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  1. Re: My Xbox 360 won't see my PC, but my PC can see my Xbox 360

    There is one thing that you can try out here. First click on Start and then in the run box type services.msc. Here just check that SSDP Discovery Service is set to automatic or not. You can right...
  2. Re: Need Help for Sansa Clip Zip Firmware 01.01.18

    According to my information, the Firmware is good to powers your Clip Zip. It is the latest operating system for your music Player. There are the chances for having the updated capabilities,...
  3. Re: How to identify the score rate of skulls in Orcs Must Die?

    Yes there is an interesting turn with this, now what I am saying is that if you get 4 skulls and then you ensure that there is no enemy according to you.

    Let me tell you that you will not be able...
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    Re: Is there 4G in iPhone 4s?

    It all depends on the radios that they will be actually using in it and looking at that they will be deciding iof that is actually going to help or not in the future that’s what I am saying ghere....
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    Re: Which is pre-loaded iOS in iPhone 4s?

    Yes I second that, don’t know only a processor change is seen in both the phones. a dual core processor has been added in the iPhone 4S and the old iPhone 4 is running on a single core processor,...
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    Re: Where to buy iPhone 4S without contract?

    Ok that means you are talking about the unlocked version of this iPhone 4S. as such no information has been coming about this. Since I suppose it will take some time for it to come over here that’s...
  7. Re: Is there a longer power cord available for iPhone 4S?

    A 6 foot power cord is available in the Amazon for $1.99. So you can check that as well and let me know what do you felt about the product, so that’s what I am saying here. go and have a check...
  8. Re: Will there be a siri security flaw in iPhone 4S?

    See there is a option in the iPhone 4 if you were not knowing that enable/disable voice commands when the phone is locked. So that should be happening for the Siri as well. You should be checking out...
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    Re: Infinity Blade II available in iPhone 4S

    Wow! That’s a great news that you have revealed out here. Interesting to see that, now what I am saying is that can you all tell me if the game is available for the iPad users as well? I mean I am...
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    Re: Updates for Motorola Triumph?

    The 18 months cycle that you are talking about is not clear as if when will be the update coming up. The Google people have not said that what is the start of that 18 months cycle for which the...
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    Re: Updates for Motorola Triumph?

    Wait till the honeycomb update comes to the Smartphone. I don’t know as if when it will be coming to the Smartphone but yes you should surely have a check about the same. that’s what I am saying...
  12. Re: Unable to root Acer Iconia A501 with factory shipped Android 3.2

    Ok then look out for Acer_A501_0.000.00_4.017.03_EMEA_CUS7. Just do a simple search in the internet about the same and install it in the phone. sorry I m not able to give you any kind of downloadable...
  13. Re: Need to download Acer HC 3.0.1 for Acer Iconia A501 3G

    You can get it from some good sites which are known for the file hosting stuff. Some popular example of that is megauplaod. Many of the users have uploaded their files out there, so just search with...
  14. Re: Multilanguage Honeycomb 3.2(HoneyVillain 1.2) pack for Acer Iconia A501

    Ok then I have a small suggestion to make over here. See what you have to do is
    1) Just copy the \system\bin and replace it with the original one.
    2) Also do set the exec permission on that as...
  15. Re: Which are the Special Units in A game of Thrones: Genesis

    I will like to tell you that the game is just not about the brute strength i mean if you just do not have a special unit than the others will make it up for the diplomacy side of things.I don't like...
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    Re: Player Ratings for Rugby Challenge Game

    My favourite Black team:

    Owen Franks 81
    Keven Mealamu 84
    Ben Franks 76
    Brad Thorn 85
    Sam Whitelock 80
    Jerome Kaino 85
    Richie McCaw 91
    Kieran Read 90
  17. Re: KES8 can not be activated as it fails to synchronize with admin kit

    You can follow the below instruction in order to configure the setting and then try it out:

    Firstly prepare Kaspersky Administration Kit 8 in order to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for...
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    Re: Battery life of kindle fire

    I know the battery life of the kindle fire is pretty low then the other tabs available in the market. But if you want to buy the tab then why you are not going with the tabs like ipad or galaxy. If...
  19. Re: When kindle fire will be available for overseas purchase

    I'm in Canada and bought three of these for Christmas this year, but now I'll have to look at one of the tablets of Environment Canada.
  20. Re: Does Windows Phone 7 support VOIP / SIP client

    Unfortunately, this gives me hope that soon turned to create this type of application, Windows Phone 7 also lack a lot of good applications that you can easily find for the iPhone or Android.
  21. Re: Unable to transfer data from myphone to skydrive

    WP 6.0 start screen and OS has been optimized for touch. If you want to transfer data from the myphone to the skydrive then in that case, first of all you need try to interact with this device by...
  22. Re: Exchange 2007 account gives error 8500201D on Windows Phone 7

    Have you installed a certificate? There is a certificate necessary for this account. You need to use this account information. This account contains the user name and password information. It helps...
  23. Re: After installing apps htc hd7 mobile phone restarts and fails to restore

    Let me tell you that there is no user way to create a restore point in the zune software.
  24. re: Unable to sync with Exchange 2003 getting Error Code 80072EE2, 80072EE7, 85010016 in HTC TOUCH HD WINDOWS 7 Phone

    I'm not sure; you can leave the domain blank. In my tests, however, does not seem possible to move beyond the screen if the domain is left blank. As for me, my test ended sadly, WP7 reporting was not...
  25. re: Unable to backup iphone after upgrading to iTunes

    You know what I suspect is that your backup issues are most likely related to an app on your iphone. Some applications are actually large and so require large backups. So sometimes it is likely that...
  26. Re: Syncing BlackBerry Desktop Software with Mozilla Thunderbird

    Just check out the link this is the add ons you should be adding in the thunderbird. It will help you with the syncing procedure and hence that’s what you should be doing. I am sure that it will be...
  27. Re: Crashing of BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1.0 B34

    Many of my friends are saying that it is mainly caused with the windows 7 64 bit operating system so even if you are system is of that then it can give problems like these.
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    Re: Acer aspire 4937G shutting down frequently

    First check your Bios whether its overheat. This is necessary because so many times the user has to be changing the BIOS setting on it. Did you recently upgrade your PC; change its components, and...
  29. Re: Getting error "Music services failed to load" using desktop manager 6 in T-Mobile Curve 8520

    I would say that first make sure that the media card is enabled and is acting as a mass storage device. You can also try to reboot the system once, try to shutdown and restart the curve 8520. Make...
  30. Re: New things In The Store for The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    There are some cosmetics as well in order to stand out in a crowd they are as followed:

    Stowed Hooded Threadbare Cloak
    The Dusty Hooded Seafarer's Cloak
    The Recovered Hooded Sailor's Cloak
  31. Re: Getting Handheld Application Loader Wizard error message on blackberry torch 9800

    I think that the problem is with the pc and not with the phone. I have loaded the same version of blackberry desktop on another pc which is having the similar version of windows and it is working. I...
  32. Re: Getting Error Code 0x80040057 in blackberry Bold 9700

    Actually I am trying to import .csv file and text in that file is in the following format: "John Black","01234567891" when I try to click on synchronizes I am getting error encountered: Error Code...
  33. Re: Error message about carrying data from handheld to server on Blackberry

    You can try the Desktop Redirector, as you will be able to get on the internet and also you will be able to solve the problem which you are getting it with the blackberry.
  34. Re: synchronize BlackBerry Bold 900 with Apple Mac OS X 10.4.6.

    Here in your case I would like to suggest you for the BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac which is supported by Research In Motion, after trying with this software it is necessary to update the...
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    Re: Camera not working in Samsung galaxy tab 7

    i think you should take your device to the samsung gallery or you can first just contact the samsung guys and tell them to guide you on this issue. i suspect that there is some problem with the...
  36. re: Error message computer must be connected to the Internet while trying to install blackberry Desktop Manager 4.6

    I Desktop Manager 4.3 work fine. I upgraded to DM4.6 and now cannot sync. My computer (XP) is an Internet connection, but SYNC says no. I can access the Internet from the main screen of DM for...
  37. Re: Ettenmoors Quests of The Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard

    I don think that you will be able to keep it like the way you are saying because even i have heard that the Ettenmoors will now be level 75 and it use to be so that there quest that are changed with...
  38. Re: Getting error message "This application is not compatible with your device and cannot be loaded" in blackberry 9000

    I think you can try to change something here. As you have mentioned that you have desktop manager software 5, so I would say that then try to change instead of
    <directory >
  39. Re: BlackBerry Torch 9800 is unable to log on to exchange server

    I have the solution presumptuous you have the latest Desktop Manager installed on BB, with both BB & OL 2010 closed
    • Open Control Panel and after that click Mail
    • at the time the popup...
  40. re: Does Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 have GPS support?

    If you want some other alternative for the tablet then why don’t you go ahead with the g slate tablet from Lg it does have the feature and also the iPad 2 from apple also does have it. so you can...
  41. Re: Is Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 same as G-Slate of TMobile?

    G slate is slightly on the expensive side and also have the 3D capabilities and all. so unless and until you don’t care about the two features that I have mentioned above it is absolutely ok to go...
  42. Re: Unable to reinstall Skype on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    Yes, to solve this issue you have to root your device and here is the complete solution to fix this issue.

    First complete rooting with your device.
    Then obtain a shell on the phone on which...
  43. Re: How to download eBooks on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

    Thank God somebody else has the similar issue and i was able to get his solution I downloaded the Amazon Kindle, merely to find out that it is the U.S. edition and every prices are in dollars. in...
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    Re: Release date of Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9 LTE

    Ok f you were not knowing it then let me tell you only an announcement has been done about the availability it will take some time for it to release and those who have said that it is already...
  45. Re: How to update Samsung Galaxy Tab 7(Sprint) which is not in Sprint contract

    Even I have also having same problem I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, with no agreement strictly Wi-Fi the previous update downloaded with no issue, so not to be bothered. The thing that won't...
  46. Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 battery is not charging through USB

    As far as I know, technically I can tell you that a battery of any phone cannot be charged through USB port. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if your phone’s battery is not charging when...
  47. Re: Why is blackberry storm not working with windows 7 (64-bit) and on outlook 2010?

    Well let me tell you that this is not outlook express 2010 problem. It is same with the internet explorer. You cannot use windows explorer to see the blackberry. Let me tell you that it won’t...
  48. Re: How to make hand-free calls using headset in Samsung galaxy tab 7?

    I would suggest you to use vlingo. It is free. If you want then you can download this from the link from its website.This will resolve the problem that you have; you don’t need to remove the tab...
  49. re: internal and External Memory card not working properly in galaxy tab 7

    Even i was facing the same kind of problem but not exactly the same when i had checked in the above location in order to find out the space available i was just getting 0.00B/0.00B for both the...
  50. Re: Screen brightness of Samsung galaxy tab 7 fades or brightens up

    I think the tablet that you are using is a faulty one. I would suggest you to go the Samsung service center and claim for the replacement. Also ask them to give you some other method to resolve this...
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