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  1. Re: Want some help to download mp4 videos from a website

    Try using IDM. I am talking about Internet Download Manager. This is a good downloader software which will help you to download videos directly with one single click. It is not a complicated thing....
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    Re: best social media plugin for wordpress

    The best social media wordpress plugin is Social Media Feather which is very lightweight, simple and has trendy looking social sharing buttons and icons. You can easily integrate all this buttons on...
  3. Re: cannot obtain Xbox One YouTube App Achievements

    Even I was facing the same issue on my Xbox One console. But finally I was able to solve this issue by doing some tinkering. You will have to delete the app and redownload it. You might also need to...
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    Re: Whatsapp is draining smartphone battery

    Even I started facing similar problems last 2 days ago when my Whatsapp was updated and my phone was not going in deep sleep as well. I didnt want to delete this app because there were too many...
  5. Re: How to stream live football match on vlc player

    I think there are tons of website on web that give you life score and live streaming. You can enjoy the match on the same. Or if you miss anything then you can go on hootshoot and get the latest...
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    Re: How to move OneDrive folder

    At the first time installation of the OneDrive application, you get the option to select the location of your OneDrive folder. Either case you can still unlink your current OneDrive folder and select...
  7. Re: netscape is not supported in internet explorer 11 error message

    The error that you are getting also means that the website is not detecting the Internet Explorer 11 user-agent string. You can try to use the developer tools and emulation tab to spoof another...
  8. Re: changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

    You can also try to copy an icon with the given name in this location - <installation folder>\chrome\icons\default\main-window.ico. Usually, the name of the icon is the ID for that particular window....
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    Re: pop3 settings

    After converting your free yahoo mail to paid Yahoo Mail Plus Account, you need to also clean your Spam and Thrash folders on your yahoo email address and then make a different folder like Inbox1 and...
  10. Re: how to connect facebook fan page with youtube

    You need to first sign into your Youtube account and then click your username and select Channel. Now open your Facebook fan page on different browser. After that click Edit button next to profile on...
  11. Re: Microsoft Office 2007 Multilingual User Interface Service Pack

    You can also use Multilingual User Interface Package for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 from this link. Download the file by clicking the Download button (above) and saving the file to your...
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    Re: Need help to perform scheffe test in Excel

    The scheffe test is most of the time complained about being to conservative. You can also try out the Student-Newman-Kuels but it is also complained about in the literature and texts which is too...
  13. Re: "format disk" error after updating firmware on Kobo Aura HD

    I read somewhere that this problem was happening with the 2.10 version of the firmware for the Kobo Aura HD ereader. Many customers asked this problem on the Kobo support and they only said that they...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HDX Screen problem

    I dont think that is a defect in the Kindle Fire HDX but its just a design that is made up for reading. I read somewhere that it is a buffer which is a reflector for easier on the eyes and it is...
  15. Re: Text sharpness problem with Kindle Paperwhite

    You are sure to get ghosting in an e-ink screen by default. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed by Amazon people. The problem with this not so even text actually annoys our...
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    Re: How to convert a blog into a website

    You just need to go to your blogger account and then go to Settings > Basic Publishing. After that click on the +Add a custom domain, and then choose your name and click on "Check Availability". Now...
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    Re: computer freezes due to Google Chrome

    It could be possible that your computer system is infected with malware which might be attached to the iexplore.exe or Internet Explorer. I was surfing the net someday back and by mistake picked this...
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    Re: Google Chrome reporting IDM as malicious

    IDM team says that this is a false identification from google and there are no virus or malicious parts in Internet Download Manager. I dont know whom to trust here, but if you are willing to run IDM...
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    Re: receiving mail notifications

    Are you using Internet Explorer 9 in your pc, if so then you can try to pin the Hotmail or on your taskbar. By pinning it, you will get a notification whenever you receive a mail in your...
  20. Re: Sony PRS-500 eReader Firmware update available

    Now you dont need to send your Sony PRS-500 eReader to get the latest firmware. All you can do is now, download and install a tool called Reader for PC from here. With this software you can check for...
  21. Re: unable to login to xbox live, error code 8015D002

    If the above doesnt work for you, then try to go to your Live Account and then get your phone number and email address verified. After that go to somewhere that will say "passwords for device", just...
  22. Re: adding contact to an existing group in

    All you need to do is click on whatever Contact you would like to add, which might be at the left hand side column. After that when you get a display of the contact's information, then click on...
  23. Re: Lost email on after I renamed my account

    Did you try to make a new folder, if so, then the default name of the folder might be used with the name of your old account and the folder will appear in the left hand side under "Folders". You can...
  24. Re: menu lists in google chrome are spaced out

    Even I was facing the same issue when I updated the chrome browser to the latest in my pc. After searching a lot on the internet I was able to find a solution for this issue. So, to fix this problem,...
  25. Re: uninstall bing toolbar in firefox and dont let it search anything when typing into url box

    Even I was facing similar issue and I searched at many places to delete the bing toolbar, but nothing worked for me. But just then it occured to me and I went into the Tools > Options and then found...
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    Poll: Re: Best Headphone Manufacturer

    You can go with the Sony MDR-1R headphone. It is a very well finished, comfortable headphone with good sound reproduction. It is a Circumaural headphone (which is placed around the ears and covers)...
  27. Re: transfer downloaded ebook to Kindle from Mac

    You can get something like Amazon Kindle 1 Reading Device USB Data Cable which will cost you only $2.75. It features the below things:

    Make plug and play connections with cellular phones, MP3...
  28. Re: remove from google chrome

    Can you try to go to Start and then Computer and then Local Disk and then Program files and find the folder for the Searchnu search engine and delete that. After that go to Start > Control Panel >...
  29. re: How to move Hotmail folder (.ost file) to another location using Outlook 2010

    Try to follow the below method and see if that works for you:

    First of all try to close Outlook and then copy the hotmail OST file that you are having with you to where you want it, for...
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    Re: Home Phone to make free Skype to Skype calls

    However this Skype Application after the Skype 2.0 and later version supports the video calling for Skype-to-Skype calls between two parties. These applications were supports in Microsoft Windows,...
  31. re: Save list of websites where you clicked Google+ plus buttonwebsite

    I don’t know what you are talking about so let me clear it out . First thing, its not the google who is setting the bookmark buttons on the page, but the developers are one building Webpages ...
  32. Re: locking of images resharing in Google+ photo Album possible

    I could just say that it locking of Photo Albums is just similar of what we are having on facebook and twitter though variations of these sites are different but knowledgeable. I think Google+ have...
  33. Re: Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012: Cannot use new features in old routes

    Additionally there is a programmed updater. Furthermore to the essential bundle, the player can still prefer from a mixture of put-ons in make his particular virtual globe-Train. Make your particular...
  34. Re: Unable to see recent messages in yahoo Messenger 11

    Although your most recent immediate Messages will be straight away obtainable to you in your chat window, they will not be instantly available to you in your "Conversation History." On average, the...
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    Re: Templates for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

    I would like to know if fifa wants to become more beautiful because not doing all the logos and uniforms all original with the champion’s league and I could also like the European Super Cup in...
  36. Re: Cross Browser Testing WINDOWS XP, vista and windows 7

    I am agree with the above user but apart from that There are several differences regarding CSS as well. while I used two divs, the first floated left and the second overflow:hidden; width:auto; but...
  37. Re: Error: "Yahoo Messenger has stopped working. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly." on windows vista

    I was also getting the same error first but after sometimes I have started getting the Error message: "The application failed to initialize properly (ox0150002)".

    And after all such approach I...
  38. Re: Forcing Windows to Manage the Wifi Connection Automatically in Windows Xp

    Hello some day before i was facing the same issue with my network then to fix this i update my driver with the most up to date driver. basically my old drivers were corrupted and because of that I...
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    Re: facebook search engine optimization

    I think you should try to visit the WIKIpedia for the same as they have explained each and everything perfectly over there website.
  40. Re: No ads for next update of opera mini and mobile

    Based on testing performed by Opera Software, this device supports Opera Mini browser. This opera mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 are the latest version of this system. You can use this for surfing...
  41. Re: Opera mini gives error "verification of server certificate failed"

    Opera Mini: Verification of server certificate failed. Please check the date setting in your device. This is the best way that helps to solve this problem. the other problem is to be use an proper...
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    Re: client pc to subserver

    Well, if your pc and other pc's are already connected to a main server then why dont you copy the file in the main server itself and let other users to copy that from the same. With 512mb of ram it...
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    Re: hotmail certificate expired in windows xp

    Don’t you think that this can be the problem of the virus which has been leading in corrupting your system files and this has been creating the problem? You need to scan it a then see if you are...
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    Re: Unnecessary Live mail update received

    I think that your auto update was on and that’s the reason the updates were downloaded and then it was installed so if you don’t want all this then I would be saying that the best thing would be...
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    Re: RoboForm not work on updated Firefox 4

    The roboform-firefox-3-4-frozen.xpi file on the official site also helps to you for solving your complicated problem. Try it to download on the firefox system and then install it properly. This will...
  46. Re: How to completely remove the Firefox 6 default theme

    I also experience about it. That time I perform this downloading the Firefox theme on system. After that I use the Install Now button which is present on it. This is becomes available and it helps to...
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    Re: Facebook chat in Hotmail

    Yes you follow the steps of the above users, if you want to see the friends in the chat then you have do the following steps:

    Sign in to the Windows Live Messenger
    You can see your friends...
  48. Re: FireFox 6.0.1 behaving weird in Windows 7/64 bits

    search out for any new update if there is any and update it with that and see if you are getting and if not then restore the previous one and enjoy that till the better version and would be solving...
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    Re: Are Blurry fonts fixed in Firefox 7?

    I don’t think that you need to do the things like this now as this is resolved now.
  50. Re: How to put youtube video in imovie using mac?

    I think if you want to download youTube videos then you can use websites. For this you just have to copy your YouTube video link and you have to just paste this link in to this
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