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    Re: Nokia N8 not recognized in Windows 8.1

    You can follow the below method for connecting. After that copy and paste the "netsh wlan connect JoikuSpot_XXXXXXXXXYYY" replacing the exact SSID of your connection in a blank notepad file and save...
  2. Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition PS4 bundle announced

    Sony and Warner Bros. jointly announced the future commercialization of two PlayStation 4 packs to mark the launch of Batman Arkham Knight in June 2015. One of the two consoles will be available in...
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    Re: Suggest smartphone under 25k

    The Nexus devices are the best smartphone that comes with the latest operating system first when ever google releases one. You can also do a lot of thing like customization, rooting and so on with...
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    OCZ Intrepid 3700 SSD Series released

    OCZ brand unveils its Intrepid 3700 SSD, which provides up to 1920GB of space and boasts great endurance.

    While it has just started marketing a SSD Vector 180 2.5-inch introduced at CES 2015 and...
  5. Re: How to Fix iTunes error 1015 after firmware upgrade on iPhone?

    You can try to restore to the 4.1 stock firmware version by connecting it to the iTunes software on your computer.
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    1 billion WhatsApp downloaded on Android

    The second non-Google app to cross the billion facility on Google Play is WhatsApp.

    Midweek, the founder and CEO of WhatsApp reported that the messaging application is passed to the upper edge in...
  7. Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 battery drains, wifi suddenly stops

    Well, if you are on Wifi most of the time then surely the battery will drain much quickly because it will be scanning and using data over internet continuously. As for the wifi dropping problems you...
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    Re: Battery back-up problem - HELP!!

    You can go for Gionee Marathon M3 that has 5000mah battery. It comes under Rs. 15000. The looks of this mobile phone is also good, with normal camera and weight but the battery backup is awesome....
  9. Samsung S27E510C Curved 27-inch display announced

    Samsung has just announced the upcoming arrival of a new monitor that has a curved slab. Here are the features.

    Away from all the hubbub of the mobile show in Barcelona, ​​the manufacturer Samsung...
  10. Philips BDM3470UP monitor with 21:9 AH-IPS display introduced

    A new large PC monitor has been announced by the Philips brand.

    This PC screen, the BDM3470UP model offers a diagonal of 34 inches and a ratio of 21:9 on an IPS panel. The data sheet also mentions...
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    Fixstars 3TB 2.5-inch SATA3 SSD announced

    Fixstars Solutions announces SSD offering 3TB of space in a 2.5-inch size and talks to reach 5TB in the coming months.

    A young company called Fixstars Solutions has just announced a 3TB SSD in...
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    Re: lava iris x1 grand cwm recovery

    You can even use SuperOneClick application to root your android phone. It works in the latest operating system and requires you to install atleast .NET Framework 2.0 or above preinstalled. After...
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    Re: app for 2 way call recording in Nexus 6

    There is an app called Boldbeast Call Recorder which is one of the best call recording software for Nexus devices. But note that you will have to root your android device to use this application....
  14. Assassin's Creed Rogue PC system requirements and release date announced

    Ubisoft has announced the exact release date of Assassin's Creed Rogue for PC, while communicating the minimum and recommended configurations to play the title in optimal conditions. Moreover, for...
  15. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge prices leaked

    Among the unverifiable rumors, here comes the supposed price of future smartphones of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, that was announced rather high.

    With the invitation for a Unpacked event press...
  16. Final Fantasy 15 new images showcase combats with Noctics

    Square Enix has released new in-game images of Final Fantasy XV, the next big Japanese RPG game of the company coming this year on gaming consoles. For the occasion, some fights are honored with...
  17. Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 technical specifications and performance revealed

    Ten days before the formalization by Nvidia, the GeForce GTX 960 will allow a quick getaway on the web.

    While the graphics card GeForce GTX 960 is expected by ten days, a new photograph is being...
  18. Steam Machines is going to launch at GDC 2015, rumor

    Valve has recently stressed that its famous Steam Machines will be present substantially at the Game Developers Conference to be held in March 2015. In addition, it is confirmed that the Steam...
  19. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be produced in limited edition

    Waiting for the Galaxy S6, the rumor of the Galaxy S6 Edge variant with extended screen will be available in limited edition, as said by the Korean media.

    Is it a true information or rumor for...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Z3 download manager issue

    There were many users who were facing notifications problem from download manager in Sony Xperia Z3. Some of them said that if phone is kept on wifi then this notification clears off but if it is...
  21. Seagate 10TB hard drive to be released from 2015

    The manufacturer Seagate has just releases its first hard drive models with a capacity of 8TB, now it already announces the arrival of the first models displaying 10TB in 2015.

    Seagate, recognized...
  22. Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) sent to India for R&D purposes

    A new trace of the future Galaxy S6 was detected in India, where a prototype was probably recently sent for the purpose of R&D.

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 is still very mysterious but rumors...
  23. Instagram reaches 300 million users overtaking Twitter

    The photos and videos sharing service Instagram owned by Facebook now has over 300 million users, allowing it to pass the competitor Twitter.

    The photo and more recently released videos sharing...
  24. Re: How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Nexus 9 tablet

    I dont think that Amazon Prime Video will work on your Nexus 9 tablet. Even when you sideload the Amazon Instant Video apk file and run it still you will come across an error message that it is not...
  25. Meizu MX4 with Ubuntu to release in early 2015

    The partnership between Canonical and Meizu to design the first Ubuntu smartphone has not yet borne fruit but a new launch window is scheduled for early 2015.

    Having observed by the public, the...
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    Re: iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

    You can try to reset the auto-brightness in your iPhone 6 which can be done by turning it off again and check if that works. If still nothing then there is nothing you can do except to email Apple...
  27. Re: iPhone 6 plus screen scratch already just in 1 week

    There was one guy who was having similar issue with his new iPhone 6 who came back from a Genius appointment. When he showed the guy his iphone 6 then the guy from Genius appointment said that Apple...
  28. Re: How to install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Smartphone

    First of all for which smartphone model of Xiaomi are you trying to install Google Play Store. Since Xiaomi Smartphone are all china android phones, they dont come with Google Play Store preinstalled...
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    Re: gv-r927xoc-2gd problems help plz

    It seems that there is definitely something wrong with the graphics card. Can you try to test the same card in other computer and see if it is working normally or giving the same problem. If there is...
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    Re: gv-r927xoc-2gd problems help plz

    Try to update the BIOS of your Gigabyte R9 270x OC and see if that helps. First of all download the Gigabyte VGA@BIOS tool from this link -
  31. Re: Configuring Airtel Beetel 450TC1 ADSL2+ Router for local RJ45 cable internet

    Beetel 450TC1 does not have a WAN port, so you will have to use it as an access point. You can try to connect Ethernet cable to Beetel and then beetel to laptop through ethernet cable.
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    Re: gv-r927xoc-2gd problems help plz

    Download and install the CPUz tool as mentioned above by searching it on google. While you are playing the game, minimize it and then run the CPUz tool to check what temperature you are getting. Also...
  33. Re: China iPhone 4 32GB mt6235 - Need driver & PC suite !

    You need to install wifi drivers on your pc/laptop and then configure it to connect your china iphone to your pc or laptop. Is there any wifi support in the china mobile that you are using? Can you...
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    Re: Wireless keyboard of Sony VAIO Tap 11 problem

    Did you follow the instructions here:

    Have you tried to follow the instructions given on the official website of Sony -,66/:

  35. Re: Flashed Wrong Firmware on UTStarcom WA3002G4 ADSL 2+ Router/Modem? - Don't worry! :)

    After giving the SSID name, you will have to enter a WPA Pre-Shared Key and its password phrase is needed to be entered when you are connecting through the wifi. Now you have to simply click save and...
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    Re: Sony Xperia Z2 back panel is loose

    Some of the Sony manufacturer have already noticed this issue on the Xperia Z2 gap. They have also told that they are aware of some users concern on the waterproofing capability of the Xperia Z2 due...
  37. Re: Help Me To Choose A Best Connection To Avoid Roaming Charges In Democratic Republic Of The Congo

    I would suggest you to use the Travel Sim card. This is an international sim card and I have used it very often and was very happy with the prices and service of this card.
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    Re: How to restore factory setting in china mobile

    There is no master reset code but you can hard reset your karbonn K102+ to get rid of everything from your phone. To do that shut down your phone completely. After that press and hold Volume UP and...
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    Re: How to update karbonn A2+

    Since you have already rooted your phone, then search for an article called "Upgrade/Update Karbonn A2+ to 4.3 Jelly Bean" on google and follow the steps given to update Karbonn A2+ to Jelly Bean...
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    Re: Reduced Roaming Technology

    You can try to use WorldSIM which is one of many SIM card providers which offer free incoming calls and outgoing calls at local rates wherever you are. With this sim card you can save upto 95%...
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    Re: please help me fixing Note 3 myself!!!

    Try to follow the below steps and see if that works:

    First of all double tap the Home Button
    After that go to Menu
    Now go to Settings
    Now, turn off open via Home Key

    If still this doesnt...
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    Re: Hebrew Spellchecker in Microsoft Office 2003

    If the Office version that you have doesnt has the proofing tools for Hebrew, then you will need to get that tools or other third party speller. You can type in Hebrew in Word without the tools but...
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    Re: How to update karbonn A2+

    You will need to download and install the Jelly Bean upgrade on your mobile phone via OTA (over the air) update. To do that you must have a decent internet speed from the service provider that you...
  44. Re: Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported

    It looks to me that Qmobile M500 requires java game files, so try to download the java games from the below links -
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    Re: Word 2013 Auto Correct Option?

    You can try to find out AutoCorrect from the Tools Menu if you have the Classic menu for office. To do that click on the Menus Tab and then click on the Tools drop down menu. Now you will be able to...
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    Re: unable to install apps on Samsung Gear 2

    I was facing this similar issue and was searching for a fix on the net for couple of hours. Later on I found out that there is something to do with either the Samsung Apps or the Samsung Hub on your...
  47. Re: teracom GAN4.FT130-J-TE-R9B018-IN resetting it settings very frequently

    Can you go to this website - and download the "Customers using Teracom CPEs click here*" thing, it might be compatible with your Teracom modem, please proceed with care...
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    Re: Nokia E7 Bluetooth Not Working

    The issue usually happens if you use multiple devices at the same time. You are not supposed to use 2 handsfree simultanouesly. You can even try to even reset your phone and see if that works.
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    Re: Nokia Asha 210 hangs

    First of all try to perform a soft reset by using the code *#7780# and 12345 security code when asked. It will not delete any data of your phone, but if it doesnt work then you can try to do a hard...
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    Re: How to make Wifi Tether to work on LG G Flex

    There is also another app called PdaNet+ listed on Google Play Market. It can be used to turn your LG G Flex android smartphone into a free Wifi Hotspot or else you can also use it as a USB broadband...
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