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    Re: Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

    After showing your battery information I can say that your battery cycle count 818 is most relevant but it’s very high count of total charge cycle. It simply means that your battery is used up but...
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    Re: Kingston 16GB pen drive is write protected.

    To remove this error just find the small switch on the drive or memory card and turn off the protection. If you have not noticed any small drive switch this may cause this error mostly. You can...
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    Re: Formatting a USB Stick on Macbook

    I am an experienced user of Mac OS X and Regina have suggested the right way by which your problem can get solved. Actually you have to launch the Disk Utility application which would be located in...
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    Re: Trackpad issue under bootcamp

    If you work on your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with multi-touch trackpad on Microsoft Windows Vista or XP, you may find it difficult to select objects with the trackpad desk or move. The...
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    Re: Saved games on iPod Touch

    You need to use itunes as a backup tool to save game. iTunes secure some game data, unfortunately, not all. If you're going to be pretty sure, then save over SSH. you go through SSH to the folder:
  6. Re: Steps to sync Nokia N8 with Google contacts & calendar

    Here I have provided the perfect way by following which you would be able to sync your Nokia N8 phone with the Google Contacts and Calendar. Actually you need to begin by clicking the Phone Setup...
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    Re: iOS 4 Killed my iPod 2G WiFi

    WLAN problems seems to be causing due to router settings which you have to tweak a bit after installing an iOS 4. I suggest you to turn off the router N and then check that are you able to use Wifi...
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    Re: Invalid Security Code on iTunes Store

    If you are very much sure that the password which you have entered is not wrong then you should immediately call to an iTune customer service so that you can confirm that they have got some wrong...
  9. Re: Currently available games for an iPod with iOS 4

    From the time when Apple announced and previewed back in April, Game Center has been expected for the iPod merely for the reason of its universal capability. So far, games have been divided amongst...
  10. Re: Cut my SIM card using CUTMYSIM tool By 3G juice

    Not placing SIM card while converting card by using any tool. This will cause you to break your SIM card yourself. Just concentrate whenever you about to convert SIM card. If you don’t like to use...
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    Re: Virus:Win32\Alureon.H Code=0x80501001

    You need to Download and Run RKill, Before you begin, you should put out of action your anti-malware softwares you have install so they do not get in the way RKill running as some anti-malware...
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    Re: MVVM Command in Windows Phone 7 Series

    I have collected some information from the different forums which says that there is no need to use the SL3 assemblies as ButtonBaseExtension is included in the GalaSoft.MvvmLight.WP7.dll. So you are...
  13. Re: simple way to put time alarm in window phone 7.

    Spb Time Skin: Cartoon 1.0 will help you to put clock time alarm in the phone. Spb Time is a kind of software or we can say this is tool which allows us to set time with screen saver mode. Screen...
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    Re: Windows Phone 7 vs IPhone 4 (iOS 4)

    The topic is still interesting. WP7 lacks many things from IOS. iOS lacks many good things for other operating systems. What more, I have immediately pulled to the side of WP is a brilliant support...
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    Re: Splash screen in windows phone 7

    When you come into possession of your phone's Start screen already contains several vignettes. However, you are entirely free to move or delete existing labels, or add new ones from all sorts of...
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    Re: Play MP3 Stream on Windows Phone 7

    You can use Mp3 Stream Recorder that is a software courtesy of XRMX through sponsorship advertising. It can record live music. Mp3 from servers scattered over the Internet. That's enough to satisfy...
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    Re: Zune 4.7 for Windows Phone 7

    According to me, You should grab the new Zune 4.7 now as it would be a different experience to use it with its new features and improvements. And along with the new Zune, Using Windows Phone 7 would...
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    Re: Some thoughts about Windows Phone 7

    Xbox Live will also make its appearance on PC and Windows Mobile is LIVE and experience will be fully synchronized on all platforms, with customizable avatars according to the platform used. A bit...
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    Re: Touch screen for Macbook Air

    A truly mobile device needs to be light, thin, and strong enough to take with you wherever you go. It also needs to perform quickly, spring to life instantly, and have enough battery power to keep up...
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    Re: New Macbook Air run any cooler ?

    The the original Air. I have used this version now. Though it has been extraordinarily reliable, the Intel graphics (housed in the chipset) is its Achilles' heel. And I'm discussion about heat...
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    Re: Make iMac to DVR by Eyetv cable dongle

    I had never hear of TV, the app that do nearly everyone of the tricks, but after reading the piece and seeing it in action, I was reminded of my PowerMac 8500 AV, which at the time boasted a blazing...
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    Re: i7 iMac Vs i5 iMac

    Mac Core i7 Quad. The 2.93GHz machine with a 27-inch screen is package with 8GB of RAM for $2,329. After that is an iMac Core 2 Duo running at 3.06GHz with a 27-inch display. We enfold up the top...
  23. Re: How to speed up your boot time in Snow Leopard

    You can immobilize dashboard by opening up the and running the command:

    Defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES
    and then run kill all dock to resume the dock....
  24. Re: Getting rid of "shiny keys" and preventing it?

    Whiteness is not exactly how long I have the new aluminum keyboard (USB wired version) have - think times as 2-3 months. View grad that have already begun to wear. The space key which I have to 99%...
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    Re: How Many Cycles Does a MacBook Battery Last

    You can now unplug the adapter and run your laptop on the battery. Use your MacBook until exhaustion of its autonomy. You will see a first warning message about the level of your battery. Prepare to...
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    Re: How do I get Macbook audio to my HDMI TV

    Apple has quietly changed its implementation of the Mini DisplayPort in the new generation MacBook Pro to enable him to pass an audio signal in addition to the video signal - perfect for connecting...
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    Re: PS3 and iMac Airport Extreme Connection?

    You need to go to System Preferences> Network. You select Airport and you click on Advanced ... and you will tab TCP / IP. Then comes the same configuration as above me. Do not forget to Apply. Then...
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    Re: Should I Buy A PS3 Now Or Wait For PS4?

    Sony’s PlayStation 3 is around since 2006 and there have been many rumors that the next-generation console will arrive as soon as 2012. The recent Game Informer claims that game developers are...
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    Re: How to Unlock Code my Nokia 2730C-1

    I have bought many Nokia phone from the different countries worldwide and never faced any problem for using different network cards on it. Actually you have to activate your phone by calling to the...
  30. Re: Internet Explorer 9 Beta install on Windows 7: Service Pack is not supported

    These prerequisites appear to block the installation of IE9 in people who have installed a pre- release version (beta) of Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. This deadlock occurs...
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    Re: Bose headset not working on iPhone 4

    I think the problem seems to be with the headphone's mic itself as there would be some kind of hardware problem with the microphone due to which the voice comes breaking. I suggest you to try using...
  32. Re: "this accessory is not optimized for this iphone" error

    Even i have just updated my iPhone to the latest firmware and since then it is has started showing me some strange problem, though i am not facing any errors on my phone. My problem is with the...
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    Re: Wifi on openSUSE

    I decided to install openSUSE on / dev/sda6 (in ReiserFS), use the swap on / dev/sda7 and install GRUB on / dev/sda6. The installation was successful, but the graphics card in my machine, a GeForce...
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    Re: POP3 Email settings on Blackberry Torch 9800

    Through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can associate your smartphone with a Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise Company account. If you have received an activation password...
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    Re: Blackberry Torch 9800 Touchscreen Issues

    It is not necessary that the themes only can get interfere with the an operating system of mobile operating system but there are many third party applications which can make changes in the registry...
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    Re: Problem with Storm music player

    Storm is a public extension of his life online. Yet, to find the move all its contents, he must accept his phone to provide more applications and compatibility with different mailboxes. The Storm,...
  37. Re: Choosing phone entry with a contact having multiple numbers on WM

    I do not have any idea about windows mobile phones as i have never used it. But still i guess there must be some way by which you can select for an alternate number for sending the message from your...
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    Re: Acer Aspire One AOA110 ZG5 Graphics Issue

    It is because the resolution of RBR is not the native resolution of your screen and it created this kind of defects. You can edit the file Richardburnsrally.ini (root installation) for varying the...
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    Re: Acer Aspire 8930G Overheating

    I have Determined the following : The air flow within the device was affected by high pollution of the air holes in the case. The times I have made really clean since it is in some degree. I got...
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    Re: Time / Clock changing on ACER Aspire 5920

    Access times to the memory of great importance in the BIOS of performance. Thus , by adjusting the many parameters it is possible obtain a gain of up to 20 % compared to the automatic configuration...
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    Re: Setting IE Mobile browser favorites on WM 6.5

    I have saved some websites as my browser's favorite page on my Windows Mobile but now i guess it has became little bit pain for me to find out the perfect one. Actually i have saved many links and i...
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    Re: Request Your Vampent vBagX Codes Here

    I guess Quentin you have entered the 15 digit number which cannot be an IMEI number. I would suggest you to check the same number again where you must have forgot any single digit. And then i guess...
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    Re: AIRTEL LIVE manual setup on Nokia N91

    There is one more way by which you can get the GPRS settings on your phone without calling to the customer care. Actually i know that how annoying it is to wait for the customer care executive. First...
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    Re: Samsung star 3g gt-5603

    FM radio with RDS and MP3 player embedded in Samsung star 3g gt-5603 make the perfect phone for music lovers and addicts on the news . Moreover, with the HSDPA connection , you can surf the Internet...
  45. Re: Samsung Corby Gt- s3653 themes,games and applications

    I am using Guitar Trainer in my Samsung Corby Gt- s3653

    - Learn the precise location of notes on the fretboard of any stringed instrument.
    - Supports a variety of standard agreements and...
  46. Re: Sony Ericsson C510 - How to install Games And Application

    Some games and apps that came with your phone are stored on the memory card. These games and applications must be installed to be used. If you use another memory card that comes with your phone, you...
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    Re: Opera Mini 5 Keyboard for Nokia 5800/5530

    Today made available the final versions their famous Opera Mobile Web browsers and Opera Mini. Both applications will come out of a long period of Beta testing stage . There were no particular...
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    Re: FIFA 11 Auto-switching and controllersettings

    I guess the problem is from the end of an EA Sports itself who have not settled the problem laying the FIFA 11 game by using the keyboard. There is no possibility to set the controllers manually for...
  49. Re: Can't iPad operate with no Mac or PC connecting?

    Cable , two catches, no possibility of being wrong : just make logos, screen printed on one side of each of the two doses, remain visible when connecting. Once iTunes is running on your computer and...
  50. Re: IPad virtual keyboard missing grave - back tick ?

    After a few days iPad , I confirm that the major flaw is the keyboard. Not really practical . But it still depends on what keyboard we speak ! Some are better than others. So I compared the virtual...
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