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  1. Unlock Airtel 3G USB Modem E1731 Datacard

    Can anyone tell me how to unlock Airtel 3G USB Modem E1731 Datacard. One of my friend gave it to me since he was not using it. Since I want to use Huawei so therefore was requiring any tips that can...
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    Re: Best Imaging Software for windows 8

    Check out this one:
    Macrium Reflect FREE Edition:
    Version: 5.1.5529
    Size: 32.3MB
    Date: 11 January 2013
    MD5 Hash: 96B2766E3FE1D6B8EA9500CCA442EF67
    Windows Versions: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows...
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    Re: List of top Institute for CCNA in Pune

    Best Institute for CCNA in Pune:

    GNS Technologies private limited,
    Jetking Learning centre,
    HCL Career development centre,
    Nirmal databonn private ltd,
    Appin technologies Lab,
  4. Re: Good books for learning Python programming language

    In that case you can check out ebooks as well, there are few mentioned in below thread of this forum itself.
  5. Re: Good graphics card for gaming on Windows 8

    You can check out these ones:
    1-Radeon hd 5670
    2-Radeon hd 6670
    3-radeon hd 6770
    4-Nvidia gts 450
    5-Nvidia Geforce Gtx 550ti
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    Re: Best budget 240GB SSD

    OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB SATA 6Gb/s VTX3MI-25SAT3-240G 2 5 Solid State Drive can be a good choice as well. It will cost you around 16 k, its other features are as followed:
    NAND Flash Components:...
  7. Re: (IDM) - Internet downloads manager not working in Internet explorer 9

    Did you check in Internet downloads manager under general tab whether “Internet explorer” is added in the list and is check-marked?? If not then you can click on add browser, point it to Internet...
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    Re: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    The concerned seller has provided you the wrong information, as far as I am aware WhatsApp application is not compatible with Nokia Asha 305 at least for now. There are possibilities it might be...
  9. Re: How to install windows 8 RT in Micromax Funbook

    I will like to inform you all that Windows 8 RT runs on limited and specific ARM chips not on all. I agree it might be possible but it won’t happen soon. If anyone is interested in LINUX then I...
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    Re: Cheapest 16GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive

    You can check out “Corsair Flash Voyager GT USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive” It’s available for Rs. 1610 and I think it’s the cheapest 16GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive. It’s backward compatible with USB 2.0....
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    Re: Copy/Paste is not working in windows 8

    Your system might have got corrupted after the installation. In that case you can try running SFC command. In order to run SFC command you can follow below steps:

    Go to start > click on run >...
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    Re: Best video card for 3d gaming

    Within that budget you really have far better option, just check them out:
    Zotac GeForce GTX 580 - £385
    Asus Radeon HD 6990 - £501
    If you don’t mind spending 35 k than Radeon HD 6990 will...
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    Re: Best video card for 3d gaming

    What is your budget, there are some good ones catching my eye but let me know your budget so that I can suggest you accordingly. Until you can check these ones:
    EVGA GTX 460 1GB - £139
    MSI GeForce...
  14. Re: Need for Speed Most Wanted Error Code: 800d0000

    Why don’t you all contact EA support, if, there might be something wrong with their server than they might be aware of it and will let you know how much time they’ll take to fix it. If not than...
  15. Re: Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 is not getting installed

    Try this:

    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted\D3D11Installer, right click on the installer, click on compatibility tab click "Change settings for all...
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    Re: Veency won’t work with iOS 6

    There are many applications that are not yet compatible with iOS 6 and Veency is amongst them. Below is the information that I have found regarding compatibility of veency with iOS 6: “Connection...
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    Poll: Re: iPad Mini vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100

    Get it from grey market you will have to pay around 2 to 3 k extra. I think that will be a better option rather than paying heavy import duty. If you will get it from online stores then you will have...
  18. Re: Kodak Easyshare Camera won’t work with Micro sd card in

    See if you don’t have other camera to test out than you can get another sd card and check out your camera with that. If you are getting a complete black screen after turning on your camera then I...
  19. Re: System restarts when I try to play "Saints Row: The Third"

    Have you updated your bios??? While checking out for your issue, I have come across several people who were in same situation previously. Most of them have mentioned that they were able to sort it...
  20. Re: System restarts when I try to play "Saints Row: The Third"

    I want to know if you are getting any error before your system restarts. If yes than make a note of it and post it back in your next post? What about your system configuration???
  21. Re: System restarts when I try to play "Saints Row: The Third"

    Have you tried updating your system graphic card??? If not, than update it first and check out if you are able to run the game without any issues further. If you encounter same issue than just let me...
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    Re: Sony Vaio SVS15116FXS wont boot from CD

    If your laptop optical drive is functioning properly than there might be something wrong with windows or bios. In that case you can try updating your board bios, you can download latest version of...
  23. Re: Software to recover deleted text messages from android phone

    First off all I want to know from where have you deleted those messages?? I mean from your memory card, from sim card or from your phone memory???? If you have deleted it from memory card than you...
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    Re: Gmail won’t open - Error 404

    If this happened suddenly than I will suggest you to use Open DNS (, or Google DNS (, You just have to set it in the Local Area connection properties....
  25. Re: Best board for AMD FX8120 and Radeon HD 6950

    If you want to get a cheap one than either go for “Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 AMD 880G (Socket AM3+) Motherboard “ or “ASUS M5A88-M AM3+ AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD...
  26. SSL VPN Login webpage is not displayed after installing security update KB2585542

    I have noticed an interesting thing with security update KB2585542 that is installed on my Windows 7 based machine which is not displaying SSL VPN Login webpage.. we have installed Fortinet...
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    Re: File May Be Corrupt - Word - Excel - Vista

    I have sorted the issue now, the problem was with the corrupt doc file and after restarting the computer, the file is not opened but I used the recovery for word online that worked fine.
  28. Re: What is the difference between Computer Engineering and Engineering in Information Technology

    If you have noticed in many universities, CS and Engineering are managed by one department, that is, the ABET, it is one of the professional accreditor of engineering programs, also accredits...
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    Re: Ipad and SBS2008 RWW

    Personally I don’t think it is possible in any way because as far as I know Firefox/Safari on Apple OS doesn't support activeX. And what you want to do is not possible without ActiveX, isn’t it?
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    Re: LDAP Query AD

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I was actually looking for how to do this via the AD Query Interface.
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    LDAP Query AD

    Is there anyone who can tell me how should I query AD for account containing specific word in the DisplayName. I am using Custom Search in Ad and I have to write the LDAP query that needs to display...
  32. Re: Windows 7 64-bit on Bootcamp black screen/blinking cursor for ages pre-boot on MacBook Pro

    This was posted on another forums, so i dont know whether it works or not but you can give it a shot:

    1. Download the program ...
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    Re: MsMpEng.exe problems with MSE, not OneCare

    I have never used OneCare or Microsoft Security Essentials but as far as MsMpEng.exe is concerned, it is found with both MSE as well as Windows Defender. But CPU usages use to go high only when I...
  34. Re: force user to change password on next logon

    I think you should use a recursive subroutine to handle nested OU's. It should be something like this:
  35. access denied when domain admin move organizational unit objects

    I want to solve the access denied error when moving organizational unit objects from one OU to another, the active directory is windows 2003 forest with native mode and I am member of the domain...
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    How to enable PPP Logging in Windows

    Create a file called PPP.LOG in the% SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\RAS to help diagnose connectivity problems between a PPP server and client PPP when a computer is a client of Remote Access Service Windows...
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    Re: How to force a bigger screen resolution?

    I don’t have any idea personally about this but what I got on one of the nVidia page is that you need to connect your Bravia monitor using DVI-D. Are you connecting your monitor with the same ?
  38. Re: HTC Touch Pro 2 not recognized by Vista (SP1/SP2), missing drivers

    Are you sure you using Vista SP2? Because as far as I know Service Pack 2 has expanded Bluetooth support with better reorganization and more Bluetooth functions compared to earlier ones. Anyways, if...
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    need for speed carbon cheats for xbox 360

    Hello, I borrowed a Xbox 360 from my friend and in addition he gave me some of his games as well. In his game list I also found NFS: Carbon game, so I started playing it although I have finished it...
  40. Re: Startup error with powerpoint.exe starts and crashes unexpectedly

    Hello OmJaa,

    Before i could provide you any troubleshooting i would like know two things. First, are you getting the same error message when you boot into Safe Mode as well? And second, do you...
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    Maruti Ritz Specifications

    Length x Width X Height : 3710mm X 1680mm X 1590mm
    Wheelbase: 2360mm
    Front track: 1470mm
    Rear track: 1480mm
    Ground Clearance: 170mm
    Turning Radius: 4.5mm
    Kerb Weight: Petrol - 1045...
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    Network configuration in a VMWare

    I want to install some software on Win XP in a virtual machine. I installed VMWare Player and I loaded my Windows XP. So far, no problem, that is till when I am trying to configure the network to...
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    Re: Maruti Ritz price in mumbai

    The engine of Maruti Ritz is already been launched in India, it will be equipped with the new generation 4-cylinder, 1197cc, K12M petrol engine which is BS-IV compliant engine. Its new 1197cc power...
  44. Re: Where can I download a German proofing tool for MS WORD

    I don't think there is any site from where you can download it for free. However, if you want then you can purchase the Office Language Pack 2007 for German from below lnik.

    Office Language Pack...
  45. Try to check the router setting and then check...

    Try to check the router setting and then check back. I am sure that will be more helpful. I still think that there is some kind of connectivity issues. You can also test the router by pinging its IP...
  46. how long can a domain controller be disconnected from the WAN?

    Is there anyone who can let me know how long can a domain controller be disconnected from the WAN before it stops authenticating or does it authenticate indefinately? Is it depending upon if it is a...
  47. Joint CSIR UGC NET Eligibility

    Eligibility for National Eligibility Test 2009

    2.1 CSIR NET 2009 Subjects of the Test

    The Test will be held in the subjects as given under:

    Chemical Sciences
    Earth Atmospheric Ocean and...
  48. Joint CSIR UGC National Eligibility Test - CSIR UGC NET June 2009 Exam Schedule

    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
    Human Resourch Development Groups
    Examination Unit CSIR Complex
    Library Avenue
    Pusa New Delhi - 110012

    Joint-CSIR UGC Test for Junior Research...
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    Re: Where is Hotspot Mobile Centers in Delhi ?

    If I were you I I would not visit any of the hotspot outlets because they give all faulty handsets and they will not replace or get it services once the mobile has been bought. They usually deal in...
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    Re: At XP Installation, Cannot copy file...

    I have had the same problem on any pc with an LG Electronics drive (cd/rw,cd,dvd rom). I thought I got a bad bunch of bad cd's or a couple of defective drives but when put in my Compaq...
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