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    Re: Antec Neo 620C PSU for I7-4790k

    Antec Neo Eco 620C power supply is Haswell compatible and certified and its efficiency rating is bronze as well. So, there is no need to worry since it is a very good power supply to run your Intel...
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    Re: Is Antec 620W PSU enough for Nvidia GTX 295

    As you are using a single Nvidia GTX 275 card then looking at the CPU and PSU side, you will have a balanced system with no need to further upgradation anymore. But if you are going to use 2 graphics...
  3. Re: Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    If still the above solution doesnt work then try to run the System File Checker tool on your Windows and see if that corrects the corrupted files. To do this, click on Start and then type cmd in...
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    Re: Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    I will suggest you to go with the Antec Three Hundred Two because it is a better case for the most powerful system. There are ample of fans option provided in this case. Also check out some good...
  5. Re: How to charge PlayStation 3 controller in Windows 8.1

    Just disconnect your PS3 controller and then can you try to open Device Manager and then go to your Human Interface Devices area. After that reconnect the controller and then you will be able to see...
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    Re: Antec 750w for MSI R9 270X enough?

    The MSI R9 270X video card will easily fit into any mid tower computer cases. As for the Antec's power supplies, they are made of the highest quality and remain the Tier 3 and higher category. So you...
  7. Re: Kingston HyperX SSD not recognized in my computer

    Can you try to perform some power cycles on it by disconnecting and reconnecting the power for 2-3 times on the SSD. Or else you can better try to unplug the SSD for a while, like for a whole day,...
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    Re: Antec HCG-850W vs Corsair HX-750W

    If you are looking for a power supply only between those 2 brands that you have mentioned then I would suggest you to go with the Corsair HX750 watt psu. However you can still go with the Seasonic X...
  9. Re: Corsair Vengeance 2100 vs Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

    I would suggest you to go for the Corsair Vengeance 2100 headphone because it is more comfortable and has excellent sound quality compared to the Kingston HyperX Cloud. However, both the headphones...
  10. Re: Cooler Master Thunder M 620W vs Antec HCG M 620W

    I would suggest you to go with SeaSonic S12II 620 Bronze 620W psu. I am using it from 1 year or so. This Power Supply is very quiet and running all my hardware components like intel i5-4670k and GTX...
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    Re: Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

    AMD Radeon cards are power hungry so, along with all the hardware components that you have I would definitely recommend you to go for a 750 watt power supply which will keep the power flow stable for...
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    Re: laptop's touchpad showing as PS/2 mouse

    I was facing a similar issue like the OP. I also removed and installed the drivers from differnet locations in my Acer but nothing was working. I got my laptop repaired under warranty but after...
  13. Re: kingston microSD card error "Unsupported type or empty SD card"

    Can you try to use the SD Formatter that you can easily get by searching on the internet. I was too having this annoying issue with the microSD card not being able to be recognized. After...
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    Re: Antec power supply making crackling noise

    The Antec TruePower TP-750 750W power supply will be also enough for running 2 graphics card in your system. The best part of this Antec psu is that it remains cool and quiet even at full load while...
  15. Re: WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

    Can you try to check how your devices connect to one another by going into Device Manager menu and click on View > Device by connection. Just try to expand the ACPI devices to notice the PCI bus and...
  16. Re: audio problem with Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3 motherboard

    Can you go into the Device Manager and see if anything is listed under the Other Devices? Did you try to use the headphones on every audio port of your Gigabyte motherboard? Can you also tell us what...
  17. Re: Western Digital Caviar Black access time problem

    Download a tool called HD Tune to test your hard drive. It is a comprehensive utility designed to optimize the use of your hard drive and gives you tools so you can correct the malfunction or failure...
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    Re: Kingston pendrive shows 0 mb?

    You can even download a tool called HP USB Disk Storage Format to solve this problem. This software works as a utility for formatting USB media or audio player. The application will provide a full...
  19. Re: getting usb 2.0 speed with Transcend PCI Express USB 3.0 card

    Can you tell me whether your card is TS-PDC3 with 4-pin Molex and Sata power connectors or is TS-PDU3 with 4-pin Molex power connector only. Can you tell me whether you have the Sata power connector...
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    Re: AMD Radeon R9 290 with Antec 620W PSU

    The Antec High Current Gamer HCG-620W is a very good power supply for the money. If you had a bugdet computer built then this PSU would have been a hugh overkill because it has too much of power. You...
  21. Re: Logitech K800 wireless keyboard automatically typing on its own

    I would like to first of all ask you what operating system you have installed in your pc? Did you try to clean the keyboard using compressed air? You can also try to remove any dust that gets settled...
  22. Re: No device drivers found error while installing Windows 7 on Kingston SSD

    I have noticed that there are sometimes Windows has some problem with Sata, especially if it is being installed for the first time with a new hardware configuration. You can try to use a method by...
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    Re: SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD slowing down

    Even I agree that there are a lot of variables that can tear down the sequential read speed. After using your SAMSUNG 840 EVO SSD for 1 year if the speed decreases to 300 then you can try to do a...
  24. Re: getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

    You can also try to fix the bad blocks in the hard drive and remap them. To do the same simply open CMD in elevated mode and then type this command "chkdsk /r /b c:" without quotes and then press...
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    Re: blue screen with Kingston HyperX 3k SSD

    Can you try to do some SSD drive disc check and see the output. To do that first update your SSD's firmware to the latest. After that re-seat the Sata and power cable. Now run this command in CMD...
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    Re: GIGABYTE GA-G1.Sniper M5 mic problem

    Yes, there were many people who are facing similar problems where the front panel mic jack is not working in this GIGABYTE GA-G1.Sniper M5 motherboard. You have already tried to reinstall all the...
  27. Re: WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

    Even after replacing the power adapter the drive doesnt spin then there is a problem with the hard drive itself instead of the adapter. You can try to replace your hard drive if it is under warranty...
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    Re: Kingston DT-101 G2 pen drive data vanished

    Even after enabling "Show hidden files and folders" you are not able to view the data on your pen drive then it might be possible that the data might have become corrupt. So you will need to retrieve...
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    Re: Crucial M500 or Kingston V300 SSD

    For quite some time I wanted to boost my pc that was previously having 3GB of RAM, Dual Core E5400 CPU. So, recently I received my Kingston V300 SSD and mounted directly via a bootable usb flash...
  30. Re: SanDisk Extreme II SSD very slow to wake from sleep

    You need to ensure that the hibernation is disabled with the SSD. If that doesnt work then try to disable the HIPM and see if that works. To do that you need to add AHCI Link Power...
  31. Re: retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

    Well, since it is a new SSD of Kingston that you have bought, so it will be wise to return it to their company and get yourself either a new SSD or else the refund back into your account because even...
  32. Re: Antec 302 or NZXT Tempest 410 Elite or Cooler Master HAF 912

    I am using the Antec Three Hundred Two Black Steel chassis and I am very impressed by its quality build. I bought it for just $64.99 when I purchased it long time back. The space left out for hiding...
  33. Re: Error: Unable to determine volume version and state. CHKDSK aborted.

    The error that you are getting looks to me like the core metadata of the file system in the hard drive partition might be corrupted. So, you can try to first recover the important data from it and...
  34. Re: computer freezes after installing Samsung SSD 840 EVO

    You can try to use different imaging software before doing a clean install of Windows in your computer. There is a tool called Paragon Migrate OS to SSD for such purpose. It is a professional...
  35. Re: use cloning software for Kingston HyperX 3K SSD?

    I think that you will have to enable the AHCI in your Windows operating system and then set to AHCI in BIOS before you do all the cloning procedure and this way the new SSD will get recognized. There...
  36. Re: how to control fan speed in Antec P280 case?

    Even I am using a Antec P280 and have added 2 COUGAR CF-V12HP Fans replacing 2 of the Antec's Tricool fan that came along with the case. I was pretty much excited to get this fan since I have heard a...
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    Re: Corsair Force F120 SSD dead

    Since the SSD is not even recognized in the BIOS then you will not be able to do anything to get the SSD to work again. Even if you plug it in the other computer it will not work. Since you have used...
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    Re: Dell Inspiron 5520 error "No Bootable device"

    Have you tried pressing the F12 key on your keyboard when you are at the Dell Logo and then you will get options to choose Diagnostics where you can run extended diagnostics on your hard drive. If...
  39. Re: gaming mouse problem in Windows 8.1 preview

    There is a little fix for this issue if you can enable the Raw Input mode. To do that right click on the .exe file of the game and choose Properties. After that from the Compatability tab choose Run...
  40. Re: Xerox Workcentre 3119 printer not working with Windows 7

    You can try to download the Vista drivers for your Xerox printer from its official website and then extract it to the desktop. After that right click on the .exe file and then go to Properties. Now,...
  41. Re: Lifecam Cinema Webcam initialization error on Windows 7

    There could be many reasons why this error is coming on your pc. Have you tried to connect the webcam to a different usb port? Check to see whether the Lifecam is not connected in the usb port 1.1....
  42. Re: Xenta Wireless Bluetooth Mouse lags on Windows 7 64bit

    Did you try to increase the pointer speed and precision by going into Control Panel > Mouse and then moving the slider of motion to fast. After doing this, you will also need to make sure that the...
  43. Re: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Quick Capture stops responding

    Can you try to perform a clean install of the Logitech camera software if it didn't install properly or a another program in memory is conflicting with it. Removing the camera software and...
  44. Re: Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

    Well, I am having the Antec 300 2 cabinet for HTPC and this cabinate is very solid with thick steel and cheap as well. The previous case that I was having was not able more than 1 3.5" hard drive and...
  45. Re: Logitech WebCam Pro 9000 black screen problem in Windows 7 64bit

    Well, for me I downloaded and installed the LogiTech QuickCam Chat under my Windows 7 64bit edition operating system. What I did was, I just inserted the Setup CD and then browse through CD files and...
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    Re: Antec Basiq 550W not enough for HD 7870

    One such basic Power Supply, with the consideration noted in the above post, that you can go for is CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 550W. It comes with 2 6-pin PCIe power connectors combined with +12v...
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    Re: update firmware 5.06 on Corsair Force GT SSD

    Well, I dont know if there is any updated firmware released for your Corsair Force GT SSD model but you can try to download and use Corsair SSD ToolBox that will update the firmware of your SSD to...
  48. Re: Antec EarthWatts 500W PSU enough for HD 7870 card?

    Since you are using a single Radeon HD 7870 graphics card, then not more than 500 Watt or greater power supply is needed for it, since its the minimum for the card to work on just fine. Your power...
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    Re: Seagate 4TB hdd showing only half capacity

    Did you make sure that the partition table is not a GPT by going into Disk Utility > Partition > Options, if yes, then it will not be able to detect something above 2 TB or so. Just try to reformat...
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    Re: freezing problem with Kingston HyperX 3K

    Well, what motherboard and sata ports are you using? Have you tried installing the latest bios for your mobo, which might eliminate the SSD freezing issues. Most of the motherboard come with stock...
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