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    Re: Second Life on iPhone?

    As far i know that main problem of second life is that its not very compatible with the iPhone. And the other thing is that when you operate other programs on the iPhone, it is easy to operate them...
  2. Re: Nokia-X2 re-starting and battery problems

    In my recommendation you should reset your factory setting for this, i have seen that many of the restarting problem are rises due to the corrupted applications. I think after setting you will not...
  3. Re: How to run windows applications on MacBookAir

    There is a tool named Parallel 6 desktop specially use for the Mac OS to run the windows based software’s and applications. You can download this tool to your machine and can easily run the...
  4. Re: Unable to upgrade from OS 4 to OS 4.1!

    Here I have given you some steps go through those to install the OS 4.1 for your iPhone.

    Connect your iPhone to the desktop computer using the universal serial port (USB)
    After connecting...
  5. re: How to update Opera mini in Micromax Q75

    I have gone through your question and I found that the latest version for your mobile phone is the Opera 5.1 version which is compatible to your mobile phone. You can visit to the opera browser sites...
  6. Re: Download Notification Bar not showing for some sites using Internet Explorer 9 beta

    This may be not the problem with your internet explorer 9 beta this may be because of that website from where you are trying to download the files. There might be policy of website because of which...
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    Re: Search Box in IE9 Beta

    It may be problem with your homepage setting in which you might have or initially it is unable because of which you are not able to have the search box at the top right side corner. You have to do...
  8. Re: Blank tab opens when .PDF file is clicked in IE 9 beta

    As per your question I have got information on that is, if you are already having the adobe reader into your desktop computer then go into the Start then search for the Adobe Reader after finding the...
  9. Re: Blank tab opens when .PDF file is clicked in IE 9 beta

    For opening the .PDF files on the computer you have to install Adobe reader to your computer. First install the adobe reader to your computer and then try to open the .PDF file format on your desktop...
  10. Re: How can I uninstall Internet Explorer 9 to go back to Internet Explorer 8?

    The thing you can use to uninstall internet explorer from your computer :
    1. Go to control panel where you will see many options.
    2. Select Add & Remove
    3. Select Add and Remove windows...
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    Re: IE9: Options on New Tab page grayed out

    Your problem with internet explorer taking longer time to load and also you are having problem with new tab which is providing inaccessible link so that you are not able to visit that particular...
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    Re: Cracked screen of my new iPhone 4

    I was suffering by same trouble with my iPhone, but fortunately I had insurance for the same as I have got insurance for my entire expensive thing. So because of that I got my money back and then I...
  13. Re: iPhone 4 Speakerphone -- People can't hear me that well

    If you are really have very much use of the iPhone 4, then I think you should use headset for the your iPhone 4. By using iPhone people can hear you very well and you can listen them fine. You must...
  14. Re: Button panel is not working of my Blackberry Torch

    As per you question I think you have to flash your mobile phone. By doing flashing you can remove bug and can reset your mobile phone. Before flashing take a back up of your mobile phone data to save...
  15. Re: BB 9800 Unable to connect to the internet?

    Update the setting of you internet by going to the internet settings option in your mobile phone. Because of wrong setting your mobile phone is unable to connect the internet. And check the setting...
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    Re: Battery Life Issues Torch 9800

    I was having the same problem as you are having. Many of the Blackberry mobile phone have a feature that shows how much battery is used. When you next time full charge your battery then I think you...
  17. Re: Nokia 5800 not supporting sis format files

    hey,I have a Nokia N72 which is supporting sis format files.You will get sis file easily from your friends and on internet. Some time when click on sis format files it gives error like file format...
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    Re: Network key to alcatel phone

    There are some company provides services like Alcatel New Models Unlocking Service. This service works for most of the new Alcatel phone models locked to any mobile network.So it help to unlock your...
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    Re: sagem Service Codes

    Here I have given some of the main codes that are use for the Sagem mobile phone.

    IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
    Service Menu access
    IMEI number: * # 0 6 #
    Service Menu access: MENU 5 1 1 #
  20. Re: W595 - no signal on any network, no access to contacts

    There is ways of solving this issue I advice you to first go with mobile support system for make sure that your mobile is working properly or not then also problem is same then go to the network...
  21. Re: Cannot hear caller on C905 unless on speaker

    I suggest you to contact with mobile repairer, they surely help you to sort this problem. I also had the same kind of problem as you are having, and i think this kind of problem occurs with mobile...
  22. Re: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 - battery not working

    I had the same problem as you are having with your laptop battery. There may several reasons because of that battery is not perform well. Sometimes battery port is get damage because of that also...
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    Re: Blackberry Bold 9700 vs. My Touch Slide

    After the success of myTouch3G the new version my Touch Slide comes with QWERTY keyboard and Genius Button. It also has introduced Dictation Technology for Android operation system. By using Genius...
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    Re: Problem Jailbreaking 3.1.2 firmware

    I think the new firmware Jailbreaking 3.1.2 which you have update in your iPad. It may not have updated completely some of the files may have been missing. For this reason your iPad is restarting, I...
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    Re: My Blackberry Bold 9700 won’t start.

    I had the same issues as you have; I think your mobile phone firmware is corrupted due to virus as you have written that you are transmitting music from computer to your mobile phone. May be your...
  26. Can't get flashplayer 10 working with firefox 3

    My problems is related with Flash 10 which used to play video online on internet. i visit lots of website which does not recognize the flash player 10 installed when i surf with Firefox as my...
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    Acer extensa 5235 black screen of death

    I am using an acer extensa 5235 which creating a problem when i am stating laptop and when i switch the power button a green light appears and the fans start running after which for a while hard...
  28. Re: iPod synced to one, won't sync to new computer

    I had the same problem as you on iPod not synchronized to computer. I have a solution on this, it may be problem with your iPod firmware, I suggest you to update your firmware by downloading a new...
  29. How to connect MAXX 333 mobile to computer

    I recently brought phone from Maxx company which is Maxx 333 and I am using 1 GB microsd card as external memory for my data. I want to store songs and some important data in my mobile . I want to...
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    Re: mlb-nexdef-autobahn

    This process is running in the background of the computer and utilizing the maximum usage of the device even if you are not running a big program like games. This process working with the Java http...
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    Re: Crysis on Nvidia GeForce 7300gt

    Have you tried another resolution of the same? If not then try to set everything to minimum and then see whether you are getting the same issue or not. Also get into the Nvidia Control panel and...
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    Re: Crysis on Nvidia GeForce 7300gt

    I think it will work on the PC as the minimum system requirement for gaming is not that much. So please go through the same to check the system of yours.

    OS - Windows XP or Windows Vista...
  33. Re: Client Unable to log in while servers are still up in Need for Speed World

    I will advise you to take the help with the EA who are the developer of the game Need For Speed world and might be having the solution regarding your problem as number of user are playing the game...
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    Re: AMD 1090t overclock and temperatures

    I agree with the above reply that the problem is with the heating of the CPU. Your CPU is showing the temperature of the 53C which is very high for the use of the system. The AMD sets the maximum...
  35. Re: Dragon Age Origins Leliana's Song DLC glitchy

    If you are getting the problem with the same then i will advise you to go through uninstallation and installation of DLC for the Dragon Age Origins Leliana's Song. The DLC is having some kind of the...
  36. Re: HP Compaq Presario CQ40 144TU Laptop display damaged

    Thanks for the help that you have given me regarding the issue of mine i.e. HP Compaq Presario CQ40 144TU Laptop display damaged. Regarding the issue i have contacted the HP and they have change the...
  37. Re: HP Compaq Presario CQ40 144TU Laptop display damaged

    I appreciate the work of all of you. But as i am planning to replace the display screen of the device but having one query that i need to solve the same. Actually i wanted to know about the price of...
  38. HP Compaq Presario CQ40 144TU Laptop display damaged

    I am having an issue with HP Compaq Presario CQ40 144TU. My display of the screen got damaged as it fallen from the heights. The screen become black and i am unable to get the display on the screen....
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    Re: Error 2006 in iPhone touch

    I suspect that your system is infected by some virus which is creating problems while updating the firmware. Download the latest antivirus and install it on the computer. Scan your computer and check...
  40. Re: Logitech V20 Notebook Speakers not detected in Windows Vista

    The drivers for the speakers must be missing on the computer due to which they are not functioning properly. Drivers are important piece of software which is to be installed for the device to...
  41. Re: Logitech Illuminated keyboard blinking on and off

    For a device to work properly on the computer, appropriate drivers for the device must be installed on the computer. If the appropriate drivers are not installed on the computer, the device will not...
  42. Re: Need help with Logitech G35 and Counter Strike

    The headphones which you are using is having a USB sound card embedded in it hence there must be some drivers required for the headphones to be installed on the computer. Put the installation disk...
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    Re: SMC Fan Control Settings for Mac Pro

    The application which you are using must be having a leaky code due to which it is taking lot of memory and CPU usage which must be leading to high temperatures. Open the activity monitor and see if...
  44. Re: nvstor32: reset to device -- freezing machine

    The operating system on the computer must be not working properly and hence the system is freezing. Operating system of the computer has lot of files associated to it. If any of the file which is...
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    Re: HP 1140 dvdrw with lightscribe

    The DVD drive which you are using must be faulty due to which the drive is not getting detected. Hence get the DVD drive checked by some technician and if the drive is faulty then you can get it...
  46. Re: conexant high definition audio-microphone problem

    As you have changed some settings on the laptop, I will suggest that you try and repair the Windows installation on the laptop which will restore all the faults which are there in the operating...
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    Re: Best gaming sound card for windows 7

    I also use my computer for gaming and the sound card which is installed on my computer is PCI Creative Soundblaster Audigy SE. It has an excellent response and clarity and hence I would suggest it to...
  48. Re: Sony Vaio PCV 6603 Desktop Start up problems

    The operating system on the computer has failed and hence you are getting such error. The operating system of the computer has lot of files associated to it. If any of the file which is associated to...
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    Re: How to fix SATA Device error code 10?

    The operating system on the computer must not be installed properly due to which you are facing such problems. The operating system of the computer is responsible for controlling all the functions...
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    Re: Dvd drive freezes in Windows 7

    By looking at the problem it looks like the DVD drive is not getting enough power while reading the disk and hence the system is freezing. The power supply unit of the computer is responsible for...
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