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    Re: How Mail Aliases works with iCloud

    There in the mail aliase you can also make setting according to your need, you can also set the account to never delete from the server, so that even you get message on your System for deleting those...
  2. Re: Getting stack error 116 during email files attachment

    There are some applications available on internet that you can download and install in your system which used for Windows repair. Which can be used for fixing the Internet Explorer errors, ActiveX...
  3. Re: How to synchronize chat options in Google Talk?

    Ok that’s interesting do one thing check if you have enabled the auto-sync option in your phone and I am sure that you must have not done that and hence that’s the reason why it si giving you...
  4. Re: Wi-Fi functioning slow in IE and Firefox, but not in Google Chrome

    This is the issue which is normally seen, however there is the good reason behind that issue. Since Google chrome has fixed most of the problem with Firefox and however the Firefox is still doing the...
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    Re: troubles with firefox browser

    if you are still getting the same problem then really it could be some sort with the operating system that you have installed, because after installing each version almost all the problems get...
  6. Re: Do you have any idea to get out from Google Dance?

    Google is either incompetent or just doesn't care. Backlinking is very important. But you can't just ignore your on page SEO. This problem is affecting millions of PCs. I noticed "Invalid Click...
  7. Re: From where I can find free internet radio stations online?

    Hey I also love to listen the radio online and here I would like to say you that you can listen the radio online, for that you can make the search on the net as Music. lot and there you can listen...
  8. Re: Duplicate file names with Linksys E4200 media server

    First observation for a router is that the E4200 is rather elegant. In any case much more than the electric blue that Linksys products could get used in the past. The matter is about the coating,...
  9. re: Accessing router with Linksys E4200 Lan-Lan Connection

    As you are already having the box, one can wonder about the possibilities of adding a second access point to extend the reach of Wi-Fi (this step is often necessary in a house). Equipment...
  10. Re: Full Version of Google plus and script mishandling on Opera mini

    This is the bug that still there is no such kind full version of the Google plus available on this opera mini. This will be necessary to inform the developer of this web browser for solving this...
  11. Re: Unable to Synchronize bookmarks with latest version of Opera Mini

    Upon closer inspection of this opera mini browser is states that the browser turned out. The main reason behind that is increased traffic of items being synchronized. If you improve the tabbed...
  12. re: Indian Government sites not open in opera mini

    Opera mini is an special web browser designed primarily for mobile phones, smartphone. If you have faced such problem then the main reason behind that is this sites only available on the desktop PC....
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    Re: Original Facebook site in Opera-mini 4.3

    Finding ways to unblock restricted websites is really interesting specially with the social networking site. In the social networking site most of the user want to fully access the web page contents...
  14. Re: Opera mini gives error "verification of server certificate failed"

    The other way to set the date setting on this mobile phone is as follows. First make sure that Date/Time setting which is located on Setting menu of the phone. Then under "Options" set it to "Update...
  15. Re: Error message 0x80070002 encountered by Windows Live Photo Gallery

    What i personally feel is these are the problme which may be faced due to following reasons:

    * May be if the default security provider option in you operating system must have been changed....
  16. re: Explorer vs. Firefox in relation to windows sizing

    However if you are using Windows as your OS then you can customize the Internet Explorer window. If you seen, that every time we launched the internet explorer. The default settings for the windows...
  17. Re: 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat powered by windows live messenger

    I wonder that what’s a great amount of user windows live has been holding around very nice. I am a big fan of the windows live and I think that I am also one of those user which this is been...
  18. Re: Aliases offered by the hotmail to help you manage and secure your email account

    Well most of the people don’t know about this and they would be very excited when they would be hearing about it the first time as you got so happy but I don’t think that there is anything to be...
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    Re: Facebook chat in Hotmail

    This option is been available in the yahoo till the time I have seen it, as per know it is has not come in the hotmail, even I want to it be in the hotmail, as I am having lots of the friends on the...
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    Re: RoboForm not work on updated Firefox 4

    RoboForm Online Beta has been released. If you have any problem with the previous Roboform product then you need to check this product on your system. This might be work to fix this problem.
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    re: Firefox prompting for saving PDF file

    You can try to re-install the Adobe reader as it might have the problem and also it is not able to open the file directly on the Firefox, so check it.
  22. Re: autofill is not working in firefox 5 and hotmail

    I think that if you go in the dom inspector or in the firebug, there you will see that the username name box has autocomplete set as off in the settings which actually disables the autocomplete form...
  23. Re: FireFox 6.0.1 behaving weird in Windows 7/64 bits

    Remove all the firefox icon from the taskbar and all and then again restart the firefox and see if it has been solving your problem. Because when sometime I am having this problem then I too do this...
  24. Re: Opening Tools -> Options menu freezes Firefox

    If your computer is running the Intel Pentium 4 processor and the Windows 2000 or XP then you need to disable hyper-threading for Firefox. To do that, just go through the steps below.

    First of...
  25. Re: Cannot scroll to other tab in Firefox 4 with PDF opened

    I had a similar problem. Firefox 4 had the beta and the scroll was extremely choppy. But somehow I managed to get this resolved and so I want to share that with you people. You need the previous...
  26. Re: Firefox add-ons disabled after beta update

    Other than this if you want to disable some add-ons updates:

    Select the Extensions tab in Manager.
    Select the add you want to disable automatic updating.
    Click the link that says "more." ...
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    Re: Cannot use some Add-ons with Firefox 5

    There might be some antivirus installed in your computer that is causing the problem for you. So what you can do is just disable the antivirus in your computer and then try to use the same to see if...
  28. Re: How to change Google black navigation bar in Mozilla Firefox

    You will be able to get on the internet and you will be able to get the setting to do the changes in the bar, so go on the internet and get the settings for the bar and apply the same over there.
  29. Re: What are the ways of moving the address bar to the bottom in firefox 6?

    I would say that you can but you can move the address bar on the status bar by using status buttons. Status buttons allows you to put toolbar buttons at each end of the status-bar. You can go the...
  30. Re: Accessing blocks site by using Text-Based Mirror

    TextMirror is just an basic service which shows you the text only version of a website. You can read the content only in that and that makes your work easier. That's all. I had used this many times...
  31. Re: How to Encrypt Gmail, Facebook and other Text-Based Messages

    I have also heard about it but I have never try it as I have never thought of trying it and I have nothing to worry, until and unless my account is been hacked by someone, so I will see through it....
  32. re: How to turn off audio of background audio ads in Internet Explorer 7

    Yes that is an malware. Because the ads are not displayed on your screen. The activex is always related to malware attacks. Many time while loading any site you get an message to update your ActiveX...
  33. Re: Google Chrome is not working after updating to v13 from v12 on SLED 11.1

    Well I can only suggest you to report this to the Linux support may be they find some way to get rid of this . that is all you require to do. anticipate that helps. Did you also attempt to look for...
  34. Re: Error by using the Search key words in Chrome 13

    According to me you just shut down your PC’s or Restart your PC’s, might it works for you. Since I have heard these problems first time, so I don’t have that much of information more than this.
  35. Re: Getting HTTP 403 forbidden error while accessing

    I have heard that many of the ip address gets banned by the site form india. I think the reason is clear that its due to the bandwidth speed of their internet connection and they are actually working...
  36. Re: Not getting Monitor Signal on MSI 990FXA-GD65

    There are some possibilities of this problem that I am listing.

    The cable between the monitor and the CPU may be loose (or disconnected), or damaged. Check the connections.
    If the computer...
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    Re: How to make Google Instant off or on?

    Looking at the requirement of yours I am suggesting following steps which you should try to fix the matter of yours.

    You have to go for the and you have to choose the gear icon which...
  38. Re: How to get rid of Google Instant Search Results?

    I let you know that the Google is providing an option which you can use to disable the Google Instant feature on the browser of yours. you can simply click on the turn off the Google Instant which...
  39. Re: What are advantages/disadvantages of FOV in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    FOV is the field of view in the game, or how much of the game screen you can see on the computer screen. So, if you set the FOV as 90 you set 90 your vision so you obviously see a larger portion of...
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    Re: Differences Between DSL and Cable?

    Well I don’t see any difference in the download speed between dsl and cable. I have used both of them. Currently I am using cable internet service.
  41. Re: What Is the Difference between URL Rewrite and Redirect?

    The way that the improve is finished in a method this is fulfilled by the server means that in a large number of cases you won’t even be mindful that the revamp itself has happened unless the page...
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    Re: How Email Works

    E-mail, which is short for electronic send, is a way to trade advanced notes or letters. E-mails work on a sort of archive-and-advance framework, in which the e-mail server machine stores, advances,...
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    Re: How Do Websites Use Cookies?

    The cookies are a kind of text file stored on computer by the website for tracking the user related information. The website sends a cookie along with a unique session identifier for the individual...
  44. Re: Error code 0x89970005, while updating Microsoft security essential

    Hey I think the error might as well go around 0x80070005 for which it is fact be told an "Access is Denied". It is safe to say that you are doing this on an Administrator record? Some users spot it...
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    Re: Browser Issues in BlackBerry Torch 9810

    I also feel the above problem is not the issue with the phone, though I do have a strange problem in my phone. I cannot click on links in the browser without using trackpad, and the cursor does not...
  46. Re: How to Remove Cookies Automatically After Accessing Website?

    Yes, using CCleaner you can do it. In CCleaner, go to setting and under that you can make it to delete all temporary data automatically from all your browsers. In addition to this it can also be used...
  47. Re: Unable to change the Locked Default search Engine URL in Google Chrome

    I hold the best equipped fix for it. Now Most users know this and the thing which they make a point not to is They chiefly identify the URL Line greyed out or bolted out , So here are the strides for...
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    Re: What is PDF viewer in Google chrome?

    Yes the plugin is improved by google and is alto safer then the adobe plugin on the grounds that it runs in a sandbox mode. Likewise I'm pretty confident its handicapped by default resulting from the...
  49. Re: RealPlayer not recording clips with Internet Explorer 9

    Are you using the IE 64-bit? If yes then ActiveX Controls are not supported in that and hence that’s the reason why you are not able to record the videos using the IE9. So that is one simple reason...
  50. Re: How to disable address bar (Search the web for) at first entry?

    One plus in your team I am so annoyed but I use Ctrl + Enter this make that Search the web for disappear and make full use of address bar may be this ease the pain a bit but personally I also...
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