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    I think the preferred browser for everyone is...

    I think the preferred browser for everyone is Mozilla FireFox that enables more recent Flash and Java components. For email you can use Outlook Express which is more user friendly than Thuderbird if...
  2. How best to add an icon to every users' desktop over the network

    We want to setup a new Windows 2008 SBS and looking at the options for doing the above asked question in the title differently. The issue is not all users want to have the same desktop, so therefore...
  3. Somebody told me that uninstalling Internet...

    Somebody told me that uninstalling Internet Explorer 8 worked for many but in my case it is not working for me. Also when I removed the "Start In" value from the link, then I simply pushed a copy of...
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    Re: Surprising 3D Paintings

    Thanks for all the pictures. I picked some good enough that were just the best, but thanks for those awesome. I shall impressed the whole class with them :cool:
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    Keypad inactive on toshiba laptop

    My keypad is inactive on my toshiba laptop, how to make it active, I have the windows vista os. Thank you

    My model no. is toshiba A200 series.
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    You can also try to check the System files to...

    You can also try to check the System files to find out whether they are corrupted and therefore you are getting problems in Windows mail by going on to this link...
  7. Getting error "Remote domains not supported"

    I am trying to send a message using the php library phpmailer from one of our debian web servers. I configure the script to use the mail() function, which apparently by default hands off the message...
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    Re: 64-bit registry cleaner for vista

    I used CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner and it works great on Vista RC2 x86. I also tried other reg cleaners and other reg cleaners seem cannot fix problems in Vista, and CleanMyPC is the only one that...
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    64-bit registry cleaner for vista

    I havent formatted my system from long time. It has become slow gradually. But now I dont intend to format it now as it is not feasible for me. So I think cleaning the registry would make it faster...
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    Default windows games

    I am hoping that someone might be able to help me out. I have given my computer to a friend to clean up the computer for me and he erased all of the default games such as solitaire, minesweeper,...
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    How much memory to allow XP to run well?

    I have got currently 384mb of SD Ram and windows xp was running on it reasonably well at this level until I upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. It will usually show "page cannot be displayed" while...
  12. Try the below solution and see if it works for...

    Try the below solution and see if it works for you:

    Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Sound.
    On the Playback tab, right-click in the blank area under Select a...
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    You should first of all find the location of the...

    You should first of all find the location of the mail program that you want to use as default, like in mine case it was "C:\Program Files\MSN\MSNCoreFiles\msn.exe" and then follow the below method:
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    How does IP address localization work

    Can anyone please tell me how does an IP address location or region is determined? How is it analyzed and what information is collected. Thanks for any comments.
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    Setup cannot copy the file ftlx041e.dll

    I have a problem to install Arabic language in a Windows XP, before I had installed it without hassle. I had a virus in my PC, so I wanted to reinstall, but as I arrive to step in to install the CD...
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    Change username under Documents and Settings

    I recently got a laptop from my cousin. I have actually purchased it with nothing on it and I changed the info through Dell and went ahead to install the software that I needed. Actually, my username...
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    I would also like to know how did you come to...

    I would also like to know how did you come to change the ink cartridges in your IP 1600: a manual drawing is left but I see no cartridges to withdraw there, for cons on the right it should have but...
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    I had some friends who had some leak in their...

    I had some friends who had some leak in their components so therefore i am not sure whether to go for it or not?
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    Coolers for Video Cards

    I want 2 graphics card cooler to replace the old one's i had on my 2 hd3850. The old coolers that i had was not that really good. I have a limit of 150 dollars for both of them. So in this tight...
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    Physical Memory Dump

    I am running Windows XP and I am getting the below Stop error message on this operating system:

    STOP: 0x00000044 (0x86843008, 0x00000D64, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    Please help.
  21. Disabling NETBIOS on windows 2008 server effects group policy

    Can anyone tell me how to remove NETBIOS traffic in my office. I have disabled "TCP/IP NETBIOS helper" for that under services of my Windows 2008 standard domain controller. But all of a sudden, the...
  22. Chkdsk in Vista 32-bit SP1 is corrupting security descriptors

    I have a Intel DG965WH desktop board and yesterday I did a chkdsk /f run ine command which I thought will be a good thing to do. But it actually brought my operating system down and it started giving...
  23. Task manager, display CPU percent bar in system tray

    At the time when I was launching the task manager, then it displayed a small icon in the system tray, a single bar that showed you CPU percentage, so you didnt have to have the task manager window...
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    Re: Global Catalog not Found

    I recently reinstalled Exchange Server 2000 on my domain. If I start my System Manager and click on Global Settings, then I am getting an error saying that Global Catalog not found. I have a DC...
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    XP Service Pack 3 CRASH

    Just recently this pc was working fine after doing a format and reinstallation of Windows XP. After that Windows Update went to install Service Pack 3 update directly and everything was going fine...
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    Re: yet another "no audio device" thread, sorry

    Even I am facing similar issues with different software. I therefore uninstalled the drivers for the new hardware and reconnected the windows audio. After that I looked at the resource guide to see...
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    access denied, no security tab

    I am having a Windows server 2003 installed on the computer and am unable to access a folder which gives error message - assess denied. If I right click and then choose Properties on the folder then...
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    Even I was having similar issue and I found out...

    Even I was having similar issue and I found out that the USB wireless adapter is the cause of this problem. I cant say for sure that it could also be caused by a wireless card but you dont know what...
  29. re: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Symantec Runtime error

    After doing a Norton Scan I found that it is missing a dll file: mvcp80.dll. It came up many times under different things like the HSLoader.exe cannot access a necessary file msvcr80.dll. Can anyone...
  30. re: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Symantec Runtime error

    Thanks but I have paid for this software and I dont want to remove it thats why.
  31. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Symantec Runtime error

    If I am trying to startup and get to my desktop, then I am getting the below notification:
    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    runtime error
    program files\common files\Symantic...
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    RE: Bluetooth Devices

    Thanks but when I am trying to run the SubInACL tool I am still not able to delete the key that you have told me? Can you give me some other solution?
  33. Duplicate Applicaton Icons in Windows Taskbar

    Windows update automatically did some security updates yesterday in my Windows XP system. After that it asked for a restart. After the restart, I noticed an additional toolbar that was added to the...
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    If you are getting the "contacts failed to load"...

    If you are getting the "contacts failed to load" error that so many people are facing then simply try to right click on the Windows Mail from the start menu and then click "Run as administrator". In...
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    RE: Bluetooth Devices

    Thanks for that but I am having an issue trying to delete the key, a message comes up "Cannot delete- error while deleting key". Do you have any other solution?
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    Bluetooth Devices

    I want to connect a mobile phone to my computer. Actually, on the bluetooth devices icon in Control Panel I am not able to turn discovery on, which is in the options. The message 'Settings not saved'...
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    If you check in the security log then there...

    If you check in the security log then there should be an entry via the Event Viewer if auditing of logon events is enabled which is kept at default. After that search for type 10 logon events. But I...
  38. Re: No Script Engine for the file extension ".js"

    The link that you gave worked for me. Thank you very much.
  39. No Script Engine for the file extension ".js"

    I recently downloaded a 30 day trial of Dreamweaver from Adobe, in th Internet Exploer browser. I didnt want it afterwards, so I removed it using the add and remove programs. After it was removed, I...
  40. Windows Vista error - blue screen Page Fault in Non Paged Area

    I have recently installed a fresh copy of Windows Vista operating system on my computer. I have installed all the required drivers and such which was needed and some other applications as well. But...
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    pci.sys is corrupted or missing

    I was having 20gb drive and I replaced it with 160gb and installed Windows on it. It worked properly, but I downloaded a bad driver and so wanted to do a system restore. So, when I ran the system...
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    Re: Nokia N95 Review

    I Think That This Mobile Phone Will Definately Raise The Value Of Nokia Phones
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    Have you tried looking for the same in Start and...

    Have you tried looking for the same in Start and then Default Programs. If it is not there then it might be possible that the installer could have been corrupted. You can try to download the WLDM...
  44. Windows Security Center have Virus protection Not Found

    I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 on my pc. I have also installed Norton antivirus on my pc as well, but when checked in Windows Security Center then it says that Virus Protection not...
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