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  1. Re: Best potential monitors - ASUS VH232H vs. ASUS ML238H

    It seems that every year there is an exciting new development in monitors. LED and LCD monitor are one of the parts of that development. If you want to buy the best monitor within limited money, then...
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    Re: HDMI/DVI connection failed to register

    You should first check whether the HDMI connector is firmly seated in the HDMI jacks. Sometimes it is enough to pull the plug from the socket and insert again. HDMI is the newest standard of digital...
  3. Re: Information about MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III

    This card is next to the expensive "Military Class II" components of a PWM power supply with 6 +1 phases. There are two additional phases compared to the reference design. This will make the GPU...
  4. Re: Is Viewsonic 21.5'' monitor very big for desk?

    Here are the main features of it which makes it more interesting…

    Elegant design with thin bezel
    Monitor 21.5-inch full HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
    Colors rich with 10,000 dynamic...
  5. Re: What Percentage of 3D games can be played with a single GeForce Gtx 570?

    You know what I have the same configuration and a single gtx 570 card, I also play 3d games on my pc and I must say that I can play all games with my card. I don’t think that you need another...
  6. Re: Connecting PC (DVI) to the Thunderbolt display

    I think you will be able to get the solution on the internet as some of the hackers might have done the trick and get it done, so you can see it and get it done, so hope it work for you also.
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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    according to me you can get a monitor from the LG and the best suitable model would be D2342P, you can simply make a search on internet and have a detailed specification of the product.

    In fact I...
  8. Re: Random arrangement of the red pixels to replacing the Black

    Apart from this there could be some problem with the graphic card that you must be using, thus are you sure that it is running properly? Have you ever encountered any such problem ever before?
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    Re: How to use TV as a duplicate of screen

    VGA USB adaptors have very limited bandwidths. Hence if you really want such connection this VGA port with the USB help to do this task. The VGA adaptor has provided this facility to do this...
  10. Re: Windows 7 ask for password after replacing the monitor screen

    As you can open your laptop then disassemble it and check for the ram,if there are more than one ram then remove each of them and rub them using an eraser and use one at time ,discharge and reset...
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    Re: Which one is better ATI 6950 1gb/2gb?

    I think so the above person is not proper in the answers. Since iof your 2* crossfire ATI 6950 1gb then it will give the same output as 1 ATI 6950 1gb does so no use at all.
  12. Re: Where and how to Create Fan Profile for GTX 570?

    I have not thought anything as must as you have though over this and I am not able to think but still I would say something that try by setting the Manually setting the fan at 70-75% and then this...
  13. Re: Who is better between NVIDIA 9500 GT & 8800 GT

    I have been using NVIDIA 9500 GT and I would be saying that it is just awesome. There has been no problem graphic card at all I haven’t got a single chance to complain about it ever. I have really...
  14. Re: Internet and external sound card make noise due to Dell monitor plugged in

    I had a customer who bought a new monitor from me. The similar kind of problem arrives on its system. When I check the setting of the sound card, then I realize that the customer has to be change the...
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    Re: Features of Touch Screen Monitor

    Touch screen is necessary to use not because it easy and fast, but because now a days it become the ideal for the system for surfing displaying images, movies etc. this also have feature that easy to...
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    Re: How is Radeon 6770M for 1366x768 gaming

    Well my friends, I am also having the same card and also I am playing the 1366x768resolution game, till now it working fine for me and I able to enjoy the game on that. So I would suggest you to buy...
  17. Re: Is Bada 2.0 available for Samsung s5253 wave 525

    (quote )After reading huron opinion about on Bada 2.0, I have decided to buy a Bada 2.0 phone. I do not like android phone because now a day is many where using android only. I want different mobile...
  18. Re: Where can i get the ATI FireGl V5200 driver for Windows 7

    I already have Vista drivers and they don´t work with Windows 7. Then I go to the official site of the windows 7 and try to find this driver. Finally I found this driver on that site. It works to...
  19. Re: GPU recovery and timeout detection with WDDM in windows 7

    The WDDM is an Windows Display Driver Model which is an driver that helps to perform such kind of task on your graphics card system. If you are performing the WDDM driver reinstallation task on this...
  20. Re: Which games I can play on XFX Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card?

    You should try as the above users have suggest you to do, and also you can find the list of the games which are be running on the XFX Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card and also you can get the proper list...
  21. Re: MSI N560GTX-TI GPU crashes after updating the driver to version 280.26

    Well, according to me if suppose previous one was working perfectly then you should try to use that only, because the thing is like newer always means better.
  22. Re: Resolution setback in Samsung 2494HS Monitor

    This screen is totally tolerable bar one thing, I have 3 of them on my table and I identify they get a spot too warm for my liking, alternate than that, amazing screen.
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    Re: 16:10 aspect ratio IPS monitors

    you should get Samsung's new SyncMaster monitor, as Samsung has announced a pair of TCO 5.0 certified 16:10 monitors which has different features as D-sub, DVI, and DisplayPort connectivity perfect...
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    Re: Samsung BX2250 monitor not working

    I am agree with the above user and if suppose you are using HDMI cable then you should try to make sure that you have made the settings also for the same and after that you must have to update the...
  25. Re: Which is better: HP TouchSmart TM2 or MacBook Air?

    I like the HP, as it has large battery life of 7Hrs. Also, HP is touchscreen enabled so that’s an added advantage. Also, Mac only has a shared memory onboard graphics card, where as the HP has a...
  26. Re: Dell monitor starts for two seconds and then black

    I am very sorry to know that many of the people are encountering the same issue with Dell Monitors. I could be happy to investigate this and support you. Generous perform these strides and give me a...
  27. Re: What exactly we have to do in Rock of Ages?

    It is a strategy game but a very simple one where you have to defend your tower from the rolling boulder, which is similar to the ball mechanics similar to games such as Marble Madness and Super...
  28. Re: is CoolerMaster Xtreme PowerPlus 600 Watts compatible with MSI 560Ti Hawk or MSI HD6950 Hawk

    If you are never going to overclock and if you don't mind higher power consumption then GTX 560 Ti hawk is better than msi hd 6950 2GB (stock). Do you like playing games? If yes then this will prove...
  29. Re: Is Blackberry Torch 9860 are now available on T mobile

    I figured it wouldn't, I mean at what point was the final time T-Mobile got an exceptional Blackberry? Possibly, way I speculate I will unequivocally need to sit tight for the merger. I utilized a...
  30. Re: Need help buying GPU for my PSU Budget 12k

    I want to buy a good graphics card for my system and hence I read the manual of this graphics card. The configuration of this laptop will be provide the opportunity to add any of the graphics card...
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    Re: Widescreen Computer Display

    I try not to have a widescreen screen but I think I could enjoy one. As with most revamped things, it takes the programming a small chance to make up for lost time. As of now I utilize double screen...
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    Re: Vertical color difference in Dell U2711

    I locate different approach of this monitor. This kind of problem happen in the system if the system doesn’t able to load the correct graphics driver at the require time. Yes, sometimes the system...
  33. Re: Not reading SD card reader in Toshiba thrive tablet

    Friend until I cannot get any solution about this problem. Now I am waiting for launching of Android 3.2 honeycomb from Android. Hope after upgrading operating system I will not face this problem...
  34. re: How to fix GIGABYTE U8300 TV Tuner Dongle bugs

    This is the best way that will be help to just find and then use this solution that help to improve the system features and the quality. It’s price is right for the services provided. The user...
  35. Re: Gigabyte GV-N560OC-1GI crashing after overclocking

    It might be value trying to set the card to default speeds for the memory and GPU. Hence this overclocking will be improving the clock speed of the GPU to the higher stage and after sometimes this...
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    Re: Toshiba TV getting HDMI error

    I have found some screens that don't enjoy PC motion picture frequencies over HDMI, they require AV frequencies henceforth the 1080p setting as opposed to something like 1920x1080 from the PC Try...
  37. re: Internet Not available message on Samsung UN558000 LED TV

    Try to check the internet connection with other devices and see if that is working there or not. If it is having problem with all the other devices then it is not the problem with the Samsung TV. You...
  38. Re: I am getting white dots in Samsung UN46D8000 LED

    After reading your issue I conclude that I cannot give you perfect solution for that. But I can give you some advice about it. Which may or may not be useful to you. You can contact to your Samsung...
  39. Re: Tune menu option skips on Samsung Plasma

    You can try to take help of the troubleshooting guides from the Samsung and get the solution from that. Previously, I have also faced the similar problem with this and the problem was that the TV was...
  40. Re: White Spot in Samsung DLP HLT5076S expanding rapidly

    I don't think it would be a good idea to speculate without looking at it first. The technician would probably be able to give you the best estimates based on his experience and his price structure. I...
  41. re: Samsung 580 series interferes with certain cable boxes via IR

    I bought an 850 sequence and cannot work my Time Warner link box receivable to the sum total of the uproar. I have moved the container and still have issues. It appears to get preferable when about 5...
  42. Re: Need the best Internet connecting Samsung HDTV

    I coincide with what you are expressing, but, to get a laptop skilled for the purpose of taking care of wouldn't it be great if we could express the 1080p matter on YouTube you'd require a laptop...
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    Re: Samsung LN32B650 LCD TV timer not working

    I'll bet that a lot of people who wants this adjustment need this for a link association, NOT a DVD/blueray player or anything else. RF was OK a few years in the past. Now digital/HD TV is the RULE...
  44. Re: Samsung BD-C5500 Internet TV unable to work after Firmware download

    You are right in regard the reset protocol, I had that wrong. The dislike is via the Stop bind. That was offered by the client aid operator and I accompanied beforehand. The confusion reviewing the...
  45. Re: How to fix Power Supply Relay clicking on Samsung hp-T5064

    This internet TV is a numerous picture controls; primary accurate colors; great range of burn-in protection modes. This is few benefits of this TV. This will be work when the power supply properly...
  46. Re: How to fix Power Supply Relay clicking on Samsung hp-T5064

    There is an special solution available over this problem. you need to follow this process and it will be work to fix this problem. Then first turn the TV completely off and remove its battery. After...
  47. Re: Samsung HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade not working

    The revamped firmware on the TV, has presented sound slack with timeshift and on the whole TV survey appears to have diminiTheyd in value (I suspect something to do with the mpeg din legitimacy). The...
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    Re: NOS application on Philips BDP8000

    I was thinking in different way regarding this issue. It could be also possible that the current version of this application couldn’t able to provide these features. There might be possibility that...
  49. Re: Many times NET-TV not support to watch the video

    This is not the suitable process to always perform the reinstall software on this system. It is necessary to use another way to replace the existing infected files of the software. The update...
  50. Re: Unable to access internet on Philips TV 32PFL8605H/12 due to Adobe flash

    This kind of problem arrives when the user try to perform the installation on any manner. Hence we need to use the proper way that help to fix this problem. I think the adobe flash player has been...
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