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    MSI X99S problem after bios upgrade

    I recently got this board and after 2 weeks or so I upgraded it to a new bios version but it was not post, so I switched back to its previous bios version. Now the problem is that, after installing...
  2. Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H Bios upgrading problem

    I am using Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H motherboard and having some issues updating the BIOS using the QFlash software from a usb drive. Previously I was using Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and now I have replaced it...
  3. Brother MFC-j870DW scanner driver for Windows 8.1

    I was running Windows 7 and recently dual booted it with Windows 8.1. I have got a Brother MFC-j870DW scanner which is working fine in Windows 7 but the same is not working in Windows 8.1 operating...
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    Raven's Cry keeps crashing on my pc

    I have installed Raven's Cry in my system and even though this game looks nice but it keeps crashing on my computer. After installing the latest patch and starting a new game I am not able to get...
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    How to remove fixmyregistry.exe file?

    Is there anyone who can guide me to uninstall this virus or malware? If I am going in Control Panel and then Uninstall then this program automatically installs the speedmypc.exe file. After...
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    Samsung 840 EVO vs Kingston V300 240gb SSD

    I am looking to buy a new SSD for myself and for that I have come across 2 SSDs namely Kingston V300 240gb SSD and Samsung 840 EVO 250GB solid state drives. Now my main question is simply that which...
  7. restore library settings to default in Windows 7?

    I am running Windows 7 on my pc and some hours before I was playing with the libraries settings and I actually removed and added a few things in it. Since then my pictures and music library both look...
  8. pc shuts down while playing games with GTX 770

    I was previously having some problems with my GTX 770 but later on I fixed it by changing date on my computer. So, I reinstalled the OS freshly and installed everything again but now it is crashing...
  9. fix for Dailymotion thumbnails blacked out in firefox

    I am using the latest version of Firefox browser in my pc. I have noticed that if I am on Dailymotion video streaming website when I turn off the age gate the the thumbnails are getting blacked out....
  10. What is the Fee structure and Eligibility for SAP course?

    I am currently doing my TYBSC in chemistry and I have some question about the SAP course that I am looking to pursue in the future. Can anyone tell me what is the duration of SAP course and also...
  11. How to transfer settings to new Amazon Kindle Fire

    Some months ago I purchased a new Amazon Kindle Fire ebook reader and after using it for a while it started rebooting on its own frequenty. Now I am looking to replace my Kindle Fire ereader and...
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    Leadex Gold 650W vs Antec TruePower 650W

    Can anyone tell me which one if the best power supply to buy for the price between Antec TruePower 650W and Leadex Gold 650W PSU? The Antec psu seems to be carrying capacitors made in Japan and has...
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    Re: iPhone 6 backlight dimming on its own

    Even I was having the same issue as well. I was driving my car in the afternoon when suddenly I noticed that the screen has become so dim that I was not able to see anything. So, I immediately...
  14. Re: iPhone 6 barometer not functioning properly

    I was also attempting to calibrate with the Compass and it still shows on flight of stairs for the whole day. Since I live in a town-house I usually go up and down every stairs for at the most 20...
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