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  1. Re: After installing Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0, GPS is not working in Android 2.2.

    In this case, I would like to suggest you that while trying with the GPS try to go outside from your home and then try with the other application like Google MAP and if it works then try with your...
  2. Re: RoI not worth buying The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    It is not comparative to the Radiance which basically didn't do much likewise portal you. Artfulness looks to be a unit for the B/P/E framework being not working at lifted levels. It's a routine to...
  3. Re: The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard asking to subscribe another price plan

    Starting problem is that there is undocumented hack to use the recreation card decision to finish what you crave. I can’t comprehend that why this is undocumented? I would be able to prize that you...
  4. Re: Error code 0x800f0902 on Internet Explorer 9

    When you will start Internet Explorer 9 then it will start but in the wrong language. Hence this error code arrives on it. for fixing this problem you need to first reboot this system. Then you can...
  5. If you are trying to access Facebook in your...

    If you are trying to access Facebook in your office then there are chances that it is blocked. Facebook is blocked in many places. It is filtered and you can only get access after contacting the...
  6. I had done this before. At first I was facing a...

    I had done this before. At first I was facing a bit issue with the connection due to wrong vpn details. But later on it worked. The first thing you have to do is delete the connectivity details...
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    Re: Recently the Utorrent speed has slowed down

    I think you should try the above user method as it is the best and also the good option to check whether the Utorrent is working proper or not or whether the internet connection is working proper or...
  8. Re: My favorites not working and giving error message after installing internet explorer 9

    I am facing the same problem. I had installed internet explorer 9. I had moved all my favorites into sub-directories in favorites called favorites bar. Then when I right clicked the menu area and...
  9. Re: Do you have any idea to get out from Google Dance?

    Google Dance is a thing of the past. You can't end google dance. It is Google’s server side process. You cannot capable to do this disabling task. You can only use does this task by off page...
  10. Re: Duplicate file names with Linksys E4200 media server

    Though in the spartan mode "advanced", the interface is rather clear along with the designed. Note the limited number of DDNS services available (for domain name redirects intelligible to the real...
  11. re: Accessing router with Linksys E4200 Lan-Lan Connection

    The E4200 is equipped with a USB port. With the latter, it is possible to connect a storage device like a USB key or hard drive (formatted as NTFS, FAT or HFS +). To share its contents you can make...
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    Re: IPad - Gmail mobile version on opera mini

    This happens when user changes setting of the browser. The update firmware can help to properly set the setting of this firmware. It works in some rare case.
  13. Re: Opera mini cannot connect. review your network settings

    The simple way to solve this problem is that first go to Opera settings and modifies the connection from Socket to HTTP. It set the setting of the opera mini to the http for solving this problem.
  14. Re: Opera mini gives error "verification of server certificate failed"

    This error message arrives is due to the date settings being set wrong on your phone. The proper way to solve this trouble is just perform an factory reset task on this system. It fixes error and...
  15. Re: Teracom modem local access unable to configure

    To configure folow steps :

    Open backup and restore and select browse button select the file and click on restore . To configure internet connection select configure internet connection .
  16. Re: Hardware acceleration not working with Internet Explorer 9 and Flash Player 10.3

    This is the problem related to the flash player and hence I suggest to you for go to the setup directory of the Flash player. Then Open this Flash folder and post back all files on this listed...
  17. Re: Desktop Windows Live Mail vs. browser Windows Live Hotmail

    I am finding this question as a weird question I am just not able to think about what to tell you on this, i would say that both of them are having their own way of working and own advantage and...
  18. Re: No more version numbers for Mozilla Firefox

    Moving to this Firefox General is better exposure. Each release features bug fixes and minor improvements. Sometimes the newly launched version also adds few of the bugs onto it. Hence I suggest to...
  19. Re: How to recognize Firefox Environment variables/local profiles/cache

    Using any browser, download the Firefox setup file to your desktop. Why do you want the environment variable in the path? If you want to select the location for this environment variable then you...
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    re: Firefox prompting for saving PDF file

    Yes it is the problem of the add-on of the PDF file and it is been creating the problem, I was also having the same problem when I was also getting the same problem of the Save as, so I have gone to...
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    Re: Best browser for Windows 7 64 bit

    The Firefox is good and it is compatible with the windows 7 64 bit operating system, as I am using the Firefox and I am not getting any sort of the problem with it.
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    Re: Best browser for Windows 7 64 bit

    There are plenty and also there very good browser for the windows, as for the windows 7 there are lot of browser which are good and also very much useful to use it. As you using the windows 7 and you...
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    Re: Font rendering in firefox 6

    I would say that first you make sure that you have 32bit or 64bit hotfix installed in your system. Try to set the pref value to 2. You can also set to 3 because it looks good too. If you want to see...
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    Re: Firefox 3.6 Update without permission

    Well I think that you windows automatic update would have been on and because of that all the application have been getting upgraded in your system and that’s where the Firefox is also getting...
  25. Re: Opening Tools -> Options menu freezes Firefox

    There are more chances that the browser installed in your computer is corrupted and for that reason you are getting the problems like this. So just uninstall that from your PC and after that install...
  26. Re: Can I use two facebook accounts with Firefox Simultaneously?

    I would like to tell you that in the browser there is one system known as the "private mode" and with the help of that you can create a new tab which will be independent of the other tabs. If you do...
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    Re: Google Toolbar for Firefox 6

    Validation for this leads to the rapid development of the Google browser. Features that were previously only available via the toolbar are, has become standard components that will be played...
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    re: Rapid-release policy for Firefox

    The user wins because of this as he no longer have to wait months and months for this or that new feature and Mozilla wins because they become much more responsive to Chrome, which also works out...
  29. Re: Cannot scroll to other tab in Firefox 4 with PDF opened

    Have you tried to make use of the CCleaner. I am saying this because I think that there might be some problem in your system. So just install and use the CCleaner. This is very good tool to resolve...
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    Re: Cannot use some Add-ons with Firefox 5

    I believe that the update is still new and is the addon compatibility problem (hopefully) resolved in the near future. The new Firefox will bring all sorts of improvements.
  31. Re: How to change Google black navigation bar in Mozilla Firefox

    Even I also do not know the method or the way to do the changing of the color of the bar, the best and always the better idea is that you go to the internet and search for this type of the problem...
  32. Re: Why no Skype video calls in Motorola Photon 4G

    I have a feeling and even I have read this somewhere that this problem has been related with the Tegra chipset which has been having a problem with it to support the application and so we have to...
  33. Re: Accessing blocks site by using Text-Based Mirror

    Corporate offices are set on strict internet policies so that they can protect their data. A special web filtering software works in the background which traces your internet activities. So better it...
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    Re: How do I see saved passwords in Chrome 13.

    Can you tell me that what was the page you navigated to? Was it Is this the page you are going to chrome://settings/passwords?
  35. Re: Getting HTTP 403 forbidden error while accessing

    Hello friends I think your account gets banned by the site. There are many reasons why they ban the account. But according to me the main reason to get banning is using the proxy for accessing the...
  36. Re: Need information about the unlimited broadband plan form BSNL with good FUP

    What he says is right the speed for downloading is really bad in the plan. But this plan is good for the browsing. My friend who is leaving in other region in india he has the same plan but speed he...
  37. Re: Why there is no 64 bit Internet browser for windows

    Yes I have also seen such a problem in the Internet Explorer 9 but it’s good that Microsoft is trying to use the 64 bit technology for browsers. If the Microsoft can able to use the technology then...
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    Re: How to Tell if a Job is a Scam

    Yes other job scam which I am experiencing is the you will receive a sms on the mobile which says you that the resume of yours get selected and it has the link you can access this through the...
  39. Re: Is it possible to setup Gmail as an exchange in

    It's possible to set up Gmail on using Exchange. Imap is the best technique to do this task. Imap is an Internet message access protocol. This imap will be help to for e-mail retrieval, the...
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    Re: Using VOIP phone instead of landline

    I use phonepower and it has some good features. You must go for this one. Few features of phonepower are listed below.
    • Keep Your Number or Request a New One
    • No Activation Fee
    • NO...
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    Re: Sound stopped working with firefox

    try this out click on the audio icon located on the vista taskbar at the same time keep running a audio or youtube video on the mozilla firefox browser. you will get a pop up in the sound slider...
  42. Re: How to get rid of Google Instant Search Results?

    If you are not happy with Bing than I recommend that you should simply get the Scroogle. Well Scroogle will not invade the privacy of yours and it simply gleans the 100 top answers from the...
  43. Re: Turn off Google Instant Search & Get Old Google Search back

    While searching on Google. I got few links. Which show us various methods to disable Google instant.
  44. Re: What are advantages/disadvantages of FOV in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    When we want to focus on an object in real life, we turn our head and eyes to it so it’s near the middle of our field of view. In games which have low FOV there is no sense of depth, and you see a...
  45. Re: What Is the Difference between URL Rewrite and Redirect?

    Reworks mechanically happen on the server-side of the search operation, importance that the browser isn’t made aware to the adjust occurring. Thus, case in point, provided that you had a site...
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    Re: How Did Facebook Originate?

    With over 1.5 million photos uploaded daily, one of Facebook’s most admired features has the facility to upload photos. Users can upload unlimited photos from their cell phone or through its...
  47. Well, I am using a new HP computer along with a...

    Well, I am using a new HP computer along with a brand new HP printer and I am also facing this same issue. I am not able to print anything from the Internet Explorer 9 browser or Windows Live Mail...
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    Re: Differences Between Prolog and Lisp

    Prolog and Lisp are 2 of the mainly famous Artificial Intelligence computer programming languages . Prolog is a declarative whereas Lisp is a purposeful language. Both are use for a variety of AI...
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    Re: What Are Spiders on Websites

    spider sometimes web crawlers, mostly spiders are used by many websites to retrieve information about website. They are mostly automated and are programmed to track hyperlinks across the web....
  50. Re: Unable to save favorites in Internet Explorer 9

    Try making a spate folder of the same and add all the favorites in that folder I think that will eb a effective solution for you to try with. save the favorites and place it in that folder and access...
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