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    Re: RemoteApp and Terminal Server 2003

    Terminal Server is the server component of Terminal Services. It manages the operations of client authentication and makes the applications available remotely. It also deals with restricting access...
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    Re: Setting up software RAID on Linux

    Right at the beginning should be mentioned that below mentioned steps should only do if you have a recent backup at our disposal. If in doubt, please backup all important data again. Any tampering of...
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    Re: How to install Lubuntu

    I would like to inform you about the minimum installation (if you have little RAM). If your computer has less than 160 MB of memory (RAM), the installation from the live CD is impossible. In such...
  4. Re: Information about the Libraries of Windows 7

    Since the virtual directory of libraries behave like real folders can also include these files by drag and drop or copy and paste. However, this is only possible if one or more folders from the user...
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    Re: How to boot from Virtual Hard Disk?

    If you want to create a custom installation, can make directly in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. (. Wim) Just in Disk Manager and create a VHD file with imagex (found in WAIK) the desired...
  6. Re: Information about the Desktop Virtualization

    Desktop virtualization is a relatively new term introduced in the 90's, which describes the process of separation between the desktop, which includes data and programs that users use to work, the...
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    Re: Uninstalling Parallels and Virtual Machine

    I would like to recommend you to remove Parallels Tools. Parallels Tools can be detached via a common modus operandi for removing applications from the operating system installed in your virtual...
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    Re: Boot Windows XP on SDHC in eeePC 701

    What is your real purpose? Run Windows applications on your Linux or windows actually have because you prefer? What you should know is that the boot on your card will be quite long and tedious in all...
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    Re: Problems in resolution of Windows 7

    Definition is typically measured in DPI screen between 100 and 110 dpi is perfect, the characters below are often too large (a 15-inch 1024 x 768 at 85 dpi) above characters are sometimes regarded as...
  10. Re: KB915597 (Definition: 1.83.1268.0) creating issues

    The research included detailed analysis of the July security updates and the latest version of the MSRT (Malicious Software Removal Tool - Removal Tool Malicious Software), and high-priority updates...
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    Re: Password Policy in Windows 2003 Server

    You do the same thing but you apply your strategy or at the domain controllers (the base is the local DCs AD). In Active Directory domains Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, you can use...
  12. Re: Problem in Network Configuration Operators group in Windows 7

    If it is domain or workgroup computers? Are the users in the group of local administrators? Possibly the problem in the direction of the group home has Implemented new Windows. You can change the...
  13. Re: How to import form templates from other programs in InfoPath 2007?

    Developing a custom data importer depending on your business requirements, designers and developers of superior form templates in your association can choose to create a custom importer to relocate...
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    Re: Problem installing Linux

    One of the main problems for those who want to start using Linux, you do not have very clear what they need and what steps should follow to install and configure the operating system. A few years ago...
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    Re: Creative ev1938 4ch PCI Driver for Windows XP

    Everest allows us to generate a report describing the PC 's hardware devices, which can then paste into a message Drivers forum for assistance. To do this you click Report.
    Report wizard appears,...
  16. Re: Windows XP Won't Boot After Installing Secondary Drive

    Starts to load Windows XP, the program seeks Ntldr Boot.ini file to determine which operating systems are available in the computer and the options that are available before continuing the load. If...
  17. Re: VMware with Time Machine and Macbook Air Parallels

    In terms of space obviously have to take into account the total size of the data you want to do backup. That is, if your Mac has a 1,000 GB internal drive but you are only using 250 GB, obviously you...
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    Re: Windows XP and Time Capsule

    Let's see, I not a step by step I can give, because they usually work with trial and error, but I can say that with XP are no problems. I have it configured as a network drive, and every time you...
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    Re: How do you use SL Server?

    You should also have an information about the Second Life Enterprise LindeX. LindeX technology is included in the solution SL Enterprise Beta, but is not connected to Second Life LindeX. This allows...
  20. Re: Can't reinstall VMware tools in BackTrack 4 final

    First you should understand the concepts of VMWare. So that you can do anything with it. I am interested in posting some information about it. VMware creates a closed environment in which are...
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    Re: BackTrack 4 update manager?

    Generally Linux, the GUI is useless to administer a machine, it's just an ease of use!! But what you must remember is that when you have a concern because an interface is not functioning well or is...
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    Re: Gnome for BackTrack 4

    In principle and on an "official" because I do not think that I believe they are the repositories are only available BackTrack KDE packages and precompiled applications "exclusive" or modified for...
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    How to remove bloodhound.pdf

    If you really want to remove bloodhound.pdf virus from your system then i would suggest you to totally format your system and install new operating system and at the same time also make sure that you...
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    Missing "memberof" ldap attribute

    There are users with us that are missing the "memberof" ldap attribute when they belong to domain security groups. When we look in the ADUC, then it shows the user is a member of multiple groups. If...
  25. Re: Unable to convert a JDBC Result Set into Xml File

    The Hibernate Framework includes functionality for producing XML-based data derived from relational data. There is a simple toXML() method which handles this. The JSP page is for displaying data ONLY...
  26. Re: Unable to resolve the problem of javascript:history.back()

    The second thing he's referring to is someone's suggestion that you call something like getURL("javascript:historyBack();") and then define a historyBack() function in the HTML that calls...
  27. Re: system32/shimeng.dll is corrupt and unreadable

    This is due Task Manager protection, As your log snippets are talking about Volume Shadow Copy, you must be doing a live P2V of Vista enterprise. Ignore my suggestions about importing a virtual...
  28. Re: What is the Difference between Message Driven Beans and Stateless Session beans

    To start the wizard, select FileNewEnterprise Bean. In the General dialog box of the wizard, select the Message-Driven radio button. The client sending the message to the destination need not be...
  29. Re: yahoo vs. drupal listserv, give suggestions?

    I currently use Mailman to manage subscriptions and sending to our email list. The robot.txt file tells the search bot which pages to index and which ones to ignore. In this file, I can tell the...
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    Re: Illustrator open a side of a circle

    Use the Circle Tool to draw a circle. Then draw a vertical rectangle that is larger than the circle. Move the rectangle over the circle so the long side bisects the circle through the middle. Create...
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    How to loop flv files?

    Generally flv files are flash files and i dont see any option given anywhere for its loop feature. So can anyone tell me how to loop flv files? How to get a .flv file to loop or restart itself when...
  32. Re: How to deal with Dell snmp services in windows 2003

    Have you called into Open Manage support yet? I resolved it. Bug with the Server Administrator version. I installed version which addressed this exact issue. Go to Start | Control Panel | Add...
  33. Re: How to deal with Dell snmp services in windows 2003

    Is your server fully patched? does it say why you can't restart the service? This is because I have this problem since I have upgraded all of my server to OMSA 5.4. Before version 5.4, I have...
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    Re: How Active directory group access SQL server

    Install PowerShell Community Extensions (PSCX) from - they have an AD provider. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a query language for directory services such as Active Directory. As...
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    playstation store codes

    Hi, I am searching for some playstation store redeem cards or codes which are on sale? As I dont have a debit card or credit card so I cant make any payments in the store I think. So can anyone tell...
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    Re: How to clear C drive history

    If your hard drive is FAT or NTFS partitioned on which you want to erase saved information, it will erase system files permanently, AEVITA is a software that will Erase Hard Drive completely destroys...
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    How to remove bloatware on HP laptop

    I have bought a new HP Pavilion which is running Windows XP with Service Pack 3. It came up preloaded with bloatware software. I have removed many softwares, and done enough uninstallations and I am...
  38. Re: How to check System Specs

    To check what system specs you have type "dxdiag" into the "run" under start menu. I used a prog called wcpuid to enable SSEYou can run the dxdiag command by going to Start-->Run..-->dxdiag It is a...
  39. Re: What is Hiberfil.sys file and how to deal with it on Windows Vista

    My comment right before your last comment explains in concise terms what the hiberfil.sys is used for. It is rather awkward to change with the GUI just because it's buried pretty deep. If you want to...
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    Stop: C000021A {Fatal System Error}

    Yesterday I shut down my Windows XP computer when a storm knocked the power and Windows was automatically installing 6 updates before shutting down. Afterwards I tried to start the computer and it...
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    Re: Restore password for windows computer

    Here i will provide you the some Scenario where you could try restoring the password for windows, but make sure you need to have Windows Vista installed on you computer.

    You recently set a new...
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    Re: How to view workgroup in Vista

    Every computer resides on a network. The computer is a member of a workgroup.There are possibilities whether the firewall are enabled on the other network then you are not allow to see the other...
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    Re: tcpip.sys error 0xc0000428

    Microsoft has released plenty of versions of tcpip.sys, this will help to run different versions of Windows Vista TCP/IP but UAC Auto Patcher will work only on certain version of Windows Vista,...
  44. Re: Slipstreaming process for Windows XP with NERO Express

    In order to complete Slipstreaming process for Windows XP need to follow the steps:

    You will be having the windows xp, copy files from your windows installation XP setup CD to your folder on your...
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    How to check future page rank

    When Google is updating Page Rank (technically is Google releasing Page Rank status to Google Toolbar or Google Directory so that they will reflect the latest Page Rank), it will normally takes a...
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    Vista cannot read UDF file format

    My Windows Vista Business can not read DVD of UDF file format no matter if I open it in real player, quicktime or WMP. I have installed the K-lite Codec but still the file doesnt plays? Is there any...
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    invincibility code in FAR CRY 2

    What is the invincibility code in FAR CRY 2 on any console and even if it is pc based? Thank you.
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    Re: Install a printer with Ubuntu

    ok got it installed had to run setup and tell it the the port it was on /dev/usblp0 instead of /dev/usb/lp0

    ran install with this cammand

    sudo ./setup

    then ./pipslite-install found the...
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    Install a printer with Ubuntu

    My mom bought a computer running Ubuntu. Everything works well but I can not install a printer of lexmark. Indeed, when I try to make a printing test, the computer tells me an error message. Thank...
  50. Amend the stop button to close session in Vista

    Hello everyone,
    Here I do some research on the net to change the stop button Sign on Vista. Unfortunately I found nothing. There is everything you want to change off, suspend, hibernate ... In my...
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