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    Re: Antec or Cooler Master PSU for Radeon R9 280

    I would also suggest you to go for the Antec TruePower Classic series TP-650C 650 watt psu. I am using this Antec power supply for more than a year now and havent faced any issues so far. Previously...
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    Re: Is there a device similar to Chromecast

    This are streaming gadgets. That means they give you a single platform from where you can stream media files. You can stream from a mobile phone or you can stream from a tablet pc. And it works...
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    Re: Is Intel Core 2 Quad still better for gaming

    I do not really think Core 2 Quad can build up a good gaming pc based on today's gaming. Latest games are loaded with more better technology that needs the latest hardware. You can use a good gpu but...
  4. Re: Cannot increase the brightness of ACER ASPIRE 5750-6845

    This is a keyboard problem. You have to update the drivers and that will fix the issue. You can find the same on the official site of acer. But if you are unable to find the same then you can try...
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    Re: How to control SSD temperature

    This is because you are playing too much games. You are using the entire drive as a single partition with all your games. I think heating up is common. You don't have to worry much. Even regular hard...
  6. Re: Which one is better between Close Looped Liquid Cooler or Open Looped Liquid Cooler

    I am using a closed loop cooler from Corsair. It is a costly one but looks amazing to keep the system says. It is wrong to say that close loop coolers are not capable of giving you maximum cooling ...
  7. Re: Looking for some compact interchangeable lens camera

    There is one more camera which comes in similar range is Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2. There are some great models by Olympus also. But they are far more costlier compare to Sony and other brands.
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    Re: Advice for 64GB memory card for DSLR

    Go for Sony 32 GB SDHC Memory Card UHS-1 Class 10. It comes for Rs.2300. It is in budget. 32GB still is more than enough for taking hd videos. It is a class 10 card which give you fast data transfer...
  9. Re: mouse setting resets in Logitech Control Center

    Almost a year has passed now and Logitech Control Center is now version 3.7.0 without any fix for this problem? I am facing this bug from quite sometime now. When ever I restart my computer the...
  10. Re: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    Look for Logitech Tablet Keyboard For Android. This comes for Rs 3168. Which might be costly but it is right to spend one time. If you buy a cheaper one and if it does not work then you had wasted...
  11. Re: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    The best way to preserve battery of all smartphone is turning the wifi and internet off when you are not using it. This saves the power and extend the battery life. Try to sync only once or twice in...
  12. Re: Canon Pixma MG3100 printer problem in Windows 8

    Try to follow the below steps and see if the Canon Pixma MG3100 printer gets recognized in your Windows 8 system:

    First of all you will have to disconnect your printer from USB port.
  13. Re: Where to find a good mini gps tracker for kids

    There are some on ebay. But they are quiet costly. It is really worth to buy because it is not possible all time to keep eye on wandering kids. You can get a cheaper on on eBay. Just try finding out...
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    Re: MMORPG Keyboard Mouse placement problem

    It is a hard time for gamer when he tries to play game on messed up desk. I will advice you to simply buy a wireless keyboard mouse combo pack and site at some comfortable for playing games. That...
  15. Re: Corsair Neutron GTX SSD disappeared after restarting computer

    I would say that, first of all make your Corsair Neutron GTX SSD a non bootable drive and then try to update its firmware to the latest. Simply remove the power and data cable from the SSD for about...
  16. Re: Is it safe to keep important files on a free cloud server

    Server are vulnerable to attack. They are not 100% safer. There are chances when something bad happens, and attackers just gets a entry like what happen to yahoo. There are thousands of account that...
  17. Re: Script to have backlight flash in different patterns for Logitech G510 keyboard?

    This is indeed a great keyboard and it is possible to change the color of the key by the using the Logitech software. The fact script editor is already build in the Logitech software. To access that...
  18. Re: Need help for GPU and CPU Upgrade for Lenovo ThinkCentre M55p 8811

    Yes this ThinkCentre M55p 8811, fail to support most of the GPU. So it is better to make use of some other option available there on eBay or Amazon, you can get any one among the collection of PSU...
  19. Re: Audio is not working properly in Philips Home Theater System.

    There might be the issue is with the PCB board, or may be the resistor will burn out. So verify whether it is properly working or not. There you may have to replace that resistor with the new one.
  20. Re: Touch screen not working in Dell Inspiron ONE 2205

    Try to update driver and if not works to overcome this issue, then there might be some software or Hardware issue. It’s better to contact to a dell service center and get your laptop repaired, and...
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    Re: Information about MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III

    Although the MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition / OC for the second custom-design in the form of the GeForce GTX 570 brings to the market, has changed nothing in the connection options. As...
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    Re: Bluetooth Audio not working in OS X Lion

    See there could be so many problems with this kind of problems thus I would say you should try to test all of them.

    The very first thing that make such a problem is like whenever we make multiple...
  23. Re: Unable to connect magic mouse after lion upgrade

    After a huge research I have came to know that almost all models are having trouble communicating with the Magic Mouse and a Firmware Update is supposedly on the way.

    In the interim, go into...
  24. Re: Apple Magic Mouse: after Lion update, Mouse Cursor Jumping to Corners.

    I can also see that the cursor will jump to of the corners of the display. the cursor will jump to of the corners of the display. I am not exact what prompts it jump, so I cannot easily copy it. But...
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    Re: Corsair HX650W: fan noise

    I am having the same PSU but I can’t here any noise in this. So in this case I will suggest you to try to replace it and take the new one instead of that, because your PSU is still in the warranty...
  26. Re: Image stretchy appears stretchy on ViewSonic PJD6531w 3D Projector with 1280x800 resolution

    concerning to aspect ratio issue, the problem you have mentioned wonder me and make me deep thinking on why the native resolution on 3D mode is 1280x720 (16:10) but 1280x800 (16:9) this normal timing...
  27. Re: Do firmware update 1.3 for corsair Force GT is compatible with windows 7

    See as the extent to I know whichever firmware you install in the drive, it won’t make any issue with the operating system that we install. But still as far as older OS’s are concern such as...
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    Re: corsair Force GT Drive stuck and freezes

    See there could be so many reasons for causing such problem with the hard drives, such as it could be some threat in the software or might be possible that there is some problem in the software in...
  29. Re: some doubts regarding Firmware update of corsair Force series SSD

    see it doesn’t mean if we are having any problem with the current software directly leads to update the firmware rather we can have too many option to resolve the problem. And after all if you want...
  30. Re: Western Digital WD5000BEVT internal 2.5 SATA HDD is making noise

    I would say that you should purchase another hard drive now. As I suspect that there are some issues with it. You can get it fine in warranty else you will have to spend money on that and I would say...
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    Re: Unable to virtualize PC hardware

    Seems that you must be using apple mac osx thus according to me you should try to make use of software called VirtualBox 3.0 in your machine, because though the above user mentioned about another...
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    Re: SEO Outsourcing Pros and Cons

    In the event that you are determined to center on SEO, you should be ready to dedicate a great deal of time and life to your SEO system. After all, moving up in the internet searching engine...
  33. Re: Need SSD setup help and how to maximize performance with it?

    It worked well with me, no BSOD. A debt of gratitude is in order regarding specifying the above steps to me. For anybody that might have had the same issue. Here is the one step at a time directions...
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    Re: Why CPU Fan is always broken

    Such problems occurs if our Fan socket is not perfectly fitted, or there is a some changes or band occurs in the CPU Cabinet, so first you find whether your Cabinet is not damage over the Fan place...
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    Re: cleaning cooler master HAF 922 cabinet

    there are too many Cleaning tools that you can make use for cleaning your cabinet such as,

    Cloth –
    Water or rubbing alcohol –
    Portable Vacuum –
    Cotton swabs –
    Foam swabs –

  36. Re: Getting slower speed after installing RAID 0 PCI Card on drive

    I was also having this kind of problem with the system speed and I found that it was actually because of the controller rather software’s that we used while configuring the RAID drives.

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    Re: Is Sony Vaio VPC-L21M1E Desktop PC worth?

    I would say you have selected a very good machine but still according to me you should get the machine with your own configuration rather than the one which is pre-decided.

    I hope you must have...
  38. Re: Scratchy sound coming while playing mp3’s and watching videos on YouTube

    I would suggest you to format your pc once. You can try to install the fresh copy of your operating system. I think after formatting you won’t face any such problems again. I think some of your...
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    Re: IBM NetVista not responding on boot

    At least you must be able to see the bios screen. That is really very important to troubleshoot any system. Because if you are not able to access the bios screen then that means the system is dead.
  40. Re: Is there a lithium battery for desktop computers?

    In the event that you are pointing to the part second intrusions you should check your union. Some UPS reinforcements run your stack through the exact UPS so interference shouldn't be a situation.
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    Re: DVD Drive fails to read data discs

    I have Nero CD-DVD Speed which is a utility that checks your DVD drive's display by running a sequence of tests on speed, and information entering. I was getting the same situation, I could put a...
  42. Re: Will shutting down a PC via power button will harm it?

    In the Windows 7 Control Panel/Power Options is "Choose what the power buttons do". You get decisions for what happens "When I press the power bind: Do nothing, Sleep, Hibernate, Shut Down" When that...
  43. Re: - Officejet j6480 printer shows ink loss even after installing a new cartridge

    Unequivocally something I observed with something. I figure when you turn the printer off the cartridge moves to a docking station. Then a small flapper heads up and seals the cartridge, the...
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    Re: Need soundless 850w psu

    I would suggest you to go for the Corsair AX850 power supply unit. What is your budget? Please mention us your budget so that we can provide a perfect psu. If you want to purchase this psu then you...
  45. Re: Which one should I buy: Western Digital or Seagate Goflex 1TB external HDD?

    Well I would say that if you want a fast and large drive then don’t worry about the output. I think western digital 1tb hdd should be on your top of list. It is the fastest external hdd so far I...
  46. Re: which combination is better i5 + 460 GTX and i3 + 560 TI

    What I would be saying that go with any of them both of them are very good only you need to make yourself fine that you are going with the best option and I am sure that both of them are the best...
  47. Re: Best compatible Thin client or Zero Client with VMware View 4.5

    We are sending Samsung NC190 units to our clients that are doing revamped arrangements and don't have shown screens to re-utilize. For clients that have shown screens we are organizing the PD02 as it...
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    Re: Unlocking iPhone 3G 05.13.04 Baseband

    It is right, jailbreaking is related to software modification of your phone and that too with unstable tools. So if you are lucky enough, the it might work.
  49. Re: Mouse clicks by itself even after the mouse is detached

    It seems to have been the parallel port creating this issue, in light of the fact that disabling it in BIOS altered it for both systems. In the BIOS of my influenced home system, I impaired the...
  50. Re: Need floorstanding speakers under $1000 for a small room

    For $1k lack the capacity to defeat the Vandersteen 1c's. The highs and midrange are wonderful, and most fit portrayed as transparent. They unmistakably absence something in the level bass contrasted...
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