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  1. Just check the specification before buying....

    Just check the specification before buying. Overall the system is really good. It provide you a good processor and ram. But there are different version in it. Some come with a gpu and some do not. So...
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    Re: Batch File to show AD ou

    You can make use of PVE Find AD User it is a product of corelan website and you can get the product downloaded from that website only. So that is one thing that you should be checking out.

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    Just search for the below files and then delete...

    Just search for the below files and then delete it from your computer in order to get rid of the i4jdel0.exe process:
  4. Re: While selecting 'include video' in Sync Photos iTunes Crashes

    I am having problems with iTunes fails when "Optimizing Photos". I do not know if it's the videos or not, but I had a new video. In fact, I had an accident when synchronizing iTunes music and...
  5. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    Both are attractive good options and the current versions are very unwavering indeed. Both also the same price at U.S. retail $ 79.99 and provide almost the same set of features. A quick search on...
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    Re: Photos are disappearing in library

    A library is a collection of links/pointers to a set of folders. You can check the location that you use for storing these photos files. You can also again try this process and this time remembers...
  7. Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 lost the Bluetooth Connectivity

    The method which the above user have told you does not solve the problem, as I have tried and also I cannot select COM10 and COM11 I can get identical results: no connection. I wonder if the...
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    Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    I have heard that VLC player has not performed well on Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire Z. vVLC player was tested on these devices and unfortunately it didn’t perform well. If there are different...
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    Re: Flash is dying, Adobe prepares- Supports HTML5

    Flash could not work impeccable on Android, but regardless it does work. So the network encounter may be far from optimal, but its doubtlessly not handicapped like on iPhone and iPad.
  10. Re: Few Emails Received having huge text in Outlook Express 6

    I have IE8 on my machines (in spite of the fact that I never utilize it) and its set for minor message. We've attempted Thunderbird in the workplace most incredibly going with me didn't prefer it....
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    Re: Poor video performance in VMware Workstation 8

    Performance trouble I have almost the identical with Ubuntu Linux guest.
  12. Re: Windows unable to install updates including Printer Issue at the same time

    Not beyond any doubt which bearing you are running with Norton being instated. So to response both sides of the concern, around then the situation happened, Norton or anything was not installed (so...
  13. Re: Need suggestion for Best Sound Recording Software

    I'm certain you could know this even now that there are some programming's over there, and every clear thinking individual has their particular supposition on what's the "greatest". Be that as it may...
  14. I had also got the same issue. It is not easy to...

    I had also got the same issue. It is not easy to get rid of that. You can try re-installing the browser but I think it might come back. The toolbar add some additional addons on your browser due to...
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    Re: How to open .rsd files in windows 7

    You can try the above user method and also you can search on the internet for the tool which will be made to open the file of such type and also on the specific running operating system, so you...
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    Try to re-install the game. You said you are...

    Try to re-install the game. You said you are unable to save any settings. That means there are some missing files due to which you are facing problem. Just try to remove the game and install it back...
  17. Re: Cloning C drive to a new drive that works up to a point

    One of the explanations I like Windows Mail is since it archives its message documents as eml files, which prepares you to restore your records whatsoever times by actually selecting them and...
  18. Re: Unable to move message to folder in Outlook 2002

    I moved a post to a folder and I need to move it back to an additional folder on my letter drop i accept this note "could not venture to move the parts. The article would be able to not be moved. It...
  19. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    In the event that you utilize the shortcut beforehand exchanged ideas about to carry up blank viewer window, you could probably drag & drop a picture into it and the viewer will showcase it....
  20. Re: WinPatrol Monitor Cookies in Internet Explorer after Microsoft security updates

    This WinPatrol as this cookie viewer is especially devoted to Chrome/Chromium based browsers. It is actually s a spyware remover that will monitor system program such as cookies. For using the same...
  21. re: gettin error "communication failure" while access nokia mails after firmware update in Nokia X3-02

    See whenever we want to access any data from the internet we have to make some settings first in the mobile called “packet settings” so that we can access the data from the internet.

  22. Re: unable to open more than one Excel document at a time

    I am also not getting the actual question that you have mentioned but still but How can I open 2 excel files in two excel windows. But for that you have to make some change through the folder option....
  23. Re: Do Power Data Recovery tool is good to use?

    I think you haven’t search the same thing here ever because we have already discussed so many times about the available software and the best one.
    You should at least try to go through the...
  24. Re: Help-Need to make a video recording tutorial

    The proper way inside the AviScreen is to first run the software. Then tick on capture video button given on left down side. You can also use alternate Ctrl-Alt-S keys for this task. Then select the...
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    Re: Unwanted auto text in Outlook Express

    You are getting the problems for unwanted text in Outlook Express, so there is the features for auto correct the unwanted text in Outlook Express, Auto Correct more than Spell Check permit report the...
  26. Re: How do you uninstall a program that won't uninstall?

    Microsoft has verified the product is not genuine or implication authorized to the group I work for. Hence the product said should be erased. Unite or Remove tries not to uproot it owed to a mistake...
  27. Re: Missing important folder from my desktop, need help!

    The just thing that has happened to me in the past month that would have created some sort of error could be; Firefox hanged whilst I was perusing a homepage I suppose there is some...
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    Re: How to find MVI files on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    There is an proper way that can be help to do this task. In that you need to use an shorter method that helps to you a lot for choose the MVI movies in Aperture. Then use it and select the File menu....
  29. You have to restore the Mac OS settings to fix...

    You have to restore the Mac OS settings to fix the issue. It is better you backup your data before doing this. For that just restart your mac system. Then choose restore from the boot menu and then...
  30. The manual process for removing this is time...

    The manual process for removing this is time consuming. You have to remove it from various location. It is also installed like a add-on in your web browser. You have to get rid of the same one by...
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    Re: Working panel missing in Adobe Edge

    You can try also another method which I have mentioned it below so that you can get back where you were using the Adobe Edge start point, so follow and try.

    Go to the Control Panel.
  32. re: How to make adobe edge animation run in internet explorer?

    Actually the major reason behind this was like SVG support.

    Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a family of stipulation of an XML-based file format for relating two-dimensional vector graphics, both...
  33. Re: Unable to install adobe edge on windows 7 64bit

    it would be better if you attach the installation LOG, so that we can figure out the actual threat you are having in the installation and that you’ll find under this directory,

    C:\Program Files...
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    Re: Need to do seek in timeline for Adobe Edge

    The new tool will allow designers to bring animated content to Web sites, using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. This is the newly launched software tool that can be help to solve your problem. The web...
  35. Re: Need another Javascript library for Adobe Edge

    This javascript on the adobe edge software uses CSS3 (cascading style sheets), HTML5 (Hypertext markup language) and JavaScript functionality. Using this web technology the user can make an...
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    Re: Is Adobe Edge another walled garden?

    If you are discuss about the adobe edge preview 2 then I think this is the best that can be help to you for enhancing the features and the facility of this software. It contains new features such as...
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    Re: Unable to install Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    I think most of the time this download and then the installation task goes failed. In that case, I suggest to you for use the installation CD of this task. this will be work most of the time for...
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    Re: Adobe Edge on Linux

    For your information there is already some version available. I read in some article that the official Adobe application support on Linux. Then I am not sure but you need to check such issue by...
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    Re: How do I make Mouse Buttons in Adobe Edge?

    You can possibly do this task if there are a tools or something similar code present on this adobe edge. Using such tools or the code you need to detect the mouse cursor position on screen of this...
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    Re: Error opening Adobe Edge on Lion 10.7.2

    Sometimes it could be possible that the support files of this software are to be corrupted. In that situation we need fresh software. The proper way is to be using this reinstallation task on this...
  41. Re: Help-Need to put animation into website using Adobe Edge

    If you are still experiencing a JS error, similar to me then you need to check the path of this html files onto it. Sometimes this missing path will be gives such kind of problem. in such case, you...
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    Re: Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    Edge is currently in Preview - so it's a very early release. I don’t think that there is an perfect proof that this windows 7 not compatible with the adobe edge software. You need to use an proper...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    I use this tool on my system and must say that this will be the best for doing the animation and the other entire task on it. Preview 2 focuses on fit and finish improvements as well as feature...
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    Re: How to remove Conduitenginesetup virus

    If above all solution not working to solve the issue and after that I would like to suggest you to make repair your system and after that let me know the issue.
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    Re: VMware view on Cisco webVPN

    You should use that additional piece of software to do that. If you only use the web portal, only the browser windows has access to the VPN, not the other ports. At the moment there is no portal...
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    Re: Testing vmwgfx running under VMware in Linux

    It is constructed from table / src / gallium / objectives / xorg-vmwgfx
  47. Re: Microsoft Outlook 2011 is running slow on Mac OSX Lion 10.7

    If I am not wrong there could be bug issue with the software. Hence I am suggesting that you should contact the developer of the game and file a bug report to them. They will work on the same and...
  48. Re: How can I modify the Mac Excel 2011 to sperate by semicolon rather than of comma?

    Well you should simply go for the GUI of the MySQL in phpMyAdmin. It is using the semicolon which should be separated fields. It will simply make the thing quite simpler. If the Excel is using the...
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    Re: Hidden Outlook Temp folder

    You should click on the option of show3ing all the hidden folder in the folder view option of the folders and also in the computer itself, then tries to find it on the computer.
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    Re: Unable to quit from the sync service agent

    You will be able to get the solution for this problem on the internet and you will be able to solve the problem of yours, so search on the internet and get the solution for you.
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