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    Re: Any similar tool like a Norton ghost

    Paragon Drive Backup 10 Professional is a one of the tools which is use to create an exact image of your hard disk drive, including XP and Vista operating systems for full restoration purposes....
  2. Re: Bash command to delete entire Files from folder

    There is no need to search for the command and then execute the command. The command I can give to the system whose content will get deleted from the folders is $ rm -fR "{}*". This command will...
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    Re: Error message While Installing CentOS

    The very same kind of problem persists with me. But I solved it. The trick is that take the hard drive out and then install that hard drive on to another system as the slave drive. With this slave...
  4. Re: how to get a substring extracted from a line in a variable

    If you want to make sure that your script file is perfectly running with the bash command. You have to make sure that you dont have any space in the file_name, time or status strings. If it is there...
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    Re: Software for producing Electrical Diagrams

    Hey its true that there are many softwares that helps you to develop electrical diagram. Out of them Schematic is the one most beneficial and very easy to use apart from being user friendly it is...
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    Re: Media player not working with Windows 7

    If you have a problem with your Media player then there is a number of Media player software are there which you can use for Windows 7.
    Some of the Media Player are as follows:-

    VLC Media...
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    Re: Not able to Locate Default Icons

    I had the back up of my icons at elDiabloConCaca web site. I downloaded the candybar from the web. After that I installed it, it is really cool and very application to use. If you want to enjoy with...
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    Re: Login Password does not match with Windows 7

    If your account ask for correct password then you have to enter a correct password to enter in your account. If password enter by you is not match then you are not able to enter in your account. Now...
  9. Re: Antivirus not installing with Windows 7 home premium

    Last night my norton expired so I too tried AVG. But there is some issue with the setup so I switched with ESET. It is working well know and I will also recommend this. You can download a demo of the...
  10. Re: problem in connection between windows 7 and windows xp network

    It might be possible that you have not enabled then network discovery & file sharing on the Windows 7 running machine and that is why getting the problem with the sharing. You need to set the...
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    Re: Repair my corrupt file please

    Ok First let me know which software you have used to repair the Microsoft Word file. If you have tried everything and still not getting the file repaired then i don't think so there is a possible way...
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    Re: Microsoft Project: Email

    This article will show you how to add custom e-mail notification and reminder data to the Microsoft® Project Server database, as well as how to customize Microsoft Project Web Access so that it is...
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    Re: Error in timing with KHX6400D2K2/4G Ram

    Usually this blue screen error mostly occurs when something wrong goes with the RAM in your computer system. The RAM, if it losses its connection with the slot or if it is damaged then this type of...
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    Re: Performance of 4GB ddr3 vs 8GB in windows 7

    Hey ,is your cousin is really taken up editing as his career? Does he do a lot of editing each and every day? If yes than you must use 8GB on your cousins computer system. You can only use 4Gb RAM on...
  15. Re: How to Auto Populate fields from sub form to form?

    I also want to say something in this case. However I know, this code is not in a Macro but it is the VBA code contained within the Click() Event of a Command Button. I refer to the recent occurrence...
  16. Re: Unable to Install Osx in already installed Windows computer.

    If you are unable to install the Mac osx in the already installed Windows xo computer, than you can try the following to see whether it solves your problems.
    Disconnect any external devices if there...
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    Re: Uninstall Office scan without password

    It is impossible to uninstall it, because you are not the authorized user for it. The administrator of the department had set the password. We cannot help you out with circumventing restrictions set...
  18. Re: How to use Ctrl and arrow option together from Windows on a macbook

    Thank you as your suggestion works and I am able to perform the act which I wanted to do . As I have tried many things like control with arrows, also I have done alt+control+fn+command but that...
  19. Re: Windows 7 64 bit is better on iMac or on PC

    My opinion is differ from above reply that is, when I was using this software, loading with third party plugins. Then from that onward I start getting issues with this software, that is sometime I...
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    Re: Memory usage after updating Zune software

    I have uninstalled Zune 4.7 media player software and went back to Zune 4.2 media player software and run the update once more time on my system and after that my system is working fine. When I have...
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    Re: How to access Clip Art in Mac Word

    Did you installed the Microsoft office for the Mac OS. If you have not having the Microsoft Office for Mac installed then first install the same and see whether it is working with the issue of yours...
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    Re: Unable to open .exe files in windows

    Scan for the virus. Maximum time the problem may arise due to virus. If not found any virus. Then right click the file having the extension .EXE, go to the properties. Make sure that it is under...
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    Re: Transfer Outlook email folders to Apple Mail.

    In my recommendation you should use Eudora 7.1 application on your machines to transfer all your Outlook email folder to the Mac machine. For that you have to install this application on the both...
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    Re: How to convert PDF from Mac to Windows

    Are you sure the recipient of the email is having pdf reader installed on his computer? Basically, if you want to open a pdf file then you should be running a software which is capable of opening pdf...
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    Re: Error installing ubuntu 10.10 on Celeron

    Hey, I guess there might be instability with your computer hardware as it is a very old system. But if it is then only you will be able to fix it out. Also, if you could find a way to disable ACPI in...
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    Re: Making an Animation or Movie.

    If you want to build a stop motions videos with the help of the movie maker. You can have some default settings for it. First go to the start and then click run, in that type in: regedit. Once the...
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    Re: How do I separate Windows from programs

    As you want to change the location of the program files then I would like to give you some steps which may be helpful to you just go through the points I giving you below:

    Just click on the start...
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    Re: Unable to use Vlite due to missing WIM Filter

    I have gone through the same problem and let me tell you that this is the same issue i have also got but after going through the lots of solution i come to know that you can make it working with the...
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    Re: Error while downloading blog to pc

    As you have mentioned that you are using windows 7 just open the command prompt and in that type netsh winsock reset after entering this press enter. It will reset the winsock setting of your system....
  30. Re: How to change the font size in Hotmail skydrive photo album slide show.

    I would like to suggest you to download the windows live essential I think this will help you get out of this problem like character limit and also will give you more option to do creative editing in...
  31. Re: iTunes error: "We could not complete your iTunes request. The network connection is timed out".

    Hey i was also facing the same problem and and this is what i tried to overcome the solution. Since I was also using Norton I had the same problem of not allowed access to iTunes account because most...
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    Re: iTunes: Invalid Language code.

    Hey even i was facing the same problem but in a different way, sometime back when i wanted to configure my domain so for that I had to go to the apple support center. Using firefox browser i went...
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    Re: Usb multiboot 10 stop working

    If there is a virus in your laptop or in your USB drive then also you have to face this type of problem. So first check for virus in your laptop or in a USb drive. Scan both the device with the help...
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    Re: Low Volume on iPod Touch while using FaceTime

    Have you checked out with other application like skype , if not then first check out and see whether you are able to hear it properly with them, if yes then you are having problem with your FaceTime...
  35. In my recommendation you should visit the...

    In my recommendation you should visit the Skydrive site on this because I think that there is not a one reason for this. You can find the answer on your question at this site. And do the changes as...
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    Yes its sure that iTunes doesnt have a burn icon...

    Yes its sure that iTunes doesnt have a burn icon on it and yes we can definately burn a CD using itunes.
    To burn CD you have to

    Open up the playlist that you want to burn.
    Go to File.
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    Re: Unable to delete my msn space

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that there is no way that you can delete your msn space once you have delete the windows live ID. The thing here is that if you delete your Windows...
  38. Re: error 80df0009 in windows live movie maker with windows 7.

    I think this the problem due to the windows media player. As windows movie maker can not start if you have not installed the windows media player to the system. I would like to suggest you to check...
  39. Re: How to sync outlook 2007 and windows live calendar

    If you want sync the outlook calendar with the hotmail calendar than it is not possible with the Microsoft Outlook 2007 you have to use the Outlook 2009 or Outlook -2010. The thing here is that you...
  40. Re: windows 7 not recognizing the camcorder while downloading a video from a camcorder.

    If you contain a digital video (DV) camera, you can introduce video from a videotape throughout Windows Live Movie Maker inside Windows Live Photo Gallery. later than you introduce the video to your...
  41. Re: Office 2007 and Live Office can't open an Excel document error occur in windows 7.

    Actually this problem can be solved easily it seems not a big issue but for that I need some information about the version of the office and some of the other things.

    First of all just tell me...
  42. Re: How to get the full version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus by using the produck key

    Doing all this things is not helping you or not getting you the key that you require then the last hope is that you have to follow the following steps, This steps are nothing but the service that...
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    Re: Can we run two OS on one desktop PC

    Yes even i came to know about this just weeks ago and i even tried myself installing two OS. You can do this by creating partitions on your disk while installing windows software or while formatting...
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    Re: Recovery my work and restart microsoft excel

    I have some solution tips for you, i guess you like this. I just found one site for you really this is superb Excel Recovery software by uninstall you can try this. First you download Free download...
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    Re: How to view an 8GB .mkv file on a Mac?

    I am also agree with the above reply that Mac can support upto the terabyte. Just go through the below given information to know more about the same.

    The theoretical maximum file size for a...
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    Re: Steam running out of steam ?

    I am be unsure how belongings will record in the future, although - if I purchase Portal 2 during my Mac account will it be noted as a 'Mac sale' for information? I know it shouldn't matter but I at...
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    Re: Top ten defragment software

    As you want to know top ten defragment software. I have the top ten software and they are listed as per their rank you can chose accordingly.

    AMS FAST Defrag - comprise a variety of other gear to...
  48. Re: My photoshop CS4 crashes windows 7 display driver

    This problem mostly occurs when there is a problem in the drivers that you are using for the videos and the displays and with Windows 7 there are not all the proper full versions available. So, the...
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    Re: Internet download manager for ubuntu 9 10

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to install the download manager on to your linux ubuntu system:

    First of all you have to do is just Download Ubuntu Desktop Edition from the official...
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    Re: After adding 1gb ram computer wont start

    please check that you correctly inserted the memory,and then check that how many memory slots your PC have,if your PC having two memory slots then try to boot the PC while using only one RAM, and...
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