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  1. MPCStar Media Player working extremely slow on some video

    I am using MPCStar media player. The media player works very slow when I try to play some dvd videos. It takes quiet long time to launch and sometime I got a message that program not responding. On...
  2. Low GPU usage while playing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with GTX 580 3GB

    I am having a Gaming desktop at my home with GTX 580. The desktop was set idle from long time, lets say about 4 months. Couple of days ago i started playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition. After...
  3. Overclocking Intel I7 2700k on Asus Maximus Extreme-z

    I am desktop user and I was trying to overclock my cpu Intel i7 2700k on Asus maximus Extreme-z. I am not computer geek so I don’t have much knowledge about this. But I read somewhere after doing...
  4. Fonts not proper on Blackberry Torch 9800

    I am blackberry guy and I am using Blackberry Torch 9800. From last few days I am facing font smoothing problem on my smartphone. I was just checking my font size and it was 9 at that time then just...
  5. Intel E5300 overclocking on Gigabyte G41MT-S2

    Hello guys, this is the first time I am jumping into overclocking and hence i need some urgent help from you all. I am using Intel Pentium E5300 @ 2.60 processor on Gigabyte G41MT-S2 motherboard....
  6. No Post Message on MSI K9NSLI motherboard

    I am having the MSI K9NSLI motherboard in my desktop. I am facing a problem in my MSI K9NSL. The problem is that when I start the computer it gives me 1 long beep and 2 small beeps and as both the...
  7. Need information on Ad-blocker in Norton Internet Security 2012 beta

    I have desktop at my home and I am using Norton Internet Security 2012 beta. I am new this kind of device. So I am gathering the information about it as much as possible. I heard about the Ad-blocker...
  8. Survival mode in Warhammer 40,000: space marine

    I believe that as a substitute for classic multiplayer in opposition to different individuals this diversion is impeccable for a fancy community survival mode like Killing Floor. Cheerfully we will...
  9. Unable to erase all of browsing history in Windows Phone 7

    I have purchased new windows Phone 7 for my personal and professional use two months ago. I don’t have any problem with the working of the device till last week but after that I faced some serious...
  10. Unable to convert Word docx To PDF in Microsoft office 2010

    I have desktop at my home from last three years. I am the user of windows XP. I don’t have any problem with my system till last week but after that I faced some serious problem with it. The problem...
  11. How to create characters in the Lord of the Rings: War in the North

    I am big fan of gaming. I like to play the latest game in the market. So I gather the information about those as much as possible. I heard about the Lord of the Rings: War in the North and I want...
  12. Getting a loud clicking noise in new 1.5Tb freeagent drive

    I have purchased a new 1.5Tb freeagent drive two months ago. I don’t have any problem with the device till last week. But after that I get the problem in that. my actual problem is I get the loud...
  13. How to fix conflict Between the Factions in the Tropico 4

    I have desktop at my home. I don’t have any problem with my system. I am big fan of the gaming. I played almost all the games. I like to play latest games on my system. I am started to play Tropico...
  14. Is it possible to buy the full version of windows 7 at a student discount

    I have purchased the new Lenovo laptop for my study. I am student in the college so I need a better operating system for my use. I am looking for Windows 7 and I want the full version of that...
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    RE: Office 2010 Setup failure

    Thanks for sharing this buddy but seems like it wont work for me. I downloaded and RTM Office 2007 and double clicked the same as you said. But I dint saw anything extracting. Also when I checked my...
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    Re: Repair/Reinstall mshtml.dll

    It seems like i have fixed the problem. When i was searching Google for this issue i came through various articles which says the problem is actually with Internet Explorer and not the Outlook. So...
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    Repair/Reinstall mshtml.dll

    I’m facing some serious problem with my Outlook Express on Windows XP. Whenever I try to print a normal email also it crashes with the following error message:

    Error Signature:
  18. Installing Business Contact Manager error - Primary Interop Assemb

    I am having two PCs at home running with Windows XP Pro and Vista Ultimate. I’m using Business Contact Manager since long time on my XP computer but when I tried to install the same today on Vista,...
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    lifecam VX1000 diver

    I bought Lifecam VX1000 webcam day before yesterday and since then i'm trying to install it. My Windows XP system is not able to get the drivers. Can anyone please tell me from where can i download...
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    Ping general failure

    Hey guys, I came today share a small experience with Ping general failure issue. I was facing this problem since past few days on my Vista system. though internet was working fine on my computer,...
  21. Audiodg.exe takes 40-50% CPU when playing games

    I am using Windows Vista Home Premium with pretty good configuration as this is my Gaming PC. Recently I started getting problems during any game. Recently I played GTA and Counter Strike where I use...
  22. Removing Album Art from Windows Media Player 11

    I have a Windows Vista system running with Windows Player v11. There is a problem with my WMP and that is though it downloads the songs information automatically but the info never matches correctly....
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    explorer.exe using 50% CPU time when idle

    I am using Windows Vista on a desktop. Today it was in Hibernation mode for about 6 to 7 hours and when I came back and started working, I found that my explorer.exe is consuming about 50% of CPU...
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    Re: TaskBar and Start menu not working

    Thanks for the help buddy by my Windows can't find the Run sfc/scannow in the run function.

    Dman, whats wrong? Please help.
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    TaskBar and Start menu not working

    I am using this Vista laptop since a year and it worked very fine. Dont know what went wrong since past week whenever i try to launch anything from Start Menu, the program just flashes for a second...
  26. cant convert itunes music into windows media player.

    I am using Windows Vista 32bit laptop. I have a huge playlist saved in iTunes. Now I want to move this entire playlist on Windows Media Player on the same computer. I tried doing that the way I know...
  27. Re: Office Home and Student 2007 Installation Problem

    That was really helpful Jasonholt, thank you. I did the same and now my office installed but a new problem rose. Whenever I trying to activate it (using Activate via Internet), it gives me an error...
  28. Office Home and Student 2007 Installation Problem

    Recently I installed a new PC with Windows XP home edition and bought a copy of Office 2007 Home and Student Edition. When I opened the package I found that there was no CD. Surprising, isn’t it ?...
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    Script to repair/reset network adapter

    I have Dell laptop running with Windows Vista. Due to some reason every time I need to repair/reset network adapter. But to do I always need to go to Network and Sharing Center > Manage Network...
  30. Setup exe stopped working when uninstalling

    I am using Windows Vista on Sony vaio laptop which is just a month old. I have few programs installed on my computer that I don’t need any more such as norton antivirus, AOL helper and Roxio. Hence...
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    Re: Cannot install network printer in Vista

    Thank you very much for that useful info Domi.nick. Those steps really helped me to atleast connect the HP printer. I’m now able to access and print using HP but still am unable to install Lexmark....
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    Cannot install network printer in Vista

    I have a small Wireless Network hub at my home which is connected with two Windows XP computer and two printers, which are HP and Lexmark printer. All are shared with each other, both XP can transfer...
  33. Welcome Screen - getting incorrect "unread mail messages" messages

    I use Outlook 2003 as my default email client on Windows XP system. As well all know if your system is locked and you have any unread emails in outlook, it will show the notification on your Welcome...
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    Find Empty Distribution Lists

    I’m running a Server with Domain at small office premises. I need to find out all available Mail Enabled Groups or Distribution Lists from my Domain which are without any members. I need to get...
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    Re: WMV HD Stutters w/ WMP11

    Yeah, that is correct friend. I remembered all this settings as I used to do these in WMP 10 for HD video playback hence I already did it in this WMP 11 as well. But the problem is still as it is....
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    WMV HD Stutters w/ WMP11

    I have few full 720P high definition videos in WMV format that I use to play fine with WMP 9 or WMP 10. Couple of days ago I updated my WMP to version 11 on XP SP2 desktop and since then whenever I...
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