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  1. Re: App for pairing windows phone Bluetooth with other mobile phones

    No there’s none.
    I have tried digging my best but I don’t see any app which allows pairing windows phone Bluetooth with other mobile phones. There are possibilities that windows phone users...
  2. Re: Best Colleges for Electrical diploma in Pune and Mumbai

    Top 3 College Of Engineering and Technology in Pune:

    Pune Vidyarthi Griha's College Of Engineering And Technology, Pune
    Address : 44, Vidyanagari, Parvati, Shivdarshan Chowk, Near...
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    Re: Acer aspire 4315 wont shutdown

    Your problem is really very weird. As you have mentioned it started suddenly, I will suggest you to perform system restore. You can restore your windows to a point when everything was working fine....
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    Re: Digital camera under 20k

    In that budget you can get “Canon PowerShot SX260 HS”. It will cost you around Rs. 18,500
    Key specs:
    12.1 Megapixels
    Optical Zoom: 20x
    CMOS Image Sensor
    3 inch LCD
  5. Re: Karbonn A18 doesn’t gets charged completely

    Even I don’t think there might be anything wrong with your phone but it’s just a battery issue. Replacing the battery should overcome it, however you will have to visit the service center for the...
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    Re: Free games for windows phone 7

    These are said to be Top 10 Free Games for Windows Phone 7 in 2012, so you can surely try some of them:

    Funny Jump
    Monster Stack 2
    Juice Factory
    Bubble Shoot
    Blocked in Free
  7. Re: Not able to download apps from Micromax A110

    You can try clearing cache but if that doesn’t work then I will suggest you to restore your phone to factory setting:
    Turn off your phone
    Press volume up + volume down + and power on button at...
  8. Re: How to install windows 8 RT in Micromax Funbook

    I don’t think that will be possible at all. I am not just talking about Micromax Funbook but I am talking about other android tablets as they lack drivers/windows support for the processor. I just...
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    Re: Overclocking HP Pavilion G6-2005AX

    If your laptop is under warranty then I won’t suggest you to give it a try. Overclocking laptop GPU will technically void any warranty of your laptop. Overclocking laptop GPU creates a lot of heat...
  10. Re: Gigabyte EP45-UD3L hangs on post when USB devices are plugged in

    There’s surely some issue with you board. I was thinking of suggesting you to update Intel chipset driver but you have already tried that out. You can try out connecting your mouse, keyborad etc in...
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    Re: ICAR exam question paper and book

    I don’t have ecopy of it and it seems no one has uploaded it yet. I have checked out many sites but even I am not able to find it anywhere. I will carry out my search and will upload it here as...
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    Re: ICAR exam question paper and book

    Best 5 books for ICAR exam:

    Molecular Cell Biology Darnell, Lodish and Baltimore W.H. Freeman & company
    Molecular Cloning a laboratory Manual T.Maniatis; E.F. Fritsch; J.Sambrook Cold Spring...
  13. Re: 0xC00D1163: A problem occurred with digital copyright protection

    I have checked about it and have found that error code: 0xC00D1163 saying "Windows media player can not play dvd because a problem has occurred with the digital copyright protection" occurs when...
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    Re: 3G data plan - "Sim Data Refreshing"

    I was facing exactly the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy s2. I had contacted Vodafone customer care at that time and they had suggested me to replace the sim card. However, replacing the sim card had...
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    Re: How to Unlock Idea Netsetter Usb

    You will have to reinstall or play with the firmware version of the idea net setter that you have and will also have to get the IMEI number for the same so that it can be unlocked with a software...
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    Re: Micromax 352G or Beetel MF190

    I think that both Micromax 352G or Beetel MF190 are good and price are also close, but beetel is little less. But for speed, you will have to go with the 3g connection and a 3g data card probably...
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    Re: AN1020-21 + VOIP + Spectranet

    Are you connected in PPPoE ( "always On") mode. Your user id/password entered is stored in wan page of modem. In Lan page enable DHCP and give a range say to Any lan port to...
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    Re: how to setup network with a switch

    I think that the way you have the switch connected is correct. You will just need to go to control panel - network and sharing centre - then click manage network connections, right click your LAN...
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    Re: Aircel GPRS settings

    Alright, can you tell us which mobile service provider are you using? You need to ask your mobile service provider for the gprs setting that they will send to you and then you have to save it to your...
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    Re: How to deactivate GPRS on Nokia C3-01

    Well, if you want to deactivate GPRS services in your mobile phone then you will simply have to call your mobile service provider or operate to cancel the gprs subscription. Only then when they will...
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    Re: Nokia E5 rebooting constantly

    Yes you can hard reset the Nokia E5 by inputting the code *#7370# in your mobile phone and confirming for it. Or try to press this:

    Capslock - Space – Backspace key

    combination while powering...
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    Re: Huawei E353 3G data card price in India?

    The Huawei E353 3g Modem is worthit because it supports upto 21mbps connection. It is good, price also looks very reasonable. Huawei HiLink E353 device datacard can be used by pluging to USB port and...
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    Re: Tally Solutions

    I think that creating a Company involves providing basic information about the company whose books of accounts are to be maintained in Tally.ERP 9. Go to Gateway of Tally > (Alt+F3) Company Info. >...
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    Re: Tally Solutions

    After reading your question I think that you have credited your assets instead of debiting & debited your liabilities instead of crediting while passing the entries. If you can forward the data...
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    Re: MSI Motherboard Price List in India

    I have heard that Top Notch Infotronix is the biggest dealer of MSI in India. But they are based in Chennai. Their own brand is Zebronics, so you can try to contact them here and ask them if they can...
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    Re: false download speed results

    Well, if you are getting 15kbps download rate then it simply means that you are not on a 1mbps connection but below 256kbps line. What are you trying to download anyways and from which site? It might...
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    Re: Unlock bsnl 3g data card lw273

    Try the below suggestions to unlock your data card:

    You will first need to insert your bsnl sim card into your lw273v1.2
    After that search manually the towers you available.
    Next, make...
  28. Re: printer keeps showing as offline - HP 7410

    I have too experienced this similar kind of issue in the past which happens actually due to a CUE DeviceDiscovery Service. The cue service is supposed to go through your wireless connections and...
  29. Re: Airtel 3G not getting activated In iPhone 4

    Call up the Airtel Customer Care on 121, ask them about the GPRS plans they are offering, like we are using the Mobile Office plan, which offers unlimited browsing and downloading for 20Rs per day....
  30. Re: Stream AVCHD MTS/M2TS and MKV to Xbox 360 from Synology DS409+

    As, you might be already knowing that the MTS/M2TS file are not supported in Xbox 360 then what we can do here is that convert them into either WMV, H.264 or MPEG-4 media for Xbox 360 to be playable....
  31. Re: My Bsnl datacard 2g sim giving low internet speed

    Hi AshutoshM,

    I dont know how come you wre getting a 3g connection speed on your Bsnl excel 2g sim? :blink: This must be a mistake and therefore you will need to ask the Bsnl support whether they...
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    Re: MTNL DC++ Hub

    one of my friend has got one MTNL hub
    hub ip :-
    and it is launched already. so try it let us know.
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    Re: Cheap WiFi and ADSL modems

    Thanks for the information, but could you please tell me how much will you cost for shipping or transportation charges to mumbai? What brands of ADSL2and single port modems and Wi-Fi Modems do you...
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    Re: Unlock new idea 3g netsetter huawei e1550

    Unlocking the idea 3g netsetter huawei e1550 will result in loosing the warranty permanently, so if you will have any temporary problems on your idea netsetter then you wont be able to redeem the...
  35. Re: Looking for Citrix Netscaler Consultant

    Well, rather than posting everywhere on the website, you could try to get into some contact with some agencies that can provide candidates who are having knowledge Citrix NetScaler. For this, they...
  36. Re: Mafia 2 Save Game - with all playboy pictures and achievements

    I just found someone's other completed profile from some other forum that I am uploading here. Hoping that it has got all the the achievements and the playboy pictures inside it unlocked. By the way,...
  37. Re: planning to make a website related to health

    There are tons of website from where you can purchase a domain name, one such is GoDaddy, it is one of the best domain sellers all over the web and they also offer best Domain Names at cheap rates....
  38. Re: Very low Speed : Micromax EVDO : Bangalore:Koramnagala- (200-300 kbps max)

    First of all can you please tell us what is your computer specifications? Have you tried upgrading the firmware/driver can result in considerable speed improvements even if there is no proper...
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    Re: How to check BSNL Broadband usage ?

    You just need to register at Loading Portal and try. It will be better to use NetWorX that can be downloaded via google from you, to keep track of your usage from now. Any error can be compared later...
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    Re: Best Intel Motherboard

    You can go for the ECS P43T-A2 mobo that is the best Intel Socket LGA775 motherboard which is powered by intel chipset P43 and intel ICH10 with only equipped 3-set unit power phase for CPU, this...
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    Re: How to check BSNL Broadband usage ?

    Hi sachin,

    You need to go to --> then click check Usage Details --> and then Enter your portal Id and password --> Select the month you want to see the details --> If its current month...
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    Re: TATA PHOTON tariff plans

    There are many plans offered by BSNL for Broadband connection. BSNL is providing business plans for business users, who need much faster broadband plan. Home users, who need only limited speed to...
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    Re: Case modding!

    Thats a good mod mate, apart from the pic quality though :P. What all tools did you use to cut the edges for the fan fittings and all. Can you also make a water cooled setup? How much does it cost...
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    Re: Best ISP for Crysis in Mumbai

    MTNL is a very good and friendly type of ISP in Mumbai, you can check and get it installed by calling their agents : -

    Usco India Ltd
    Mr Sunil Gupta
    +(91)-(22)-28800108,28800110,28800086 ...
  45. Re: error 8024401b, Failure Content Download , Error: Download failed.

    It might be possible that you are not able to download updates when you access the Windows Update Web site from a Windows XP-based computer that is behind a firewall or a proxy server. Windows XP...
  46. Re: Trying to connect Windows 7 home to SBS 2008

    Also note that the SBS 2008 connect wizard was updated to handle Windows 7 clients in SBS 2008 Update Rollup 3 and later. The Update Rollup 4 is currently the latest update for SBS 2008. Follow the...
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    Re: excels 2007 columns run right to left

    I think that you do not have any special language settings like Arabic or hebrew, I will recommend that you must try to uninstall the entire Office 2007 from your system and then restart the system...
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    Re: Converter failed to save file

    Well this is not the office problem, it is related to Adobe. Hence the best thing I can suggest you is uninstall Adobe Reader from your system, restart and install Adobe reader again. It should work...
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    Re: Office 2007 missing Arial Rounded font

    You should know that fonts are dependent on the make and model of your printer. Incase you have a laser printer with PCL5 or PCL6 and PS capability then you are likely to have the most of the fonts...
  50. I thought i was the only one facing that issue...

    I thought i was the only one facing that issue but now i a seeing many people reporting the same. There is something wrong with latest Kb 977724 update. I am not sure if that has affected Office 2007...
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