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    Re: Anyone used OneNote Mobile for Android ?

    I am using EverNote and it is much better. This app is available for Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, iPad, WeBOS and Windows Phone. So it is much easier to share the notes among each of them. You can...
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    Re: How to check Malware in Mac systems

    I had seen some guide on web which shows how to remove malware from Mac. It is very complicated. We have to perform a number commands through terminal to make the system work properly. It is simply...
  3. Re: Facebook mobile users rate increasing day by day

    I think this is because of tablets. Tablets had made facebook more popular. I check the same site in iPad. I played games like Poker and Ruby Blast. The same work smoother and better on wifi.

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    Re: How to configure TweetDeck on Windows XP

    It is a very easy to use twitter app made for sharing photos and various stuff. You can simple track the current conversation that is going on. It nicely arranges everything in column base where you...
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    Re: How to protect Android from Malware

    I was also going through similar news. In that I found that some guys uses android for spamming. They send messages to the phones which cost end user very high. This is surely going to became very...
  6. Re: Dell Studio Slim 540 expansion slot cover and its part number

    The Silverstone is currently offering Aero Slots Vented Expansion Slot Covers. I have heard that these are compatible with and built for Temjin TJ10 performance tower chassis but I assume that they...
  7. Re: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    If the monitor remains dark, even though the PC is running, there are two possible causes: There is something wrong in the lines of screen or the PC is completely blocked. First, check all...
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    Re: Maximum power consumption by a single GPU

    Some new models of graphics cards for mini PCs are characterized by high energy consumption. However, with the finest engravings GPU, graphics cards have midrange power consumption low. Similarly,...
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    Re: GTX 680 SLI vs GTX 690

    The GeForce GTX 690 video card is built around two fully engaged GK104 GPUs in SLI delivering outstanding performance. nVidia has succeeded the performance of two GTX 680's together on a video card....
  10. Re: Street Fighter x Tekken New patch available to download

    Capcom has released a new patch for Street Fighter X Tekken announced that in mid-May is expected to be published. The patch makes a few adjustments to the gameplay, including at Zangief's Double...
  11. Re: FIFA 12: UEFA Euro 2012 freezes after installing patch

    Ok. Its look like a common problem with all players and I have had read quite a few comments on EA forums page as well as under some reviews regarding the same. As many as players reporting the same...
  12. Re: WiFi Enterprise 802.1x connection to HTC One S

    PEAP and EAP-SIM are two different protocols. Level source code of Android, the EAP-SIM is not implemented. CyanogenMod inherited this situation. The support of the EAP-SIM phones Samsung sold by...
  13. Re: Where to buy a Power Supply cable for Asus Eee Pad Transformer

    I don’t think that it is a good idea to get a different power cable for Eee pad other than a compatible one. If you are going to buy an additional cable, just make a note of the model of that power...
  14. Re: How to change WD Scorpio Blue WD7500BPVT spin down time

    Yet I have neither an exchange nor a conversion to a different case before, but I would just like to know how exactly this 2-minute timeout does. I assume that it can be controlled somewhere. I use...
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    Re: PC with MSI 870A-G46 does not boot up

    It looks like you are having problem with improper connection. So first of all check whether all power connectors are properly connected to the respective places or not like motherboard, PSU,...
  16. Re: Does MSI P67A-GD65 supports Ivy bridge processor

    There were rumors last only or unofficial information on the upcoming processor platform, Intel is now the highest in on the offensive. In this case, the manufacturer of processors and chipsets, the...
  17. Re: How to further protect Encrypted EPUB document by password

    The easiest in my opinion is called AxCrypt. This software will help you to protect a file by using encryption. The app uses 128-bit algorithm, unlocked by a password. It is easy to use and you can...
  18. Re: HP t5740e Thin Client shows no output on Monitor

    It seems to me that you are having problem with the port itself. There is no signal coming to the VGA port and due to this there is nothing on the monitor. Check that whether the port is fine or not....
  19. Re: Cannot update Logitech Harmony 900/1000/1100 on Snow Leopard (10.6) and OS X Lion (10.7)

    it simply looks like the new version driver or may be the logitech software is not compatible with the Mac OS or Lion and due to this it is not able to recognize the Remote connected via USB. if the...
  20. Re: Linksys E3000 router cannot connect to multiple devices wirelessly

    This problem can have several causes. You can check the following:

    It sounds obvious, but make sure your wireless network card is enabled. This can be disabled via software or laptops with a...
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    Re: how to get Skype in Vizio Tablet

    I know that your tablet is running with Android OS. But I think that it is customized for Vizio tablets only. But it is compatible with Android market and as told above you can easily download the...
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    Poll: Which OS do you prefer for you Smartphone

    I remember the day when I first bought my phone in 2003 I don’t even back then that my phone has which OS but it was Nokia 3315 one of my favorites . Today I have Samsung GALAXY S II which is runs...
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    Re: No signal in Nintendo Wii and Black screen

    I have the same worries as of today, the console lights up but nothing on the screen and the knobs do not sync over. I have a 100hz TV and it works well. So on the website of Nintendo, I read "If the...
  24. Re: Flash Textinput not working in Safari 5.1 installed on Snow leopard 10.6.8

    Embed your application via the SWFObject script in your HTML page. This should solve a lot of problems already. If the problem persists in textinput on your safari. What should checker wmode is set...
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    Re: Tips to Refill your Printer Cartridge

    Printer cartridges are a major cost factor, original cartridges are expensive. A good alternative is to refill the cartridges, it is feasible even for the novice, and you can really save a lot of...
  26. Re: Laptop doesn't show shared folders when connected by DrayTek Wireless Router

    The Map Network Drive options are the best way and can be used on both Desktop PC as well as laptop. For the network drive you can then assign any unused drive letter. Once it is mapped the Windows...
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    Re: Benchmark Scores from AMD Overdrive

    AMD OverDrive provides in addition to monitoring and testing the stability of the system units’ huge recruitment opportunities, including the multiplier for each CPU core, the clock of...
  28. Re: Overclocking Intel Core i7 3930k with great results

    In games this CPU is not faster than Sandy Bridge, i.e. the relationship is no difference and the difference they can always find only the multicore benchmarks, probably not otherwise. Unless you...
  29. Re: Echo and overheating in Nokia Lumia 800 speaker

    I have my "problems" in the Nokia support forum and found there also posted. The more people there describe their problems better, such as the battery problem is also addressed why now so active,...
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    Re: Acer Aspire 6930G CPU upgrade

    I've just noticed that the VID Voltage Range is too low. Which should be around 1.05V-1.2125V. Habs with Core Temp read out times and there is 0.9 V. In addition, the CPU runs at only 797.91MHz...
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    Re: IR API for Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus

    I just downloaded the SDK to develop applications using samsung eclipse even the tab.

    Unfortunately I noticed that applications that use the Google API (such as those using the map) will not...
  32. Re: LG Optimus black pending Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update

    An update for which has no date , for now, been given, but the official schedule will be announced in December, so we imagine that it will occur during the first quarter of 2012 with the same period...
  33. Re: WiFi File Transfer Pro 0.9.7 for Android Tablet PC

    Awesome drop is an application that lets you transfer files to our terminal Android via wifi or 3G connection. The system is very simple you download the free application of the Market, the install...
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    Re: Does Windows 8 supports DAZ loader

    AS far as i know that the DaZ loader will not work on Windows 8. That means it wont support it at all.
  35. Re: Windows 7 does not extend to 3 monitors on Radeon HD 6870

    On the AMD website I've found your card to the following:

    ATI Eyefinity Multi-Display Technology
    Three independent display controllers
    Simultaneous operation of three displays with...
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    Re: Counter Strike 1.5 vs 1.6 bugs

    Remove IPX and put everything over IP within the same class of private IPs ( To which I want to give public ip, I do a NAT to their public ips and no, no. So you have all the...
  37. Re: Windows XP unable to install on HP ProBook 4520s in AHCI mode

    In your case you have the mother as manufactured, IDE support is what makes "emulate" an IDE for the operating system to install think you have an IDE and SATA, so you cannot use the NCQ of the SATA...
  38. Re: Eyefinity settings for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PC version

    This is very important to avoid problems. The graphics output regardless of need, usually HDMI, DVI, Display Port or DVI, DVI, Display Port. In this case, you would use a DisplayPort adapter to DVI...
  39. Re: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3: PS3 vs Xbox 360 version

    The Ultimate version comes with an updated roster, which features the world's truly legendary Capcom characters and solid characters in the Marvel Universe, most perfect to accompany the old...
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    Re: Conversion of PS2 games into PC format

    Many PS2 games take little or just find them only in CD format. If, among others, your games make the ps2 cd make unpleasant noises, blows, rubbing the lens casqued discs and this can be a good...
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    Re: Random reboots with MSI H67MA-E45 motherboard

    It is not PCQ you do not see a BSoD that there is none.

    Right click "Computer" menu and click the "Properties"
    In the new window, selected on the left "Advanced System Settings"
  42. Re: "Always load images" box always appear in Opera 11.60 Beta

    Usually when you do not see a perfect site, it might mean that the site has been optimized for a different browser other than Opera
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    Re: New and smaller micro-SIM card in HTC Rezound

    Even that is possible. For this purpose micro-SIM adapters are available. This term is nothing but a plastic frame conceals the size of a SIM card in the Micro-SIM is inserted. Accordingly, these...
  44. Re: Which is the perfect armband for HTC Sensation XE

    If you are looking for an armband for your phone then make sure that it has following features:

    The screen protector that covers the front of the phone has been designed to allow you to continue...
  45. Re: Game is currently Unavailable error in Hydrophobia: Prophecy

    Do you put on steam in offline (file-> switch to offline mode), otherwise expect because sometimes he does that when steam is overloaded.
  46. Re: Opera is waiting for something while loading pages

    I have the similar problem, still with 11.52. Processor usage is 100 percent whilst Opera is "waiting for something" for some seconds, after that usage drops to in front of zero since the page starts...
  47. Re: Cannot run DDR3 dual channel mode on MSI X48C Platinum motherboard

    Manufacturer can one finds out exactly for any motherboard, RAM chips which are compatible or have been tested successfully with the board. Similarly, find the appropriate details, what memory...
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    Re: Does Avast WHS edition supports WHS 2011

    I'm under Announcements unfortunately not yet found a specific date, when avast! 6 for Windows Home Server will appear. Actually, the release will appear this month. Looking forward as a lark on...
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    Re: No NFC on Nokia Lumia 800

    NFC is enabled and you hold the C7 is a NFC tag (between 0 and 4 cm maximum distance), then automatically the stored information is displayed on the screen. In the example, the URL of the Symbian...
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    Re: PSP games on Sony Tablet S

    The problem with the PSP was that although there is potential in it but that did not come into its own because of certain things that Sony did not participate. Second analog the shooters for...
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