which you can't actually do a great deal about it. It’s the most excellent in its class thrashing the newer AMD...
  11. Re: Needed advice on upgrading HDD on Dell XPS 400 computer

    If I was you I would unlink the computer as of my account by means of the account panel on the dropbox what I suggest is build your modification after that re-link the account. like this...
  12. Re: Is it Safe to Turn on Power Supply Unit with Nothing Plugged In?

    You can get the method on the internet, as there are many of the users who have tried this and have share the trick on the internet, so you should try search over there.
  13. Re: How to Install New Hard Disk instead of Limited Space of Old one

    If you replace your old hard disk with a new one, you will have to reinstall Windows. This is absolutely necessary on this system. In that case, whenever we try to do this reinstall process the new...
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    Re: Unable to virtualize PC hardware

    Though you are confident about the hardware but still I would like to recommend you that you should try to test all your hardware as whether they are capable or not, and it would be better if you...
  15. Re: Universal Power Adapter for External CD ROM Drive

    The Universal Regulated Power Supply enables you to connect and power your portable devices. External CD ROM Drive is the portable device here. For doing this task you need to check connector does...
  16. Re: Getting slower speed after installing RAID 0 PCI Card on drive

    It might be possible that the PCI port on your motherboard is quite slower and you might be getting slower speed because of that only.

    Thus according to me you should try to attach the card to...
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    Re: Is Sony Vaio VPC-L21M1E Desktop PC worth?

    In the machine that you have mentioned you’ll get,

    Processor – Intel Core i5

    motherboard - Intel HM65

    RAM – preloaded 4 GB and you can expand it up to 8 GB

    HDD – 1 TB
  18. Re: How to Get an Old Printer Working with a Mac OS X 10.6.6

    It may also happen that this printer not able to communicate with this system. This happens when the system OS not able to run such printer support files. Then I suggest to you for check this problem...
  19. Re: Should I use the SSD for the boot drive or not

    I want to say that if you are going for SSD and in that you select the 40 GB drive then all the 40 GB drives is expensive and also it is underperform as per the need of yours. So you think about it...
  20. Re: Unable to replace power supply unit in hp touchsmart 300

    I would say that better you don’t try this to do it yourself. If you have much hardware knowledge and if have been doing this then you can or else just take your cpu to any hardware shop and get it...
  21. Re: Scratchy sound coming while playing mp3’s and watching videos on YouTube

    I think that your speakers are outdated. I would say that try to install the media player again. Try to download the latest version of the media player and check. The chances of this working are less...
  22. Re: Windows 7: Superfetch? Pagefile? Write-cache buffering?

    Well I think it is better for ssd’s to disable write cache and superfetch. But I think on windows 7, superfetch seems to work properly even if it is disabled in the registry. I would not suggest...
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    Re: Where can I buy DVI to VESA 26 connector

    You can try contacting the manufacturer of your card. There you can surely find support. There are many adapters, but I had also not find what you are looking for. Vesa has some adapters like vesa...
  24. Re: Need to know about the portable scanner that will scan sheets and books

    Hey for that reason I use my cell phone, which is having 8 megapixels. In this case I will also suggest you to use your cell phone for that reason only if you are having the good camera quality. I...
  25. Re: Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 Hard Drive started Clicking

    I possess the same drive (120GB Maxtor DM9) with a comparable symptom, manufactures PSU was over-burden and wasn't permitting the drive to draw the needed current to perform look for / compose ops...
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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I have a comparative situation and have been attempting to spot an explanation for countless months and all prescriptions have flopped to precipitate an improvement. At the same time my situation has...
  27. Re: Error 39 Weird IDE Controller Device Driver Missing on HP Pavilion Dv5t 1000 cto

    I had experience about it and that time I just try to restore the factory setting of this windows vista system. I use the best restore point of this system that helps to do this task. The restoring...
  28. Re: How to connect old HDD on New Computer with Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P

    First, let me make sure that I understand what you want to do. You want to connect your Old HDD with this newly purchased computer system and Gigabyte GA-G41MT-S2P motherboard has to be present on...
  29. Re: Windows 7 - How can I recover 1 GB data on portable HD

    You have tried the troubleshooting bits in the manual? The official site expert have knowledge about it. Hence try to contact that expert person and it helps to you for solving this recovery problem...
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    Re: Need soundless 850w psu

    I think you can also go for the 520w psu’s. I would suggest you to have a look on the google regarding this. Start googling and make your decision.
  31. Re: Will shutting down a PC via power button will harm it?

    The just negative impact it will have is on the shut down choice. And then the mean essence of the late experience binds is a considerable amount to try for in any event five years with a normal...
  32. Re: Hard drive of new pc’s should be defragmented or not?

    I have been wondering that why do you need to do this? You must know what the defragmentation actually mean and so you need to know why would you need to do this for the new hard drive or OS, so from...
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    Re: Which Type of Wi-Fi adapter to use

    I would suggest you with the PCI card, as the USB can be lost or been robbed most of the time, where the PCI card is been in the computer and always there when you will use it.
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    Re: Upgrade choice for High-End Workstations

    For local system upgrades are limited which causes issues. But in workstation this is not an problem. The best example I can give is about the ram upgrade. some of the high end workstations even...
  35. Re: Best compatible Thin client or Zero Client with VMware View 4.5

    You are able to purchase Pano's without the cluster, we acquired them for $120 a piece and it is $40 a year for each Pano for support/broker permit. They are great units which we have arranged on our...
  36. Re: The lens of Nikon in low light limits the new larger sensors

    You are mistaken acc to me. LF noise isn't noise that has a low frequency. It's the noise that affects the areas with low frequency areas, which are the smooth and uniform areas in the object.
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    Re: Antec P183 v2 vs. Antec P183 v3

    This Antec P183 v3 is a dual chamber design isolates heat and noise. Its contain three-layer side and front panel design. In the response this will be decrease noise and ensures Quiet Computing. This...
  38. Re: What is the total lifespan of HP 5500/5550 series printers

    Lifespan of HP 5500 series is really good one. Which we are using in the office for around 4 years. And the printer doesn’t give any problems and don’t need any major service for it.
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    Re: Utilizing Non X86 CPU’s

    PowerPC is likewise in supports (IMO, not an illustration of inserted), where its utilized in each of the several home stages. ARM is universal in not just smartphones and tablets but most obviously...
  40. Re: Need floorstanding speakers under $1000 for a small room

    I could declare a pack of great things about them but its quite pointless. Aperion are an ID (Internet Direct) speaker company, so you don't get to tryout them in a store, but they send the things to...
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    Re: Which is the Best IR station

    The Jovy Systems RE-7500 is the best I think so, the feature for this is that it’s engineered to be lead free compatible. It is very flexible for the components like SMD, BGA CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN,...
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    Re: Unable to run crysis 2 in windows 7

    see some times windows drivers also causes such a problem with the machine and won’t allow some game to be load and this is almost happens with the preloaded drivers only, thus it is strongly...
  43. Re: Way to print mailing labels in Apple Mac Pro.

    I think that there is nothing magic about the printing the mailing labels. In your computer and also in your printer, label is simply an area on the label sheet. You will need to put the ink or toner...
  44. Re: Which one is better among Nikon 35mm or Nikon 50mm for d3100?

    The 35mm f/1.8 AF-S has a lot of barrel (bulging) distortion. Nikon could have done a better job. On DX, the 50mm lens becomes a short tele or portrait lens, while the 35mm is a normal lens on DX.
  45. re: 5610 All-in-one printer giving cartridge error message

    It is possible that the expiration date of your cartridge has got over. If you want to check this then you will find this information on the body of the cartridge. If you come to know that your...
  46. Re: how to install Officejet Pro 8500 A910 on the network by using Windows XP laptop

    You would be able to start “Connect new printer” (you have to erase the old one from Control Panel > Printers first). I think the reason is that XP is tracking the area of your printer by IP...
  47. Re: HP Photosmart C5580 All-In-One unable to scan

    Did you try to contact the service center of the HP, I think you can get the solution over there, so just try to contact the service center and you will be able to work on the scanning of the...
  48. Re: on HP Officejet 6210 how to clear paper jam.

    According to me the following factors can cause paper jams:

    Paper properly loaded in the tray.
    Damaged or dirty paper rollers.
    Paper Torn, wrinkled, wet or paper tray.
    The rear...
  49. Re: How to access Printer Services to clean cartridges?

    For solving this issue you can also follow the following steps:

    To print a configuration page: Press and hold the power button, press the Cancel button one time, the power button.
    To print a...
  50. Re: HP officejet 6500 printer going offline or disconnecting constantly from the network

    I builder the abovementioned all when a considerable number of unsuccessful tries with HP Support, my Internet Service Provider and fluctuating troubleshooting jobs combining reinstalling HP product...
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